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Can a Fitted Sheet be Used as Futon Cover?

Traditionally, a futon mattress without a futon cover seems inappropriate. Traditional Japanese futon bed has certain norms that are essential to follow-for acquiring the benefits of futons and its look. A futon set has a number of components including; the most essential, futon cover. A futon cover helps protect the futon cushion and also keeps it clean, similar to how a regular fitted sheet works for a regular bed. So can a regular fitted sheet be used as a futon cover for a traditional futon mattress?

Yes and no! Futons are different to regular beds and therefore have standard covers and sheets. A fitted sheet might work as a futon cover, but most likely for a western-eastern fusion type. Authentic Japanese futon is made of 100% cotton and comes in a standard size. Tradition futons are made according to Japanese lifestyle, climate conditions, and their physical body structures. Therefore, all the necessary components of a futon bed are made specifically.

While the adoption of futon beds in America has revolutionized the traditional futons. According to American lifestyle and use of futons, you can find various types of futons; foam, cotton, silk filled. You can also have custom made futons as per the desired measurements. If you’re using a western form of a futon, you will be able to use a fitted sheet as a futon cover. But how different is a fitted sheet from a futon cover? Let’s find that out.

Fitted Sheet as Futon Cover

The Difference between a Futon Cover and Fitted Sheet

  • The futon cover is of various types, the standard has a zipper on either one side of the futon or both sides. The zipper helps keeping the fabric in place. The other form of futon cover has elastic to secure the cover in its place.
  • A regular fitted sheet on the other hand can stay put only on a flat mattress, if the futon or mattress is flexed, the sheet may pop out from the corners or sides. A fitted sheet can cover the top of a mattress or a futon mattress and the lower/backside remains uncovered.

How to Make a Futon Cover?

Futon cover is essential for protecting the futon mattress from dust and for keeping it durable. Yet, the availability of traditional to contemporary designs and styles in futon cover can turn the simple sleeping bed into a fun focal point. The authentically produced traditional futon covers come in mostly white color or neutral shades.

While purchasing a futon cover can get you things delivered to your door step, yet you can also make your own patterned and a decorated futon cover. Make it interesting to sleep on a futon bed, but also add some fusion by yourself and bring a new life to your home décor. The only things you’ll need are basic sewing skills. It’s simple as a futon! Follow the steps mentioned below and enjoy your colorful futon bed with a custom made futon cover.

Custom Made Futon Cover

  • Measure the width and length of your futon mattress. Measure the height of your futon mattress. Add two inches to the width and length measurement for final measurement.
  • Transfer the measurements to the fabric, marking the points with pen. You will be cutting two lengths of pieces of the same measurement.
  • Take both the pieces, with the right sides facing inward pin the two pieces together on edges.
  • Sew one long side and two short sides of the fabric and remove the pins. I/2 inch of the fabric should be sewed in.
  • Fold ½ inch of the fabric inside from the open side of the fabric and press in place. Take the zipper and press it along one side on the seam, the fold should overlap the zipper tape and the zipper pull should be facing inward towards the right side of the cover. Let the pins hold the zipper.
  • Put a zipper foot on your machine and sew the zipper to the fabric. Do the same with the other open seam. Do remember to sew horizontally across the top and bottom of the zipper tape.

Use the most fun patterns and designs to create a fun futon cover. If you can’t find such fabric, then add fabric paint or sew on or iron-on appliques for jazzing up futon covers.

Source: Traditional Futon Mattress.

Why Sleeping on Floor is Important – Futon Sleeping Guide

People sleep on the floor for varying reasons. Some have therapeutic reasons while others have cultural concerns. Have you ever visited Japan? Japanese sleep on the floor using futon beds, their floor sleeping habits date back to centuries-ever since their existence. Japanese futon mattresses came into existence because of their small house spaces, and now have been claimed for giving a better night’s sleep.

Those practicing floor sleeping on traditional Japanese futons claim for refreshing mornings and good health. Yes, for Japanese this might even mean a cultural norm, while this trend is equally popular in western world and is being practiced with latest innovations of futon types. However, there’s one question that has taken the troll; sleeping on the floor is good or not?

The answer is simple; sleeping on the floor is good for you but depends on the preparation you make. There are studies that support sleeping on the ground as a healing therapy for back pain, but a solid statement confirming the study has not yet been found. In this article, we will discuss the same and give you some tips on making your futons comfortable for a better sleep.

