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How Can Office Decor Influence Productivity?

Picking a proper office décor is more than an aesthetic choice. An office should serve a particular purpose – to allow a company to conduct business effectively and present its values to clients and customers. Décor is an important tool in achieving these goals.

It’s important to think how the offices will be used and to choose the décor accordingly. This means that the objective is to make the employees as comfortable as possible while promoting productivity and task – oriented environment.

Office Decor


Spending long hours under bad lighting can make work feel tiresome and draining. If you have that option, try to use as much natural lighting as possible. Make sure all the desks are close to the window and provide both light and a nice view. If natural light isn’t an option, your main concern should be task lights. Every room should be equipped with at least a couple of table lamps. This’s also an opportunity to show off how trendy you are, by picking a slick looking, minimalistic lamps with straight lines and no switches.


Wall color will determine a mood in the office more than anything else. Most go for neutral colors, such as beige or white to avoid making mistakes. However, sometimes being boring is worse than being wrong. It’s best to choose the color based on the type of work that will get than in the office. Bright and vibrant colors, like yellow and red will promote creativity and brainstorming. Blue has a calming effect and it’s best used in executive offices where the decisions are being made and strategic thinking is key. Green should be reserved for break rooms and rest.


This is a tricky decision because you don’t want the offices to feel uniform and some people like clutter and a bit of creative chaos. However, for the most people, it’s important to lay out the furniture in a way that promotes easy workflow and leaves enough open space for a room to breathe and for the visitors to feel comfortable. The desk should be the focus of a room and the work should revolve around it, especially if you use the room to meet with important clients. The central position creates a sense of authority.


Selecting a good ergonomic chair can really make a difference and make things more comfortable and enjoyable around the office. It’s easy to find ergonomic office chairs in Sydney if you know what to look for. Almost all parts of the chair should be adjustable, but the height and reclining backrest are the most important. The chair should provide sufficient upper, middle and lumbar support. That means that the backrest should follow the curve of a body and be at least 30 centimeters wide. It’s also important for the seat to be wide enough and properly padded. Back pain starts as an annoyance, but it can evolve into a serious problem, so take this issue seriously right away.


A carefully placed plant can make the office come alive. It adds warmth to the room and the oxygen it creates makes for a more productive and healthy environment. However, have in mind that aesthetic isn’t the only criteria in choosing plants. If you don’t have enough time to water and take care of them –either get a plant that requires little maintenance or don’t get one at all. Withered plants don’t look nice and send a wrong message). Ivy, philodendron, and aloe vera are the most popular choices, exactly for this reason –they are nice to look at, but don’t require almost any work.

Art and personal touches

There’s nothing wrong with picking art pieces you actually like, an office is (among other things) a personal space and being surrounded by objects you like and find inspiring will make you more productive. The same goes for personal memorabilia – photos, children art projects, and favorite movie posters can find their way into any office set up and not clash with the design. However, you might want to think about rotating the pictures every now and then, just to change things up. Changes in the environment can lead to changes in thinking and attitude.

Offices should be designed and decorate to help those who occupy them work productively and with ease. In order to accomplish this, you should provide a mix of universal features created with this goal in mind and just enough personal touches to make the occupant feel at home.

Philippine Interior Design Ideas this Coming New Year Celebration

The year 2016 is coming to an end but it’s never too late to spice up your home interior by crafting personalized accessories and dazzling decorations!

If you’re planning to invite some of your friends and relatives, then might as well start redecorating your place to exude a homely atmosphere while at the same time evoking a brand new feel as you altogether welcome 2017!

Today, we’ve listed some of the easiest, most affordable design ideas you can make to achieve the best look for your interior.

Interior Design Ideas

Glittering champagne or wine bottles!

