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Designing and Decorating With Metallics

Sleek and chic metallic accents can instantly transform any drab room into a glamorous interior space. Impress guests with your risk-taking decor decisions and showcase a bold new look by integrating rich gold or sharp metal hues to create a warm and stylish interior-design theme.

Smoldering gold drapery or a bronze vintage table centerpiece have the aesthetic power to change the look and feel of any living space.

Is your home decor in need of an update or do you want to have a daring new look? Fuse metallics into your color scheme or interior-design theme. If you’re apprehensive about how to pull off a metallic-oriented space, the following design secrets can help you get started.

Subtle Accents

If your interior space is dominated by nude furniture and a simple color scheme, enhance the interior space with a few metallic pieces. Avoid donning your entire living room or master bedroom with an explosion of metallics. A lavish gold accessory or a touch of dazzling silver can still make a stunning transformation. features vintage bronze as an eye-catching design trend. The HGTV winter design trends suggest adding character to a neutral wall with a sunburst mirror and creating a glamorous focal point by setting a brass metal ball atop a sitting room’s coffee table.

Alfresco Contrasts

Design your metallic-inspired space with color confidence and contrasting hues. Create a chic look by hanging grommet drapes in opulent seoni or lavish sienna. Set off the vibrant golden and bronze shades with alfresco colors by adorning interior space with a plant or bamboo wall hanging. For a dining room, design experts suggest marrying “organic elements with a variety of metallic finishes.”

Adorn your dining table with nature-inspired decor such as faux flowers or seasonal accents (e.g. pumpkins or holly). Surround the table accents with a lustrous table setting. Your home will be fit to entertain with elegant gold chargers, shimmering napkin holders and antique sterling silver.

Silver & Gold

A silver and gold interior-design theme doesn’t have to be reserved just for the winter season and holidays. If you want to play up the look of exuberant glam and wealth, focus on a small space such as the bathroom or your dining area.

Accent your dining room table with shimmery gold-patterned chairs and set a sleek silver vase as the table centerpiece. The mix-and-match approach will create a contemporary and spirited ambience representative of a vivacious lifestyle and personality.

Copper Trend

The sharp look of copper has become one of the latest trends in metallic decor. An unlikely aesthetic for homes, copper is polished and glamorous. Dramatize a neutral and open space with unique copper light fixtures. Design a contemporary master bath by setting the tone with a standalone copper bathtub and sink.

If your kitchen bores you with its simple appearance, install a stunning copper range hood with copper pendant lighting and decorative accessories such as hanging copper pots and pans. To avoid overdoing the brassy color scheme, harmonize hues with turquoise or teal. Set a turquoise vase on a coffee table and pair it with matching-colored pillows.

6 Simple Styling Ideas for Living Rooms with a Big Impact

We all wish there was something small we could do easily and it would change the entire look of our rooms making them appear trendy and modern. Lets face it, we are all busy with our lives and don’t have time to put in a lot of effort in shopping or decorating the house, we can’t even think of appropriate ideas in the first place!

This article is to show you how very simple changes can bring about a huge difference, you will surely have to try to realise the positive change. We all have small, empty spaces in our homes that can be utilised for styling.

Flowers and Modernization

Add colour and freshness to any room with adding flowers in line. A gorgeous bouquet of flower arrangement will for sure look elegant but it is not unique. For a touch of simplicity and modernization add single flowers in a line. Look for an empty space such a window sill or a fireplace top, purchase four to five small tiny pots and add tall bright flowers in each one, a single flower for each pot will simply do the trick and place them in line. Any room can brighten up with bright red, blue purple and even yellow flowers. Flowers should also importance for room decorating and also best for home outdoor places.

Beauty of Glass

Glass can be added to room in the form of coffee tables, side tables, doors and mirrors. Glass can make any room appear to be bigger and even though it looks classy on its own it can also be used to show off certain items. A beautiful rug does not have to be hidden under a table of chair but it can be shown off under a glass coffee table which will also protect it from dust. Mirrors can be bordered by beautiful frames while prized possessions and photo gifts etc. can be encased in a glass shelf. Windows can even be embossed or textured to add a touch of uniqueness. Glass lamps or glass vases also greatly help in making a room appear larger.

