Exploring Some of the Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Many of the components which make up a kitchen are trends which you might love now, but feel totally different about in a year’s time. To really achieve the look that a homeowner dreams of, it is vital to do a lot of research work first, make a detailed plan, talk with professionals, stay within a budget, and to maximize the space and light the home can provide.

By taking a look at some of the most popular kitchen cabinetry trends, it may help you to choose a style of kitchen cabinet which you’ll still be really happy with in 5 years time. Here are key trends that may have a big impact on your interior.

Kitchen Cabinet

Light and Simple

Shaker style kitchen cabinet doors are renown for their simplicity and there’s simply nothing to not like about them even in 5 years time. White shaker cabinets, or off white are incredibly versatile and look good in both traditional and modern kitchens. If you don’t want a shaker style or a white finish, then our Legacy Oak cabinets offer a pleasing alternative, with their pale golden hues which add a feeling of cosy warmth to any kitchen.

Efficient Interiors

Twenty years or so ago, if your cabinets included a built in spice rack or a Lazy Susan you’d have considered it highly sophisticated. Today’s kitchen cabinets offer all manner of storage options including roll out trays and drawer dividers, and even narrow spaces which would have been covered with a false panel, are designed to accommodate muffin tins and cookie sheets.

Floor to Ceiling Cabinetry

Even if your kitchen is small you can maximize your space by utilizing floor to ceiling cabinets. This look works particularly well along one wall of your kitchen and can house anything from everyday crockery to linens and small appliances.

Built In Appliances

Appliances may be smarter and more high tech than their older counterparts, but it doesn’t mean that everyone wants them on display. Cabinet manufacturers are making it far easier to hide larger appliances behind matching doors to give a sleek streamlined look to the kitchen.

Don’t Be A Square

Instead of going with the flow and opting for a standard rectangular shape of Kitchen Island, why not try an oval or pentagon. Changing the shape of your island creates an interesting look in your kitchen. You don’t have to use the same color cabinets for your entire kitchen either. Why not use a warm color such as our York cherry cabinets for your island and have a paler color such as Heritage White for your perimeter cabinets.

Mix It Up

Drawers, open shelving and cabinets all solve storage problems and by using a mixture of storage options you can get away from what can sometimes be an overload of kitchen cabinets which lends a heavy feel to your design. In addition glass mullion doors make a kitchen look larger and give you the opportunity to show off pretty collections of china.

Bold Accent Colors

A white kitchen can sometimes look a little bland, but you can overcome this by utilizing a bold accent color in the form of paint or wallpaper. Glass fronted cabinets are given more depth by painting the interiors a bold color which contrasts with the color scheme of the kitchen. A retro wallpaper on just one wall can also contrast well with white cabinets and create a focal point of interest.

Stylish Embellishments

Kitchen cabinets no longer need to look like plain boxes, instead some take inspiration from architecture and furniture. Add-ons such as arched openings and fancy feet look stylish and carvings and delicate moldings such as featured in our Glazed Rope cabinets also add a focal point of interest. If you’re looking to update existing cabinetry, then something as simple as some polished chrome pulls and knobs will transform your cabinets.

If you’re looking for kitchen cabinetry which will stand the test of time then online stores would be the best option, they have a huge variety of colors and designs. Many online stores like Granite Creek Cabinetry offer free shipping service. If you want to be sure about the product quality and finish you can order samples before making the final purchase.

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