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7 Super Tips For A Cleaner Home

You have to admit that keeping your house clean is a full time task. There is no “one way” to do it and there is not a single day that you can go without a little dusting or cleaning some or the other area of the house. There are also times when you wish you had a checklist of things that would make cleaning and maintaining your home a simpler chore. I assure you that by the time you’re done reading this post you’ll have house cleaning simplified for you. So start by:

1. Cleaning Your Exhaust Fan

Clean the grill on your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans. These tend to get clogged very easily with dust, oily residue and other harmful particles. You can use a spirit or turpentine oil to clean all the sticky grime and dirt that tends to stick quite hard to the grill and also the fan blades. Make sure to use a clean cotton cloth so that it captures all the dirt and doesn’t spread it around.

2. Thoroughly Beat And Shake All Your Area Rugs And Mats

You can vacuum your large area rugs at least once a week. You can also dust and shake your mats once in every one or two weeks. But what would help you even more is taking them outside in the sun 3 or 4 times in a year and beating them thoroughly.

3. Try Air Cleaners

Install an air cleaner in your home as it helps remove both large and small dust and pollen particles from the air. It works for a single room at a time and can easily remove any allergies and gets rid of any asthma causing pollutants from the air. But this equipment will not reduce your dusting duties. You will still have to do the dusting part to get rid of the loose dirt and grime on your own.

4. Vacuum Your Carpets Regularly

You don’t know that your carpet is undoubtedly the biggest reservoir of dust and also a huge source of loose fibers, pollen, pollutants and dry chemicals and much more. It is therefore advised to vacuum your carpet cleaning thoroughly with a strong machine once or twice every month. This way you can keep dust in control and allergies at bay.

5. Wash Your Drapes And Other Washable Upholstery

Your pillows and cases, blankets, slipcovers and also drapes trap household dust easily. Your curtains and drapes in particular get dirty very easily because they trap dirt and moisture from outside and can become home to a lot of allergens and pollutants that can later irritate the skin and cause allergies. It is always better to take them out and put them in with your other machine-washable upholstery items. Launder your textiles twice a year to get rid of all that grime and dirt.

6. Clean Your Grout

Grout in between your tile walls can be easily cleaned using a bleach pen. You will find that this method of cleaning grout is quite tedious but the payoff is more than worth it. Use the bleach pen to draw across the grout lines, wait for 10 minutes and then rinse.

7. Rotate Bedding Weekly

Your bed harbors a lot of dust and also skin flakes, own fibers and other dirt that you might bring in with your clothes and shoes. It is best to wash them weekly with organic or skin friendly detergents and cleaners.

How To Choose a Siding Contractor

How to choose the right company to replace the siding or install new siding can be a tedious process but with a little thought and a little research a reliable and competent siding contractor can be found. Cost is a vital consideration but you never want to go with the most expensive or the cheapest. The key ingredient in decision making should be value. You want value for your hard earned money and value to improve your home. There are a few key details to consider while deciding which siding company offers the most value.

1. Experience

It may seem obvious but there is something you need to ascertain before making the big decision. The question to ask is how many years has the company been in business. Is the statement of 20 years of experience include when the owner was an apprentice? You need a company that has been in business for years and has worked on and managed many jobs. The experience of the owner is important but all things being equal I pass on a siding company that has been in business for two or three years.

2. Reputation

What is meant here is local reputation. It is time to be skeptical, no more how many good reviews, of a company that operates hundreds of miles away. You need to be looking for a company that has an office within a reasonable driving distance. It is easy to check the reviews on the internet and that is one method but you should also ask for references from jobs they have finished. A combination of checking online reviews and checking references will give you a feel for what kind of company you are dealing with.

3. Quality Materials

Lots of experience and a stellar reputation will mean absolutely nothing if shoddy or low quality materials are installed on your home. This is a long term investment so long lasting materials are crucial. You need to know the details about the manufacturer’s warranty. If the manufacturer offers a solid warranty then you can feel assured that quality materials are being installed on your home.