Why Sleeping on Floor is good?

Sleeping on the floor depends on the health of the person initially. Whether sleeping on the floor is good or bad for you-the answer is both yes and no. Yes sleeping on an authentic futon mattress heals your back, puts your body and bones into proper alignment, and also is great for people sensitive to allergies. All these benefits of futons are effective if the person is in good health initially.

If you have joint problems and find it difficult to rise up from the ground, then futon bed is not suitable for you. If you suffer from such a condition then it’s recommended that you consult your physician before purchasing a high quality futon mattress. On the contrary if you healthy and want to transit from a regular bed to futon-it’s worth the experience.

Now the fact that sleeping on Futon is Good for Back and Spine– It is difficult to support this statement with scientific information but it is known that soft mattress does not provide proper support and increases misalignment of the spine. A hard surface is very beneficial for the spine and back. Futons are believed to be firm and are an ideal way of lying flat on the floor with back straight.

Futon Sleeping

Futon Sleeping Guide – Tips for Sleeping Better on a Futon

You will take at least two weeks or more before getting used to sleeping on a traditional Japanese futon. This however should not stop you from trying it out, but whether your transition is for healthier back or a fresher morning, there are things you need to do for making the futon bed comfortable.

  • Futons are laid out on a tatami mat which is another futon but is thinner. Or use any yoga mat to spread your futon on it; it will certainly add more cushioning to your firm bed.
  • When you lie on a Futon mattress, try lying straight and not your stomach.
  • When you sleep sideways, try bending your knees, it will allow sacrum to decompress. Moreover, your body weight will be distributed over more areas.
  • For the first few weeks, lay out your futon on the carpeted area of your room for more comfort.
  • Use a good pillow to support your head and neck for achieving the same elevation of the entire body.
  • Ensure the floor you’re using for spreading your futon is sanitized. Dirty floor can be harmful for your health and futon.
  • If you are going to use your futon during nights only then try airing it occasionally for cleaning purposes. Tradition Japanese futon sets are aired in the sun and are occasionally beaten with a wooden stick to remove dust mites and molds. Go through futon care guide for complete instruction.

Source: Japanese futon mattresses

The Difference of a Japanese Futon Mattress from a Futon Mattress and Coil Bed

If you have never been to Japan and have never seen a Japanese futon, it will certainly seem confusing to differentiate between a traditional Japanese futon and a futon mattress.

Either of the two mattresses are designed flexible and created for sleeping, Japanese futon mattress is mostly without a bed frame and is thinner than futon mattress.

Traditional Japanese Futon Fundamental

Traditional Japanese Futon is a set of materials. A floor matt which is cushy, thin, and is quilt like; it’s used to spread on the floor. On top of this is futon mattress that is thin, narrow, and long as compared to an American futon mattress. Authentic Japanese futon mattress is without springs and is filled with cotton, while the latest luxurious style has silk filling.

Japanese Futon Mattress

Futon mattress is covered with cotton sheet and on top of that is a thin and light weight quilt that has a covering as well. The quilt covering has two styles; an open window like opening style (open-mesh), or a closed mesh style (closed window). Japanese tradition shiki mattresses are very light weight with a 2 to 4 thickness.

According to Japanese lifestyle basics, a futon set is lightweight as a whole-because it has to get rolled up/folded and tucked away in a closet. The east-west fusion makes 6 or more inches thick futon mattress which cannot be folded or rolled. Japanese futon is lightweight and known to be hard surfaced (according to western explanation) that requires special care and handling strategies.

Japanese Futon Mattress and Coil Bed – Difference

Traditional Japanese futon differs greatly in features and significance from a coil bed. Ever since the wide acceptance of futon mattress in western lifestyle, certain transitions have been made in futons to suit the differences. Futon mattress can be places on wooden slate or frame known as tatami that can be folded down into a futon sofa or a futon bed.

Coil Bed

A coil bed has wooden frame interior which is covered with fabric and padding, and it is placed on a bed frame. The differences in the craft of both these mattress/beds are huge and have a great affect on their benefits and comfort of sleep. Some of the major differences by both have been listed below:

Comfort Level

This factor cannot be compromised as it affects the sleep directly. Traditional Japanese futon is considered uncomfortable according to the opinion of western people, as it provides a hard surface. The coil bed on the other hand has springs inside covered with padding; they allow shifting the weight of your body and provide bounce.

