10 Steps To Building A Fence

A great way to boost the curb appeal to your home is by adding a fence. Fences help to provide you with additional safety and security for your yard as well as giving you some needed privacy. Some people choose to purchase a fence from a builder where others add them on their own. With the right supplies, you will find that building a fence is not as hard as you might think.

Here are a few steps to help you create your own wood fence:

  1. First, settle on the area you want the fence to cover. Do you want it to go around the entire home or are you adding it to a garden area only?
  2. Take measurements to enable you to produce an organized structure. The measurements you take should include that of your posts, as well as the spacing between the holes you are meant to dig.
  3. Head to a home improvement store to pick up all of the supplies you need to build a fence. If you do not like the idea of building the posts, many stores will build it for you and all you need to do is then follow the directions to install it. Look at the costs and type of work that you need to do in order to justify if this is worth it for your situation.
  4. Place markers to indicate the exact spots for the holes. To do this, you can drive sticks into the ground, at each spot. It is important that you get the right measurements for each section of the fence or else you will end up re-doing the entire fence!
  5. Dig the holes, and then gather your posts. Place each post into the hole and then secure the section of fencing to the posts. Secure your posts firmly on the ground by ensuring that at least a third of their length goes beneath the ground.
  6. Make certain that the planks are aligned to allow for a neat finish.
  7. Upon the post and plank installation you can add the railings to the fence.
  8. Treat the wood with a termite sealtant and water sealant to prevent the wood from rotting and aging rapidly.
  9. Paint the wood fence to the desired color. A simple stain may look great for your home. Look at the various types of stain and paint that will match your home and will help to improve your curb appeal.
  10. After the paint and sealant has dried, add a second coating to make the fence really stand out. A fence will require yearly upkeep with a sealant to prevent the fence from aging rapidly.

Building A Fence

Putting up a fence is definitely not a complex project but it may require multiple people in order to secure the fence in the right manner. Brands such as Delta will provide you with what you require for a fencing project.

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