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Things You Should Know Before You Purchase Hardwood Flooring

The basics of hardwood flooring shouldn’t come as a surprise to those know anything if at all about purchasing hardwood flooring. There are some basics you should know off the top of your head though when you walk into a home improvement shop that deals only of the hardwood floor department.

Hardwood floors do add some texture and beauty to your home; this can increase your home’s value. There are solid hardwood floor planks, engineered hardwood flooring and locking engineered hardwood construction flooring.

  • Solid hardwood floor planks are simply solid, not engineered or prefabricated, they are simply “solid” and stronger, heavier and more durable wooden floor planks or tiles.
  • Engineered hardwood flooring can last for years. Wood planks or tiles last from 20-30 years, come in widths of 3-7 inches wide with thicknesses from 3/8″-3/4″. They come in domestic or exotic hardwood species. The popular hand-scraped style is trending in home improvement sites; typically for modern or art deco home interiors.

Click-Lock Engineered Wood Flooring

A click-lock engineered wood flooring, the most innovative and new type of do-it-yourself flooring technology, is popular today because of it’s easy and quick installation. The top flooring manufacturers in the industry sell them today. You can get some exotic hardwood floors like Brazilian Cherry or bamboo wooden flooring which are popular more than ever. Although, you can find almost any type of wood species when it comes to the “click lock system,” it’s more of a preference than a convenience for any home builder or owner. The Click Lock Flooring has an “underlayment foam pad” that is easily installed over almost any surface floor or subfloors. That includes concrete with no staples or nails needed; nor any messy adhesive or any type of floating floor installation because it’s easy and quick to install.

  • On the job-site finish naturally, is finished on site. Where the flooring is installed, the best part is choosing what type of finish should be applied to your floor. For a unique customizing of your floor, this one will do the trick since you say the final say for appearance. You should expect lots of dust when you are in this mode; since the finishing will require some sanding down, there will be just that.

Knowing these four would help you to know a little about hardwood flooring.

Variety: wood species and finishes

With nature’s various wood species, choosing your prestigious hardwood planks with some consideration to what and who will be walking on those floors can help you decide.

Are you planning on having this flooring spread across your living room or your private office? Plus, they are available in various sizes and widths which make it ideal for any room in your home or office.

Hardwood Flooring

The Benefits of Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring

  • A work of natural art is basically the sense you get when you walk on pre-finished hardwood flooring.
  • It’s a class of its own when you select hardwood floors that are pre-finished. This collectively illustrates the natural beauty in any room that has it in a house or commercial office.
  • The value of a home with pre-finished hardwood floors makes it an asset. The quality it brings to a room adds more than the value it brings, it adds authenticity.
  • Every floor is different because every species of wood does have a unique characteristic to it. What the conditions of the pre-finished wood have is it’s matured state. This makes the wood unique looking.
  • They are screened after being sanded and stained in professional manufacturing plants that use highly efficient resources without harming any of its natural beauty.
  • There is urethane sprayed on in coats which give the boards a UV dried finish making them look and stay durable.
  • The coats make them look finished with a natural look while also bringing out the natural luster; the sanding down of them and the recoating of the boards simply adds to the natural perfections.
  • There is a natural for the floor to expand or contract. This is the natural state of the wood which results in such elements during dry or moist climates. The shrinkage of the wood can be dealt with by purchasing a humidifier for your home. If your entire home has wood flooring, then getting a “whole house humidifier” will suffice.

Cost for hardwood flooring

The “cost per square foot” of your hardwood floor is just one factor of the entire project cost. To ensure there are no surprises, and the hardwood you select fits within your overall project budget, be sure to think it through. This means to calculate the total cost of your hardwood floor project.

In fact. additional expenses for labor, such as moving furniture in and out of your home, can incur the cost of a professional flooring company’s bid or quote. Remember, also the demolition and the replacement of flooring can also be added to the cost of repairing or installation. This means subfloor’s preparation work is another cost.

You will need to know this since most of these costs are added to the overall cost. Ask whomever you plan to have your hardwood floor installed or replaced before you sign away any agreement or contract.

When you request a bid from a flooring contractor, always be prepared for charges such as labor, materials, cost, furniture removal/replacing, subfloor prep work…etc. This will help in any incurring surprises that may be questionable after accepting a bid.