4. Reassurance

Are you ready to make a decision? If you do not have all of your questions asked and answered then you are not ready. You want to know that all of your questions have been answered in a straightforward manner. Do you understand what it will cost? Do you understand the process? Or Do you have a clear and concise time frame for completion? If there is a problem with getting straight answers then it is time to move on.

5. Properly Licensed

This will encompass a few things. It is wise to inquire that the companies you are considering have all of the proper licenses and insurance. You want to make sure that they will handle any needed permits. Do a little research and find out what is required and then verify that all is in order.

Even if you know little to nothing about siding contractors or siding companies you will be much better able to make a sound decision with a plan in place. Afterall, your home is most likely the biggest investment you and your family will ever make so due diligence will go a long way in protecting that investment.

This guest post was written by Rick Lucas of Louisville SEO Strategies for Keller Roofing and Siding.

New Tech Developments in the Roofing Industry

Over the years, the roofing industry has seen the constant development and implementation of new technologies. Take a look around, and you’ll see innovative roofing designs, green roofing solutions, emerging trends in roof manufacturing and installation, and other innovations. Over the years, the roofing industry has seen the constant development and implementation of new technologies. Take a look around, and you’ll see innovative roofing designs, green roofing solutions, emerging trends in roof manufacturing and installation, and other innovations.

Whether you’re a roofing contractor, a business owner, or a homeowner, it’s critical to be at the forefront of understanding new tech developments in the roofing industry — as well as their impact in shaping the future. Technological advancements in the industry are required to create better roofing solutions. Here are 5 new roofing technologies that everyone should know about.

Innovative Roof Design

Roofing design is one of the areas that has seen tremendous improvement over the years. With new technological advancements, customers are able to choose from a wide variety of roofing solutions that meet their specific needs. The use of computer-controlled systems in roofing manufacturing processes has greatly improved product design and uniformity.

According to roofing experts at Custom Home Remodeling & Roofing, Inc., there’s more focus on developing lighter, more flexible, tougher, and durable roofing solutions. Innovative roofing design is becoming more about how easily roofing systems can be installed and removed while meeting the roofing requirements of customers. Some of these innovations include:

  • Natural daylighting
  • Incorporating insulating systems and radiant barriers
  • Cool roof coatings
  • Retractable roof designs
  • Eco architecture

Green Roofing – A Sustainable Technology

The adoption of green roofing technology has been happening fast, especially in the commercial roofing sector. Also known as eco-roofs, garden roofs, or living roofs, this sustainable technology incorporates the planting of permanent landscape on roofs. This technology has been about realizing and embracing changes that are both beneficial and thrilling to everyone involved.

The technology incorporates various aspects of energy efficiency, waterproofing, and drainage to offer a more sustainable way to make use of roofing structures in buildings. Green roofing offers numerous benefits like storm water management, energy efficiency, filtration of pollution, weather buffering, and added community amenities to urban areas.

Development of incentive programs by state and federal agencies is also encouraging a growing interest and adoption of green technology today.

Drone Technology

A lot has changed in the use of drone technology over the years. The practical use of drones in the private sector for overhead analysis of sites for planning purposes and aerial photography is fast being replicated in the roofing and construction industries. While conducting regular roof inspections is a core part of roofing maintenance, safety has always been a concern during inspections.

To ensure safe and adequate access to a roof, roofing professionals need to take safety precautions like securing ladders and wearing safety gear. All these come at an additional expense and hassle. Drone technology is offering a safer and better option, especially when it comes to inspecting expansive commercial roofing systems or ongoing roofing installations.

Drones offer an easier and faster way to inspect roofs and provide a better resolution to roofing problems during emergencies. More roofing contractors are using them to deliver quick and accurate estimates for roofing projects without risking the safety of their workers.

Flat Roofs

While flat roofs have been used for many years, their application in commercial and even residential buildings is gaining more focus as more options become available. One of the new developments is the use of modified bitumen membranes that offer a more impressive hybrid-built-in roof solution. PVC and TPO roofs are also advancing in many ways.