Add Personalisation

Personalising your house will make it a more comfortable place and something that is more ‘you’. There are numerous techniques through which you can personalise but photographs are the most favourite item. Though pictures are common they are very important in every household and you can differentiate yours and personalise them by collage canvas prints! Effects can be added, they can be given the touch of an oil portrait and further scattered collages can be made or you can even print caricatures of family members. Further personalisation can be added by adding notes and pictures using clothe pins to lamp shades or adding a chalk board for personal reminders.

Are you bored of the old bedroom look and it is about time for a revamp? Bedrooms are a centre point of our lives, they depict us and nobody wants to revisit a boring and dull bedroom every single day. Uplifting the bedroom does not mean some expensive redo’s such as quilted walls or a pure wooden shelf, yes that would be great but focusing on the centre point of the room only can really make a huge difference, cheaply.

Beds are the focal point of any room and a neat made up bed will result in comfortable sleeping and bring peace to the entire bedroom serene. Making and designing the bed along with the rest of the room decor can really life up your entire room; here are a few ideas:

Colours and Brightness

If you were a bright person then you surely would want many colours in your room. A floral bedspread with cushions in various colours preferably decorated using beads will look great. Another idea is to contrast the brightness; use a plain bed sheet and spread while add in extra colourful and patterned pillows. Along with the bed, add the some colours is various part of your room such as a floral canvas picture or a pink ceiling or wall or a bright flowery rug. Colours are great importance for decoration over all home and bedroom. You get better ideas when anything put in room with use latest technology and decoration tips and tricks. Colour should be accurate and proper used for a bedroom and according to furniture colour and other room accessories then a great combination for room decorating.

Sober and Whites

If you prefer a serene and simple bedroom then whites would be your favourite. A simple white cotton sheet will look perfect on your bed and it will look even more elegant if it’s laced. Cushions, which can be completely in solid colours such as reds, blues or yellows, can add a colourful fabric can only border either slight colour or them. Off whites, light browns etc can be also used for the bedding or quilts or even some trendy round cushions.

To go along with the calm bedroom decor add in some candles and side lamps as light will add illumination bringing in some brightness. Fresh flowers will also add freshness thus keep some vases around. Simple art with light backgrounds printing photos to canvas will go really well along with white walls.

Patterns and Prints

If you are into patterns such as stripes, polka dots or anything abstract then simply add the patter to any of the walls in your room and match the quilt accordingly. Simple sheets with patterned bedspreads will give great effects or only the decorative pillow can be patterned. If you do not wish to invest in a patterned walls then bring in cheap objects such as patterned vases or simple pictures to go up on a wall.

9 Easy to Change Home Decorating Mistakes

Small changes that you can make in your home decorating can lead to a much more satisfying home environment. Almost everyone has been guilty of one or more of these at some point in their home decorating.

However, learning to recognize these “big” mistakes can lead to a much more put-together look.

1. Too Many Photos

You don’t need to display every family picture that you’ve taken for the world to see. Most people aren’t even interested in your pictures of the bird that visits your patio or every smile your baby makes. Consider framing just a few of your best and favorites for sitting or hanging and put the rest in a digital picture frame or photo albums that are organized and easy to access for those who love to show off their pictures.

Home Decorating Mistakes

2. The Infamous Toilet Rug

Even if you don’t own one now, the likelihood is that you did at one point or know someone who does. The cutout rug fits around the base of the toilet and is the harbinger of germs and yucky stuff. Get rid of it. Don’t give it away, throw it out. Instead, use a normal rectangular rug placed away from the base of the toilet.

3. Leaving Exposed Wires and Cables

It’s such an easy fix but so many of us leave the wires and cables to electronics, lamps and other devices laying out to be seen. Try tucking them behind the furniture or along the baseboards. If you can, lift the edge of the carpet or a rug and hide them under. Bunch wires neatly together and use electrical tap or small zip ties to hold them together in a bundle. Cord covers the same color as the wall or flooring is also another great way to cover up wires and cables.

