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7 Super Tips For A Cleaner Home

You have to admit that keeping your house clean is a full time task. There is no “one way” to do it and there is not a single day that you can go without a little dusting or cleaning some or the other area of the house. There are also times when you wish you had a checklist of things that would make cleaning and maintaining your home a simpler chore. I assure you that by the time you’re done reading this post you’ll have house cleaning simplified for you. So start by:

1. Cleaning Your Exhaust Fan

Clean the grill on your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans. These tend to get clogged very easily with dust, oily residue and other harmful particles. You can use a spirit or turpentine oil to clean all the sticky grime and dirt that tends to stick quite hard to the grill and also the fan blades. Make sure to use a clean cotton cloth so that it captures all the dirt and doesn’t spread it around.

2. Thoroughly Beat And Shake All Your Area Rugs And Mats

You can vacuum your large area rugs at least once a week. You can also dust and shake your mats once in every one or two weeks. But what would help you even more is taking them outside in the sun 3 or 4 times in a year and beating them thoroughly.

3. Try Air Cleaners

Install an air cleaner in your home as it helps remove both large and small dust and pollen particles from the air. It works for a single room at a time and can easily remove any allergies and gets rid of any asthma causing pollutants from the air. But this equipment will not reduce your dusting duties. You will still have to do the dusting part to get rid of the loose dirt and grime on your own.

4. Vacuum Your Carpets Regularly

You don’t know that your carpet is undoubtedly the biggest reservoir of dust and also a huge source of loose fibers, pollen, pollutants and dry chemicals and much more. It is therefore advised to vacuum your carpet cleaning thoroughly with a strong machine once or twice every month. This way you can keep dust in control and allergies at bay.

5. Wash Your Drapes And Other Washable Upholstery

Your pillows and cases, blankets, slipcovers and also drapes trap household dust easily. Your curtains and drapes in particular get dirty very easily because they trap dirt and moisture from outside and can become home to a lot of allergens and pollutants that can later irritate the skin and cause allergies. It is always better to take them out and put them in with your other machine-washable upholstery items. Launder your textiles twice a year to get rid of all that grime and dirt.

6. Clean Your Grout

Grout in between your tile walls can be easily cleaned using a bleach pen. You will find that this method of cleaning grout is quite tedious but the payoff is more than worth it. Use the bleach pen to draw across the grout lines, wait for 10 minutes and then rinse.

7. Rotate Bedding Weekly

Your bed harbors a lot of dust and also skin flakes, own fibers and other dirt that you might bring in with your clothes and shoes. It is best to wash them weekly with organic or skin friendly detergents and cleaners.

Best Carpet Cleaner Solution

Multiple varieties of the carpet cleaners solution are available in the market, choosing the right carpet cleaning solution based on the cleaning method, carpet fiber type, budget, environmental impact, soil load, stains, home people health and safety are mandatory.

Most of the professional advice you to make use of the steam cleaning as they do not use any chemicals or detergents for cleaning out the hard floor surfaces.

Difference Between a wet and dry cleaning solution

Wet cleaning solutions mostly contain sodium lauryl sulfate which is a foaming agent and used while shampooing. This will produce dense foam concentration which tends the soil once they get dried. The chemical involves a resin to prevent re-soiling.

A small quantity of water is enough for activating the dry carpet cleaning solution; this contains an absorbent carrier, a solvent, detergent and little amount of water. The soil gets dissolved in the water during the treatment, and this is at last captured by the absorbent components.

Now a powerful vacuum is used for clearing out the tough stains and elements from the flooring.

Today we are going to check out some of the top carpet cleaning solutions from best manufacturers who have developed the product with necessary accessories to provide the optimal cleaning performance.

Top 3 picks of Best Carpet Cleaner Solutions

Choosing the right carpet cleaner solution from thousands of products and manufacturer can be confusing and frustrating.

Here in our best carpet cleaner solution article, our top team of Professionals has analyzed various types of carpet cleaner solution from top manufacturers and has listed the best ones that are performing well in the market and also preferring more positive responses from their customers.

These collections are also based on the performance, quality, customer reviews, rating, and popularity.

78H6B Deep Carpet Cleaning Solution from Bissell

78H6B Deep Carpet Cleaning Solution from Bissell

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There is no wonder in Bissell products ranking number one in our top picks of best carpet cleaning solutions, as they are one of the most traditional manufacturers who have developed multiple indoor and outdoor products for home, industries, sports activities, hiking and much more.

Ideal for protecting and cleaning your carpets with safer and acquires deeper cleaner for providing the optimal results, this product now comes with the improved larger caps along with the pour spout for easier operation. The cleaning solution contains the concentrated solution for performing the cleaning operation.

The Scotchgard protection helps in revitalizing your carpets with ease and also protects your carpet from future dust or tougher stains. Developed to be user and environment-friendly. The stain fighting powder indulged within the cleaner solution makes the product ideal for families who grows pets.

Recommended to use with deep cleaning machines and this is safe to use for upholsteries and carpets. Designed to be color safe, there are no detergents or chemicals like brighteners, heavy metals, phosphates and therefore safer to use. The price of the product is high but worth the money invested in the carpet cleaner solutions.