Authentic Japanese futon bed is rather filled with fibers such as cotton or silk. Precisely, Japanese futons have been the health secret of Japanese as it aligns the body in correct posture and optimize circulation breathing. Therefore, the choice of comfort varies individually, the difference will always be there but this difference depends on personal liking.


Futon mattress does not provide support, since it’s hard it does not move with the movement of body. Coil bed has springs which act as a framework and moves while providing support as you shift. A futon mattress does not respond to your movements, nevertheless if you don’t like bouncy movements. And prefer sleeping on plain and firm mattress-you can choose futon bed.

Health Benefits

Any mattress has the potential to contain dust, unless proper care is maintained. Both these mattress will cause health problems to allergic sensitive people. Mattresses that stay contained in a room where the temperatures can favor humidity. And warmth are more prone to accommodating dust mites and molds. According to Japanese traditions, the futon mattress is hanged outside during the day to receive sunlight.

Exposing the mattress to sun rays destroys dust mites or molds. Futons are also beaten with a wooden stick like baseball bat to dust of any such biohazards. A futon can even have more chances of containing these allergens and mites if it’s used for sitting and sleeping and not exposed to sun light. For either case, use hypoallergenic and clean mattress covers.

Choice between a Japanese Futon and Coil Bed – Solution

The choice of a mattress varies individually. You can try types of coil and futon mattresses and then finalize one. Do your research and check the details and discuss your health condition with mattress manufacturer to suggest you otherwise as well. Futon mattress is low on cost and has to be replaced as frequently as every year depending on the quality. Silk filled and custom made futons are expensive-but again what you want is your choice!





5 Bedroom Theme Ideas

The bedroom and what you would like it to be in your home is a very personal affair, and so it is only natural that what you do in your bedroom will dictate what kind of theme is a good idea for you.

A themed bedroom is a bedroom that has been carefully thought through to make sure that your night times are exactly as you want them to be.

And being the only room in the house that is guaranteed to be your little secret, away from the eyes of any guests and visitors, here are some ideas to theme your bedroom to make sure you are getting what you want out of it.

1. Peace

If your bedroom is your personal sanctuary where you seek peace, then themeing your bedroom to match a chilled and relaxing environment is one way to guarantee that. For some, peace is achieved through open space and peaceful surroundings, in which can a fengshui or Japanese theme is a really good idea.

For others, peace comes in the form of cottage like washed out colours, in which case a French Cottage theme, or Old English cottage theme can be very comforting.

2. Imagination

Particularly good for children’s rooms, painting murals on walls, and ceilings, images of adventures and suchlike are excellent ways to keep young minds entertained in what is otherwise the most boring part of their lives – their bedrooms.

You can really let loose with children’s room, going for a pirate theme, Narnia theme, princess palace or captain of a ship! Whatever it is, themes that play on a very specific, lively theme make for excellent children’s rooms.

Bedroom Theme

3. Reading

If you like to snuggle in your bedroom, and tend to go to bed with a cup of hot chocolate (or other warming beverage) and a good book, then you are of the more cosy variety. In which case a cosy theme dictated by the look of modern hotel rooms, with large beds and bright colours, or country themes, which are dictated by plenty of furniture, painting and plants would suit you well. Especially as these themes lend well to lamps (which are very necessary for a book friendly bedroom).

4. Romance

If your bedroom is a romantic part of your home, a place where love is shared or if you prefer passionate embraces, then themeing the room with reds and purples (and browns and maroons as well) will really lend well to the environment.

These warm colours add heat and atmosphere to the bedroom and are excellent for chandeliers, lighting fixtures, and lamps that are highly compatible with romance styled bedrooms.

5. Serenity

If you use your bedroom for sleeping only, and would like to fall asleep and awake in a room that helps you along with little stimulation, then fresh, neutral colours are your theme, along with window dressings that allow for plenty of natural light and minimalist design, to make sure nodding off is easy, and waking up is trouble free.

Theming your bedroom is a great way to make your bedroom that special retreat at the end of the day, where you can go to forget all of your problems and truly relax. There are so many options available when it comes to deciding on a theme for your bedroom, but whatever theme you decide to go for in your bedroom make sure it is one that suites your personality and evening feelings.

How to Maximize Space For Play in a Boy’s Bedroom

A boy’s bedroom is his safe haven from adults, where he can become anything he wants to be, from pirate to astronaut, from deep sea diver to train driver. Enabling your son to have a space where he can be all these things as well as do his homework, sleep and hang out with his friends is really important for his welfare and development.