Why throw away the empty wine bottles you’ve had last Christmas when you can use them for a better, more creative purpose! They can serve as a durable stand for your personalized 2-0-1-7 welcome display. For this idea, you’ll need to secure the following:

  • 4 empty wine bottles to serve as a stand for each year digit (2-0-1-7)
  • 4 barbecue sticks longer by about 4 inches than the wine bottles
  • printed 2017 (preferably in huge text fit in one bond paper)
  • Cardboard (where you can attach the printed number for a sturdier feel)
  • Gold spray paint (for the empty bottles)
  • Silver glittered paper (to cover the black, printed text)

Glittering New Year candles!

new year bedroom

New Year celebration wouldn’t be complete in the absence of colorful lights to adorn your windows, doors and any other furniture around your home. But why not try a candle-lit atmosphere plus the colored glitters? You can place this item on your dining table, on top of coffee tables and more. You will need the following:

  • 4 glass-shaped, same-colored candles (scented or not is fine)
  • 4 colors of glitters
  • High-quality glue (capable of holding the glitters as you sprinkle them around the candles)

After sprinkling and drying up the glitters on the candles, you can then draw and cut the 2017 digits on them (one digit per candle).

Personalized New Year’s party cap!

You can never be too childish when celebrating New Year! If you’re planning to hold a party for your guests, it will add a spark to your overall interior when all of you wear unique caps complete with various greetings for 2017. Of course, you can design the caps in varying sizes and colors. You may also display them on a certain place in your home. For this craft, you will need:

  • Plain-colored cardboards (medium-sturdy to allow you mobility for folding)
  • Colored papers (for added accessories like stars, circles, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Printed messages (can be colored or not depending on the color of your cap)

Memory balloons!

How nice could it be to celebrate the year end by compiling some of the best memories you’ve had for your loved ones? This memory balloons will be an excellent accessory to do just that. All you need is the following:

  • Same-colored balloons (preferably gold or silver for a glittery apppeal)
  • Printed photos (moments with your loved ones)

After securing the materials, all you need to do is to tie the photos at the end of the balloon string – one photo for each balloon.

You can then just allow those balloons to hover above the ceiling as the photos of your most memorable moments dangle from its strings.

Light up the wine bottles!

This is an alternative you can go to in case you don’t like to go for the greeting stand we suggested above. It’s very simple to! You just need:

  • Empty wine bottles (cleaned)
  • Christmas lights

Just place the Christmas lights inside the wine bottles and turn it on. This will emit a nice tint of lighting shade relevant to the natural color of your wine bottles.

Achieving a dazzling interior doesn’t have to be expensive. By using simple tools at home and your creativity, you can craft stunning home designs your guests will surely love.

If you’re celebrating an event outside your home such as those hotels in Taguig, recommending these creative ideas as part of your party decor might be a great way to add personality on your party!

How to Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive

Undoubtedly, the kitchen brings families together. It is where a meal is cooked and shared and where memories and family bonding results. In a sense, it can be thought of as the home’s heart and soul and as such, deserves just about the same renovation as the other areas of the home does. However, it is an unfortunate reality that out of all the renovations you can do to a home, redecorating or renovating the kitchen is the most exorbitant. Paying for new counters, switching to granite countertops, giving your backsplash an update and switching out some of your appliances would definitely cost you a lot.

So much so that updating and giving your kitchen a fresh new look is akin to a luxury. Straining your budget just to give your kitchen an expensive update when you are currently residing in an affordable house and lot in Angeles, for example, is not just illogical but impractical as well.

However, there are ways of giving your kitchen that lavish veneer without the steep price it comes with. With the ideas below, there is no absolute need to strain your budget just to give your kitchen that much-needed facelift with a hint of elegance—with a little creativity as well as ample time, you can achieve the look of expensive modern kitchens at less cost. With the techniques below, you are guaranteed results.

1. Update the hardware

photo credit: arredamento

Just switching out your old cabinets with new ones can drastically improve how your kitchen looks. Just like how you replace your furniture to give your living room a much-needed update, replacing cabinet pulls and drawers would give your kitchen look that would dramatically improve the entire space of your kitchen. If your cabinets are falling into disrepair and if drawers no longer close the way they used to, then maybe it is high-time to have them replaced. Additionally, vary your hardware to bring details into your décor but have a theme for the finishes to prevent it from looking disorderly and achieve a sleeker finish.