Single-ply EPDM flat roofing is also increasingly being used and offers extreme flexibility, value, and unbelievable lightness. Flat roofs offer more options than ever before and are much easier to install, repair, and maintain, especially in commercial applications.

Solar Roofing Technology

Solar roofing has come a long way. While there was initially resistance and slow adoption of solar PV panels due to high initial installation costs, there are now more affordable options for everyone. The drive towards achieving energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness in roof installations has led to new developments like the fully functional solar roofs from Tesla and other companies.

Homeowners can save significant energy costs with such solutions, while also complementing the look of their homes with the different design options available. While pricing has always been a matter of concern when it comes to solar technology, standard roofs don’t provide the benefits that solar roofs offer post-installation.

The Internet of Things

Today, ‘The internet of things’ has become a key part of today’s day to day life. Defined as the use of the internet to connect, control, and communicate with different devices, this trend is being adopted in more industries including roofing. From a residential perspective, this is a technology that can be put to use in a wide range of areas. How can this be incorporated into roofs?

As the concept becomes more of a standard in the society, adoption of the same will be quick. For instance, the use of smart technology like powerful WI-FI, solar powered cameras, and discrete sensors could be used on commercial roofs to detect problems like leaks. Solar PV panels could also be controlled remotely with a smartphone app to improve efficiency.

Other Technologies Changing the Roofing Industry

From liquid sealants, stainless nails, and synthetic under layments to roofing software that enables faster and more effective scaling and managing of projects, there are numerous new technologies that are shaping the roofing industry. A look at the latest roofing products paraded at trade shows proves that technological advancements are having a significant impact on roofing solutions.

Contractors have the ability to install better roofing products in a more timely manner and offer more sustainable solutions to customers. Reflective technology is also being incorporated in combination with smart color choices. For instance, in warmer areas, homeowners and contractors are now opting for roofing solutions that absorb or reflect heat from the sun, keeping homes cooler and preventing roof damage.

Steady Growth Expected in Roofing Technology

Roofs are now used for more than just protecting homes and businesses from extreme weather conditions. They’re more energy efficient and offer a sustainable solution to dealing with common roofing problems. While changes between the past and now are visible in roofing technology, more advances are expected as more efficient, durable, and stronger materials are used.

You can now choose between green roofing, fireproof roofs, solar-ready roofing materials, and insulated roofs that come with woven polymeric and fiberglass materials. With the application of new tech developments in the residential and commercial roofing sectors, the opportunities for innovation are also increasing, ensuring steady growth in the industry.

Tips 101: Seven Tips in Remodeling your Kitchen

Sometimes, the kitchen can be more than where preparation of meals take place. It could be where fun gatherings and talks can happen. The kitchen could be the center of connection between family members and home activities. It benefits not only the stomach but also the heart.

A comfortable and spacious kitchen encourages growth in the ties of each family member. In that thought, it is important to have a well equipped and pleasant kitchen. Family assemblies would be better when surrounded by food.

Spending time on planning the new look would take time. You will consume time going through magazines and fancy lifestyle websites, and then eventually, you will become confused with what you want. Well, that’s not how it should be for you!

These list of tips will bring your kitchen remodeling idea to life in the most convenient way. Read through and discover what you need and want for your kitchen style.

1. Simplicity is the key

Sometimes, being simple has its advantages. You have an additional open space to move around and less clutter for the eyes. Having a sufficient amount of breathing space invites solace and stability for the place. The vibe will be transferred to the people in the room, and the mood is turned light and friendly.

As persuaded by some decorators, less is actually more. Some designs and structures are beautiful when they’re simple.

2. Counter spaces

Keep ample amount of space on the counter near your stove. The primary goal of the kitchen is for the preparation of food. Make certain that there is a generous amount of room on the counter when it’s time to prepare the ingredients for the meal your cooking.

3. Cleaning out the area

When remodeling the kitchen, you really have to let go of stuff that first, you don’t need anymore and second, doesn’t work. Since you are changing how your kitchen operates and looks, you need to discard some old stuff. It’s a sad thing, but you have to do it.