Unfortunately, as parents, we often lack the creativity to think of ways to provide more space in the smaller rooms of our houses, and end up providing a mere yard squared for our children to play in (which often becomes so cluttered with toys that they’re playing on a mountain of Lego).

So the trick is to use the space you do have more wisely to create the largest area for work and play in a boy’s room that you physically can. It’s time to look at the room you’re working with and calculate what is currently inefficient and how it can be better organized.

Try these ideas:

Boy's Bedroom

Think Vertical

Rather than just considering how much floor space you have, why not look higher. The room also has space to the ceiling, currently occupied only by air, which used creatively, can create space for varying levels of activity. This can be done in two main ways, using a loft bed, or more excessively, a mezzanine space.

1. Loft Beds

The great thing about loft beds is that they elevate the bed, creating more floor space for your son to play in. With their own supporting frame, they create a cut off space in the room which can be utilized as a specific work area by placing a desk in it, or something more adventurous.

Why not build a ‘gang house’ front to fix to the loft bed, to create the illusion of a tree house, and a private are under your son’s bed for him and his friends to play. Alternatively, you could place a tent or tepee inside for the same effect.

Additionally, some loft beds come with storage in the frames, such as little drawers and cupboards, giving you more space to hide away clothes and toys.

2. Mezzanines

Mezzanine floors are a little more hard work but pay off enormously in the long run. You can either create a whole new floor using expensive builders, or you can create the illusion of a floor using two tall shelves with wood resting in between.

This gives a solid platform for either a bedding area for your son, or a secret hideaway for him and his friends to play in. By bringing the bed all the way off the floor, it frees up all the floor space for alternative usage.

Hiding Things Away

One of the main floor space-eaters is storage. Wardrobes, shelving, cupboards, drawers; all these types of storage require floor space and therefore reduce the area your son has to play in. Getting imaginative with storage is the best way to find a solution to keep everything neatly in its place whilst still providing legroom for your son to have fun.

1. Under the Bed

This is an age old trick but finding a bed which allows for storage underneath can be a Godsend. Whether it’s plastic boxes or fitted drawers, this provides you a hideaway for clothes and/or toys, meaning less clumpy drawers and wardrobes to reduce space for play and creativity.

2. Alcoves

Creating n-wall alcove storage can be expensive but gives you more room to play with for storing your son’s possessions. By getting rid of the wardrobe and opting for something built into the wall, you’re freeing up more area on the floor and providing a neat finished look to the room.

3. Wall Shelving

Get your bookshelves off the floor and on to the walls. As your son grows older, he will inevitably need space for his books and school work so having shelving in the room is usually a must. However, large floor bookcases take up room where a train set could be laid.

A Look at the Less Obvious

1. Chalkboard Paint

Using chalkboard paint on your walls, cupboards and other furniture creates extra space for your son to explore his creativity. If you cannot viably remove the wardrobe from his bedroom, give him space to create football murals or animal doodles on it with chalk!

2. Fold up Furniture

Fold up furniture allows your son to ‘put it away’ when he’s not using it. For example, you could fix a fold up desk to the wall for his homework, which he folds away when he’s finished to create more floor space for play. No hefty desk legs in the way!

3. Spare Bed

If your son enjoys having friend’s round, keeping a spare mattress is always a great idea for a sleepover. Unfortunately, this looks messy. There are several beds available now featuring an under-bed drawer, which when pulled up, creates a double bed for two to share.

4. Defining Zones

By separating areas of the room using colors, wallpaper and dividers, it creates the illusion of more space. If your son knows by visual example that the plain looking area is for homework, the football-looking area themed from is for play, and the soft area is for sleep, you’re creating a whole world for him in one room.

Creating that essential room for your son to enjoy his bedroom will create a healthy and happy child who’s not afraid to explore his creativity. Limiting space puts boundaries on his room for growth, whereas opening that to him will enable him to ‘think big’.

Just remember that although creating floor space demands imaginative ideas, the room still needs to run in a functional manner.Make sure you ensure there is everything your son needs to keep his room tidy and carry out all day to day tasks.

12 Super Bed and Sofa Bed Styles

Settling in for a restful sleep on your same old bed? Why not upgrade to something functional, funky, or fun? Decorate your home with a bed that can serve more than a purpose of sleep. Some beds have storage, some are large and imposing, while others are just fun. Who didn’t want a race car bed as a child, what about getting a fort bed for your child today?