4. Wrong Themes

Walking into a room that looks like it’s a scene from a beach home when you’re in the mountains or vise versus, just makes most of us cringe. It’s like instant shock to the senses because it’s so out of place. If you like a location but live in a different environment, don’t use the theme in your home. You can display a few items from the location on a shelf or bookcase, but don’t do the whole room or home.

5. Too Much Clutter

Clutter is a fault of almost everyone and it leads to stress because you feel pressured to get organized and to clean up. The best way to get rid of clutter is to find better ways to organize. Find tubs, baskets, chests and armoires to give you extra space to hold those items that seem to pile up. Learn to get rid of items that you don’t use or wear, including that jacket hanging in the back of your closet that you’ve been waiting to come back into style.

6. Large Collections

Collectibles can begin to look like clutter when not displayed correctly or they’ve taken over your home (this includes clothes and shoes). Go through the collection and get rid of ones you don’t really want or appreciate. If sizing down is not an option, then consider dividing the collection into smaller groupings and rotating the groups in and out of storage to make the collection more manageable.

7. Wrong Size Furniture

Buying furniture too large or small for the space is also a big decorating mistake. Measure your room and space before purchasing, including checking the doorframe sizes, to make sure the piece is the right size for the area. You also don’t want to overstuff or leave the room to sparse either.

8. Formal Rooms

No one uses formal rooms; they are too stiff and uncomfortable. Improve the comfort and relaxation of your home by getting rid of the formal dining or living room and creating a space where people want to live and enjoy.

9. Fake Flowers and Plants

Finally, get rid of the fake flowers and use real ones. If real flowers are not an option, consider bowls of fruit, veggies, branches from the garden or live plants instead. Fake flowers just collect dust and look crappy. Real stuff is better and you can change it out often to keep your home looking fresh.

All of these decorating mistakes work to create an awkward or less than easy to care for space. Improve your home by making these inexpensive and easy changes to your décor and enjoy your home that much more.


External Awnings – a Fashionable Addition to Any House

External awnings are generally not considered good for styling. Particularly in the old fashioned houses, they are considered to be rusty and often eyesores that cannot be used. However, in recent times both the use and look of the external awnings have undergone a lot of developments.

The materials are now much more improved and a lot of importance is being given on the designs. The external awnings of today can certainly be a very stylish addition to all types of home. Besides being stylish, they also take care of the practical aspects too.

It is never true that in order to protect some areas of the house you will need to compromise on the look and style. Beauty and practicality can certainly be ensured together. Awnings can create a great street appeal for your house as they are a practical and fashionable solution to all your outdoor problems.

Why Designers Like Awnings

Awnings are liked by landscape designers because they have the potential of creating an instant space. By providing a shady and safe effect to an area, they make it a great a place for relaxing. They also increase the scope of creating landscaped areas and new gardens in the outdoors.

Interior designers too love using awnings because the living space can be extended with the help of them. A nice awning can create wonders by helping in the blending of the existing design of the internal living room with the newly tiled or paved outdoor space.

External Awnings

Variety in Materials and Styles

There are a wide variety of styles in which awnings are available. In order to provide the best look to your home, you can make full use of these variations. The awnings will also help a great deal in increasing the comfort and convenience of your house.

The folding arm patterned awnings are commonly used in patios. Since these awnings are retractable, they will be folding away in the months of winter in order to allow the sunlight to enter the house. In summer, they will fold out in order to provide an outdoor space that will define the patio and give a shade to it.

You will surely want that the shades of the external awnings combine excellently with the color that has been used in your home. It is not at all a difficult thing to ensure as there are a wide range of colors from which you can choose the most appropriate one.

You may also want to make a statement by using a particular style of external awnings. For the purpose of adding flair and brightness, you can choose external awnings of such color that will create a perfect contrast to the color of your home. For houses having certain styles, the awnings can also be used as a feature of the overall look of the home.

One thing you can be sure about is that there are so many types of outdoor awnings available, that you will certainly be finding something that will match your taste and suit the style of your house. The awnings have undergone a great deal of revolution and have become a stylish addition for any house.

