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Bathroom Design Trends Homeowners Should Avoid

There will always be an advantage when you have a nice bathroom. Did you know that your bathroom can make or break a good home? Needless to say, your bathroom is also a part of your home which can add or deduct the beauty of your overall home design. And if you want to have the home that you always wanted, you also have to make sure to think and consider renovating or improving your bathroom. Whether you are living in Sedona Parc or any real estate property in the Philippines, there is no reason for you not to have a clean and nicely done bathroom.

Just like the overall appearance of your home, your bathroom is also one way to know who and what you are. If it is smelly and dirty, then people will know that you are not taking good care of your hygiene. And if you are not sure how to arrange or improve the look of your bathroom, then you do not care about it at all. One thing is for sure; you do not want to destroy your reputation. One of the many ways you can beautify your bathroom is to avoid these bathroom design trends.

1. The all-white box

The all-white box bathroom design has been a huge trend for the past years. Having a white bathroom could also mean simplicity and elegance. However, many experts discourage homeowners to use this trend nowadays since the white tile and flooring can easily be stained, and even a little mark is noticeable. As you use the bathroom often, it will eventually develop yellow stains, especially when you do not have time to clean your bathroom regularly. Moreover, you can have the concept of a clean bathroom even if you choose another color.

2. Minimalism

Many homeowners are into minimalist bathroom style. It is because most of them do not want to have anything that is unnecessary on their bathroom. Minimalism is also a good choice. You can have a good concept of no clutter and clean lines. However, this is also one of the many bathroom styles experts discouraged you from using. If you use a minimalist design with an empty side, chances are you do not have enough storage to use. You may want to think about where you should put your towels, toiletries, tissue paper, blow dryer, etc. Also, you do not want to make your guests have their hard time thinking about where to put their things while doing their thing in the toilet.

3. Overly funky color schemes

Choosing the right color for your bathroom is one thing that you need to consider. Just because you like a particular color that does not mean it would also look good when you have in your toilet. Keep in mind that colors make or break a good bathroom. Perhaps, you have been thinking about choosing a retro look. However, many experts disagree having it as the color for your bathroom, since it can be a little tacky-looking and make your bathroom feel like you have been stuck in the 1980s. Even if you want to have a vintage look, you can still go for that goal and have a simple and elegant one.

4. That huge bathtub

Having a huge bathtub on your bathroom may be nice. However, you should also be realistic. This may not be applicable, especially when you have a small bathroom. When choosing for the right bathtub, you need to measure the area of the bathroom first. Make sure that it will give you enough space, even with the bathtub inside. There are a lot of bathtubs available for you. Just know what is suitable for your bathroom.

5. Dual sinks

Dual sinks have also become popular for many homeowners for awhile. Of course, it can make your bathroom elegant. However, this is also one bathroom trend that experts would not recommend it anymore. For most homeowners nowadays, they would prefer having more counter space, than that of the second sink. This will only add up to your space to your bathroom. So, if you are one of those homeowners who prefer having enough space, then you need to think twice before having dual sinks.

Improving the look of your bathroom is one important thing homeowners should consider. However, if you do not have any idea at all, then you might consider consulting experts before you start the project to make sure you will have the ideal bathroom you always wanted to have.

Turn Your Ordinary Bathroom into an Extravagant Home-Spa

If you are thinking of turning your bathroom into a relaxing spa-like space, then you have to plan everything meticulously and make sure that all the products are of a top quality. Today, a lot of homeowners are focusing on their bathrooms and turning them into extravagant and luxurious spas. It will not only enhance the overall aesthetics of your house but will also increase the value of your property to a great extent. For designing a perfect bathroom, you can either hire an interior decorator or read a few articles and blogs on this topic. Purchasing a few lifestyle magazines might help as well.

Taking some time out and searching online is the best and first thing you should do. As an interior decorator and after designing plenty of luxurious spa-like bathrooms over the past few years, I have gained sufficient knowledge in this field.

Take a Look

  • Use Soothing Colours

    Calming neutrals like cream, white, grey, peach, etc can change the look of your ordinary bathroom dramatically. And since, you want to give it a spa-like look and feel; you should avoid using dark colours.