Platinum and Pet Carpet AH 30035 Cleaner Solution from Hoover

Platinum and Pet Carpet AH 30035 Cleaner Solution from Hoover

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Are you searching for a reliable and safer cleaner solution for cleaning your carpets from tough stains and dust particles? If so, prefer to choose this highly recommended pet carpet cleaner solution from the popular manufacturer Hoover.

This manufacturer has developed this product with safer and additional functionalities to make them a unique one among the other carpet cleaning solutions, and this ranks second in our best picks of carpet cleaner solutions.

The cleaner solution container is about 50 ounces and ideal to use for cleaning carpets and upholsteries, capable of eliminating blood stains, pet accidents, grass stains, vomit and much more without any effort. Recommended using with all deep cleaning machines.

Designed to be light in weight, user, and environment-friendly carpet cleaning solution is approved by the prestigious Rug Institute, the manufacturer has developed this carpet cleaning solution based on the North American Electrical Standards. The stain fighting powder within the product makes the product efficient for the families who adopt pets.

The manufacturer is providing one year warranty so that you can get the product without any hesitation, measures about 7.8 ounces and comes with the dimension of 13.2X8.1X14.2 inches, the price of the product is affordable to adapt by any peoples.

Stain & Odor Remover Carpet Cleaning Solution from Bubba’s Rowdy Friends Pet Supply Company

Stain & Odor Remover Carpet Cleaning Solution

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The manufacturer who is famous in developing household products for their customers has designed this product with more functionalities for making them superior to other carpet cleaning solutions; this product ranks third in our best picks of carpet cleaner solutions.

Ideal for removing tough stains, minute dust particles along with odors for the optimal results, the manufacturer has developed this product by keeping their customers safety in mind, therefore no chances for any chemicals used in the solution.

Perfect to use at carpet cleaners from different manufacturers, the idea for the families who have pets like cat or dog at their home. This carpet cleaning solution is highly developed to remove the rug smell and also provides a refreshing odor on your carpets and upholsteries.

Helps in improving indoor air quality, the high-quality premium components used in the solution ensures you for the carpet durability, restores the texture and colors of your carpet once washes. There would be no chances for bacteria build up and allergens if you are using the carpet cleaning solution for cleaning your carpets.

Capable of getting rid of soil, blood stains, pet dander, pee and other tough stains from heavy traffic areas. The price of the product is low when compared to other carpet cleaner solutions listed here, measures about 2 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 9.5X3.5X3.3 inches.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best carpet cleaning solution is the must for cleaning your carpet from tough stains, dust and microscopic dust particles, hope the above top picks on carpet cleaner solution helped you in choosing the right one based on your needs and preference.

What type of carpet cleaner solutions are you using for your carpet cleaners? Share your experience with us.

Any queries or ideas regarding the carpet cleaner solution? Feel free to shoot out your questions below.

Best Carpet Cleaner

Carpets act a center of attraction in most of the homes, keeping them neat, clean and fresh will provide a positive look at your family members and visitors. This can be achieved with the help of a Best Carpet Cleaner.

Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide

Getting the right carpet cleaner for your carpet is mandatory to provide the bright and stunning look to your home. In this article, we will check for the buying option, types, how to choose and best picks of Carpet cleaners from the popular manufacturer in brief.

Types of Carpet Cleaners

Some busy places where carpets are highly used need occasional cleaning, in those case, it’s mandatory that you have the right type of carpet cleaners for making them look bright as before. Here are three different types of carpet cleaners you can choose from.

Rental Deep Cleaners

This cleaner cost around $20 to $35 and are available online, at supermarkets, home centers, and hardware stores. This indulges two primary tanks. First one with cleaning solution and the second one hold the dirty solution, a brush that is fixed or moving, a vacuum and a heavy unit.

Full Sized Cleaners

These cleaners are developed to be lighter and less in weight when compared to the standard rental carpet cleaners. This uses water and detergents for scrubbing and then uses the cleaner to vacuum the dirt and water. The price of the product is high but would be a great value for money.

Compact Cleaners

These cleaners are an idea for small jobs like tackling stains, maneuvering is simpler when compared to the large and full sized models. Compact to be stored on a shelf, best for removing any kinds of toughest stains when treated with the stain protector.

How to Choose a Carpet Cleaner

Once you have decided the type of carpet cleaner to go with, now you need to know how to pick a good carpet cleaner that will support and comfort you to the core.


Choosing the carpet cleaners with unique tanks for cleaning solution and hot water is necessary, as this will make refilling easier and quicker in the case of multiple refilling. If you are choosing a smaller tank, then you need to refill sometimes.

If you are in need of a carpet cleaner that you need to carry it up and down, then you need to carry and push the carpet cleaner before grabbing them. Prefer to go for models with attachments, if you need to clean stairs or any upholstery.


Taking extra care while using a carpet cleaner is important as you are making use of the electricity and water for cleaning the carpets. Choose an outlet that consists of a ground fault circuit interrupter and then plug the carpet cleaner to the outlet so that the safety is highly considered.