Sofa beds are very advanced these days as well and transform from a perfect and beautiful sofa into a solid and great looking bed, the old days of just a pullout to give an extra bit of leg room are long gone.

1. Yaletown Black Queen 6-drawer Platform Storage Bed

  • At a reasonable $379.99, the Yaletown Black Queen 6-drawer Platform Storage bed is all about function and sleek beauty.
  • With three drawers on each side of the bed, the Yaletown is urban and sophisticated.
  • Its low profile design would add to the beauty of any modern style bedroom.
  • The bed ships in 3 boxes from and requires assembly.
  • Take the time to read the reviews and explanations from previous buyers.

Yaletown Black Queen 6-drawer Platform Storage Bed

2. BedUp

Short on space in your small loft or apartment? Then you are in the market for the newest space saving bed.

  • The BedUp stores up against your ceiling when you are up and about participating in your day and then lowers into place when your bed time arrives.
  • BedUp has good comedy potential if it zipped down unexpectedly during the daytime.
  • Customizable for size and color, it even lowers to a selectable height so that there’s room for furniture underneath.
  • From French designers Dcadrages, its convenience will cost you: available from $4,300 upwards.

3. Eli Fort Bed

Fantasy and adventure will fill the bedroom with this amazing bed for your child.

  • Pottery Barn Kids offers the Eli Fort Bed at a regular price of $1,399.00.
  • If you ever dreamed of a race car bed or a tree house, maybe you can fulfill your child’s fantasies of a magical retreat with this magnificent bed.
  • Up in a loft is a twin size bed with an open play area below.
  • The bed is crafted of a kiln-dried pine frame and measures 44.5″ wide by 85.5″ long by 94″ high that supports up to 250 pounds of weight.
  • This bed is sure to be a favorite for indoor adventure for your child and his or her friends.

4. Cottage Colors Black Twin / Twin Step Bunk Bed

  • The Cottage Colors Twin / Twin Step Bunk Bed from Rooms to Go for just under $900.00 makes the most of space in your child’s room is stylish and storage.
  • The unit is crafted in poplar with a charming fresh style.
  • The upper bunk is access via steps with a handrail and the steps have built-in drawers with trundle storage under the lower bunk.
  • This will add space measuring at 109L by 43W by 70H.

5. Modus Atria Platform Bed

  • The Atria Platform bed by Modus is a unique testament to the beauty ofhand craftsmanship.
  • The work of the artisans that created this bed from Sheesham solid wood and Acacia speaks of sophisticated contemporary design.
  • The set comes with the nigh stand and full size panel bed.
  • The craftsmanship is what makes this one of the most wanted bed on the market.

6. Sonic Bed by Kaffe Matthews

  • A big square box, you step into to sleep, no matter how this bed is described, it looks like a big coffin.
  • You won’t have to worry about rolling out of this bed during those active dreams.
  • This Sonic Bed includes loudspeakers and sub-woofers which lie under the mattress and penetrate your body to immerse you into a deep sensuous trance like experience.
  • The sonic pulses relax your body so deeply that you will sleep like you are dead.

7. The Napshell

  • The bed designed for the powernap. The Napshell was designed by architecture students to meet the needs of the 30 minute nap with an ergonomic mattress, air conditioning, Dolby surround sound and room for two.
  • The ergonomic design allows you to catch a few zzz’s no matter where you are.
  • Put one in the sun room, living room, or office. Maybe you can convince your boss to let you pilot it for the office and then explain its benefits: quality downtime during the workday equals greater focus and productivity with your work!

8. Bed Pure Art 319

  • German designer Wissman Raumobjekto created the Bed Pure Art 319 as a floating mattress situated between four blocks and a foldable integrated table in the header.
  • The slats are adjustable and there is a hidden socket for a waterbed function. There are 5 size variations for the meds.
  • The materials are wood with painted surfaces that can be customized to look like slate.
  • The configuration is not set allowing you to use the different designs to make your bed look more like art than a boring ole bed.

9. A.R.T. Regal Four Poster Bedroom Collection

What can be said about this bed, that it doesn’t say for itself?

  • The Regal Four Poster Bed exemplifies gracious regal living in its solid cherry wood construction, scroll metal canopy, and decorative headboard by A.R.T.
  • This is a four poster canopy bed design for the California king, King, or Queen Size mattress.
  • This bed will cost you $3,368 but come with the Regal Bedroom Bench and will call out to you as your lap of luxury as you adorn it with rich custom fabrics turning it into your palatial point of sleep.

10. Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed

There is rest and relaxation and then there is the lap of luxury.

  • The Starry Night is the archetype of modern sleep and entertainment by Leggett & Platt offering a intelligent, intuitive, and comfortable environment for your bedroom suite.
  • At $50,000 this is not your normal everyday mattress on top of box springs.
  • This is an anti-snore technological advancement with dual programmable temperature controls, sleep diagnostic center, iPod docking station, surround sound, Wi-Fi, media server, 4 gigs of RAM, and a 1080p multimedia projector.
  • If you do get insomnia, at least you will have entertainment.

11. Stanza Leather Effect Sofabed Chocolate

This luxury Stanza leather effect sofa bed features extremely comfortable foam filled seat and back cushions.

  • Using this chocolate colour with its square edged design will instantly update the aesthetics of your room.
  • The Stanza sofa bed was designed primarily as a sofa with the occasional use as a bed, perfect for guests.
  • It converts into a bed quickly and with ease using its simple 3-fold mechanism this creates a 2-person sleeping bed with a foam mattress.
  • Ensure you measure access via corridors, doors and stairways for any large and heavy items although the Stanza sofa bed comes fully assembled for convenience, ensure it will actually fit into your home.

12. Java Futon Sofa Bed Frame Only, Natural

The Java futon frame is ideal if you want to kick back and relax during the day, and then get a good night’s sleep in the evening.

  • It features a stained solid wood frame and armrests with decorative spindles, making it suitable for everyday use as a fantastic stylish sofa or bed.
  • This attractive futon also comes in a natural frame, which will require self-assembly.
  • Any mattress you like will be sold separately the Java futon mattresses are available in eight shades with a durable poly-cotton cover and wool-felt filling to offer the best in futon comfort.

Creating The Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your ultimate place of relaxation. Your bedroom should be filled with reminders of all the things you love. Your bedroom should be a place where you can completely unwind from your day and escape from reality for a little bit. In order for your bedroom to be the oasis it’s supposed to be you have to do a few things first.

Here are a few ways you can achieve the perfect get away in your own bedroom.

1. Color

Color is one of the most important aspects when decorating in general. It is even more important when it comes to decorating a bedroom. The colors of a bedroom determine the entire mood of the space. To create a cozy and relaxing space your bedroom will need to be filled with warm colors. Warm colors include shades of red, pink, yellow, orange, tan, brown, crème, deep purple, navy blue, etc. If you live somewhere where you can paint the walls you can paint one of these colors and instantly create a cozy feel to the room.

Perfect Bedroom

2. Lighting

Lighting is another thing that can make or break the atmosphere and mood in a bedroom. Most bedrooms have overhead lighting but the problem is that overhead lighting is not cozy or romantic. Your best bet in a bedroom would be light via lamps. Another thing to consider is the type of light you want in your bedroom. Most people prefer yellow lighting in bedrooms because it gives of a softer and more relaxed feel. White lighting most often brings a very upbeat and exciting feel to a room, which is not what most people are going for when decorating their bedroom.

3. Pictures

What fills the walls of your bedroom is probably what you will think about the most when you are in there. If you are a huge family person then having pictures of your loved ones filled with happy memories will bring peace to you in your bedroom. If you are a traveler or want to be a traveler pictures of different places around the world will inspire you. If your ultimate relaxation spot is on the beach but you don’t live close to one fill your room with pictures that remind you of the beach to help you escape there when you are stressed out. Whatever is it that brings you the most comfort; fill your walls with those things.

4. Acessories

Bring objects into your bedroom that will make you happy. If you love music and the way it makes you feel get a really nice sound system in your bedroom. If you feel comfort curled up watching a movie mount a TV on the wall of your bedroom. Every little thing that you bring into your bedroom will add to the total atmosphere of the room. Big fluffy rugs will also help bring a cozy and relaxed feel to a bedroom. You just need to find the things that you like and that make you the happiest.

After you have created your perfect bedroom the only way you are going to be able to completely relax in there is if you feel safe. A great way to accomplish the feeling of safety in your home is by purchasing a top of the line home security system. I found a company called Smith Monitoring that offers some of the absolute best features ever invented. Smith security will install cameras in your home that can be viewed live at any time via an app on your smart phone.