Cleaning Tips 101: Easy Ways to Clean Carpet

Some household chores are obviously difficult to tackle. Case in point: cleaning carpets and rugs. How can we keep the carpets in our condo in Manila or elsewhere for that matter looking new without looking exhausted? Here’s how to keep your carpets clean:

1. Vacuum

Easy Ways to Clean Carpet

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There is no easier way than to clean the carpet as soon as the dirt steps in. First, vacuum your carpet on a regular basis. Vacuum them at least three times a week. You may have to do it more often if you have cats and dogs.

Never rush the vacuuming process. The machine needs to pick up fur, dust and dirt especially the deeply seated or at the base of the carpet fiber – a process that takes time. To ensure that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, run the vacuum over the carpet once more.

2. Protect

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If you have wall to wall carpets, protect those areas that receive lots of foot traffic. You may use carpet runners, throw rugs or carpet protectors. These are unobtrusive ways of protecting the carpet.

With this layer of protection also, you won’t struggle too much when cleaning the carpet and some areas of it.

3. Clean

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Tackle the spills right away before they penetrate the base of the carpet, which when it happened, it would be harder to remove them. Cleaning up the spill as soon as it gets to your carpet can also save you lots of cleaning time later. Use a clean cloth to absorb the spill. Put baking powder over the spill. Leave it for 15 minutes before vacuuming the area.

When the spill soaked into the carpet and dried, you would need a cleaning agent and specific equipment to remove the residue.

4. Remove

If there are old stains especially colored wine or coffee, remove them at once. Good thing, carpets are pre-treated with stain-resistant chemicals thus getting rid of stains won’t be as difficult.

Use a carpet cleaner. Spray a thin layer of the cleaner above the stain. Wipe it using a clean cloth. Saturate the stained area with the cleaner and let it dry. Vacuum the area once it dried up.

Other do’s and don’ts

Do a spot treatment and do it in discreet areas of the carpet. This specifically applies if you are using a cleaning agent for the first time, even for homemade cleaning solutions. If you don’t do this, the stain may spread and ruin the carpet entirely. And don’t pour the cleaning agent directly, use a spray bottle instead.

Blot the stained area, putting mild pressure on the stain to soak it up. If you apply too much pressure, the particles will get ground onto the fibers. This may lead to premature breakdown.

rub or scrub
Don’t rub or scrub the stains because this will only damage the fibers. This will only spread the stain, too. Likewise, do not douse the area. The cleaner may seep too deep into the carpet base which may lead to mold growth.

Despite our best efforts to keeping our carpets clean all the times, dirt, dust, spills, and drops are inevitable. It doesn’t mean that your carpets are ruined. Above are some of the ways to keep them clean and looking new. Take heed.


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