5 Reasons Why You Should Redecorate

Many, when they decide to redecorate, simply head to the local paint shop, and pick out a decorator from the phonebook or online to do the work for them. This is usually out of a lack of time or knowledge to do it themselves, and is perfectly understandable when one has a busy lifestyle. It might not be the perfect way to spend your two days off on the weekend, trawling DIY shops.

Others may not even get this far; instead they may use the money and time they could put into their home, into doing other things like a new holiday or car. However, below we’ll see why handling an interior design project yourself, from start to finish, is a worthwhile pursuit:

1. Therapy

Many see a new lick of paint as a great way to begin again; ending one chapter of life and beginning another if they’re still in the same house. This might be after having split up from someone you lived with in that property, and it reminding you of all the memories of them, which can be painful.

Others see getting involved in such a project as a way to lose themselves and distract themselves from things in their life they can’t change.

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2. A Creative Outlet

Many see themselves as creative individuals but without the proper outlet to exhibit quality or a side of their personality. If they work in a job which doesn’t allow for much individuality, where things are very rigid or procedural, an interior project may be the one place where they can show this.

They may not necessarily wish to do this in what they wear, or are unable to write or create something. Interior design is an outlet for that and a great way to throw your personality into a room or whole property. If you’ve just moved into a new home, it might seem a bit bland at first without furniture, and not quite “yours” yet.

3. Add Value to Your Property

Putting effort into a property and making it stand out from those in your area or street, can make all the difference when you come to sell it. Though you may not be planning to move home any time soon, you can never be certain what is around the corner. You may need to downsize due to a redundancy in the family, or have to move away for a new job.

When people come to view your property, if particular elements stand out in their minds, there’s less of a chance that it will be forgotten about amongst all the others they see. It can also give them an idea of what they would like to do with the property and how they could use a property.

For instance, even if someone isn’t looking for a property with a hot-tub, seeing one may plant the seed in their mind that they want one afterall. It can be more cost-efficient if, for example, you’re looking to rent in London which can be expensive; picking a cheaper property and redecorating yourself (with your landlord’s permission) can save you a lot of money in the long-run. Those who don’t want to even consider the option of doing any work to the property themselves, will likely pay more for a one that is ready to move into.

4. Being Social

Throwing yourself into redecorating doesn’t have to a lone pursuit. You can get your friends’ thoughts, and ask them to contribute ideas. It’s always a great topic to start conversation because we all have homes and ideas of what we like or don’t like. The work can also be shared, if you throw a painting party, when you’ve decided on colours.

Here, you invite people to help paint a room/s and you can have drinks and play music throughout. It saves you all the work, and is something a bit different when it comes to socialising.

5. Learn New Skills

Similar to the first point, redecorating on your own is a great way to teach yourself new skills and become more self-sufficient. Due to a lifestyle change, this might be a great way to improve your self-confidence and live on your own. Just make sure you’re learning correctly and don’t be afraid to ask when necessary.

This might require some research. One can be filled a huge sense of accomplishment if they are able to single-handedly transform something into something completely new and different. Using tools like a screwdriver may seem simple, but if you grew up quite sheltered from practical work, it can be an eye-opening experience and come in handy in the future.

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