A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Drill

Choosing a drill takes a lot of consideration and there are so many options out there it can be hard to understand which is most suitable for what. The choice of drill can be split into two parts – firstly, the type or model of drill and secondly the features of the drill in question.

Choose your Drill

Before forking out your cash or hiring a drill, think what you will be using it for. There’s no point in picking out a super powerful mains drill for hanging pictures, conversely there’s little point in a cordless drill for heavy work.

Cordless Drills

These are ideal for lighter tasks such as indoor work or screw-driving and make these jobs almost effortless. As there’s no lead, they are also very flexible,, though the battery can be an issue – especially with tougher tasks. If you need to do heavier work, these may not be suitable. However, for around the house work they’re ideal.

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Mains Drills

There’s a range of different types of mains drills on offer

Rotary drills are the babies of the mains drill world and rotate at around 3000rpm. They’re ideal for drilling into wood, metals and plastics and perfect for jobs such as hanging pictures.

Percussion drills provide more power and often come with a hammer action, which increases their power. They  can be used with soft stone and light concrete. Though, granite may be a little bit of a struggle for these drills. Look for one with two gears for better screw-driving abilities.

Hammer Drills are ideal for heavier drilling and work on concrete and granite without issue. They provide a pneumatic action and provide both force and speed for heavy drilling. However, their sheer size and weight makes them hard to use for lighter tasks.

Features and Considerations


This is a big consideration for those looking for a drill. With some hammer drills well up on 5KG you can only imagine how unsuitable they are for hanging pictures. Small drills are comfortable and easy to use in small spaces. Decide on which is the best at hire or for buying by hands on action in a DIY store


These days most drills have two gears – one is slow but offers more torque, whereas the faster one provides the opportunity to drill harder materials.


Drills come in the normal L shape or some come with a second handle to turn them into a T shape. A second handle can be good for balance, but it is personal choice. Try some drills before buying to see if the balance suits you.


Cordless drills come in different voltages. Essentially, the higher the figure the faster the drill and the less chance of overheating; though, there are other factors such the conversion of power. But, generally voltage is a good judging factor.

Recharging Time

This is another very important factor and one that can be limiting. Some frills charge in an hour or so, whereas others will take up to five hours. Obviously, the longer time the more limited you are if the battery goes flat. Check to see if the drill comes with two batteries to prevent such issues.

When choosing a drill consider what’s suitable and also try a few out before choosing, at least then you’ll get something that’s apt for the purpose at ahdn.

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Guide to Choosing a Drill

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