Take out old drawers with broken edges and replace cabinet doors that no longer closes properly. Throw out your old grill and broken pots. Check your LPG cylinder if it needs repair or worn-out, and call for your LPG supplier to have it changed.

In lighter terms, you need to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore.

4. The right flooring

There are lots of options for the kitchen’s new floor. You have the wooden floor, stone-designed floor, and the tiled floor. Whatever floor design you pick would be okay as long as you can move without problems. But the best flooring to choose would be the tiled floor.

Why? While preferred for its tidy texture and longevity, tiled floors are easy to clean and elegant for the kitchen.

5. Recycling and garbage bins

Don’t forget these essential components in the kitchen. One of the best locations for your garbage and recycle bins are in a corner beside your counter. Or it could be hidden inside your lower cabinet, under the counter, not directly above the sink. Do this to prevent any discomfort in case the sink leaks.

Plan where you would place your bins in a way that’s accessible to you and out of reach for the young ones.

6. More storage areas

To avoid a common clutter-filled kitchen, you should have more storage areas. How to achieve that? Utilize the spaces on your wall and build up cabinets. Just don’t overdo it and cover the whole kitchen wall with different sizes of kitchen cabinets.

If you have four cabinets, you can add one more, depending on the size of your kitchen. You could also place in pocket organizers at the back of your cabinet door. Pocket organizers would be where you would settle your small kitchen items.

7. Lighting is everything

The kind of light you decorate in the rooms around your house has a unique distinction. The lights in the bedroom differ from the living room. In the kitchen, lighting matters a lot.

Firstly, you need the light when drawing up a meal and when eating together with the family. You need one over the sink and one over the island if your kitchen has one. Lights set the mood to the room, and the atmosphere develops as you dim the light or make it brighter.

Plan the kinds of light you are going to incorporate in your kitchen to retain or change the mood. Keep it simple but still meaningful.

And that’s some of the home improvement tips for remodeling your kitchen. These seven tips will help you organize the new look of your kitchen. Again, plan the refurbishing thoroughly and think of the best approach in doing these changes.

Krissy Henley writes different blogs, She’s best known for writing romance, home improvements and language. She also writes home remodeling in Ayala properties a real estate company in the Philippines. Krissy find writing and researching fun. She always dreaming to be a real estate agent. She look forward to work full time in real estate company.

Making Your House A Safe Place for Your Kids

Safety for the kids is the topmost priority of parents. As much as possible, parents try to avoid encountering dilemmas that involve the health and security of their children. That’s why keeping homes hazard-free matters to all parents.

Accidents can happen any time of the day, anywhere in the house. It’s better to avoid them and make precautions than to risk anything. As what most people argue, prevention is better than cure and a lot of people agree with that. And it is not only parents who say this, but also other individuals who believe in setting precautions first than risking anything.

Children spend most of their time indoors, so a home environment that’s safe is vital. Setting your house into a danger proof haven needs more than time and effort, it needs a strategy. Learn the best ways to keep your children safe from hazards with this list.

1. In cases of Fires

Residential fires are occurrences that can be prevented with the right kind of safety measures. First of all, install a smoke alarm on every floor of the house. Every month, test the alarm to see if it is still working properly. Also, set the fire extinguisher in an accessible section of the house.


  • keep matches and candles away from children
  • check LPG cylinder regularly to ensure that the pressure relief valves are not damaged
  • teach kids to avoid playing near the kitchen
  • avoid leaving the stove unattended
  • when using candles during electricity shortages, have an adult supervision with kids
  • make it a routine to check the electric wires around the house

2. In cases of Scalding or Burns

One common problem for parents is incidents of burns on children. The frequent causes are hot liquids like soups and beverages (milk or milo). Some injuries are painful enough to be rushed to the emergency, while others only leave marks of redness. In your first aid kit, include ointments that will soothe small burns.