  • Allow Natural Light to Come In

    To keep the spa-like tranquillity intact, allow a lot of natural light to come in. The best solution for this is to use sheer white curtains for your windows and ditch the heavy traditional curtains.

  • Proper Lighting

    Lighting plays a major role in enhancing all the architectural elements as well as by providing a soothing and calming effect in a room. So, you can either opt for dramatic chandeliers which provide ample amount of illumination along with bringing in a lot of aesthetic value into your bathroom or opt for the simple and sober pendant lights which too, are quite effective in creating the soothing ambience inside your bathroom.

  • Install a Beautiful Vanity

    Trust me or not, a vanity has the ability to make or break the look of a pleasant bathroom. A vanity would give the room a “clutter-free” and clean appearance, which are always present in a spa room. So, always trust a reputed brand for buying a vanity. Take accurate measurements so that it does not look out of place. The number of doors and drawers would depend on the amount of items you need to store in your bathroom vanity. While planning the layout, make sure that the doors or drawers do not bump into one another. You can choose white or toffee coloured vanity for your luxurious bathroom. As far the countertops are concerned, choose granite, marble or quartz for the best possible finishes. And if you think that they are highly priced, let me tell you that you are highly mistaken.

  • Search online for sturdy and stylish wholesale bathroom vanities, and trust me, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Look for attractive discounts and before you choose any company, go through their “customer reviews” section thoroughly. These companies also sell other kinds of furniture like toffee or Maple Kitchen Cabinets. So, you can take a look at these too, if you want.
  • Add Heated Floors and Towel Bars –

    For taking the extravagance to a whole new level, you should incorporate these two high-end facilities that are heated floors and heated towel bars. Trust me; your guests would be envious of your bathroom if you can design it successfully by keeping these points in mind.

  • Add High-End Furniture and Fixtures

    Starting from the sinks and faucets to the shower-heads and bath-tubs, pay special attention to all these bathroom accessories. A claw-foot tub for the leisurely soaks and a spacious shower would just add to the elegance factor of your bathroom.

So, now you know the ways of turning your ordinary bathroom into a luxurious spa, right? Don’t delay anymore. Plan everything in detail and contact good brands for Wholesale Bathroom Vanities, lights, bathroom fittings and fixtures, etc. Gear up for your brand new spa-like bathroom now!

What to Know About Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in any building setup. It comes with the reward of privacy and a place where you can feel free with yourself or with your spouse. It carries a magnificent task. With the modern life changing, the bathroom is seen as a reflection of who you may be, it characterized you. At times when designing and making your bathroom, you may fail to incorporate the bathroom contractors. This leaves you with the tussle and a hectic time while thinking on what to do to fit your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Why are contractors important

  1. Expertise and professional is what classifies them. After informing them about how you want your bathroom, they design it for you with all equipment in place.
  1. They advise on important issues like drainage, location, and water supply. The bathroom should have all time flowing drainage to put away the bad smell and avoid invasion by water insect’s dirt.
  1. Hot and cold shower: contractors have an important role in installing the water boilers. Adjusting the cold and hot water in your bathroom may be beyond the mansion and plumbers. These contractor’s advice even the water pressure needed, the power to boil the water. Mostly they advise on the solar boilers to cut down the cost of power bills.
  1. Getting water from the tank to the bathroom tap and shower requires an investment in terms of piping, the gradient and the installation of the apparels.
  1. Reference: in the case of leaking, function ability you will require those people who did the work. It is cheap to pay for a maintenance service than a cost to someone who doesn’t understand.

Duties of contractors

  1. They install all bathroom equipment’s depending with how you instruct them but with the best of their ability.
  1. They maintain all the drainage and pipes and thus it is easy to tell where there is a leak or water not flowing to the bathroom.
  1. Also, they advise on issues to do with the excessive amount of water in order to have a free flowing drainage.
  1. They estimate the cost of making your bathroom by precisely confirming every item and its cost. This helps in estimating the expenditure before commencing.

Contractors help in fore-planning and implementing this plans to have a working format. They provide expertise and can be able to handle any challenge with ease. Before doing anything wrong and which will cost you money, it is good to have their say.

It is cheap to involve them while constructing than renovation. The cost is less and does not destroy any existing features to your house like renovation can do.