2. Decorate with potted plants and herbs

photo credit: uteki

Plants would bring life anywhere and if they are potted they give any room that extra oomph and elegant factor—the same goes for your kitchen. Install some greenery to the space to give it that sophisticated and live-I feel. If you intend to use herbs as spices and condiments to your meals, opt for windowsill herbs. They are not only beautiful but functional as well and as a bonus, they would look great on your windowsill! Strategically place potted plants throughout the space or if you want a minimalist feel, go for single but larger plant which can function as the kitchen’s main centerpiece.

3. Invest in unusual light fixtures

Light has a dual function: It illuminates the room and serves as a décor as well. More often than not, light fixtures are akin to accessories to a room—they add not only light but would complement the overall design of the room. Change out those drab and boring light bulbs by investing in light fixtures with irregular shapes and unexpected designs. Do not be afraid to go bold as this well give your space a unique and personalized look and would make it look elegant as well.

4. Use artwork

Adding artwork is a great way to channel your creativity in adding aesthetics to a room, and it would do the same to your kitchen. If you have found a particular artwork that goes with the theme of your kitchen, do not be afraid to incorporate it no matter how big nor bold as this would achieve the illusion of a bigger space. Renters can also use this as a good alternative to decorating their kitchens as they do not have the liberty to redecorate their kitchens however they would want to.

5. Add a rug

photo credit: caddomineral

Contrary to popular belief, the rug does not only belong in bedrooms and living rooms; they look at home in the kitchen as well. A rug would instantly give the place a homier feel and would add warmth to the place and as a bonus; it keeps your feet comfortable as you cook as well. The simple addition of a rug would make the kitchen look decorate, just be extra careful not to spill anything on it to avoid permanent stains. Alternatively, you can choose an outdoor rug instead as it is easier to clean-up should any spills occur.

When it comes to giving your kitchens an extravagant update, there is no absolute need to spend so much. Just incorporate the five designing techniques above and you would get the look and feel of an expensive kitchen without the exorbitant price.


8 Ways to Get the Best Small Living Room Interior Designs

Designing your home’s interior takes time. It also needs careful planning and consideration. Among the parts of a home that is often redecorated by homeowners is the living room. As the space that often holds people, ensuring its great looks is important.

If you are occupying a Townhouse Manila in the Philippines, then redesigning your living room that fits the modern way of living is important. But since the space is limited compared to bigger houses outside the main city, your options on what to place and not are also limited.

Below is a short list of those things you could do to get yourself started.

Small Living Room Interior Designs

1. Be specific on the look you wish to see.

In any type of design, identifying a general theme is important. Living rooms are areas where you usually hang out with your family when you have nothing to do and just want to spend some relaxing time together. As such, it must provide the appropriate ambiance that would give you comfort.

By personalizing the looks of the place, you’re adding personality to the place, making it more personally relevant.

2. Brainstorm different ideas that could work well with your available space.

As soon as you have the general theme, your next task should be to work on getting the specific decoration and items on your living room while considering the available space.

Remember that there’s a limit to how much you can put in the vacant room. Flooding it with so much furniture will only look distracting in the end. Striking a balance is more important. Make a list of those things you wish to include and see if they could be placed well enough in your living room space.

3. Look for inspiration online.

If you’re not familiar with home decoration, there’s a good chance that you won’t know where to begin. Don’t fret.

Now that you can freely access information online, there’s a good deal of reference you can use from online interior designing websites. In fact, by simply searching to Google images, there should already be photos that would look promising to you. Take some time to check those images and see if there’s anything you want to use as guide.

4. Experiment on combination.

Just because you have decided to use one theme doesn’t mean that you can no longer explore other variation. You’re free to experiment on combination and see what works. For instance, you may decide to go minimal for your wall designs and carpeting but go floral-inspired for your couch.

See what combination works and give it a go.

5. Be practical on your choice of furniture.

While you may have tons of furniture you want to place in your living room, you need to trim them down to those that you will likely use or enjoy while staying in the place. Remember that the space is limited. You don’t have the luxury to just put everything in one place. Limit your items to the most practical and applicable ones.

The rest could be situated somewhere else just near your living room.

6. Ditch off the unnecessary stuff.

The fact that you’re even considering a redecoration of your space would mean that you are not necessarily impressed by the things you see.