Top 5 Patio and Window Awnings (Click on the Images to Buy)

1. ALEKO® 12×10 Feet Retractable Patio Awning, BURGUNDY(3.5m x 3m)

Patio Awning, BURGUNDY

2. Outsunny 8′ x 7′ Patio Manual Retractable Sun Shade Awning – Green

Patio Manual Retractable Sun Shade Awning

3. 46″ X 36″ X 15″ White Aluminum Awning – Window Awnings

White Aluminum Awning

4. ALEKO® 8×2 Sand Window Awning Door Canopy 8-Foot Decorator Awning

Sand Window Awning Door Canopy

5. ALEKO® 6×2 Burgundy Window Awning Door Canopy 6-Foot Decorator Awning

Burgundy Window Awning Door Canopy

8 Stunning Ideas to Decorate Your Dining Room

Dining room is a point where you enjoy your breakfast, meal and feasts having nonstop conversations with your family and friends. If you are thinking over to decorate your dining area or create a new ambience for your dining room, you are at the right place where you will come across many of best interior design ideas that will help in doing so.

Being an important corner of the house for all, the dining room can be decorated with a blended taste of all family members that goes well with the modern interior design theme you select for the space. Use your room as a canvas ready to be painted. Given here are the ideas to decorate your dining room so that you can apply to your place with little alterations according to your interest.

Dining Room

1. Choose paint color that stirs your sense

Wall paint can add pop of color and life into your room. Create a theme using colors that stir your sense and then move forward. You can get your wall painted with some patterns defined. It will generate a lively touch that will attract your view the moment your eye falls on it. If you are using single paint of light shade on all your walls and ceiling then add bright color accessories and furniture.

2. Furniture that is comfortable

Furniture and accessories matter a lot in creating the ambiance of any place. Total furniture that a dining room holds is usually the dining table with chairs. Dining table is the focal point of any dining room which comes in varied styles and materials. Grab the one that is stylish and comfortable too. If you don’t intend to change your furniture because of budget constraint or any other reason, you can change the look of your furniture by using slipcovers for the chairs and placing an embroidered table cover over table top. Covering the complete top or only center of the table is your choice.

3. Lighting Fixture

For good light and added flair, hang a decorative chandelier or an attractive candle lamp. Candle lamps are best used with light tone color themes giving your dining room a classic aura. There are also available many decorative lighting fixtures like pendant lamps, standing lamps, disco lights and ceiling lights.

4. Window for a view

Windows provide good ventilation system and help natural light to flow in. Better idea is to keep it uncovered. If you have connecting window in your dining room that opens in an open space, place some natural plants outside and make your view amazing.

5. Wall hanging, your pictorial display

On wall you can hang a big frame containing family picture in random order. Or otherwise you can choose any good painting or wall hanging that suits your taste and the color scheme of your room. It will fill up empty spaces on walls making them more interesting.

6. Vase

Place a nice crystal or antique vase on table top that holds a decorating element. You can use beads tree in multi colors to make it look attractive. Some ornamental flower pots and artificial plants add refreshing look in dining room.

7. Utensils as the decoration pieces

Does your dining room carry a woody cabinet with glass face covers to showcase utensils? If so place your dishes collection there and make this storage space an attention dragging point. You can add some fine decoration pieces to the side tables placed in dining room.

8. Floor adorned with rug or carpet

If you feel your floor is fine to go with the theme, then let it be that way. You can get your floor carpeted and put a nice piece of rug on it. Colorful rugs before dining table make eating area more eye catching. Leave the surrounding floor clean and clear to maintain hygiene of the room.

Dining room needs to be best part of your home to enjoy dine time with your family and friends for which it needs best interior design that you can thought of. Even though you are planning to hire professional interior decorators like Crux Interiors to get your dining space decorated, you should keep your own ideas in the head to transform your room the way you want.

Interior Design Ideas – Interior Designing on a Budget

A shining new car and an elegant looking house, it’s a dream of every living person on earth and especially the ladies. But sometimes our pockets are too short on money to get all these things. That’s the time when we have to depend more on our brains and creativity for achieving all that.

