5 Bedroom Theme Ideas

The bedroom and what you would like it to be in your home is a very personal affair, and so it is only natural that what you do in your bedroom will dictate what kind of theme is a good idea for you.

A themed bedroom is a bedroom that has been carefully thought through to make sure that your night times are exactly as you want them to be.

And being the only room in the house that is guaranteed to be your little secret, away from the eyes of any guests and visitors, here are some ideas to theme your bedroom to make sure you are getting what you want out of it.

1. Peace

If your bedroom is your personal sanctuary where you seek peace, then themeing your bedroom to match a chilled and relaxing environment is one way to guarantee that. For some, peace is achieved through open space and peaceful surroundings, in which can a fengshui or Japanese theme is a really good idea.

For others, peace comes in the form of cottage like washed out colours, in which case a French Cottage theme, or Old English cottage theme can be very comforting.

2. Imagination

Particularly good for children’s rooms, painting murals on walls, and ceilings, images of adventures and suchlike are excellent ways to keep young minds entertained in what is otherwise the most boring part of their lives – their bedrooms.

You can really let loose with children’s room, going for a pirate theme, Narnia theme, princess palace or captain of a ship! Whatever it is, themes that play on a very specific, lively theme make for excellent children’s rooms.

Bedroom Theme

3. Reading

If you like to snuggle in your bedroom, and tend to go to bed with a cup of hot chocolate (or other warming beverage) and a good book, then you are of the more cosy variety. In which case a cosy theme dictated by the look of modern hotel rooms, with large beds and bright colours, or country themes, which are dictated by plenty of furniture, painting and plants would suit you well. Especially as these themes lend well to lamps (which are very necessary for a book friendly bedroom).

4. Romance

If your bedroom is a romantic part of your home, a place where love is shared or if you prefer passionate embraces, then themeing the room with reds and purples (and browns and maroons as well) will really lend well to the environment.

These warm colours add heat and atmosphere to the bedroom and are excellent for chandeliers, lighting fixtures, and lamps that are highly compatible with romance styled bedrooms.

5. Serenity

If you use your bedroom for sleeping only, and would like to fall asleep and awake in a room that helps you along with little stimulation, then fresh, neutral colours are your theme, along with window dressings that allow for plenty of natural light and minimalist design, to make sure nodding off is easy, and waking up is trouble free.

Theming your bedroom is a great way to make your bedroom that special retreat at the end of the day, where you can go to forget all of your problems and truly relax. There are so many options available when it comes to deciding on a theme for your bedroom, but whatever theme you decide to go for in your bedroom make sure it is one that suites your personality and evening feelings.

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