In this case, you must take off those that won’t prove necessary within the area.

7. Consider hanging shelves over cabinets.

Living rooms are prominent for housing recreational items such as books and CDs. After all, this one place in your house that will most likely give you the most convenience. Instead of placing those collections of books and CDs on huge cabinets, why not try using hanging shelves that are attached on walls.

Aside from they can save you space, they will also be good alternatives for paintings hanged on walls. Plus, they can be customized based on shapes. You can go for the typical rectangular shape or the square and circular ones.

8. Consider relocating your sound system.

This suggestion may sound weird to some, but it’s actually a good way to reduce clutter in your living room. If you want to primary make the place your relaxation nook, then transferring your huge sound system to a separate room, perhaps a music room or even your guest room will do the trick.

If you really want to listen to music while staying in your living room, you can do so with your mobile device.

Regardless of the size of your condo unit, designing it according to your preference and convenience is important.

Experiment on a variety of design options and see what works best in your place. Should you need any help in redecorating, feel free to call in some of your closest family members or friends to help you out. Brainstorming could open to more ideas that may actually work in your condo.

Make the best out of your stay by making the place highly convenient!

8 Simple Rules for Decorating Any Type of Living Room

Decorating one’s home is a primary responsibility by all homeowners, but since some people are too busy with their regular work, doing the legwork by themselves may be too much. This is why they hire professional interior designers to work for them.

For owners who want to go hands on, then knowing simple rules when redecorating your living room will help you get started. Take a quick look of the list.

decorating living room

1. Brainstorm with the other people living in your house.

This method is a no-brainer. Unless you’re living alone in your house, it’s always advisable to ask the other residents of their suggestions. This will not only give you more decorating ideas but will also make your members more involved in the process. Discussing options with them will make it easier to cross out ideas that are not compatible with your preference and budget.

living room space

2. Always consider the available space.

In as much as how you wish to have the full freedom of decorating your living room; the available space act as a control mechanism. Smaller spaces can only cater to minimal furniture compared to those with wide vacant space.

When planning your living room design, make sure to consider what things will fit on a particular spot and what not.

3. Be specific on a theme or appearance you wish to achieve.

Adding some form of personality on your living room is vital in making you feel more at home. This is why it’s also important to be specific on your design preference. Would you love to have a minimalist look in your living room or will something floral-inspired be more awesome?

Being specific on this aspect makes it easier to choose for corresponding furniture later on.

4. Make a list of the sets of furniture you want to place on the available space.

After selecting the theme, the next step would be to add the missing pieces you wish to fill the vacant space. Items such as a complete sound system, television set and sofa set are the most common inclusions.

Others want to do away with the sound equipment to provide more space for their book shelves. Create a list of the necessary items you want to include and see which of them could fit well in your place.

5. Create a breakdown of the potential expenses and cross reference it with your budget.

As soon as you have the initial list of items you wish to purchase; your next task is to assess how much will all of them cost and check if your budget is capable of buying them all. It would help if you start canvassing from different trusted shops so you’ll have more options in case you need to compromise with your budget.

There are shops that sell quality items at more affordable cost compared to those sold out in malls. Take some time to ask how much is their price offer for the material you’re planning to buy.


6. Find good lamps or lighting fixtures.

Lighting matters because they provide the proper illumination necessary for your living room. There are tons of available options in the market. You could go for chandeliers, huge lamp shades and even fluorescent.

All of these variations have different quality and their electricity consumption also vary. Do a quick search online to know their difference or ask some of your trusted friends for their recommendations.

7. Pay extra attention to rugs.

Rugs or carpets are technically optional and many modern household stay away from using this because of the maintenance and difficultly in cleaning.

However, it’s also undeniable how these rugs can add beauty and warmth to your living room especially if you are fond of padding barefoot along the area. Select those rugs that are both easier to clean and are comfortable against your feet.

Design would also matter and depending on your living room’s theme; you may or may go for those minimalist types with one dominant color or those variations with various colors and patterns drawn all over.

accesories home design

8. Choose the add-on accessories wisely.

Lastly, select accessories wisely. Accessories are those things that are not necessary but will look great as a complementary tool for the rest of your furniture. Popular items in this category include paintings, vases and coffee table.