Wear hearing protection in the case of extended use, make sure you do not walk on the carpets and do not place the furniture on carpets once they get dried completely, do not walk on them for the safety purpose.

Pro Carpet Cleaners

While grabbing a carpet cleaner, make sure the manufacturer you are getting from is approved by the Institute of cleaning, inspection and restoration certification for the optimal safety and performance.

Focussing on venting

Few of the cleaning solutions and stain removers for the carpet cleaning machines have the chances for emitting more fumes, in this case, it’s important that you run fans and open windows while using a carpet cleaner. This is mandatory for the person who has respiratory problems like Asthma.

Characteristics you need to look for

Carpet cleaners will benefit you a lot if they have some necessary features. Here are a pile of feature a good carpet cleaner should include.


This feature becomes mandatory if you are cleaning bare floors, stairs, tight spots, upholstery, etc.

Moving Brushes

This is used to provide aggressive scrub when compared to the fixed one, which is necessary for cleaning purposes.

Belt Free

Most of the carpet cleaners will have a belt that needs to be often replaced, so considering the carpet cleaners with belt free option would be a wise choice.

Larger Tanks

Choosing the larger tank means fewer refillings. So prefer to go with larger ones when compared to smaller tanks.

Long Hose

Choose the carpet cleaner that includes long hoses as you will need to clean some hard reaching places like stairs, upholstery, etc.

Tank Shutoff

When the dirty solution is full in the secondary tank, this feature will make the carpet cleaner shut off them for safety and also saves electricity.

Soap Dispenser

This will help to know the right amount of detergent and water needed for cleaning, once the level is reached it helps to shut down and then rinsing with fresh water starts.

Tank Indicator Lights

Whenever you need refilling, this feature lets you know with the help of the light.

Check out the embedded video below that has information regarding Best Carpet Cleaners.

Top 10 picks of Carpet Cleaner

Once you are clear in choosing the types and features of carpet cleaners, it’s the right time to choose the perfect carpet cleaner that matches up with your requirement from the right certified manufacturer. Choosing the right one may be tricky but researching more will help you in selecting the apt one.

Yeah, our team of professional has researched and picked the top 10 picks of best carpet cleaner from multiple manufacturers to help you in choosing the perfect one. I assure you that the below picks of carpet cleaners will make your home look stunning and attractive by providing cleaner carpets.

Apart from the personal testing, the selections are based on the above features, performance, quality, price range, types, verified purchasers customers ratings and reviews.

Green Deeps 86T3/86T3Q Carpet Cleaner From Bissell

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Are you looking for a professional carpet cleaner for clearing out your pet hair, minute dust particles and stains from your carpets? Then prefer to choose this leading and competitive manufacturer’s carpet cleaner without any hesitation, and this ranks top on our best picks of Best Carpet Cleaners.

The manufacturer has been recognized as the high standard carpet cleaner in the industry with performance, durability, ease of use and much more.

The features that make this product superior among other carpet cleaners are tank handle(adjustable), cleaning attachments, dirt lifter power brushes(rotating), upholstery hose and the better cleaning performance.

This carpet cleaner cleans in both forward and backward pass so that less cleaning time is required. The drying time is also faster when compared to the standard rental carpet cleaners. The drift lifter brush is capable of removing any deep and minute dirt perfectly.

The tank capacity is large and therefore only less refilling is achieved, and this helps to deep clean. With the help of the stain tool, you can even reach any hard reaching areas with ease. The deep cleaning formula indulged in the tank enables the dirt, pet hair and other minute dust particles out.

The tested results illustrate that the product is best for removing any tough stains and spots with ease. The flow indicator in the carpet cleaner helps to monitor the solution and water level and let you know when the tank needs to be refilled.

While considering the price, they are expensive but worth the money invested in the carpet cleaners. Measures about 51.1 pounds and comes with the dimension of 20.5X11X42.2 inches.

X3 Mighty Pro Carpet Cleaner from Rug Doctor

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Need to experience the fresher and cleaner carpet around your home? Adapt to this high-quality manufacturer Rug Doctor carpet cleaner as they are designed to provide the deeper cleaning in just three steps, and this ranks second in our top picks of best carpet cleaner.

The three main steps indulged in cleaning out the pet dander, minute particles of dust and dirt involves spray, scrubbing and extracting. Some superior feature why customers prefer this carpet cleaner is due to the user-friendly options, versatile performance, dirt flushing and suction power involved.

The spray indulged within this carpet cleaner helps to eliminate odors, pet stains and this is reached with the help of a pro-enzymatic formula. The extra equipment available within the carpet cleaner involves an upholstery tool for reaching hard areas, pet formula for carpet cleaning, a urine eliminator spray for getting rid of the pet stains and odors.

With the help of the upholstery tool, you can clean up furniture, stairs, tight spaces and much more with ease. The per formula help in neutralizing the bad odors from the carpet and your home. The price of the product is high but worth the money spent on the carpet cleaners, measures about 50.3 pounds and comes with the dimension of 22.5X11X26 inches.