Let’s leave the car aside for a moment or two and go towards the elegant looking house we were just talking about. You don’t have to be a millionaire to own a house which is well decorated to give it a look of your dreams. It can be done well within a small or medium budget combined with a little creativity of yours, your family or friends. We can also add the choice of interior decorators who can design well in a limited budget but for now let us look at some easy home décor tips which can come well under your restricted budget.

1. Bedroom:


  • The bed comes first in a bedroom. The bed should be of the right size depending on the size of your room because if you tried to have a bigger bed in a smaller bedroom, it will definitely be off the elegant list and it will also make look messy and tiny. So pay attention to the size of both your bed and the room. There is no need to pay for an extra sized bed.
  • Color scheming of the room is very pretty much important. No fancy shmancy stuff needed just simple bright and light color combinations of your walls and furniture is more than enough.
  • Go natural. Plants by your room’s window, a vase with some fresh flowers on your study table will also give a freshening look.
  • Let in some sunlight and brighten up your room. Sunlight combined with some bright walls can give a better look along with saving your electricity bills.
  • There should be proper lighting in the room however not too much because too much will not only exceed your budget with product prices and the bills but also will make your room warmer and will occupy space on your wall and ceiling. In this case the placement of the lights is important for example one lamp at your bedside table for light reading before bed, one at the study table and one on the ceiling or the wall and that’s it.

2. Kitchen:


  • Again size does matters. Size of the kitchen will decide how much stuff should be put into it. If you have an average size kitchen you need to organize your space with a bit more creative touch whether it’s the walls or the floors.
  • For the kitchen island you don’t need to buy a brand new granite top. You can grab a used top, get it polished and done.
  • If you prefer a table then just go for the average size table for around 4 people. Square or rectangular will be a better option since round or oval takes a bit more space than others. You can find a more options in used ones for your limited budget than going for a new one.
  • Shelves or pantry depending how much space you have around your counter, can be placed accordingly. If going for a pantry then you need to have an idea of the size of the shelves in between. If you need a bit more space to then you can go for a 1 to 2 small shelves.

3. Lounge:


  • For the living room’s floor you can go to a second hand shop and browse a patterned carpet with window curtains which can go with the carpet to compliment the plain white or off white theme of your room.
  • Let lots of sunlight enter your living room. The natural light gives a better look than artificial.
  • A simple square coffee table will serve most of the purposes in your lounge. For example a neat looking narrow table cloth with a nice look vase get the décor part done while it can also be your personal board game space suitable for a good friends hangout.
  • Touches of wall décor here and there can come in handy. You can get some excellent frames from a second hand shop; you can also use fake vines on a plain surface, or even dried up flowers preserved in a frame. It all depends on your creativity.
  • If you have a plain sofa in the lounge then you can use some colorful scarves on them to give an eye catching look.

4. Bathroom:


  • Now for proper lighting in the bathroom, some big or medium length mirrors are recommended which will reflect the light; natural or artificial in the entire space.
  • If the tiles have a light color and then the typical wood theme will look good. A second hand wooden shelf, refinished and polished shall do the trick.
  • A bit of natural look in here also can give an elegant look like placing some plants around your bathroom window or around the sink.
  • You can even have wall décor here. Yes sure you can. Following the same theme of your shelves you can grab a couple of good looking frames as well.
  • Depending on your mood and space of-course you can choose from a shower or a tub. I prefer a shower since the tub will gather more space in comparison. Pick a corner for the shower with decent amount of width for you and the closing glass walls and door.

Being done with some simple tips there are a few things which should be kept in mind. First of all before starting on a limited budget home décor, check out a few examples regarding the color, space usage, furniture etc. Browse around some second hand shops for the items. This is going to make things a lot easier on your pocket. Accessorize accordingly, not too much not too less, just maintain a balance. Proper lighting is important along with the proper placing of the furniture.

