5 Amazing Tips For Prepping An Open House That Will Blow Your Mind

When you finally decide to sell your home, both the real-estate agent and homeowner become marketing tools. You need to convey that your home is the best one on the market, and it’s worth the asking price. The event that normally brings in your final bid is the open house.

Inviting people into your home is the smartest way to make that sale, but many mistakes can be made at this point. Consider some of the top ways that you can prep for your open house today.

1. Rent a Storage Space

Rent a Storage Space

You might love your doll collection, but your potential buyers may not appreciate the clutter they bring to a space. If your home is particularly crowded with many items or furniture pieces, consider a temporary storage option. By moving some of your items into a storage space, you can open up the home’s square footage. As buyers walk in the door, they’ll instantly see a huge home without any clutter. This perspective alone is often enough to encourage a bid from each visitor.

2. Freshen Up the Exterior Paint

Freshen Up the Exterior Paint

Don’t overwhelm yourself with a major paint job on the home. You can still make the exterior look spectacular by simply washing it down. Use a gentle, pressure washer against your siding so that stuck dirt and cobwebs are washed away. In the sunlight, the paint will look refreshed from just a basic washing. Go even further by touching up a few scratches or gouges in the paint. Match some extra paint to your exterior color, and no one will ever know that there was a crack or scrape across the surface.

3. Open the Blinds

Open the Blinds

Natural light is one of the best ways to show off your property. Although you may have just purchased brand-new blinds, open them up all the way. Allow the light to flood the room, and visitors can also see the view outside of the window. If the sunlight is particularly harsh on that side of the home, add sheer curtains for a calming effect. The natural light will still work its way inside, but it won’t be too bright for visitors’ eyes.

4. Remove Personal Reminders

Remove Personal Reminders

When you’re selling a home, you want to create a visual fantasy for those potential buyers. They need to picture themselves inside of the home, but that’s not possible if your personal pictures are lining a wall. As an alternative, pull your personal items from view and add rented or borrowed artwork. The room still looks attractive but with a more general tone.

5. Add Some Natural Color

indoor plants in living room

An attractive wall color is crucial to any interior decor, but think three-dimensionally when it comes to decorating. Add indoor plants to your living room and hallways because they reflect attractive light throughout a space. They also clean the air of any unusual odors. Additionally, pot a few outdoor plants and arrange them around your front door. A welcoming plant is enough to make people smile as they enter the property.

If you’re selling a home that’s vacant, you have another challenge on your hands. Empty spaces aren’t that inviting so rent some furniture as a solution. Making the property look like a home is just what you need to encourage that perfect buyer. Your real-estate sale can happen in only a few days with the right staging and advertising.

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