Revitalizing Carpet Cleaners from Oreck

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Experience the cleaner, fresher and high looking carpets by adapting to this carpet cleaner from the popular manufacturer of developing indoor and outdoor products; this ranks third in our top picks of best carpet cleaners. The manufacturer has over craze in the market for their performance, durability and cleaner levels.

The superior DUO scrub technology indulged in the carpet cleaner makes this product a unique one when compared to other models of carpet cleaners in the market, The product involves a two tank technology, one for holding cleaning solutions and other for dirty water.

The power cord which is 26 feet helps to deep clean your carpets eliminating pet danders, odors and minute dust particles. The longer hose that is an 8ft in length can reach hard places like upholstery, stairs, etc. with ease. The upholstery tool involves cleans your carpet without any dander or dust.

There is a tool-free handle that can be removed as per the requirement, the wheels are made of high premium quality rubber, and therefore you are ensured for the durability. The Ultra carpet cleaning solution helps to double clean the carpet surface for providing neater and shining look.

The price of the product is high but worth the money invested on the carpet cleaners, measures about 15.5 pounds and comes with the dimension of 13.6X12.5X42.5 inches.

Hard Floor Sonic Carpet Cleaner from Shark Ninja

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Are you looking for a powerful and quick carpet cleaner that helps you to eliminate dirt, allergens, stains, and odor from your carpets, hard floors and area rugs? Then adapt to go with Shark Ninja carpet cleaner for the adequate performance. This ranks fourth in our top picks of best carpet cleaners.

This total floor care system is capable of cleaning all types of carpets, and hard floor surfaces with ease, user-friendly so that everyone can use the cleaner quickly and thus saves time.

The two scrub modes involved in the carpet cleaner help you to tailor the cleaning process as per your floor. The other equipment available along with the product involves a carpet cleaning pad, hard floor cleaning pads, carpet scrub and stain pad, floor cleaner, wood and hard floor polish, activating pretreated and the polishing pad.

You will be able to perform 100 scrubs per minute, ideal or cleaning tiles, area rugs, stone surfaces, vinyl, and carpets. There is a swivel steering and the cord included in the length of 22 ft. The pads can be washed as they are made of microfiber, and there is a headlight for faster cleaning.

The price of the product is high but worth the money invested on the carpet cleaners, measures about 18 lbs in weight and comes with a dimension of 12.6 inches in length, 9.4 inches in width and 29.3 inches in height. The manufacturer is providing two years warranty so that you can get the product without any hesitation.

Pressure Pro FH50220 Deep Carpet Cleaner from Hoover

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Experience the deep cleaning of your carpets by just sitting back with the help of this pressure pro deep cleaning carpet cleaner, this product from the popular manufacturer Hoover has developed the products with multiple functionalities for reliable use and this ranks fifth in our best picks of best carpet cleaners.

Ideal for cleaning rugs and carpets, user-friendly so that anyone can use the product with ease. Capable of removing grime, dirt, and water with the special pressurized cleaning, drying also occurs faster for the reliable performance. Some of the superior features that make the product unique involve pressurized edge cleaning, heating elements, smart tank system, upholstery tool, spinscrub and dual nozzle technology.

There are two smart tanks for holding dirties and cleaning solutions in each so that refilling or emptying the tank is made easier; the upholstery tool collects the debris from hard reaching places like stairs where power brusher fails. The rotating brushes are designed to remove debris, dirt, and stains at any angle.

The price of the product is high but worth the money invested on the carpet cleaners, measures about 27 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 23.8 inches in length, 16.2 inches in width and 26.8 inches in height. The manufacturer is providing two years limited warranty, and therefore you can get the product without any hesitation or confusion.

17N4 Deep Carpet Cleaner from BISSELL

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Are you looking for a professional carpet cleaner especially for cleaning your pet danders and stains? If so prefer to go with this pets carpet cleaner from BISSELL, and this ranks sixth in our top picks of best carpet cleaners. One of the powerful cleaner that gets rid of pet stains and odor removal with ease.

The superior features that make the product a unique one involves the deep cleaning system, heat wave technology, rotating power brushes, edge sweep brushes, deep reach pet tool, pet stain, and odor formula, basket for collecting pet danders and tough stain tools.

The Heatwave technology helps to maintain the perspective water temperature while using the carpet cleaner for cleaning. There are dual rotating power brushes that help for better cleaning. The edge sweep brushes can clean any baseboards and other tough areas with ease.

The pet stain and odor formula helps to remove messes that your pet made in the carpets. The manufacturer provides three years limited warranty, and therefore you can get the product without any hesitation. Measures about 5.1 ounces and comes with the dimension of 23.5X14X25 inches.

Dual F7452900PC Carpet Cleaners from Hoover

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Are you looking for an all terrain carpet cleaner for your home to clean out the hard surfaces and carpet? Then this carpet cleaner from Hoover might be the ultimate choice. The product includes all necessary requirements that a good carpet cleaner should contain and this ranks seventh on our top picks of best carpet cleaner.

The superior features that make the product popular among the customers are their automatic detergent mixing system, all-terrain cleaning system, spinscrub brushes, hand tool, upholstery extension tools and the auto rinse feature.

