Designing and Decorating With Metallics

Sleek and chic metallic accents can instantly transform any drab room into a glamorous interior space. Impress guests with your risk-taking decor decisions and showcase a bold new look by integrating rich gold or sharp metal hues to create a warm and stylish interior-design theme.

Smoldering gold drapery or a bronze vintage table centerpiece have the aesthetic power to change the look and feel of any living space.

Is your home decor in need of an update or do you want to have a daring new look? Fuse metallics into your color scheme or interior-design theme. If you’re apprehensive about how to pull off a metallic-oriented space, the following design secrets can help you get started.

Subtle Accents

If your interior space is dominated by nude furniture and a simple color scheme, enhance the interior space with a few metallic pieces. Avoid donning your entire living room or master bedroom with an explosion of metallics. A lavish gold accessory or a touch of dazzling silver can still make a stunning transformation. features vintage bronze as an eye-catching design trend. The HGTV winter design trends suggest adding character to a neutral wall with a sunburst mirror and creating a glamorous focal point by setting a brass metal ball atop a sitting room’s coffee table.

Alfresco Contrasts

Design your metallic-inspired space with color confidence and contrasting hues. Create a chic look by hanging grommet drapes in opulent seoni or lavish sienna. Set off the vibrant golden and bronze shades with alfresco colors by adorning interior space with a plant or bamboo wall hanging. For a dining room, design experts suggest marrying “organic elements with a variety of metallic finishes.”

Adorn your dining table with nature-inspired decor such as faux flowers or seasonal accents (e.g. pumpkins or holly). Surround the table accents with a lustrous table setting. Your home will be fit to entertain with elegant gold chargers, shimmering napkin holders and antique sterling silver.

Silver & Gold

A silver and gold interior-design theme doesn’t have to be reserved just for the winter season and holidays. If you want to play up the look of exuberant glam and wealth, focus on a small space such as the bathroom or your dining area.

Accent your dining room table with shimmery gold-patterned chairs and set a sleek silver vase as the table centerpiece. The mix-and-match approach will create a contemporary and spirited ambience representative of a vivacious lifestyle and personality.

Copper Trend

The sharp look of copper has become one of the latest trends in metallic decor. An unlikely aesthetic for homes, copper is polished and glamorous. Dramatize a neutral and open space with unique copper light fixtures. Design a contemporary master bath by setting the tone with a standalone copper bathtub and sink.

If your kitchen bores you with its simple appearance, install a stunning copper range hood with copper pendant lighting and decorative accessories such as hanging copper pots and pans. To avoid overdoing the brassy color scheme, harmonize hues with turquoise or teal. Set a turquoise vase on a coffee table and pair it with matching-colored pillows.

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