If you’re living in one of the condo in Taguig, then beautifying your place’s interior to fit the modern lifestyle is essential.

Maximize your stay in your home by making it comfortable and conducive for relaxation. Your living room is a favorite place to hang out with your family during your leisure moments so make sure it’s got the best ambiance to cater your needs.

Should you need any design ideas to jump-start the process; feel free to draw out some inspiration from sample designs online!

6 Decorating Alternatives Without Drilling Walls – Home Improvement 101

“Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is.” –Charles M. Schulz

If you have ever visited any home improvement store before, you will notice how there is an array of various and countless home decorating items—all from modern, traditional, classic to vintage. The multitude of options for home decorating items is definitive of the need of every homeowner to give his or her very own home its own distinct personality. One of the ways to give your home a touch of character and design is to make use of the wall and door space.

However, renters and people living in apartments alike would hesitate at the thought of drilling holes in the walls, moldings or doors. Fortunately, there are other ways you can decorate and organize sans a driller. So, regardless of whether you are living in a unit in Avida Towers new manila for rent or have strict rules imposed on you by your landlord; you can still give your home that touch that would be uniquely you.

1. Brick Clips

Brick Clips

If you happen to live on one of those apartments or condos with an exposed brick wall, then you are incredibly lucky. Brick walls provide an avenue for creative expression through the endless design options you can do. Think of your brick wall as a blank space. Where you can attach just about anything from personal artworks made, photo frames and even drawings by the kids—all with the help of brick clips.

2. 3M Command Hooks

3M Command Hooks

You can easily find and purchase 3M command hooks from any bookstore or hardware store. Hooks are available in either clear, plastic or metal finishes. They are perfect not just for decorating, but they are fantastic for organization as well. You can use these hooks to hang towels, bags, jewelry and the like. And the best part? When it is time to remove them the adhesive material does not leave any residue on your walls.

3. Poster Putty

Poster Putty

Poster putties do not only belong in classrooms and offices, but they are perfect for decorating your homes as well. Back in the day, this handy adhesive material was what teenagers used to put their favorite posters up on walls without having to drill nails into walls. Similarly, you can use it to display lightweight picture frames or small canvas artwork on your walls. Make sure to hang only lightweight materials as it is made to support only lightweight items, anything more might overwhelm it.

4. Shoes Bags

Shoes Bags

Vertical spaces are often neglected and ignored, but in fact, they have a lot of storage potential. With the simple addition of a hanging vinyl or fabric shoe bag attached to the back of your door; you can store anything from shoes, hand tools, toiletries, crafting items, etc. If your doors are full, you can hang them on one section of the wall and start storing away.

5. Straight Pins

Straight Pins

Straight pins may be something you associate with tailoring and sewing, but amazingly these little things can actually hold wall art. Just push one into your wall and leave as little of the pin sticking out as possible. And your wall is ready for artwork hanging, frames hanging as heavy as bit of few pounds. Pins, when pulled out, would not leave any noticeable sign that it was ever there making this a great alternative to drilling nails into your walls.

6. Corkboards and Display Easels

Corkboards and Display Easels

Break the mold by displaying paintings, lithographs and drawings on the floor instead of the wall. To give it a sophisticated and artistic touch by propping it on a display easel in a corner. Similarly, you can prop a corkboard on the display easel. And pin things such as personal artworks or things to do on it. You can even use it as an alternative hanging space by attaching push pins. Where you can hang small items such as jewelry from. The best thing about displaying your artwork or decor from a display easel stand is that you can easily move it around the room anytime and as you please.

How to Set up a Perfect Home Office

More and more people are considering working from home. It is not something that is viewed as weird and unpractical anymore. On the contrary, in certain cases it has proven to be way more effective than working from a dedicated out-of-home office. Working from home has its benefits. You don’t have to deal with traffic jams and rush hours, you can stay up late if your job allows it and you can easily take a day off if you are feeling ill. It can be convenient to utilize the space of your own home for an office but it can also be a challenging task. You might need to deal with vast house clearance procedure.

