3 Tips to Design a Cosy Living Room to Welcome Spring – The Queen of All Seasons

Are you wondering how you will make your living room perfect to welcome the warmth and freshness of spring? Read the blog to know more.

Finally, all the events and occasions are gone now. January is about to end and winter is about to bid adieu for this year. This is the time you need to welcome the happiness of spring. Nature is preparing herself for spring by shaking off the slumber of fog and blanket of snow. So, what are you waiting for? After all the Christmas and the New Year parties, and the January blues that the month has brought for you, now it is time to give your home a cosy makeover.

Why? Well, it’s because, just like you, your home is also quite tired after the fun of party and the hangover of January. If you are thinking that you have to spend a lot for your home makeover this time, then you are mistaken. Just change one thing or maybe one room, and let it do the magic for your home. If you ask me, then I would suggest you go for living room makeover this time.

After all, your living room has been the place where you have celebrated the end of the year and ushered the new one. The party people danced their heart out here and maybe have left some not-so-happy mark here and there.

Probably, by now you are done with the cleaning; alright, but what you can still feel is that the room is not feeling cosy enough to inspire a warm gathering again. Thinking, how can you make this room, the heart of your home again? It’s simple; just opt for some classy and warm window blinds. How can you make this work? Take a look at the following points to know more.

1. Taking Inspiration from Spring Colours

Are you a fashion lover? If yes, then you must already know what the shades of this spring are. If not, then pay attention to the ramps as well as the fashion magazine. Before you order a ton of samples, just find out which colours are trending this spring. It will help you to pick the hues that you want to adorn your living room with.

Shades like playful pink, bright tangerine or happy yellow can be the pick of the season. If you are not much of a fan of bold colours, neutral shades will do just fine with your blinds. Just add a little hint of colour splash and let it do wonder with your interior decor.

2. Consider Light and Control over Privacy

In winter you might crave for just a little bit sunlight. But when spring comes, you might not always feel like enjoying the sun. Hence, it is necessary for you to consider control over lights and privacy completely. If you are thinking of keeping your living room bright and cheerful, then you can get vertical blinds. These blinds are modern and chic. With just a little adjustment with the slats, you can let the light in the room while keeping your presence obscure from the prying eyes.

Vertical blinds are often more a functional choice for many homes these days. Or, if you want to opt for something classy for your living area then opt for elegant Roman blinds. This window treatment is known for its versatility that suits traditional as well as a modern home equally. Classy fabric and the charming drapes can give your living room a much-desired facelift.

3. Refreshing Patterns

Spring is all about the fresh new patterns and cheery mood. Channel this same spirit in your seasonal window covering too. Bring in some fresh new happy shapes and patterns instead of plain boring window blinds. Circles, spirals, and florals are the patterns of the season. Don’t hold back on the matter of colours too. Choose bright, happy colours for the patterns on the lighter or neutral shade blinds. Now, making a statement is easy with this idea. Give your plain roller blinds a playful twist with this.

So, now as you know about these tips, what are you waiting for? Find a reputed shop for blinds and other window treatment near your house and go on a shopping spree to welcome the spring with all its fervour. After all, beautifying the surrounding is the key to a better living.

Brian Gibson is a famous blogger and interior designer. Here, he talks about how to make your living room ready to welcome spring with a stunning Roman Blinds and vertical blinds.

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