Contractors are one of the important people to associate with in terms of arranging and building a bathroom. They have vast experience in plumbing and installing all bathroom equipment. They can advise on what to do and not do. Their association with construction companies makes it easy to get quality equipment for all bathroom use.

Contractors are the third eye that sees your drainage, water flow, and supply beyond the walls. Their expertise is evident that you owe them the beautiful bathroom you have at your home or office.

Source: Bathroom Remodel in Trenton, Michigan

Make a Checklist – Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom redecoration is a great way to create a room where all the members of your family, and friends, can relax. Take a look around your dull and old bathroom and make a list of all the things that you want to replace or fix.

Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help, but on the other hand, there is nothing better than being your own boss when it comes to this project.

In order to help you prepare for this big step we have singled out some tips and tricks which will help you save both time and money.

Bathroom Renovation

Plan your budget

It is important that, before you begin doing any work, you see how much money you will be able to spend. If you are planning on doing some big work which could, for example, require some wall restructuring, then you will need to invest a little bit more and, more importantly, you will need to hire a contractor to assist you. On the other hand, if you chose to do some redecorating rather than reconstruction you won’t need to hire one. Your DIY skills will be enough and you will save a lot of money this way. Additionally, you should invest in low-flow showerheads and toilets since they cost the same as the regular ones, but can save you a lot on water bills.

Safety and health

Before you start working, make sure you have all the necessary protective clothing, so as not to inhale any toxic fumes that can be found in walls and floors. Make sure that you don’t have mold in your bathroom since it poses a great risk to your family’s health. Mold can be prevented by buying an air purifier and getting rid of old, damp rags and cloths. Make sure your new bathroom has good ventilation to prevent mold from spreading into other parts of your house.


Tiles can make or break the overall look of your bathroom. If you want to go for a functional and alternative look, you can think about placing tiles only where they are mandatory, which means installing them next to the bathtub and on the floor. When it comes to colour and style, you can take your time and browse through a lot of alternative looks, or go for something traditional. You can also consult the experts for bathroom renovations from Sydney.


Lighting can be a very efficient way to enhance the atmosphere of your bathroom. Experiment with lighting fixture ideas, or apply your DIY skills to create your very own customized fixtures. It is important to allow access to a lot of natural sunlight, so think about placing some big windows in your new bathroom. You should consider buying some scented candles as well. This will create a spa-like atmosphere which will be beneficial for you whenever you feel stressed out, or when you want to make a romantic setting.


This should be an easy activity which you can do with your family. Additionally, it is a great way to exercise your crafting skills. Repurpose old materials for your bathroom. Take an old chair that you don’t use anymore and turn it into a cupboard for your towels and other items you use in the bathroom. Simply cut out the back of the chair and add some planks. Use your plastic cups or cans to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste. We recommend exploring all sorts of different DIY tricks for making bathroom accessories and decor.


A bathroom paint job is crucial for your checklist if you want both functionality and looks without spending a fortune. When it comes to choosing a colour, you can always consult your family and see which one they prefer. And in the end, they can all help you paint the walls. For a costlier solution you can hire a contractor to do all the work for you. Essentially what you need to look for is acrylic paint. It should be applied to your bathroom walls, particularly the ceiling, because they prevent additional moisture and humidity from accumulating and turning the space into a health hazard. We recommend checking out some great bathroom paint job ideas.

Bathroom renovation is the best way to introduce a breath of fresh air into your home. Turn renovation into a fun activity for the whole family. Make a checklist and stick to it. In the end, you will see how easy it is to create a safe and relaxing atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

How to Install New Bathroom Downlights

These days, you never have to worry about home improvements and decorations because all fixtures, even lighting equipment, are designed to offer the same effect to your home. More importantly, these items are all designed to improve the ambiance and good looks of the house.

Good examples to these home supplies are the bathroom downlights or led lights. These lights are fashioned with Euro effect and to consume electricity as efficiently as possible. Therefore, you are using not only practical but also aesthetically good looking lights for your home.

And for you to save even bigger from the bills, do the installation of these lights on your own. This task will only require the exact replacement for your part as well as some hand tools that will make the installation procedure a lot easier.

