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Are you still using your hands and knees to eliminate the tough stains and dust particles from your home floors? (Or) using an old mop for cleaning out your floors?

If so, they would be a time-consuming process, and also it’s would be hard to get rid of those stains and particles from the floor. A good steam mop can help you to make the cleaning easier.

Buying Guide| Steam Mop

Getting a steam mop that can eliminate all kinds of dust and stains from your floor is disgusting as there are multiple features and factors to look for while choosing them. I assure you that this article will be a greater source of knowing in brief about the steam mops.

What is a Steam Mop?

Unlike a standard mop, this steam mop uses steam for cleaning out the dust and other stain particles from your carpet and floors. The heat used for cleaning is considered to be a major benefit and also being the reason for effective cleaning. The best part of this steam mop is that they do not use any toxic chemicals for clearing and therefore considered to be the safest one.

Working Principle Steam Mops

The water boiler within the steam mops helps in creating steam for clearing out the dust particles, now through the cleaning head, this steam gets pumped out for the effective cleaning experience. When the steal loosens its grime, it gets wiped away with the help of the cloth cleaning head. They are even capable of killing mites and bacteria.

How to choose a Steam Mop

There are many factors you need to look for in a steam map while choosing them for the optimal performance. Below are some of the characteristics that a good steam map will include.

Water Tank

This is one of the important characteristic, the tank you choose need to be refilled during the cleaning process. So choose water tanks with larger capacity so that only less refilling is required.

Cleaning pads

Choose the steam mop with one or two cleaning pads that are made of microfiber for the carrying away the drift.


This is used while using the mop on any carpets; this will come handy for removing the soiling or refreshing carpet to provide the clear look. Choose the heavy duty attachments in this case.

Pad Rest

This can be used while moving away from the cleaning; this will help the mop to stay at one place without falling.

Power cord

Choose the steam mop that is long enough to reach from the power so that reaching high places can be easy.

A telescopic wand

Based on your height the wand can be adjusted so that you need not bend so much on your back to clean the floors or surfaces.

Other important accessories

Apart from other above features, there are few other factors that will help you to make your cleaning easier, so never forget to look for a window cleaning attachment, steam on and off lock switch, time in use, accessory tools and heat up while purchasing a steam mop.

Top 5 picks of best Steam Mops

Once you are clear in choosing the factors, characteristics and types of steam mops, the next step is to find the steam mop from the right manufacturer so that you can experience the long lasting, effective and optimal performance.

To help you in choosing the right steam mop, our team of professional has researched and collected the top 5 picks of steam mops that is being more popular among the markets for their high performance, durability, price, quality and much more.

Deluxe FloorMate Steam Mop from Hoover

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The manufacturer who has over craze for their high performance and durable products has developed this steam mop with high-quality materials and functionalities to make them unique among other steam mop manufacturer, and this ranks first in our best picks.

Forget about the dirty mops you have been using in the past for eliminating the stains and dust particles from carpets and floors, make use of this ultimate cleaner to get rid of any tough stains, leaves and other dust particles from your hard floors or surface with ease.

There are individual dual tanks for holding cleaner and dirty waters, so you never need to use the dirty water for your hard floors. Make your floor shine and dry within minutes by using the floormate steam mop from Hoover. The spin scrub brush delivers the optimal cleaning performance along with the scrubbing sealed accessory.

The product involves dry or wash selection so that you can choose the mode while washing and drying the floors. There are brushes for cleaning, and this helps in suctioning the additional water from the floor. The dry mode brush helps you to dry the floor within seconds.

The fingertip control allows you to use more detergents when you need to clear out tough stains in high traffic areas, designed to be light in weight so that it can be easier for carrying or lifting along the up and down stairs. The price of the product is high but worth the money spent over the steam mop. Measures about 13.8 pounds and comes with the dimension of 13X12X44 inches.

Multi-Purpose Steam Mop from Haan

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Do you need a versatile performance and an effective steam mop for clearing out your hard floor with ease? Prefer to choose this multi-purpose steam mop from Haan, a popular manufacturer of developing indoor and outdoor products for sports events, home, and industrial applications has designed this steam mop to be a superior one and this ranks second in our best pick of steam mop.