A home office needs to be both convenient, clutter-free and effective at providing you with the means to do your job properly. When you work, you want to profit and you want to feel good at the same time. So following some guidelines in designing the perfect workplace is crucial for your success.

For starters make sure you have a dedicated space as office in your home. As much as it is tempting to work from the living room couch, or your comfortable bed, it is simply not practical and effective. You will need house clearance equipment, folders and tools perhaps, so having those around in your rooms won’t do. That is why you should make sure everything work-related is focused in your workplace, where it belongs. This will keep both your living and work area clutter-free. For this purpose you might use an expert house clearance.

You should strive to make your office as clear and comfortable as possible, especially if you are working a full-time job. Buy a good chair and desk. There are numerous solutions on the market, so you should do a research and select what works best for you. Make sure the room you have chosen gets plenty of sunlight and fresh air, as this can greatly affect productivity. Do not place your screen directly in front of sunlight, to make sure you can read easily. Get yourself proper lights for winter time.

Next step in equipping your home office is to consider what hardware you will need. Usually that includes a personal computer or laptop to allow you to perform your duties. Depending on your budget and your needs, choose what best works for your business. Consider what you need in terms of peripherals, such as printer. Consider a wireless technology, which will be easier and faster to use.

When you have performed the domestic clearance and established your working equipment and needed furniture, it’s time to turn to decorations. That is right, you cannot have good atmosphere without some pictures or something else to brighten your room. Consider adding indoor plants of your favorite type. Do not forget to consider a special place in a home office for your pet, if you have one. Instant stress-relieve when you need during a busy day.

Home office is something that many people need to have. It must be designed in a visually pleasing way, but also be effective and good for your work.

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Decorating with Eco-Friendly and Vintage Furnishings

Since being green and environmentally friendly is all the rage, knowing how to find and incorporate eco-friendly and vintage, recycled decor is a way to take sustainability one step further. In fact, there are countless ways to decorate your home, making it funky and eclectic while also being conscious of Mother Earth. There recent revival of vintage furnishings has been in part because repurposing used furniture is better for the environment than simply heading to Ikea every time you need a new end table. If it’s quirky yet sustainable decor that you’re looking for, then here’s how you identify and decorate with furniture that’s eco-friendly and vintage.

Organic Furniture

Did you know that there’s organic furniture? It’s true. Furniture is designated organic based on the materials from which it’s made such as the fabric used in upholstery, material used for stuffing, even how the wood was sourced. You can usually identify organic furniture because it’s usually labeled as such, either in the title of the item or with some sort of sticker or label.

When it comes to upholstered or stuffed furniture that’s organic, there are some key things to look for. The most eco-friendly fabrics used to upholster furniture are organically grown fibers like cotton and wool, but being organic also refers to how the textile is manipulated including the dyes used to change the color. Organic furniture is most often stuffed with natural latex foam, which is also used in organic mattresses as well. Another way to identify an organic mattress is by the price tag; eco-friendly mattresses are usually more expensive than standard mattresses in the same size. It can be tricky to identify organic pieces by looking at the fabric or feeling the stuffing material used, which is why most companies will make sure you’re aware the piece is organic because eco-friendliness is a major selling point.

Many companies now offer furniture made with organic and eco-friendly materials. The sofas in the living pictured here are made by EKLA HOME, makers of organic and custom furniture for almost a decade, using eco-friendly materials that include reclaimed wood, organic textiles, natural latex, and even non-toxic, organic adhesives. Other environmentally conscious items include the coffee table made from a fish tank and hemp rug on the floor.

Eco-Friendly Wood Furniture

There’s a key identifier of furniture that’s been made with eco-friendly wood. The Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, is not-for-profit international board that encourages sustainable forestry by offering certification to companies that comply with their standards for harvesting wood. When furnishings are made using wood that’s in accordance with FSC requirements, they’re marked with the FSC label.

When you buy a furnishing that’s made with FSC-certified wood, you could actually trace the origins of the wood used back to where it was sourced. And although it’s technically a grass, bamboo furniture is another eco-friendly option since it looks a lot like wood, grows fast, is almost always free of pesticides, and is very sustainable.