Bathroom Downlights

Here is how:

  • Choose the bathroom downlights you want to install in your bathroom from a reputed dealer. Doing so will help you find the best replacement gadget for your bathroom and not just any light emitting diode (LED) lights or downlights. As you know, substandard lighting fixture will only cost you high amounts of hard-earned money but may pose severe safety problems in the future.
  • Unpack the downlights or led lights that you have choose for your bathroom. Make sure that you have everything that you need for the installation and check the pieces that are included in the pack against the instruction on the back of the package. If it is complete as enumerated on the pack, prepare to start the installation.
  • Start the installation by removing your old lighting fixture. Check if the hardware and connections of the old part is still good to use. But all the parts that are included in the pack of the new part should be used, so discard all those parts that have replacements in the new lights’ pack. Doing so will ensure the total performance of the new part with the old mount and connections.
  • Clean the area where the old part was mounted. Doing so will remove any unwanted elements that will keep the old part from working at its best. You can use clean cotton rag for this. If you need to use old in removing deep seated dirt but never water.

Install the new part in the place of the old part and check if the bathroom downlights are working just fine.

How to Install Steam Showers at Home

Spas and steam showers have been popular amidst the high class and the nobles of society ever since the medieval ages. Having been a health luxury, its popularity increased and has now pervaded even among the middle class and beyond. Thus, new ways and methods were employed to cater to the ever increasing demands, one particular device people enjoy regularly is the steam shower or steam room, this warrants a person to sit in a specially heated and steamed room, relaxing and enjoying the pleasures in the comfort of your own home.

Steam rooms are specially designed to make people relax, and are perfect before taking a massage in a spa. The availability of these luxurious comforts has long been monopolized by spas and gyms knowing of there many benefits. However, with the advent of new technology, it is now possible to enjoy all the steam room has to offer right in your shower room. Steam showers can now take the place of your old shower and give you the benefits of a full steam room. Steam rooms are now possible right in your own bathroom! All you need to do is have a steam shower installed, and voila!

But what is a steam shower?

A steam shower is quite similar to what you have in the bathroom right now and is designed to replace and function in place of your old shower. The traditional shower has a hot and cold tap, and a water nozzle (sometimes you refer to it as spout). Several more buttons and functions are installed in a steam shower.

What is a steam shower

It is not designed to give you just a steam bath, but to integrate all your old bathroom had to offer plus a wonderful steam shower whenever you want. Should you feel like taking a bath the old way, no problem! Just push a button and you’re on.

Consideration should be given when purchasing your own first steam shower. Single and multiple seats are available at your prerogative, so you can surely take your steam shower alone, or do it with a friend.

Steam showers are not rocket science, just plain old common sense.

How to Produce Steam?

By boiling water, this is the basic principle the steam shower employs, the mechanism might be complex, but the simplicity of this principle is there. A steam generator is installed in the steam shower and activates upon pushing the steam program button on the waterproof dial. Cold water will then be pumped from the supply to the generator and in a few moments, steam gushes out of the nozzles in your very own steam shower sauna.

The technological advances in the area of hot baths and showers have been truly amazing and innovative, in old times a bath is only taken for the rapid refinement and cleansing of the body. It is in the past decades that these hot baths began to be used as health promoting work out. Recent studies show that hot baths such as these steam showers or whirlpool tubs actually relieve bodily and mental stress as well as promote well-being.

Now you can enjoy steam shower in your own home, and have that blissful relaxation, good health, and pleasure you have always dreamt about.

Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower and Shower Enclosure

Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower

Sliding Door Steam Shower Enclosure Unit

Sliding Door Steam Shower

Bathroom Towel Rails – Comfort Accessories Enhancing Decor

Bathroom accessories these days are not only fully functional but add to the beauty of a bathroom too. Whether your bathroom is a suite, Victorian theme inspired or spa centric, there are a number of accessories that can make it appear new and stylish at less cost.

When it comes to home value, there are two rooms worth investing in viz. the kitchen and bathroom. It is not surprising then that even those who aren’t intending to stay, throw in some pretty touches for increased home value.

Furthermore, having a more comfort providing bathroom will not only make your overall experience more luxurious but also impress guests. Therefore, even if you don’t have a high budget, one needn’t fear to face a cold chilly morning with the comfort of a damp towel. A heated towel rack can do the trick by providing warm and dry towels and also a storage option.