With the help of a single touch button you can change the functional steam mop to a handheld sanitizer, there is a hand held steamer with attachments namely steam bonnet, mini steam head, nylon scrub brush and angled nozzle, to clear out the tough stains above the floor.

The swivel head mop helps for the simple maneuverability, the long cord within the steam mop helps you to reach any high places with ease. This steam mop kills most of the bacteria, household germs, dust mites and other minute stain particles just by using steam.

The steam mop has no detergents of chemical indulged and therefore safer for kids; the handheld steamer can be removed and used as per your preference. There are special attachment kits for tougher cleaning stains. The carpet glide attachment helps in deodorizing and sanitizing the rugs, carpets, mattresses, etc.

There are two different microfiber pads indulged, and this can be reused, the price of the product is high but worth the money invested on the steam mops, measures about 1 ounces in weight and comes with the dimension of 7.1X 12.9X47.2 inches.

PowerFresh Hard Floor Steam Mop from Bissell

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One of the effective manufacturers of developing indoor and outdoor products for household, industrial, sports activities and much more has designed the product with more superior functionalities to make them a unique one; this ranks third in our best picks of Steam Mops.

This steam mops are capable of killing 99 percent of household germs and bacteria from your floor; the scrubber helps you in clearing our the toughest stains or messes on your floors. There is a variable steam digital steamer that is built to be a smart help to customizing the steam cleaning in low, high and medium experience.

For additional freshness, the steam mop indulges a spring breeze fragrances, the water tank that is developed largely is situated at the top of the steam mop can be refilled with water during the cleaning purpose. Make sure you are using demineralized or distilled water for a tank to check out the optimal performance.

The product does not indulge any chemicals or detergents for cleaning your floors; the steam mops are designed for hard floors to clear out toughest stains, there is a handle that is ergonomically shaped to make them easier to use.

The antimicrobial protection over the microfiber pads helps in reaching any toughest stains on the floors. Measures about 8.3 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 11.6X7.1X28.6 inches.

Microfiber Hard Floor Steam Mop from O- Cedar

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Looking for a highly reliable steam mop for eliminating tough stains and messes from your hard floors, surfaces, carpets, etc.? If so O-Cedar Steam mop would be the right pick, and this ranks fourth in our best picks of best steam mops.

Heating up is designed to be quick for the effective cleaning performance, this is capable of heating in just 20 seconds so that you can start the cleaning process faster. There are various steam setting so that you can adjust them based on your floor surfaces.

The triangle head involved in this steam mop clean your floors and surfaces effective and they don’t use any detergents or chemicals so safer for children too. Designed to be light in weight and therefore you can carry them while cleaning up and down stairs.

The microfiber pad in the steam mop absorbs any household germs, bacteria and other dust particles from your hard floor resulting in higher cleaning performance. The microfiber pad is machine washable, and you can use it up to 25 times.

The steam mop includes two microfiber pads, and therefore you can use the alternate one when one is kept for washing. The price of the product is affordable, measures about 7.4 pounds and comes with the dimension of 27X10X6 inches.

Pocket Steam Mop from Shark Ninja

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The manufacturer who has rewarded for their household and industrial products multiple times from the popular manufacturers and sellers has developed this steam mop with additional functionalities to make them unique when compared to other models of a steam mop, and this ranks fifth in our best pick of steam mop.

Sanitizing, Deodorizing and cleaning the hard floors from any type of hard floor surfaces, carpets and mattresses can be achieved with ease if you afford to this pocket steam mop. Designed to be light in weight and therefore its easy for lifting and carrying while moving around the stairs.

Kills 99 percent of household germs, bacterias and other stains from your hard floor surface without using any detergents and chemicals and therefore safer for children. Heating of water is done faster, and steam gets ready in 30 seconds for cleaning. Double-sided microfiber pad involves deeper cleaning, and the water capacity comes in XL size for refueling.

The price of the product is less when compared to other steam mop listed here, Measures about 4.9 pounds and comes with the dimension of 51.2X12X5.9 inches.

Final Words

Hope the above buying guide and the best picks of steam mop helped you in choosing the right steam mop based on your floor surfaces.

Any ideas, queries, and thoughts on the steam mop are welcome. Have you used any of the above steam mops for clearing out your deeper stains and dirt particles from your hard floor surfaces? If so, share us your experience through the comment section below.

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