  • turn pot handles and pots far from the reach of children
  • place hot beverages and soups in the middle of the table, not near the edges
  • check the hotness of the drinks before handing it to the kids
  • wrap appliance cords (of coffee makers or electronic pots) on the sides, so children don’t reach it
  • tell kids to avoid the kitchen when someone is cooking or just don’t play in the kitchen

3. Windows and Stairs Troubles

Kids have high energy and vivid imaginations, and sometimes, they wander around the house unattended. There are cases where children fall out the window or tumble down the stairs. Making sure these accidents never happen to your kid is important.

Install guard rails on your windows. Have rows of bars that are only four inches apart secured tightly on the sides of the window frame. But it can still be easily unhooked in cases of fire.

For the stairs, set up a wall-mouth baby gate on the bottom and top of the stairs. Surround the corners with cushions to make it safer.


  • close the gates all the time
  • check the screws on the window frames to make it’s not loosened
  • tell kids to avoid playing near the windows (especially if it’s on the second floor) or on stairs
  • take careful steps when going up and down the stairs
  • never lean outside the window (if there are windows in the house without railings)

4. Wires and Furniture Edges

Homes are filled with different appliances, and sometimes, the wires can get disorganized. Kids can fall flat on their faces when tangled with the mess. Also, the edges of some furniture are sharp and pointy. The kids when moving around the room can get hurt when they accidentally bump on the side.

Move the appliances closer to the outlet and turn the wires into a loop. Hide the wires behind the appliances or enclose it with something that makes it invisible to the kids. Also, cover the electric outlets with plastic caps when not in use. Extension wires, if you are using one, should be placed on places that kids can’t reach.

For the furniture, cover the edges with foam and adhesive tape. Make the covered area irremovable even to the kids. Include rugs with a non-slip coating in your rooms, so the chances of slipping are little.


  • teach kids not to touch the outlet and wires
  • unplug appliances after use and cover the outlet
  • avoid having large furniture in the area where the kids play
  • relocated the outlets to a safer place that’s out of reach for children
  • always check the edges of the furniture in the house

5. Bugs on the House

Pests are annoying problems in the house. Cockroaches, ants, and mice are unsanitary and should not be in close proximation with your kids. But pesticides, which are used in homes, are known to have harmful effects on the health of your children and for yourself.
Instead of using pesticides to kill off the pests, you can do alternative ways to bar them off your home.

Seal off crevices and cracks on the walls and floors of every room in your house. Keep the kitchen floor and sink clean from food particles after cooking or washing the dishes. After eating, clean up the crumbs and mess left behind.


  • teach kids to throw their garbage properly
  • take out your trash daily
  • store food in the proper area (refrigerator for example)
  • don’t leave leftovers uncovered on the dining table
  • if the job is hard, call experts

And these are the things you can do to make your homes safe from elements of danger. As a parent, your job is extended not only to keeping your kids healthy but also keeping the environment safe. Safety first, as always.

Rachelle Anne writes different blogs, She’s best known for writing romance, home improvements and language. She also writes for AmaiaLand, townhouse in Quezon city in the Philippines. Rachelle find writing and researching fun. She always dreaming to work in translation agency when she was a kid. She look forward to work full time in translation agency sometime.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting Furniture

Any house needs home furniture in addition to appliances. Obtaining household furniture in addition to devices on let has changed into a growing trend with recent times. Many organizations are offering to hire home furniture in addition to software hiring services. No matter whether the furnishings in addition to devices has to be purchased or maybe adopted let is determined by a number of factors.

Should you be hiring a strong house for just a restricted time period subsequently renting is the best option. This informative article tackles all of the standards that must be taken into account though along with the selections connected with hiring or maybe getting home furniture in addition to applications.

Advantages connected with Booking Pieces of furniture pertaining to Households in addition to Practices

1. Dollar Friendly

The maximum a look at hire furniture is the instant fund’s benefit. Although there are good appliance rental companies, you will need to keep a close watch on to your money and when people take up your property. Throughout organizations, which in turn require continual operational investment holding upon money is essential. By collecting household furniture you’ll add a depreciating advantage to your balance-sheet.

2. Shifting Products and Services

A lot of the corporations that offers home furniture hiring, in addition, provide no cost move services. Alternatively, corporations which in turn offer devices will not offer traveling facilities. Adidas and puma supplying household furniture on let offer shifting service though switching in order to a place in addition to leaving it.

