Bed Bugs are Real Bad – How to Get Rid of Them

The creepiest and hardest to treat pest problem is that of bed bugs. They will silently feed on your blood, until their bites become visible. You can find them in almost every household and in abundant numbers. They may be tiny but are the most irritating of all pests.

Although there are many pesticides and treatments provided by pest control professionals but it is not possible to finish their entire population, residing within your vicinity, in one go.

These pesky pests don’t pose any serious health problems or diseases but imagine yourself being the stung every night to give these tiny vampires some blood.

When a creature so small yet having the power to disturb your home’s peace and give you several sleepless nights, there must be something done about them.

Bed Bug Myths Busted

First things first, we need to get our bug facts straight and when it comes to bedbugs; there are many myths about bed bugs that are not so true.

  1. Bed bugs can bite and can be seen at any time of the day not just at night.
  2. Despite their infamous name, they don’t just live under or around your beds but can be seen in equally invasive numbers in any upholstery. They can just settle down anywhere where there is warmth and darkness.
  3. It’s not just dirty homes they love but it’s the clutter they are so fond of.
  4. No, you don’t really have to throw out your bed bug infested bed or couch but there are several other treatments that can rid you from these monsters.
  5. Not everyone will be affected by bed bug bites. They hunt for warm bodies and check for their prey’s CO2 breath.

Bedbug Red Flags

These annoying little creatures love to play smart and are resilient in nature. Not so easily detectable because of their size but they still leave some traces behind. One of the most apparent and a little too late warning sign are their bites.

But before they just show their might through their bites, keep a check on other red flags to get rid of them before they grow in numbers. Most common infestation sign would be their spotting, excretions and eggs.

According to entomologists, bed bug waste in the form of dark brown spots on your beddings or their brown skin which they shed upon maturing. If they are there, they might have started reproducing too so look out for their eggs under your beds, box springs and corners of your upholstery.

Prevent Infestation

Well, you know now it’s not just about keeping your house clean but to de-clutter your home from possible living spaces for these silent invaders. While you are travelling make sure you keep your own bed sheets along and check your hotel’s bed for any possible signs of bed bug presence.

They just love tagging along without any invitation. One female bed bug can lay 5 eggs a day, so imagine you bring two within your luggage and then you know they can wreak havoc. Keep an eye on the red flags and consult a pest control professional to treat them.

These significantly tiny pests have been the biggest of concerns for many households. Despite their size, they can be particularly irritating and can leave you all itchy during any time of day. A good rule of thumb to deal with a bed bug infestation is treat them, as soon as you see them.

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