4 Amazing DIY Art Wall Ideas

We all want our homes to look good and for us to feel god while we are spending time there. This is one of the reasons we put so much effort into decorating our living space and making it more comfortable. For those who are not fans of ready-made decorating items and who prefer to express their creativity by taking up interesting DIY projects instead, here are four breath-taking DIY ideas for the walls of your home or office.

ideas for the walls

Postcards wall

Postcards used to be so important, in the era where phone calls were expensive and not many people had phones anyway, those were the only ways to let someone know you were thinking of them when you were away, and vice versa. Your grandma and mom probably have a stack of old postcards from previous century somewhere in an old box in the attic or basement, and would be thrilled to go through them again. If you can’t find some from your family, you can buy postcards in thrift shops and garage sales for very little money and turn them into beautiful wall art. This way you will be able to remember the past much more easily, and your walls will have that beautiful vintage aura.

Postcards wall

Mosaic frames

For this, you only need a bunch of old CDs and some glue. You can cut the CDs with big scissors if you would like to work with straight edge pieces, or you can break them to get uneven pieces which you could use as a puzzle. Put all the pieces in a big box, get a simple photo frame and glue the pieces onto it. Once you are finished, you will get a beautiful reflecting frame which will look great on your wall and it will even act as a mini disco ball and reflect the light that your lamps and chandeliers cast.

Mosaic frames

Industrial chic

If you live in an apartment with predominant industrial wall design, such as urban exterior wall cladding, go with rustic steam punk decorations. These can include pipe wall lamps and minimalist metal sculptures made of wire, copper, or brass. What is more, when you have visible pipes or pipe lamps, you can use them to hang photos on strings from them, which will give you rustic air that matches industrial design of your place perfectly. Framed art works well too, like old signs. What is more, simple chalkboard that doesn’t have to be too big can serve as your canvas where you could leave ordinary notes and it will still look like modern and innovative art.

Industrial chic

String and nails

This type of wall art takes very little time and money to make and it looks amazing once it’s finished and hanged. Take an empty frame or a simple piece of wood or even styrofoam and use it as a canvas into which you will stick nails or pins so that they form a certain shape; for example a leaf or a Batman sign. Next, you take a thread or string, tie it around one nail and start ‘braiding’ a picture going from one nail to another. You can make it as thick as you like and you can even combine differently coloured strings to create vivid artwork. You can even choose to put nails all around the frame and ‘braid’ outside the desired shape if you like.

It doesn’t take too much of your time, patience, and money to take up these projects and turn the ideas into action. It is important to be creative and innovative and to always look for new ways to express yourself, because the space in which you live and work should be a reflection of who you are.

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