3. Ecosystem Pleasant

By taking hire home furniture you’ll explore your help you save woods promotion, in addition, to aid in shielding your environment.

Advantages connected with Booking Equipment Pertaining to Households in addition to Practices

4. Financial state connected with a degree

A lot of the devices, for instance, computer systems are very costly. For those times you retain the services of programs on let pertaining to a short-lived business enterprise subsequently you will need to generate massive investments. Getting this kind of programs on let can help in saving your time and money cost. Also, when any kind of trouble develops in any of the devices subsequently it can be around the firm supplying hire products and services to replace them.

5. Free of charge action products and services

Organizations supplying programs on let, in addition, provide no cost action products and services both equally while in opting in addition to shifting out. If you buy devices, you’ll be provided shifting products and services brand new but are not though switching again.

Disadvantages connected with renting home furniture in addition to devices

6. Will set you back additional

Getting devices on let is actually unsuitable for all those business enterprise internet marketers in addition to industry experts that switch in order to an ad or maybe home place permanently. In these cases getting home furniture in addition to programs will be the very best option. By taking this kind of element on let subsequently, you will need to keep additional expenses when compared with the original purchase cost.

5 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Letters And Numbers

There will always be beauty in diversifying home designs. Agree? However, just because there are some dos and don’ts in decorating a home, that does not mean you cannot include and use letters and numbers as one of your decorations. Generally, letters and numbers are an unusual theme for home designs. If decorated properly, they will look attractive inside your home.

Whether you are living in a condo in Manila or any real estate property, you might want to try this theme on your home.

  • Use letters and numbers on the mantel

Decorating letters and numbers on the mantel will create a focal point in your living room. Perhaps, you can do some DIYs by enlarging alphabets and numbers and put it on a frame. And to make it more attractive, you can pair it with artwork for a cohesive look.

  • Make Painting With Song Lyrics

song lyrics

There will always be good lyrics in every song, right? Why don’t you use it as one of your decorations at home? Perhaps, you can have the lyrics through writing or painting and have it framed. You have now an instant piece of artwork you can hang on your wall. Generally, t is up to you to decide whether you want to have it as a gallery style or a large piece of artwork.

  • Use monogram decoration on the door

One creative way to use letters as a decoration is to use your initials. If your first name starts with letter J, you can display it on your door. Just cut out big sized letter monograms from cardboard, and then fix it on the hardboard. When it comes to its color, style, and overall appearance, let your creativity work on that task. But just make sure that it matches with the theme of your home.

  • Decorate photos with letters

Hanging a picture frame on the wall is so typical. Give it some twist and include some letters or numbers in it. Perhaps, you can have four photographs and choose a word like love. Insert each letter in the four pictures. Of course, you also have to arrange the photos and letters in a stylish way possible.

  • Decorate lampshade and wall with words

You can also use letters and numbers in your living room. For you to achieve a better design, you can make a table lampshade with an eye chart. Attach both things through the help of glue. Of course, decorate your wall with a nice and warm text messages. With this, it does not just add beauty to the place, but it also gives encouragement whenever you see this design in your home.

Basically, it is on your creativity on how you are going to do some decorations on your home to make it more attractive. Yes, there might be some rules when it comes to decorating a home, but you also have to make sure that you are satisfied with the things you’ve done for your home.

The Top Home Renovations You Should Never DIY

“Renovating not only restores the house, but restores the house, but restores the story of the home and the neighborhood.” -Author Unknown

Renovations are necessary home projects our flats must undergo in order to restore, upgrade or renew it. In one way or another, renovations would serve as that breath of fresh air to our old homes that would give them that essential facelift which it so needs after withstanding years of being lived in and undergoing various stages of ordinary wear and tear. Unfortunately, while a home renovation may seem like a sound home project, it does not often come cheap—especially when it comes to major repairs and renovations.