Bathroom Towel Rails

However, considering the variety of towel rails or racks that are in the market, there are a few factors to keep in mind so as not to spend too much when a bargain deal is possible.

The sky’s the limit

Bathroom Towel Rails

When it comes to the cost of a towel rail, the sky is indeed the limit as from reasonable the rates go way up to exorbitant. A bit of cost related research and comparison via the internet or by physically visiting stores is a good idea. This will not only help by giving an idea of what is a reasonable buy but also showcase a variety of designs and their varying cost price.

The bathroom is not the easiest place

Humid and damp bathrooms need durable fixtures and accessories and so, no matter what the cost or design of the towel rail, durability is of prime importance. It is a waste of both time and money if you are compelled to repeatedly replace rails as some of the weak rails can begin bending even in a month after installation! This can obviously turn into a nightmare scenario and therefore, knowing which material is the best for the price asked for is as important as landing a budget-wise good deal.

The extras

Bathroom Towel Rails

Depending on the price and design, there are towel rails like the heated variety which has become popular. After all, nothing beats a nice warm and cosy towel.  Here too there are multiple factors involved as these work on electricity. Make sure the one you buy is energy efficient. Without this essential, be ready for a nasty surprise when you receive an inflated electricity bill. The installation costs too come in as a professional is the best bet when dealing with these matters.

A family towel rail or individual?

Depending on how many people are going to use it, the type of rail can be chosen as lengths to vary to cater to a larger family. Hanging too many towels on a single rail may lead to bending and it is better to have a couple of rails as such an arrangement works better and looks more imposing too.

6 Simple Steps to Transform your Bathroom Overnight

Remember the first day you moved into your house? You’d chosen it partly based on the fantastic bathroom. Today it looks old and tired- what happened? How can you restore the once gleaming bathtub or find space for the accumulation of lotions and potions? If you need to restore your bathroom into a relaxing space again then read on.

I’ve got 6 simple tips that will transform your bathroom overnight!


1. Get Rid of Mould Patches

Mould is a reality in many bathrooms and is the result of moisture and warmth, two unavoidable factors. It’s far more likely to occur in poorly ventilated bathrooms because the moisture lingers for longer. Once mould occurs it can be very difficult to get rid of and is very quick to spread. You need to stop it in its tracks, remove as much of the mould patches as you can and take measures to prevent reoccurrence.

Two major areas for mould growth are in the grouting between the tiles and in the rubber sealant around your shower tray or bath tub.

Scrub the grouting with mould specific cleaners. Avoid using bleach because although it’s a powerful anti bacterial it can discolour your tiles, be corrosive to your skin and in poorly ventilated bathrooms will be more harmful than the mould spores to your health. Spray on a mould busting cleaner and leave it for about 5 hours to allow it to attack the mould. You can then scrub the tiles and grouting with a brush. You may need to repeat this process if your mould is particularly bad.

Next change the rubber sealant, which is easier than you might think. You need to firstly remove the old sealant, making sure it’s all gone as rubber cannot stick to rubber. Make sure the shower or bath is dry then with a home use silicone sealant (available online or from a hardware shop) squeeze fresh rubber into the gap in a smooth action. Clean up any spills and then allow to set for 24 hours.

Make sure the mould doesn’t come back by spraying an antibacterial in the shower or bath after each use. Address any ventilation problems either by installing a window, vent or extraction fan. If you can’t afford to do this yet then make sure the moisture is cleared out of the bathroom quickly by drawing back the shower curtain and leaving the bathroom door wide open after use.

2. Say Goodbye to a Chipped Bathtub

Renewing your bath is expensive and a lot of work right? Wrong! You can resurface your bath with paint-on bath coating. You’ll avoid the stress, cost and time involved in replacing the bath altogether. What’s more resurfacing lets you change the colour of your bath, creating a big change in your bathroom with only a little work. It’s so simple you could do it every few years for an instant refresh.

My friend Bobby took the opportunity recently when he saw a discount code online. He went to Tubby UK and put in ‘bathbliss’ at the checkout. He got a resurfacing kit at a really affordable price and his bathroom looks fantastic now! All you need to do is sand your bath to buff out the scratched areas then protect the edges around the bath (especially your new silicone sealant) with masking tape.

