External Awnings – a Fashionable Addition to Any House

External awnings are generally not considered good for styling. Particularly in the old fashioned houses, they are considered to be rusty and often eyesores that cannot be used. However, in recent times both the use and look of the external awnings have undergone a lot of developments.

The materials are now much more improved and a lot of importance is being given on the designs. The external awnings of today can certainly be a very stylish addition to all types of home. Besides being stylish, they also take care of the practical aspects too.

It is never true that in order to protect some areas of the house you will need to compromise on the look and style. Beauty and practicality can certainly be ensured together. Awnings can create a great street appeal for your house as they are a practical and fashionable solution to all your outdoor problems.

Why Designers Like Awnings

Awnings are liked by landscape designers because they have the potential of creating an instant space. By providing a shady and safe effect to an area, they make it a great a place for relaxing. They also increase the scope of creating landscaped areas and new gardens in the outdoors.

Interior designers too love using awnings because the living space can be extended with the help of them. A nice awning can create wonders by helping in the blending of the existing design of the internal living room with the newly tiled or paved outdoor space.

External Awnings

Variety in Materials and Styles

There are a wide variety of styles in which awnings are available. In order to provide the best look to your home, you can make full use of these variations. The awnings will also help a great deal in increasing the comfort and convenience of your house.

The folding arm patterned awnings are commonly used in patios. Since these awnings are retractable, they will be folding away in the months of winter in order to allow the sunlight to enter the house. In summer, they will fold out in order to provide an outdoor space that will define the patio and give a shade to it.

You will surely want that the shades of the external awnings combine excellently with the color that has been used in your home. It is not at all a difficult thing to ensure as there are a wide range of colors from which you can choose the most appropriate one.

You may also want to make a statement by using a particular style of external awnings. For the purpose of adding flair and brightness, you can choose external awnings of such color that will create a perfect contrast to the color of your home. For houses having certain styles, the awnings can also be used as a feature of the overall look of the home.

One thing you can be sure about is that there are so many types of outdoor awnings available, that you will certainly be finding something that will match your taste and suit the style of your house. The awnings have undergone a great deal of revolution and have become a stylish addition for any house.

Top 5 Patio and Window Awnings (Click on the Images to Buy)

1. ALEKO® 12×10 Feet Retractable Patio Awning, BURGUNDY(3.5m x 3m)

Patio Awning, BURGUNDY

2. Outsunny 8′ x 7′ Patio Manual Retractable Sun Shade Awning – Green

Patio Manual Retractable Sun Shade Awning

3. 46″ X 36″ X 15″ White Aluminum Awning – Window Awnings

White Aluminum Awning

4. ALEKO® 8×2 Sand Window Awning Door Canopy 8-Foot Decorator Awning

Sand Window Awning Door Canopy

5. ALEKO® 6×2 Burgundy Window Awning Door Canopy 6-Foot Decorator Awning

Burgundy Window Awning Door Canopy

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Gregory Willard - May 27, 2016

I have really wanted to add an awning onto our patio in our back yard. I had no idea that landscape designers like them because the create an instant space. I always liked them because they create a nice cool place to relax in the summer. Thanks for the information.


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