This carpet cleaner is used for multi purposes like cleaning hard surface floors, carpets, etc. with ease, the spin scrub technology supports 360-degree cleaning, and therefore there are no chances for any stains or pet dander at any part of the carpets.

The automatic detergent mixing system Helps in achieving the optimal cleaning performance by mixing the right amount of detergent and water for the cleaning.Dual tank system for holding cleaning and dirty solution is used to wash your soap with detergents, and then you need to rinse them for the cleaner appearance.

The motor that powers 12 amp helps in getting your carpets and hard floors clean. The manufacturer provides one year warranty, and therefore you can get the product without any confusion or hesitation, measures about 25.4 pounds and comes with the dimension of 29X20.5X15.7 inches.

Corded Carpet Cleaner from Bissell

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Are you looking for a professional corded and lightweight carpet cleaners for clearing out all of the pet danders, dirt and dust particles from carpets or any hard floors? If so, the right choice of selection would be the Bissell corded carpet cleaners. This ranks eighth in our top picks of best carpet cleaners.

The equipment attached within the carpet cleaners that make the product a unique one among other carpet cleaners includes a large tank, stair tool, deep cleaning formula and power cord.

Experience the professional results as they provide the superior suction and cleans the dander and other minute dust particles from area rugs, upholstery stairs, auto interiors and much more. The spot cleaner that is developed to provide the optimal results provides simpler cleaning.

The larger tank illustrates, the less refilling, the light indicates you when you need to refill the tank with water. There is a large hose that helps in reaching hard places like upholstery, area rugs, etc. The power cord in the length of 22 ft helps to eliminate the dust and stains from higher places.

The price of the product is affordable, measures about 17.2 pounds and comes with the dimension of 10 inches in length, 14 inches wide and 14 inches in height. The Manufacturer provides two years warranty, and therefore you can choose the product without any hesitation.

Deluxe FH50150 Carpet Cleaner from Hoover


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Are you looking for a lightweight and professional carpet cleaner with optimal performance? If yes Hoover Deluxe carpet clean would be the right choice for you. This ranks ninth in our top picks of best carpet cleaner for their high-quality materials used, performance and for the durability.

The unique features indulge in this carpet cleaner involves Dual IV nozzle, dual tank technology, heated cleaning, automatic detergent mixing and the upholstery tool. The carpet cleaners are developed to be light in weight so that you can carry along the up and down stairs easily the long hose indicates that you can reach higher places quickly by staying down.

The smart tank technology enables dirty and cleaning solution for cleaning the pet dander, stains and other minute dust particles from the rugged area, hard floors, and carpets.

As the tank is a large size, refilling is not required often. The spin scrub technology involves 360-degree cleaning and therefore crystal clear cleaning on any angle of the carpets can be achieved quickly. The dual IV nozzle helps in enhancing equal suction for superior cleaning performance.

There are four different handles for making the transportation easier, the wash or rinse selector helps in cleaning your hard floors and carpets with water, soap and then cleans it with water for eliminating the residues. The automatic detergent mixing system helps you to calculate the right amount of water and detergent required for cleaning your carpets.

The manufacturer is providing two years warranty, and therefore you can get the product without any confusion, the price of the product is affordable when compared to other carpet cleaners. Measures about 18.1 pounds and comes with the dimension of 17.2X11.5X43.2 inches.

Professional Carpet Cleaner from Dirt Devil

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One of the best manufacturers who are famous for developing successful indoor and outdoor products has designed this carpet cleaner with multiple functionalities to make them unique among other carpet cleaners, and this ranks tenth in our best picks of carpet cleaners.

The smarter dual tank technology that contains both dirt and cleaning solutions separately helps in superior cleaning performance. This carpet cleaner is efficient in removing any grime, residues, dirt, and stains from the carpets efficiently. The main three steps filling, washing and rinsing help to clean those fine particles easier from the carpets.

You can perform 1000 scrubs per minute with this spin scrub, setting up and assembling is easier. The cleaner indulges hundred percent natural solutions, and there are no chemical formulas included for the cleaning purpose, so safe for kids. The extra equipment involved with this carpet cleaner includes hard floor solution, carpet solution, and spot remover and polish solutions.

The microfiber pads, swivel steering, headlights, airglide maneuverability are some of the best option involved in this carpet cleaner.The price of the product is lesser when compared to other products listed here; the manufacturer provides a one-year limited warranty. Measures about 10.2 pounds and comes with the dimension of 16X11X42 inches.

Bottom Line

Hope you are clear on choosing the best carpet cleaner for eliminating residues, grimes, pet danders and any other minute dust particles from carpet, hard floors, upholstery stairs, etc.

Share your experience with us if you have used any of the above carpet cleaners for your home through the comment section below.

Cleaning Tips 101: Easy Ways to Clean Carpet

Some household chores are obviously difficult to tackle. Case in point: cleaning carpets and rugs. How can we keep the carpets in our condo in Manila or elsewhere for that matter looking new without looking exhausted? Here’s how to keep your carpets clean:

1. Vacuum

Easy Ways to Clean Carpet

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There is no easier way than to clean the carpet as soon as the dirt steps in. First, vacuum your carpet on a regular basis. Vacuum them at least three times a week. You may have to do it more often if you have cats and dogs.