Next, take a paintbrush and apply the white or coloured coating. Allow to dry and then apply the hardener to set the coating and add a beautiful shine. Voila, a whole new bath!

3. Create a Spa

Again, you’re probably reeling thinking ‘this is going to be expensive’ but it doesn’t have to be. With a few DIY touches you can make your bathroom into a spa experience.

Firstly change the shower head to a more high-end fitting. You can do this yourself by buying a rainfall shower head that extends into the shower and disperses the water over a larger area from straight above you. You’ll feel like you’re standing under summer rain.

Secondly install a ‘tan while you shower’ light panel. This isn’t a DIY job unfortunately so will take a little more time to implement but the effect will be a private tanning spa in your shower- unbelievable right? This requires a series of low level UV lights to be fitted into the wall behind your shower. They’ll be protected by a water proof screen so you can shower safely. The UV rays will build up a very gradual tan on your skin as you use it. Regular exposure to UV is known to be beneficial to health, stimulating vitamin D production.

4. Clear the Clutter

If half empty bottles of shampoo and 10 different shower gels are all lined up in the shower this looks messy. Take action by throwing away anything that’s nearly finished (recycling plastic bottles where possible). Keep out the products you use regularly and store the ones you don’t. Leaving bottles standing in damp conditions can encourage bacteria to grow thus a proper rack that allows the base of the bottles to dry is important. Get a wire shower tidy in whatever design best fits your bathroom, either hanging or fitted from floor to ceiling in the shower.

Hide everything else on shelves or in closed cupboards and drawers. Tall storage makes better use of limited space as does a cupboard underneath the sink. Calling in a carpenter will mean getting a bespoke solution that solves your storage problem in the most appropriate way which is definitely worth any extra cost involved.

5. Choose Bright Accessories

New accessories can give the impression of a new bathroom and bright touches especially will make it feel very fresh. Get rid of your old dull bathmat and replace it with a sunny shade. White looks great but it gets dirty quickly. You’re looking for colour that makes you feel happy so yellow, pink or sea green is perfect.

Compliment this with coloured holders for toothbrushes, shaving kits, hand towels or a new shower curtain. Chrome features on soap dishes or dispensers look clean and bright.

6. Create Continuity

Along with bright accessories a great decorating tip for bathrooms is to actually tie it in with the rest of the house. Try decorating your bathroom as though it’s your living room. We all like taking time out in the bathroom every now and then so make it a space to relax.

Add photo frames and a vase of flowers for a nice homely touch and to break away from the usual soap and water focus of the bathroom. Invest in a bath pillow so you can lie back comfortably when you’re having a long soak in the tub. Don’t forget some reading material. Put a copy of your favourite book (a cheap one that you don’t mind getting wet) and some magazines next to the bath.

Beyond The Suite – 5 Contemporary Bathroom Accessorising Tips

When you are planning a bathroom update it goes without saying that the suite is one of the key factors that you must get right in order to achieve that contemporary look. Selecting an appropriate colour scheme and the right materials for the floor and wall is equally as important.

However, it is the smaller details that really finish off the décor of a new bathroom design and you should not neglect the importance of finding the right accessories.

Here we take a look at five bathroom accessories that many overlook, but that can really add some charm to your bathroom design.

Contemporary Bathroom Accessorising Tips

1. Tumbler Holder

You might initially think of a tumbler holder complete with tumbler as being somewhat of a traditional bathroom accessory rather than contemporary. Indeed, these smaller accessories have been ignored in contemporary bathroom designs in recent years; with homeowners looking for a minimalist look.

However, 2012 has seen a swing back towards designs with a little more character and tumbler holders certainly assist in achieving this goal. Look to pick out a tumbler that fits in with the colour scheme of your bathroom, perhaps matching it to the shade of your towels.

2. Bottle Trap

Bottled soap has become a common site in bathrooms in both commercial and residential settings. Whereas in a commercial setting the soap tends to be attached to a wall mounted bottle trap, homeowners usually position the soap bottle directly on the sink top. However, the look isn’t particularly elegant and can make the sink area look untidy.