You can always try your own creativity for the task however taking advices from the people around will be a better help in managing the whole thing. Family and friends will definitely be a good idea however if you are not sure enough about managing your budget then it’s better to get some professional help. Companies like Crux Interiors, one of the handy dandy interior design services Dubai, can manage to give your hose the look which you dreamed even if you have a tight budget. So reel in some style in your house even if you are short on few bucks.

How to Make Cheap Canvas Prints

Canvass prints are very nice room decorations, but they don’t come cheap. You surely have to shell out a decent sum of money to own one. If you are thinking of having a personal photo featured on a canvass, you might need a huge amount of money for that.

Have you ever thought of making your own canvass to save a great amount of money? You can make your own cheap canvass prints and even earn from it.

To do that, here are some simple steps that you need to follow:

  • Choose a picture that you want to feature or choose a subject and take a picture of it. Make sure that you choose the largest picture size when you take a picture to ensure it won’t pixelate when printing later.
  • Edit the picture if you need to. Make it look just like what you want it to appear on a canvass. If you think there is no need to edit and your picture is just the way you want it to appear, and then proceed to printing.
  • Feed a canvass size photo pater or tarp into the printer and choose the canvass size on the options to maximize the print result. If you don’t have your own printing equipment, you can take your photo to your trusted photo processing center and let them do the printing for you.
  • Your new but cheap canvass print will now be ready for your purpose. But to ensure that it will really look like a real canvass portrait, frame it. For this, you may choose to buy a ready-made frame that is huge enough for your canvass print or make your own frame.
  • To do that, you are going to need canvass size plywood or good lumber, a canvass size glass or plastic, and some very small nails. Put the frame together with the use of those nails and place your cheap canvass print securely on the plywood for support.
  • You may have to nail down the edges of the picture at the back of the frame to prevent it from slackening. When you are done, place a hoop at the upper middle part of the back of the frame. This will serve as the hooking part of your frame.

Nail down a hook on your wall and place your new but cheap canvass prints in a frame there.
Cheap Canvas Prints

Top 10 Cheap Canvass Prints (Click on the Images to Buy)

1. 4 Panels Purple Lake Modern Canvas Wall Art
Purple Lake Modern Canvas Wall Art
Canvas Print, Stretched and Framed, Huge Canvas Print 4 Panels Purple Lake Modern Canvas Wall Art for Home Decoration, Canvas Art Print is Much Less Expensive than Oil Paintings P4RLA002 – $69.90

2. 4 Panels Brown Digital Abstract Modern Canvas Wall Art

Brown Digital Abstract Modern Canvas Wall Art for Home Decor
Canvas Print, Stretched and Framed, Huge Canvas Print 4 Panels Brown Digital Abstract Modern Canvas Wall Art for Home Decor, Abstract Canvas Art P4RAB005 – $59.90

3. Sisters Forever 15 X 10 Framed Canvas Print

Sisters Forever 15 X 10 Framed Canvas Print
Sisters Forever 15 X 10 Framed Canvas Print – $37.95

4. 5 Panels Seascape Modern Canvas Wall Art

Bridge under the Sunset Huge Canvas Art
Canvas Print, the Bridge under the Sunset Huge Canvas Art 5 Panels Seascape Modern Canvas Wall Art for Home Decor P5RLA002 – $79.90

5. 4 Panels Canvas Art – The Extensive Modern Canvas Wall

The Extensive Modern Canvas Wall Art for Home Decoration
Canvas Print, Stretched and Framed, 4 Panels Canvas Art The Extensive Modern Canvas Wall Art for Home Decoration, 12x12inchx4pcs, P4R1x1-6 – $26.55

6. 3 Panels Canvas Print – Modern Canvas Wall Art

Abstract Canvas Art
3 Panels Canvas Print, Stretched and Framed, Elegant Life Modern Canvas Wall Art for Home Decor,Abstract Canvas Art 20x20inchx3pcs P3RAB001 – $49.90

7. Carpathian Mountains Canvas Wall Art

Carpathian Mountains Canvas Wall Art Print
Carpathian Mountains Canvas Wall Art Print, 5 Stars Gift Startonight Nature 15.75 X 47.2 Inch – $114.00

