Can a Fitted Sheet be Used as Futon Cover?

Traditionally, a futon mattress without a futon cover seems inappropriate. Traditional Japanese futon bed has certain norms that are essential to follow-for acquiring the benefits of futons and its look. A futon set has a number of components including; the most essential, futon cover. A futon cover helps protect the futon cushion and also keeps it clean, similar to how a regular fitted sheet works for a regular bed. So can a regular fitted sheet be used as a futon cover for a traditional futon mattress?

Yes and no! Futons are different to regular beds and therefore have standard covers and sheets. A fitted sheet might work as a futon cover, but most likely for a western-eastern fusion type. Authentic Japanese futon is made of 100% cotton and comes in a standard size. Tradition futons are made according to Japanese lifestyle, climate conditions, and their physical body structures. Therefore, all the necessary components of a futon bed are made specifically.

While the adoption of futon beds in America has revolutionized the traditional futons. According to American lifestyle and use of futons, you can find various types of futons; foam, cotton, silk filled. You can also have custom made futons as per the desired measurements. If you’re using a western form of a futon, you will be able to use a fitted sheet as a futon cover. But how different is a fitted sheet from a futon cover? Let’s find that out.

Fitted Sheet as Futon Cover

The Difference between a Futon Cover and Fitted Sheet

  • The futon cover is of various types, the standard has a zipper on either one side of the futon or both sides. The zipper helps keeping the fabric in place. The other form of futon cover has elastic to secure the cover in its place.
  • A regular fitted sheet on the other hand can stay put only on a flat mattress, if the futon or mattress is flexed, the sheet may pop out from the corners or sides. A fitted sheet can cover the top of a mattress or a futon mattress and the lower/backside remains uncovered.

How to Make a Futon Cover?

Futon cover is essential for protecting the futon mattress from dust and for keeping it durable. Yet, the availability of traditional to contemporary designs and styles in futon cover can turn the simple sleeping bed into a fun focal point. The authentically produced traditional futon covers come in mostly white color or neutral shades.

While purchasing a futon cover can get you things delivered to your door step, yet you can also make your own patterned and a decorated futon cover. Make it interesting to sleep on a futon bed, but also add some fusion by yourself and bring a new life to your home décor. The only things you’ll need are basic sewing skills. It’s simple as a futon! Follow the steps mentioned below and enjoy your colorful futon bed with a custom made futon cover.

Custom Made Futon Cover

  • Measure the width and length of your futon mattress. Measure the height of your futon mattress. Add two inches to the width and length measurement for final measurement.
  • Transfer the measurements to the fabric, marking the points with pen. You will be cutting two lengths of pieces of the same measurement.
  • Take both the pieces, with the right sides facing inward pin the two pieces together on edges.
  • Sew one long side and two short sides of the fabric and remove the pins. I/2 inch of the fabric should be sewed in.
  • Fold ½ inch of the fabric inside from the open side of the fabric and press in place. Take the zipper and press it along one side on the seam, the fold should overlap the zipper tape and the zipper pull should be facing inward towards the right side of the cover. Let the pins hold the zipper.
  • Put a zipper foot on your machine and sew the zipper to the fabric. Do the same with the other open seam. Do remember to sew horizontally across the top and bottom of the zipper tape.

Use the most fun patterns and designs to create a fun futon cover. If you can’t find such fabric, then add fabric paint or sew on or iron-on appliques for jazzing up futon covers.

Source: Traditional Futon Mattress.

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