Never rush the vacuuming process. The machine needs to pick up fur, dust and dirt especially the deeply seated or at the base of the carpet fiber – a process that takes time. To ensure that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, run the vacuum over the carpet once more.

2. Protect

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If you have wall to wall carpets, protect those areas that receive lots of foot traffic. You may use carpet runners, throw rugs or carpet protectors. These are unobtrusive ways of protecting the carpet.

With this layer of protection also, you won’t struggle too much when cleaning the carpet and some areas of it.

3. Clean

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Tackle the spills right away before they penetrate the base of the carpet, which when it happened, it would be harder to remove them. Cleaning up the spill as soon as it gets to your carpet can also save you lots of cleaning time later. Use a clean cloth to absorb the spill. Put baking powder over the spill. Leave it for 15 minutes before vacuuming the area.

When the spill soaked into the carpet and dried, you would need a cleaning agent and specific equipment to remove the residue.

4. Remove

If there are old stains especially colored wine or coffee, remove them at once. Good thing, carpets are pre-treated with stain-resistant chemicals thus getting rid of stains won’t be as difficult.

Use a carpet cleaner. Spray a thin layer of the cleaner above the stain. Wipe it using a clean cloth. Saturate the stained area with the cleaner and let it dry. Vacuum the area once it dried up.

Other do’s and don’ts

Do a spot treatment and do it in discreet areas of the carpet. This specifically applies if you are using a cleaning agent for the first time, even for homemade cleaning solutions. If you don’t do this, the stain may spread and ruin the carpet entirely. And don’t pour the cleaning agent directly, use a spray bottle instead.

Blot the stained area, putting mild pressure on the stain to soak it up. If you apply too much pressure, the particles will get ground onto the fibers. This may lead to premature breakdown.

rub or scrub
Don’t rub or scrub the stains because this will only damage the fibers. This will only spread the stain, too. Likewise, do not douse the area. The cleaner may seep too deep into the carpet base which may lead to mold growth.

Despite our best efforts to keeping our carpets clean all the times, dirt, dust, spills, and drops are inevitable. It doesn’t mean that your carpets are ruined. Above are some of the ways to keep them clean and looking new. Take heed.


10 Efficient Ways on Decluttering Your Kids’ Room

Kids love to play. It’s part of the process of growing up. And with play comes more clutter in whichever place they wish to bring their game. A lot of time however, this happens within the confines of their room.

As parents or guardians, it is your responsibility to keep their personal spaces clean for safety or security purposes. But how exactly can you do this? Below are some efficient ways to reduce and eventually ward off the clutter that is accumulated in their bedroom.

1. Bring in a box or any container to stuff their things

Bring in a box or any container to stuff their things


This is the most basic thing you can do to take off the clutter in your children’s bedroom. To make it more creative, choose those containers that are colorful or have printed designs on them. Aside from functioning as a storage material, they can also be a sort of attraction to the overall design of the room’s interior.

2. Categorize


Learn how to separate things based on their usage. For instance, you can separate the toys from display and clothing. By categorizing, you are also making it easier to find things without necessarily spending too much time from rummaging through all the clutter.

As soon as you are finished categorizing, you can then start working on putting them in their respective boxes or containers.

3. Consider rearranging the setup of your kids’ room

Decluttering Kids Room

Sometimes, you don’t need to shut everything inside a box to see a significant change in a place’s arrangement. Try rearranging the current setup. Maximize the available space in the middle, just along the actual bed and work on putting all items on the side.

Keep in mind that children are naturally active and they will most likely be running around the place anytime they get. For their safety, it is ideal to put away all the things that are scattered in the middle of the room so they can move freely.

4. Consider hanging some toys.

If you want to add color and uniqueness to the kid’s room, then why not try hanging some of the toys on the ceiling. Balloons, light figurines, and other small items could be placed on top as part of the overall decorative element of the room.

Your children might also love seeing their toys in the open rather than having them stuffed inside huge, locked boxes.

5. Put toys on display

Put toys on display


If not hanging it on the ceiling, then why not put them on display? You can setup a cabinet with glass shelves and place the toys inside. It will be a nice addition to your child’s bedroom design. Also, it keeps all things safe and in order when they are not in use.

6. Be ready to take out unnecessary stuff

We have the tendency to hoard things. We like seeing the things we like being displayed or use in our home. However, hoarding stuff also means more space spent on housing them. If you want to de-clutter your kid’s bedroom, then removing those things that are no longer used inside is an efficient way to go about it.

7. Regularly conduct a Cleanup

The most efficient way to find out if the room needs cleaning is if you see how it looks like. Compared to the other areas of your house, your children’s bedroom will most likely look more unruly. Visit it regularly and do the necessary cleanup.

8. Provide a Separate Playroom

Provide a Separate Playroom


If cleaning one area regularly seemed to be a real hassle on your part, then having a separate playroom for your kids might just be the best alternative. This way, you will only have to deal with de-cluttering the area rather than cleaning an entire bedroom. Of course, this will require more space, but is very helpful especially for guardians who have a regular day job and do not have time to fully monitor the ongoing of their kids’ room.