The family room pictured here features an unpainted woven, wicker-live lounge chair, a woven basket, and a stump that’s being used as an end table. Not only are these furnishing very eco-friendly, but they give the room’s look a more natural focus.


Repurposing and reusing furniture is perhaps one of the most eco-friendly ways you can furnish your home and make it an expression of your personality. Vintage and recycled furniture often tells a story and can be a great way to add character, charm, and uniqueness to your home. When you source your furniture from places like garage sales, auctions, and estate sales, you’re recycling these found items that were built to weather multiple lifetimes.

Woven and wicker furniture, antiques, found and repurposed items, and even pieces that show age and wear can be mixed and matched to give your home an eclectic look that’s stylish while also being eco-friendly.

In this cozy family room, mismatched second hand chairs and sofa were clearly sourced from a variety of locations such as garage and yard sales, creating a very homey, comfortable and shabby chic look. Recycling furnishings also provides a lot of visual interest to the room. Even if items don’t appear to match in a conventional sense, mixing together some of your favorite pieces is a great way to make your decor convey your personality.

For more home inspiration, tips and ideas visit!

How to Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

Although interior design is hard on its own, decorating a small room is even more demanding as you need to arrange the décor in a way that will make the small space seem bigger and more engaging. While it is possible to create interesting designs to visually enlarge your small spaces, it will require some careful planning and precise decoration, but in the end, you can have some truly intricate and unique interior designs to spice up your room. Not only that, but you will be able to transform smaller rooms to seem a lot bigger.

Make room for everything

One of the biggest issues for any space that is small is that you will not be able to pack in a lot of things, and once you do get all your stuff inside, you will not have enough space. However, even worse than that could be the fact of unwanted clutter forming; de-cluttering your home is not at all hard, but it will require some discipline and routine in order to keep your rooms from piling up with unwanted things. Furthermore, clearing out clutter can help you relief stress and it is great for improving your organizational skills.

Utilize your space

It is not the same to have small space, and not to use the space available. You should make sure that you are using every possible part of free space in your room, otherwise you will be making it even scarcer. It is important to install shelves, cupboards, and even nooks where possible, to make it easier to put away things, and to save up on space. And in the meantime, you will be able to add some charm and style to your overall interior design.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Perhaps the most common trick to use for any small space is to install mirrors in all the right places to make any room appear bigger. With mirror you can spread out, and even elongate a room, and you will be also adding some finer detail to your overall décor. But avoid using too many mirrors, as you do not want to create a circus show out of your home; and on the other hand, having a lot of mirrors in your home will devalue the design you might have been going for.

Light it up

You should consider installing proper lighting as well, because the lighting in a room cannot only make the room seem bigger, but it will also give the room a more defined atmosphere as well. But in general, you should be careful what kind of lights you will use, and how you install them. On the other hand, it would be better if you could let in as much natural sunshine as possible so that your small rooms will seem even bigger; if it is possible install more windows for natural light.

proper lighting

Your floors are important too

Having a bare flooring plan is never a good idea, as it will make your room seem smaller and less welcoming, but if you put in a few floor rugs, you will be able to add warmth and some character to the space. Moreover, if the rugs are from wall to wall, you are making the room seem longer and bigger. Remember that by even separating spaces within a room with a type of floor planning, you are making sure to make a smaller room appear even bigger as you are giving it the illusion of more space.

Small space design

All in all, it all boils down to working with what you have and how you can make the best of it. In order to create a truly unique interior design, you must be open to new ideas and you need to let your inner creativity out. Moreover, do not be afraid to experiment and to see what will suit your small room’s needs the best, but make sure that you add only light details, so that you do not overdo it. But it is most important to keep your small space clutter free and clean, so that the room will seem bigger, and it will be functional as well.

Beating the Winter Blues with your Walls

The holidays are over. All the bright and flashy colors have disappeared from the home. The winter’s light is weak and dim so even when your blinds are open, it feels dismal.

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) hits many, many people every year. How can you combat this? There are certain supplements you can take to increase your mood, but decorating your home is another weapon you can wield at those cold and nasty winter days. What is SAD? It is the mild slump most people feel after the holidays and as the bleak winter days stretch on.

