10 Little Known Ways to Fix Household Problems

All homeowners experience some problems with their home. It can be a hassle to call an electrician, plumber, or other type of repairman. They can be expensive and will take a chunk of time out of your already busy day.

While some problems have to be fixed by professionals, many can be solved at home on your own. Below is a list of 10 little known tips and tricks to fix common household problems.

1. Squeaky wood floors and stairs.

wood floors and stairs

Even though these will give you a heads up when your teenagers are trying to sneak out of the house, they can get annoying over time. Don’t re-floor your house. All you need to stop the squeaking is some talcum powder. Pour the powder on the area that squeaks and use a flat wide chisel and a hammer to carefully pry the seams of the boards. Then, brush the powder between into the cracks and sweep away the excess powder.

2. Sticky Windows.

Don’t dislocate your arm next time you want to open the window. Grab some paraffin wax, candle or silicon spray and rub it into the tracks on both sides of the window. Move the window back and forth to rub it into the frame, and then repeat it all one more time.

3. Broken toilet flush lever.

You don’t even need any tools for this one. It usually means that the stopper valve-lifting device is disconnected. Just open the tank and reconnect the chain or rod hook. It’s that simple.

4. Mold.

This stuff can be bad news. Not only does it look and smell bad but also it can make you sick. Mix one part bleach and nine parts water and grab a non-abrasive sponge. Depending on how dark the mold is you may need to scrub pretty hard. If the mold comes back, repeat the scrubbing every two months or so.

5. Peeling paint.

Scrape off the peeling paint with a putty knife and sand down the area until its smooth. After that’s done apply paint primer and when it’s dry apply two coats of matching semi-gloss paint. The finish will protect the paint from peeling again.

6. Weak water pressure from sink faucet.

It’s hard to wash the dishes or fill up a pot when the water just drizzles out of the sink. The problem is most likely the aerator/filter on the end of the faucet head. Unscrew it with pliers and clean it gently with water and a toothbrush.

7. Refrigerator that runs and doesn’t keep food cold.

It’s hard to live without a refrigerator that works. The condenser coils are most likely dirty. They are usually located on the back or bottom of the refrigerator. Unplug the machine and brush and vacuum all the dust on the coils. It will likely make a big difference.

8. Problems with food waste disposer.

When these break they can be expensive to fix. But there are some ways to make sure yours is running smoothly. One is to always run cold water when grinding food. Fats and grease will harden in cold water and will be easily flushed out rather than linger and cause problems later on.

9. Noisy Dryer.

Loud dryers can sometimes be heard throughout the house. This is usually caused by loads of laundry that are too big or the dryer itself not being level. Separate your loads into smaller amounts and make sure the dryer is sitting on the ground or a flat surface.

10. Refrigerator is leaking water inside.

If left unfixed this can ruin stored food. Leaking water often means your evaporator has frozen solid. Just reset the defrost timer located either inside or outside the freezer.

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