10 Easy Bathroom Remodel Tips

Restroom redesign can be frustrating and expensive unless you have a set plan. It makes sense to consider ideas you typically would find unusual, especially if it will save you time.

1. Install a New Shower Head

Replacing your shower head is a very simple process. You must first use pliers to remove the old piece and then apply Teflon tape around the object that the shower head will be linked to. Lastly, tighten on the joining piece and then the shower head.

You can find the entire sets for this project for under $20 at most home improvement or hardware stores.

2. Replace Old Plumbing Fixtures

Putting in your own plumbing fixtures will save you a lot of money. You will need a plumber’s wrench alongside other normal tools associated with restroom renovations. Almost everybody who has friends, colleagues, neighbors or relatives can borrow these tools instead of paying for new ones.

3. Get Rid Of Outdated Wallpaper

Remove that unattractive wallpaper by leasing a steam machine from your nearby hardware retailer. Use a flat ended knife to help speed up the process. The overall costs are around $35 including the rental and tools.

Bathroom Remodel Tips

4. Put down New Floor Tiling

If you have a reasonably modest restroom that doesn’t have a drainer in the flooring, think about putting down new tile. Based upon on the form and dimension of floor tile you get, you will barely have to make cuts. Most tile stores will certain designs and colors on clearance, offering up very low cost options.

5. Get New Mirrors

People can usually tell how old somebody’s bathroom is by looking at their mirrors. Those boring, outdated mirrors without frames are yesterday’s news. Today you can find lots of large, innovative designs to liven up your bathroom for less than $100.

6. Organize Your Cabinets

Attire your cupboards with convenient cases by placing a holder on the door for electric gear. Also, install a pull out shelf for where you can bring containers to the front. You can also find small baskets from thrift stores for a very low cost option to organize your cabinets.

7. Paint Your Countertops

People are stunned to discover that a new coating of paint can make their bathroom come to life again. Choose a color that goes with your existing decorations, is not dull and is easy on the wallet. Most local hardware stores and large retail chains have sections where they will mix up unique color options.

8. Put up a Chair Rail

You can quickly generate a false impression of additional room in your bathroom by adding a chair rail. This is effective simply because the flat line of the rail guides the eye around the border of the area, making the space seem more substantial than it is.

You can find chair rails for very low cost at local design stores.

9. Install a New Vanity

When you make a decision to switch the vanity in your restroom with a new one, you need to be sure that the flooring below it is complete before you rip it out. Vanity’s can cost anywhere from $300 to $2,000, depending on if you buy it new or fix up an antique.

10. Find New Lighting Fixtures

Despite the fact that dealing with electrical power frightens even the most sensible person, updating lighting is a super easy renovation concept. Remove those ancient lights and choose something modern and eco-friendly. You can find new lighting fixtures for less than $300 each, especially if you ask your local retailer where the sales are.

There are plenty of wonderful ideas for redesigning your bathroom these days. Keeping within a budget does not have to be challenging work anymore. What are some of your tricks for remodeling without stress?

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