9. Experiment on designs or brainstorm with your family members

You might be surprised by the amount of good information you will get by asking your family, colleagues and friends for ideas. In fact, you can bring your search wider and go online. By consolidating ideas for room designs, you are also looking at more options on how to make your kids’ room more conducive for their regular playing activities.

10. Teach your kids to always keep their toys arranged after use

toys arranged after use


This requires discipline – something you can teach them. Constantly remind your kids to keep their toys stashed away after playing. Show them how if need be. This should help you save time from having to do the task yourself.

Letting your kids play is vital in their social and emotional development. However, this should not come in the expense of sacrificing the cleanliness of their rooms. Regularly check their bedrooms and see if everything looks in order.
Should there be a need to do a cleanup, do take time to consider the suggestions we have on the list.

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4 Tips for Easy Cleaning

If the very thought about cleaning makes you shiver in fear and you feel like you are always making up excuses to avoid doing this chore you probably need something to help you deal with this. Cleaning is not pleasant, but it is something you need to perform on a regular basis. That way your home will transform into a place you like to relax in a lot more. This is achievable, but it does take some effort and dedication.

If you have ignored this task for too long, you should be prepared to face certain consequences, such as dust and stale air. If you would rather not have this, perhaps you can consider hiring a cleaning company. For a certain fee they will clean your home thoroughly and take care of any cleaning task you have. They will come equipped with their gear and tools and you will not have to worry about a thing.

If hiring a cleaning service is not suitable for you, follow some of these tips in order to cope with this task in an easy and pleasant way.

1. Cleaning is easy if you make a habit of it

This means that you will deal with cleaning tasks as they arise, long before they become a complete mess. Additionally, if you put off cleaning for too long, you will a lot more demotivated as the work will pile up. A very classical example of this is washing dishes. If you are used to just stacking dirty dishes on a pile in your sink, instead of washing after every meal, chances are you will either run out of dishes to eat in or the space in your sink will become cluttered. If you devote just few minutes after every meal to clean your dishes, none of these potential outcomes will become reality.

2. Cleaning can be entertaining

Whoever said that doing cleaning service is boring has obviously doing it wrong all this time. Cleaning can be fun if you include a music element – play your favorite tunes and move it as you work with the vacuum cleaner or duster around your rooms. Dance as you swirl around appliances and windows with towels.

3. Cleaning is less tiring if you take regular breaks

No one ever said you need to rush like there is no tomorrow. Start your cleaning early and give yourself plenty of time to clean. You are not skilled as much as professional cleaners and for this reason you should not expect to deal with the task as soon as possible. Instead take regular breaks whenever you feel tired.

4. Cleaning can be rewarding

Apart from personal satisfaction that you accomplished this much needed task, you can buy yourself a treat when the work is done. No one said that you should not get what you deserve, so it only makes sense to reward yourself for this occasion.

It is these simple things that you can implement in your cleaning routine to make it more bearable. That way you will have an easier time finding the motivation to clean.

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A Clean Flat Equals A Clean Life!

Just how many times do we actually move into a beautiful flat, only to realise maybe a year later than it looks worse than the local tip? Yes, sadly many of us! Busy urban lifestyles often mean that we don’t always have the time to do all our rubbish removal by ourselves, simply because we cannot be bothered, we’re tired from work or we’re lazy (that’s fine, no shame in admitting it!).

Eventually, once we get to the point that we’re hopping and tripping over wires and our wardrobe has become a floordrobe with not even being able to spot where the black shirt for the evening out is, we come to the stark realisation that indeed, this problem has gone too far to be able to sort out ourselves. This by the way is totally fine!

You may be asking why and the simple answer to that is, hire a flat clearance company. A clearance company will be able to sort and tidy things out for you at the speed of light because the expert teams, practically do this for a living. Have you ever seen how fast cleaning companies actually work? Within a few hours, your place that looked like something out of a TV programme where they show people hoarding their junk is now totally clean; thanks to the junk removal professionals that showed up and have worked their magic. We all know that being clean is next to God (whether you are a believer or not, is up to your discretion!), however being clean is so important because it will directly reflect on how you feel inside your own house.

What do we mean by this? Well, how many times have you gone into a place and you’ve seen the place looking like an absolute mess and made an instant judgement on the people who are living there. Really, it might just be an off week where they haven’t managed to scrub the stove down or the bathtub needs a good clean however that automatically will not stop you judging that they live like pigs. Being clean is something that is very attractive, especially inside our house because it shows that someone takes great pride and care in what they themselves and their place looks like.

House clearances mean that all this junk that we hoard and keep, thinking that it’s all important, goes. And when the old leaves, the Universe abhors a vacuum as the saying goes, meaning that fresh, clean and healthy energy comes in, in form of good friendships, great money and solid relationships. Sometimes, it’s hard to make the connection that a clearance company can actually not only clean your life out, however by moving things around and giving your place a good scrub and dust down, they are actually moving things around in your entire life.

