10 Efficient Ways on Decluttering Your Kids’ Room

Kids love to play. It’s part of the process of growing up. And with play comes more clutter in whichever place they wish to bring their game. A lot of time however, this happens within the confines of their room.

As parents or guardians, it is your responsibility to keep their personal spaces clean for safety or security purposes. But how exactly can you do this? Below are some efficient ways to reduce and eventually ward off the clutter that is accumulated in their bedroom.

1. Bring in a box or any container to stuff their things

Bring in a box or any container to stuff their things


This is the most basic thing you can do to take off the clutter in your children’s bedroom. To make it more creative, choose those containers that are colorful or have printed designs on them. Aside from functioning as a storage material, they can also be a sort of attraction to the overall design of the room’s interior.

2. Categorize


Learn how to separate things based on their usage. For instance, you can separate the toys from display and clothing. By categorizing, you are also making it easier to find things without necessarily spending too much time from rummaging through all the clutter.

As soon as you are finished categorizing, you can then start working on putting them in their respective boxes or containers.

3. Consider rearranging the setup of your kids’ room

Decluttering Kids Room

Sometimes, you don’t need to shut everything inside a box to see a significant change in a place’s arrangement. Try rearranging the current setup. Maximize the available space in the middle, just along the actual bed and work on putting all items on the side.

Keep in mind that children are naturally active and they will most likely be running around the place anytime they get. For their safety, it is ideal to put away all the things that are scattered in the middle of the room so they can move freely.

4. Consider hanging some toys.

If you want to add color and uniqueness to the kid’s room, then why not try hanging some of the toys on the ceiling. Balloons, light figurines, and other small items could be placed on top as part of the overall decorative element of the room.

Your children might also love seeing their toys in the open rather than having them stuffed inside huge, locked boxes.

5. Put toys on display

Put toys on display


If not hanging it on the ceiling, then why not put them on display? You can setup a cabinet with glass shelves and place the toys inside. It will be a nice addition to your child’s bedroom design. Also, it keeps all things safe and in order when they are not in use.

6. Be ready to take out unnecessary stuff

We have the tendency to hoard things. We like seeing the things we like being displayed or use in our home. However, hoarding stuff also means more space spent on housing them. If you want to de-clutter your kid’s bedroom, then removing those things that are no longer used inside is an efficient way to go about it.

7. Regularly conduct a Cleanup

The most efficient way to find out if the room needs cleaning is if you see how it looks like. Compared to the other areas of your house, your children’s bedroom will most likely look more unruly. Visit it regularly and do the necessary cleanup.

8. Provide a Separate Playroom

Provide a Separate Playroom


If cleaning one area regularly seemed to be a real hassle on your part, then having a separate playroom for your kids might just be the best alternative. This way, you will only have to deal with de-cluttering the area rather than cleaning an entire bedroom. Of course, this will require more space, but is very helpful especially for guardians who have a regular day job and do not have time to fully monitor the ongoing of their kids’ room.

9. Experiment on designs or brainstorm with your family members

You might be surprised by the amount of good information you will get by asking your family, colleagues and friends for ideas. In fact, you can bring your search wider and go online. By consolidating ideas for room designs, you are also looking at more options on how to make your kids’ room more conducive for their regular playing activities.

10. Teach your kids to always keep their toys arranged after use

toys arranged after use


This requires discipline – something you can teach them. Constantly remind your kids to keep their toys stashed away after playing. Show them how if need be. This should help you save time from having to do the task yourself.

Letting your kids play is vital in their social and emotional development. However, this should not come in the expense of sacrificing the cleanliness of their rooms. Regularly check their bedrooms and see if everything looks in order.
Should there be a need to do a cleanup, do take time to consider the suggestions we have on the list.

Dominique Santos is a Filipino Blogger and also a big fan of Interior Designing. He wrote some articles about home decor tips and guides. Now, he is currently writing for Amaialand. You can follow him on Google+.

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