8. 4-Piece Elegant Flowers Modern Canvas Wall Art

Wieco Art 4-Piece Elegant Flowers Stretched and Framed Hand-Painted Modern Canvas Wall Art
Wieco Art 4-Piece Elegant Flowers Stretched and Framed Hand-Painted Modern Canvas Wall Art – $38.30

9. 4 Panels Red Sea Seascape Wall Art

Red Sea Seascape Wall Art
Canvas Prints, Stretched and Framed, Huge Canvas Print 4 Panels Red Sea Seascape Wall Art and Home Decoration, Free Shipping, Canvas Art Print is Much Less Expensive than Oil Paintings P4RLA001 – $79.00

10. Boat on the Beach Canvas Wall Art

Boat on the Beach Canvas Wall Art Print Set of 5 Pieces
Boat on the Beach Canvas Wall Art Print Set of 5 Pieces Total 35.43 X 70.87 Inch Startonight – $199.00


A Minimalist Guide to Home Décor

A minimalist home, if done right, can be easy to maintain and calming to the soul. The lack of clutter and objects in each space means a home is less stressful. You’ll never think “oh god, this place is a mess” and even if it does become messy, the minimal furniture means it’s so easy to clean.

To achieve this look in your own home, follow these tips.

Fix your Furniture

Furniture is the biggest culprit in cluttering up a room. We just seem to collect the stuff, from another side table here, to a cabinet there. Furniture therefore is the first to be culled in preparation for your minimalist home. Take out the pieces that are purely used as a dumping ground for rubbish. Keep the furniture you use for comfort and practicality.

Home Décor

Calming Colours

Colour can have amazing effects on our emotions and attitude. It is therefore important to choose the right colours for your room. Go for subdued tones and plain pattern. Earthy colours are great for their calming effect. So go for blues, greens and brown, along with the classic black and white. Use these colours as accents on large soft furnishings, curtains and floor coverings.

Clutter Be Gone!

As humans we like to keep things, just in case we need it. This stuff is cluttering your life. Be brave and be bold and throw it away. Keep what you do need and keep it out of sight. On the surfaces you do have, keep them as clear as you can with only a few key decorative pieces. As with the colours, natural decorations are brilliant. It sounds strange but a few well picked sticks in a plain vase is all you need. The walls are also something people clutter up. You may not have thought of your walls as messy but taking away everything and sticking to one or two plainer works of art can instantly open up a space.

Store it away.

Moving this entire clutter means you need storage. Store everything out of sight. Keep your surfaces clear, this means the tables, the walls and especially the floor. Having items stacked on the floor or wall shelves is just added mess in a minimalist world. Choose your storage devices well, choose pieces that are plain and subtle. As before, don’t fill this storage with clutter. Train yourself to only keep what you need.

Use your head

Creating a minimalist home means creating a place that is stress free and easy to use. Therefore you do not want to be running around your minimal home, searching for something you have stored out of sight. This is where your head comes into it. When you’re choosing a home for each item in your home think about how you’re going to be using it and find a suitable place. For example, a kitchen will run smoothly if the pans are close to the hob and the teabags close to the kettle. This logic should be adapted to each area of your minimalist home.

Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Home

Interior design certainly isn’t the most complicated thing in the world but it is something that many homeowners get wrong. Don’t underestimate just how much care and planning is required if you want to end up with a home to be proud of. In particular, there are a few interior design rules that you simply cannot afford to break.

Here are seven examples of what not to do when decorating your home.

1. Too Much Matching

A little bit of matching can go a long way but many homeowners accidentally take the idea a little too far. Nobody wants a room full of colours that clash but when everything matches perfectly, the result tends to be a room that’s a little on the bland side.

If you want to go with matching furnishings, make sure that you throw in a few items that go against the rooms colour scheme too. Interior design is an art, not a science.

2. A Lack of Scale

One of the easiest ways to throw a room completely off balance is to add a piece of furniture that is simply too large. Never underestimate the importance of scale when purchasing furniture for your home.