Fixing a bottle trap over the basin will add some nice detail to the sink area, whilst also making it more user-friendly. Don’t be put off by the fact that most bottle traps in the commercial setting are made from plastic, as there are many designer models available on the market made from chrome that will look great.

3. Wall Mounted Soap Dish

The soap dish, like the tumbler holder, is a typically traditional bathroom accessory. If you have opted for a bottle trap then you will not require a soap dish in the sink area. Of course; bottled soap is not commonly used when bathing and the classic soap bar is still king.

A wall mounted soap dish will add to the elegance of the bathroom and also ensure that you don’t have to waste time searching for the soap when, it invariably slips from the side of the bath and into the tub. It is a good idea to position the soap dish towards the bottom of the bathtub, so that it does not get in the way and also to reduce the chances of it being damaged.

4. MP3 Mirror

Experience tells us that many people love to listen to music whilst in the bathroom; whether it is some upbeat tunes to get us ready for the day ahead as we have a quick shower, or some more relaxing vibes as we have a well-deserved soak at the end of the day. The emergence of MP3 players has made this much easier and many will simply listen straight from their device or place their docking station in the room.

If you are really into your music then you may crave a superior experience than can be offered by portable devices; in which case an MP3 mirror is the answer to your problems. Complete with touch screen capabilities and digital display, these handy little accessories deliver fantastic functionality whilst providing an ultra-modern style statement.

5. Tissue Dispenser

Our final suggestion when it comes to your bathroom accessories is to consider installing some tissue dispensers. These items can be positioned near any mirrors and look much tidier and stylish than a box of tissues. Not only are they a handy addition, but will also go a long way to creating a spa look in your bathroom design.

Can a Soaking Tub Fit in a Small Bathroom?

Soaking TubA small bathroom might confirm to be complex, particularly if you wish to put up an impact of adequate space. You have to consider what you wish before planning for a small bathroom. To fit all the apparatuses and avoid mess, you need to plan very carefully if what you designed is a comprehensive remodeling. Little small bathroom styles and designs is determined by whether it is used by all close relatives and visitors, like a primary shower or a Soaking Tub or just for a particular age segment.

What is applicable to a small bathroom used typically by kids might be different from a small bathroom developed particularly for grown-ups. Although you elegant your small bathroom to be nice-looking and attractive, you might want to provide your main shower with authentic dash of pleasure by improving unique products or features that meets best for a couple such as a Soaking Tub for two.

Flooring and Walls

Your choices of shade are crucial when choosing small bathrooms flooring surfaces and walls. The appropriate colors will increase the space while unsuitable colors converges the place and cause you to feel limited. For your flooring surfaces, large floor tiles are better options to expand your small bathroom area. Moving certain accessories around may not be a wise decision if there is only one region where a full-sized shower tub can be covered.

In numerous cases, small bathrooms recovery may be limited to a modification of shade and ground styles without carrying out any modify in framework to flourish ground area. Upgraded furniture can frequently provide the act that a remodeling has been enforced even though the ground area has not been extended. It is much better to use less heavy colors for surfaces and surfaces and window covers found in the space, which offers an expression of larger space than what it really is

Utilize Place Space

Depending on the results of your small bathrooms, one smart concept to save space is corner accessories. In certain situations, taking advantage of your corner space is a choice. There are corner vanities, showers, stand basins and bathrooms.

Saving Space

Conserve space in washrooms by setting up moving gates instead of easy-to-open ones. A moving door that glides in in-wall empty space may look cool. Set up a washbasin with racks below where you can shop your cleansers, toothpaste, cosmetics and other beauty products. Units and high cabinets along simple surfaces may provide lots of storage space. These can shop basic articles and designed things that can cheer up your small bathrooms. A shower tub may eat space, so instead of a tub, set up shower office space with curved factors as this retains space.

When remodeling your small bathrooms, always keep in mind that you can only provide a type of added space unless you want to break down surfaces. Be sensible to transfer all those needless products if they horrible your small bathroom room. A de-cluttered small bathroom space appears bigger as well as tidier.

Bathrooms are places where most of us reduce ourselves and rest after our stressful days from work. It is the region where we can perform out noisy and do whatever we want in highest comfort. We can genuinely say that washrooms create us stay within; offering protection and security, which help, chill out ourselves.