A Complete Guide In Making Your Kitchen Floor Stand Out

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. The kitchen breaks or makes your house. A properly designed kitchen plays an important role in adding value to the home. Given its importance, it is not surprising that the majority of homeowners will seek to improve the kitchen in such a way that it can fetch a higher return on investment.

A minor renovation can demand $21,000. In return, this is likely to add $15,800 to the value of the house, which accounts for a ROI (return on investment) of about 73%. However, it is advisable to spend wisely and to avoid spending 10% of the property value on kitchen improvements.

Types of Flooring

Some of the common types of kitchen flooring include concrete, cork, linoleum and limestone. Therefore, there is a wide range of flooring materials that can be used to improve the appearance of the kitchen. However, the flooring should complement the kitchen as opposed to offering a focal point.

The right flooring should help to create a sense of light and space. The most important point to take into consideration is to balance between durability and beauty.

Kitchen Floor

Different kitchen floorings fit different lifestyles. Some of the popular industrial style flooring includes:

1. Concrete

Concrete seeks to add a modern edge to kitchens. The colors range from antique white to charcoal. Concrete is relatively low maintenance. One of the benefits of concrete is that it can be poured onto existing floors directly without the need of having anything beneath the surface to level it. Furthermore, there are lightweight versions utilized on upper floors. However, in this case it is important to seek the advice of a structural engineer.

2. Resin

Resin is a popular flooring utilized in residential projects. It features a flexible and soft finish that is comfortable for walking on and deadens sound. You can choose gloss that offers an appealing factor. However, it does not feature the hardness of concrete or polished marble.

3. Porcelain

Porcelain is versatile and it can be designed to appear like anything ranging from concrete to limestone or modern metallic. The flooring is maintenance free and bombproof. Therefore, it is recommended in homes with active kids and dogs.

4. Stone

The stone for flooring features a wide range of colors, sizes and textures. Therefore, the stone floor can complement different styles of kitchen. You can choose muted to brown tones in yellows, greens and grey. To achieve a modern look, it is important to choose matte finish and extra large tiles. On the other hand, distressed surfaces featuring random sizes suit traditional kitchens.

5. Ceramic Tiles

These are made primarily out of clay and other materials. Ceramic tiles are available in different textures, colors and shapes. There are however, less expensive when compared with porcelain. They are manufactured with square corners and straight edges. Therefore, the grout lines should be thicker, which offers a grid-like finish.

The Use of Professional Help

Concrete and stone retain heat well. Wooden floors such as extra wide boards and certain veneers can also be heat sensitive. Some flooring is best fitted at the beginning of designing the kitchen, whereas other are installed afterwards.

Therefore, it is important to seek the advice of manufacturers. Furthermore, it is advisable to utilize products that have been recommended by manufacturers to ensure that you do not strip oil, sealants or lacquers.

It is advisable to speak with reputable kitchen designers or remodelers before taking the initiative to renovate the bathroom. The right professional understands and knows the trends to guide you appropriately in making a smart choice that has the capacity of generating a high return on investment.

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Daisy Clarke - August 14, 2014

Well, wood flooring is in fashion nowadays. Most of the houses which I have visited recently have wood flooring. The reason which they gave was that wood flooring is easy to maintain and looks good. Therefore they opted for it. – Commercial Wood Flooring.


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