Considering the exorbitant servicing and professional fees required in extensive renovation work, some homeowners would be constrained and prompted to do their home projects by themselves—DIY style. While this is a worthy alternative, it is not always the best tack as you may end up doing more damage than good to your homes leading to more expensive repairs. So, whether you are billeted somewhere in avida towers riala or elsewhere, here are some renovation projects you should never attempt to do by yourself:

1. Demolition

It seems rather easy—all you would have to do is destroy some stuff, and you are ready to go, right? How hard can it actually be? Well, it may not seem like it to you, but a demolition job is actually difficult—especially if you plan on doing it without a professional. Not only would it be complicated, but it can be potentially dangerous as well. When it comes to a demolition, you have a lot of things to take into account such as wirings, gas pipes, plumbing, etc. that could be hiding behind your walls. Destroying walls without any definite plans could be unsafe for you and your family.

2. Installing Windows

You might want to give your windows a swanky new update, but installing new ones is not exactly as straightforward as it used to be. Modern windows nowadays would require specialty tools for their installation which would mean that it is not something you can easily fix on your own as these tools are not the ones you would ordinarily find in your toolshed. Hiring a professional would make sure that your windows are not only installed correctly but that they are secure and snug as well.

3. Electrical Rewiring

This should go without saying, but if you do not have any prior experience to electrical rewiring, it would be best if you left this job to the professionals. It is not only one of the rather complicated things you can do, but it is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly as well. Furthermore, depending on your homeowner’s insurance policy, doing some electrical work, on your own might even be illegal. In most cases, policies would require you to at least have a permit or avail of the services of a licensed professional.

4. Repairing Pipes and Plumbing

Unless you want an inundated living room or a bedroom that constantly rains, plumbing is a renovation or repair work best left to the professionals. Leakages and drips might be annoying, but if you took matters into your own hands and end up bungling a plumbing job, you might end up with an even worse problem—and an even higher water bill. Take note, when it comes to plumbing projects such as the installation of a new tub, even the smallest mistakes could lead to costly water damage later on.

5. Removing Trees

While simple gardening and weeding out lawns might be something you can do on your own, removing trees is an entirely different matter. If you are not a professional, wielding a high-powered saw or sharp blade can be incredibly dangerous. Apart from that, the tree may even fall on your house, car, telephone or electrical wire or even a bystander—leading to even more damage than necessary. If you want some trees removed, do not take the project upon yourself and call an arborist to take on the job.

What’s The Best KitchenAid Mixer?

The Stand mixers are one of the great tools to take your baking skills to the next level. Did you know that many manufacturers are doing every marketing techniques to attract new customers to buy their newer models but performance speak for itself isn’t that right?

When you are trying a mixer, the salesman will always show you the demo which the mixer is capable of cutting it. The price, performance, and longevity the stand mixer can provide is unmatchable when I will introduce few models which have what it takes to shine your baking game.

What’s The Best KitchenAid Mixer?

KitchenAid Beach 63325

If you want to bake higher quantity of food, then you need a mixer which can handle the load without any compromise. Yes, KitchenAid Beach 36625 has 300Watts motor, which can cut through the hardest ingredient without struggling. You will realize the powerful motor is stainless. It has over 6-speed settings, which allows you to start slow and take it to another level. The mixer is designed to work similarly at all speeds, which is rare in stand mixers.

The retail price of the KitchenAid Beach 63325 is $65 with one-year of manufacturer warranty.

KitchenAid KSM150PSER

If you are a designer or somebody who loves matching colors, then you would like KitchenAid KSM150PSER because you can choose from 42 different colors. The stand mixer has 15 optional attachments with the culinary center. You get stainless steel bowl allows you to cook a load of dough in a single batch. The KitchenAid added tilt-head, which allows you to clear the access and then you can add ingredients to your recipe. The KitchenAid KSM150PSER is powerful enough to take on any task you have for the mixer.

What Do I Get in The Box: Mixer, Coated dough hook, Coated flat beater, flat beater, 1-piece pouring shield and an extra piece of tilt-head.

You can own the product for $319 on retail stores with over four years of warranty.