The great thing about services like this is that you do not even have to use super professional companies to come out and do all this for you. There are so many freelancer companies that basically send contracted people to your house to help you, meaning that you don’t really feel that they are any different to you. They could be a single mother or a career professional, such as you meaning laborious cleaning, is a thing of the past!

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How To Clean Safety Razor?

Safety razors served our previous generations for years, providing them with smooth and clean shave for years and our father or grandfather used to feel proud, owning a conventional safety razor and the double edged blades that go with it. Most of us, used to throwing away a plastic razor after a few shaves or even the multi-blade razors after a few months.

They will find it difficult to understand how the safety razors used to last years in the hands of the people of that generation. One secret, perhaps, lay in how they managed to maintain the razors by carefully cleaning the razor every time after use and keeping it safe and dry.

So, how to clean safety razor? Before we answer the question, a little more about the safety razors and their utility.

Safety Razors – A Double Edged Affair

In terms of knowing how a double edged safety razor would function; it has a handle (the good ones are around 4 inches long), with the gripping portion, textured for a non-slippery surface and on top is the provision to fix the blade.

The round cuts in the middle of the blade would sit comfortably on the round projections and using a rotating mechanism at the bottom of the handle, one can open or close the flaps on the top to secure the blade tight in its place with only the edges visible at an angle.

This angle of the blade’s shaving edges which will come down on the chin while shaving can be finely altered through a mechanism provided on the top of the handle.

Now, the description of your safety razor is complete. The razors are generally chromium plated with a shiny look. You apply lather on the beard and comfortably move the razor down to get a neat shave.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Safety Razor

After you have completed a shave using the safety razor, wash the razor as it is and then, open the blade compartment and remove the blade. Now you can give the razor alone a thorough wash and using a dry cloth, wipe the razor dry after shaking it dry. The dry razor can be kept in the open condition in a dry place.

The blade can be washed separately under running water so that any remaining soap residue is fully removed. The blade, especially the cutting edges should not be touched. Just wave the blade by holding one edge between fingers and blowing it dry. Some men prefer to use the blade’s edges alternately.

Most such blades come with a number written on the edge surface such as 1, 2, 3 and 4. This way, like you would reverse an audio cassette from side A to side B, spending a little more time each day, you can stretch the use of your safety razor blade and extract a better shave each time, before you discard and buy another blade.

Thus, hopefully, you got the answer to the question how to clean safety razor? A lot of people are going back to the safety razors, if not for anything else, just to feel the same pleasure as their fathers or grandfathers did while getting that clean shave.

Cleaning Home After Building and Renovation Procedures

So you’ve had your kitchen, bathroom or conservatory done and you’re so proud of the place that has been created. You walk in and you sigh. The builders have left your place with a sheen of dust and with their torn and empty boots, not to mention the cement on the tiles and paint on the skirting boards!

You will find things that are unmistakeably left behind and you’re not exactly sure what to do with it. You find yourself wondering how to even begin the mammoth cleaning task ahead which is why you’re considering hiring a cleaning company such as Cleaning Carpet Ltd. to be able to do all the building cleaning for you!

We know that you may not always know what exactly to expect from a cleaning company and this is why we have put together a short guide that will enable you to be able to go through the major pointers of what exactly you need to be able to hire the cleaning agency:

  • Any cleaning agency that you are thinking of hiring should definitely be properly insured and licenced. It is amazing to see how many cleaning companies out there end up doing botch jobs because they do not care to hire professionals to do it correctly.
  • You will find that builders often use industrial strength products that are very hard to clean all by yourself, hence you want to be absolutely sure that you can trust this company with the credentials that they are putting forward for you!
  • Design a checklist of what you actually want cleaning when it comes down to your place. Cleaning companies often use a sly method in the book that involves them cleaning more than they need to have cleaned and then sticking it on the bill.
  • Making a list ensures that you always know what the company will be cleaning as well as they also have a record of what they are coming to do.
  • Ensure that you know what your budget is fully before you choose to hire any company for all your cleaning needs. There’s absolutely nothing worse than hiring a company only to find out that the quote wasn’t right in the first place, or worse of all VAT was not added and now you have to pay so much extra on top of it.
  • Clarify what actually needs done so that you are able to get the best quote for your cleaning, without any added hassle. Call different companies for a quote to ensure that you get a competitive deal without pricing yourself out of the market by just calling the one company and then later down the line realising that you could have it got it at much better value for a third of the price. Not a mistake that you want to make!
  • Make sure that you are able to check out the list of services that the company offers online when it comes down to their cleaning services. Often you will find that the company’s website and outlay will give you an idea of if they are professional or not. Run with that gut feeling.

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Week by Week Guide to Get Clutter Free

Week by Week Guide to Get Clutter Free:

De-cluttering can sometimes be overwhelming. A room-by-room approach can make the process more manageable. By starting small and keeping up good habits, you can soon work your way towards clutterless bliss.

Check this Infographic for your one month guide to beating clutter.

  • Types of Clutter and how to cut it.
  • Should I through it out? (Flow Chart)
  • Conquer Clutter in a Month, week by week guide

Get Clutter FreeSource:

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