Just because something looks nice in a large showroom, that doesn’t mean that it will look nice in your living room. Never shop for furniture without first checking the dimensions of the room that you plan on putting it.

3. Too Much Furniture

Sometimes less is more when it comes to furnishing a room and never is this more the case than when space is at a premium. If you’re decorating a small room and a piece of furniture doesn’t have a specific and necessary purpose, it simply doesn’t belong there.

decorating home tips

4. Exposed Cables

With the advent of wi-fi, most homes now have at least one less wire to worry about. Unfortunately however, wireless electricity has yet to be invented and this means that most rooms still have quite a few cables.

Much like clutter, too many rogue cables can really mess with a rooms aesthetics. To avoid this problem, invest in a few cable covers and don’t be afraid to hide wires behind headboards.

5. Poor Lighting

There’s a lot more to lighting than choosing the right lampshade. Too much light will make a room uncomfortable to be in whereas too little light will make it difficult to read or eat.

In most cases, multiple light sources offer the best effect. Try not to focus exclusively on functionality, ask yourself how you can add depth and colour to the room.

6. Following Fads

Fads are interesting to read about but in the long term, following them is a poor interior design choice. Just because something is in fashion now, that doesn’t mean that you won’t hate it a few short years from now.

If you want to make the most out of the money that you invest in your homes appearance, ignore fads completely.

7. Copying Showrooms

Finally, showrooms are great for inspiration but when you copy them piece for piece, the result tends to look a little forced. Your home is supposed to be designed for you.

If you want to base a room of your home on something that you’ve seen in a showroom, copy a few items but combine them with a few personal touches. Showrooms look great in stores but they tend to look completely out of place in the average home.

Decorating Your Workspace – Tips to Make It Look Great

Decorating Your WorkspaceOffice or Workplace, pressure and the work do not need to be associated but often, when having to work in workspaces whose performance of work needs to be better structured; pressure is no available extra! Workplace perform produces plenty of mess – all of which needs to be assigned appropriate storage space area and, if nothing else is to be taken into account when considering of decorating workplace or offices spaces, then appropriate storage space is essential.

Designing and decorating a workspace of your workplace to be efficient is only half the battle: regardless of performance of work, the workplace also needs to be visual – a pleasure to perform in. Few buyers have sufficient space in their homes for an individual space to be assigned completely for office use. At best, the home workplace is often situated in a vacant bedroom used by visitors and, at most severe, an area of one of the living spaces – or even in the available area beneath stairways.

Wherever the workplace is to be situated, however, making the best use of area and realizing some of the best at perform decorating concepts, will make the task of working at house much less of a pressure.

Beautiful workplace increases your creativeness, helps to discover exclusive ideas without a stress. Thus, style of personal, house workplace is now the issue that interior designers pay attention. To be wonderful and perform decorating your workspace of the workplace should be:

1. Unique

One exclusive factor can improve the personality of the area. Instead of conventional partition display, consider increasing in front of your table, behind the display, some unique, creative soaked shade and innovative shape product or glass walls lighted by special lighting with adjustable shade versions. There are many possibilities. It is shown that visible contact with successfully eye-catching item during the performance of work can improve your creativeness and promotes you to effort.

2. Comfortable

Comfortable chairs or couch that you can take a break on is fashion components in your workplace. To be more efficient you need to discover a moment for rest and the best way to do it is to renew the exhausted mind with a short nap – this is where stylish, eye capturing couch and chairs come in. If you encourage your clients or associates to your house business workplace, need to make sure the conference area.

It can be part of the internal divided from the rest with some fantastic perform of art or variety glass walls. The table is the centerpiece during your conferences. Thus, according to the concept “attractive internal planning increases the efficiency “choose this product carefully to be designed to whole internal planning. For the cupboard in conventional style wood made, designed table is suitable, in the contemporary one – glass table are well.

3. Useful

Usability is crucial and important feature of house units. The agreement of your workplace needs to ensure you the order and quick access to all stuff that you need. Limit the number of items in the cupboard to necessary minimum: books, favorites, information should be requested alphabetically and topically. All these things need to be arranged according to your ease during decorating your workspace.