KitchenAid KSM75WH

The 350 Watt powerful is powered with the latest technology that allows you to blend things inside the stainless steel bowls without any hassle. The mixer has over 15 attachments options and you can 4.5 Qt pots to full up and start baking your favorite dishes. The 10-speed setting mixer comes with powerful motor which is made to work smoothly without any splashing.

This mixer is ideal for those who cook on a daily basis, and you can get this product for only $187, and you also get three-years of warranty on the stand mixer.

KitchenAid KP26M1XER – Professional

If you are a professional who needs it for a small bakery or a restaurant, then KitchenAid KP26M1XER is the right one for you. The stand mixer comes with over ten colors, and it is a multipurpose mixer with over 15 optional attachments. The stainless steel is made of the bowls so that you can experience the best baking. The 320 Watts Powerful motor can take on almost all regular task without any struggle.

You can own this professional mixer for $349, which comes with one-year of warranty.


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Top Home Design Techniques in 2017

High-class condominiums, like Avida Towers Riala, exist to give you the best home you could ever wish. Somehow, the beautification of your home rests in your hand. You must always strive to search for the best home designs every year to keep your homes trendy and elegant.

Everybody wants to make their homes presentable, organized, efficient, and stylish. This article will help you with that. Here are this year’s top home design techniques:

  1. Use neutral colors in your homes! Classy colors nowadays are no longer silver and gold. The chic colors of 2017 are white and black. Paint your wall black or white. Perhaps your furniture will bring more class if they will be painted black. Let the neutral colors paint an image of simplicity in your home.
  2. Old designs are never old! Ruffles, antiques, and porcelains did not disappoint during 1950’s. What more today? They will always remain as lovely as ever if you put them anywhere in your home.
  1. A personal mini-bar at your kitchen or your living room is such a bold but modern idea. You would not need to get your drinks from the kitchen and carry them over to your living room if you put the mini-bar at your living room. Or if you place the mini-bar in your kitchen, you can turn your kitchen into a small elegant club. How cool is that?
  1. Flowers to make your rooms lively. Use green flowers to demonstrate simplicity and minimalism. Use colorful flowers if you would like to make the atmosphere of your homes cheerful and fun. In addition to that, plants are useful relieve you from stress. Thus, having plants is more than just designing your happy place but also making your home healthier for you and your family.
  1. Hang around! Hang things around! Use that available aerial space to make your place look better than usual. For example, instead of using table lamps, you can hang your lights and design them yourself. There are many things you can opt to hang instead of putting them into your house the usual way such as plant holders, kitchen utensils (by the wall of course), shoes and slipper holders, and much more. Hanging things does not only make your home more creative and neat, but it will also provide more space to your place.
  1. Use glasses. One of the popular designs nowadays involve glasses. Glass tables, chairs, walls, and furniture are now the usual choices for home accessories. It does not only make your place sleek and neat, but it will also provide the illusion of having a wider space. Having a glass bathroom cubicle is so much like living in a five-star hotel. How elegant is that?
  1. If tiles are so mainstream for you, opt for marble! Marbles may be a little expensive, but they are worth every penny. They make your kitchen walls, and stationary tables look neat and shiny. It is also very easy to clean. Moreover, it is not as slippery as tiles. Having marbles is safe for you and your children.
  1. Browns and wood are lovely if paired with white furniture and walls. Check out white and brown kitchen design online. They look terrific! Wooden chairs and brown marble floors compliment greatly with white cabinets and kitchen utensils. Elegance with a little of minimalism is such a sight.
  1. Last but not the least, mirrors. Having too many mirrors is embarrassing because it expresses vanity of the owner, but it is undeniably creative and attractive to have around the house.

Improving your home’s design yearly or twice a year is crucial. It helps in making yourself feel proud because you maintain a high-class home with the trendiest style.

The thing about home designing is that you can do it in any way you want it. You may choose cheap home design materials or the expensive ones. You may also decide to do DIYs because they are very efficient and easy to do. And you may also opt to reuse equipment and accessories by just rearranging them. It is very easy to design your homes. To trick to how to be creative about it. So, follow the techniques mentioned above and create the trendiest home design!

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