During the holidays, it is fun and whimsical to decorate with snowflakes and blankets on the sofas. Fires are cozy and hot cocoa tastes terrific as you watch the flakes falling out of the window. However, once January hits and the coach turns back into the pumpkin, you are left with the plain, often drab setting that you started with. The snow falling outside is now annoying, the fires become expensive and the cocoa makes your body grow in directions you get cranky about. Those feelings of “goodwill toward men” fly out the window and you hunker down to hibernate until the sun comes out again.

Why do that to yourself?

Taking the effort to spruce up the homestead will make it easier to bear the brunt of the unforgiving winter months. Using your walls to brighten things up is a very effective way to redecorate, improve the feel of the space you have, and will transport you to another place.

The Beauty of Wallpaper

  • These days, wallpaper is customizable
  • Use your photos on your custom wallpaper to recreate happy memories
  • Custom wallpaper is also available in removable formats to change the look regularly
  • Removable wallpaper has a backing like a sticky note and is reusable
  • Scenic wallpaper makes a room appear larger and more open
  • Colors hold a certain psychology for guests. Vibrant colors in bold patterns elevate mood. Tranquil scenes create feelings of serenity
  • Wallpaper is much less messy than paint
  • Most customizable wallpapers are washable with a sponge and water
  • Wallpaper can cover unsightly problems on walls
  • Typically, only use a custom piece of wallpaper on one wall such as an accent wall
  • Custom wallpaper can be printed from less than professional photography
  • Wallpaper can be printed from your own artwork

Using Paint in the Home

  • Paint is usually less expensive than custom wallpaper
  • Changing the color of your paint choice can be difficult
  • You have hundreds of colors to choose from
  • Solid colors are generally more soothing when they are soft and neutral. Too much of a good thing will close in your room
  • Paint can be a very messy job
  • Painting takes longer to finish than wallpaper
  • Paint fumes are worse than the smell of new wallpaper
  • Painted walls are able to be decorated
  • Paint will change the color of unsightly areas but will not cover them

Decorating dos and don’ts

  • Don’t hang photos on a mural wall unless it is a mild pattern
  • Stay away from really bright neons
  • If it can be helped, avoid painting an entire room in the same color. An accent wall will do wonders
  • Only put a mural on one wall in a room
  • If your walls are patterned, heavily patterned furniture and accessories should be avoided
  • If your walls are solid, patterns on furniture and pillows is encouraged
  • Plants and flowers give a lively attribute to décor and your space will feel lived in and comfortable
  • Warm wood accessories lend an organic feeling
  • Metal accessories with clean lines feel modern but less comfortable
  • If placing a mural, decorate accordingly. Avoid hiding it behind your furniture. Treat it as a window
  • Keeping furniture off the walls will make a room seem larger
  • Facing furniture to one another encourages conversation between guests
  • When creating an accent wall, avoid large pieces of furniture on other walls that will clash with your focal point like entertainment centers and hutches.
  • When you only have one room for multiple purposes, being able to hide the television will help your space appear more formal
  • If using drapes or curtains hang them from as close to the ceiling as possible to give the illusion that the walls are taller
  • Using rugs on hardwood floor will help tie everything together and ground the space
  • Placing a scenic mural on the wall just ahead of you when you enter the room enhances the size as if the room doesn’t end there. It appears to continue with no boundary
  • Sometimes a change in light fixtures can make a giant difference
  • Designate a focal point for the room and decorate around it keeping that the main focus

Need some inspiration?

The internet is a beautiful thing and places like Pinterest and have some great photos you can print and emulate as you go through your redecorating journey. Don’t expect your final result to match that photo. It has to be yours.

Knowing that keeping your walls neutral all the time can lead to your home feeling sterile and lifeless will prompt you to add murals or color to them and will increase the sense of wellbeing that you can perfect throughout the year. Removable wallpaper can get addicting, changing the scenes to fit the seasons or holidays, or just creating favorite vacation spots in your home with your own photography. It makes it feel like a wall is missing leaving you open to your most favorite places on earth and creates that happy and wistful atmosphere in those who step within your door. Experiment and have fun creating your new home out of your old home this year!