5 Reasons to Choose a Prefabricated House

A house of one’s own is what all desire. It brings in security to the family. Even in the worst of days, at least the shelter would remain. However, buying a brand new home is a costly and time-taking affair. If one’s needs are immediate and resources limited, one can always go for a prefabricated house. Such houses have certain advantages that are:

  • Less time for possession
  • Less costly
  • Less time to devote for furnishing
  • Tried and tested
  • Less emotional attachment, can be resold at will

Let’s elaborate on these few points here:

Less time for possession

In case of a prefabricated house, you get the possession immediately. The time for waiting is curbed largely. If you are in an immediate need for a house of your own, they give you the only option to go for.

Less costly

In case of the seller of an existing house, the cost will be definitely higher than the cost price. But, from the perspective of a buyer, such a house may come at a much lower cost than a new and fresh one of the same floor space. A new house will take its sweet little time to be built. Plus, the cost involved will be much higher than with one already built. Moreover, some extra time has to be put for furnishing the new house. In case of buying a house already existing, the money is less, the time is less and almost everything is furnished. One can make slight changes in the furnishings and fittings, but that may not take as long as settling down in an entirely new house.

Less time for furnishing up

In a prefabricated house, almost everything is there for you. You only have to repair them, if needed, and start using them. In some cases, you may make certain changes as per your taste and convenience, but that will not take much time, can be done as and when you have time to spare, and will not hinder your possessing the house in any way.

Tried and tested

A prefabricated house is already tried and tested for durability and longevity by its previous dwellers. In case of a new one, you have the full risk of being on the receiving end in case of any debacle owing to poor construction. In a used one, you have the feedback from the earliest dwellers about the pros and cons. Things that are to be improved may be worked upon as you take possession, and that may involve little money and time. In cases where you find the existing faults unacceptable, you may simply quit the deal and opt for something else! In case of a newly built house, you do not have this flexibility.

Less emotional attachment

Your own house is your biggest investment and also a dream come true. Hence, it is very close to your heart. Even in the poorest of financial conditions, you will think twice before selling it off. In case of a prefabricated house, you are not so deeply attached to it. Thus, you are always open to the option of selling it out and moving on to a newer and better one after a few years.

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