Finally, knowing the different flooring options that you can get for your home improvement projects such as your flooring will help you not overspend on needless materials and products. If you are a do-it-yourself type, then it’s really knowing how to install it the right way. Nevertheless, it’s best to leave it to a professional floor specialist who has past experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Vinyl Flooring

This is an inexpensive type of floor covering that the homeowner often uses in their bathrooms and kitchen. It is composed of various types of plasticizers and polyvinyl chloride.

You can purchase it in solid sheets or vinyl tiles. It is a favorite option when you have a tight or small home improvement budget because of the ease of installation and low cost.

Today many households are using vinyl plank flooring because of its versatility, low cost, and durability. As with any type of flooring there are advantages and disadvantages of using it.

Vinyl Flooring

Advantages of Having Vinyl Flooring

  • The cost — when manufactured vinyl plank flooring was created it was to mimic the feel and look of having a real wood floor but at a fraction of the cost. To the untrained eye it is difficult to tell the difference between real wood and vinyl. This means that when you choose his type of flooring you can enjoy the aesthetics of having real wood.
  • Durability — on the market today vinyl plank floors is one of the most durable and is more durable than a real wood floor. It is good flooring for areas of high- traffic and is hardly vulnerable to bumps, other defects, and scratches that you see with a real wood floor. It is also water resistant and can be installed anywhere in your home.
  • Installation — it is one of the easiest floors to install in any type of space
  • Comfort — they are comfortable on the feet and the planks add an extra layer of insulation, making it a good choice for more sound proofing. It also does not create noise underfoot.
  • Maintenance — it is very easy to maintain, only needing to be vacuumed followed by mopping with a damp cloth. It also does not stain easy.
  • Refurbishing — overtime to restore the floor to its original condition it will only need a few touch-ups. With it being so cheap it can be easily replaced if necessary.

Disadvantages of Having Vinyl Flooring

  • Durability — although the flooring is very durable and withstands warping and chips it is susceptible to scratches. In high traffic area these can begin to show overtime.
  • Fading — overtime this flooring has been known to fade, especially if it is exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Installation — before having the flooring installed by flooring contractors you will need to make sure that you have a sub-floor installed because vinyl planking floors are not as solid as natural wood planks.
  • Cleaning — when mopping the floor you will need to use cleaners that have been manufactured specifically for vinyl flooring because some solvents and cleaners could damage the floor.

So before choosing vinyl plank flooring for your home make sure that you look at all the advantages and disadvantages and make an informed decision. Even with the disadvantages this type of flooring is still a good option for your home. The most important advantage of course is the cost because not everyone can afford to have real wood floors installed in their home.

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Six Important Questions to Ask Your Flooring Contractor

When thinking of changing the look of your floor, it is important first to identify a good contractor and one you can trust. If you do not have any referrals of good contractors, you should have a look at LVT Flooring it is a great place to get reliable contractors.

Some important questions you need to ask your flooring contractor.

1. Is the flooring contractor insured or licensed.

It should be the first question that you ask your contractor, not only does it show whether they are a reliable contractor and that the contractor is legal; but it also assures you if anything was to go wrong they are covered. While on the job, unexpected things could happen and you would not want to be the one to take responsibility of this. In fact, in many states contractors are required to have their licenses number included on their business cards.

Flooring Contractor

2. A corollary – is the contractor insured and licensed for the work they are doing?

There are contract license, an electrical license, and a plumbing license, as you can see all are different skills. If you are working on changing the look of your floors, that is one thing; if the water pipes need to be disconnected ensure they are licensed for that task. It will reduce any disasters from arising while your project is ongoing.

3. Do the flooring contractors have worker comp?

The requirements of having a licenses vary from state to state, for example; in New York to get a license you are required to have a worker comp, but it is not true in other states. Thus, you will need to ask your flooring contractor just to ensure he has all the documentation. If the flooring contractor does not have worker comp, and an accident arises where one of the workers gets hurt; you will be responsible for all the medical bills and the time he would take off; for sure this is not a headache you would want to deal with.

4. Ask your flooring contractor for references

You need to ensure you ask the contractor for at least three references. The references that you will be given will be positive reviews just to get a decent view of the contractor you could use w/ LVT Flooring; as it will help in giving you a more objective view. On the other hand, you can always search online to see if any references are available.

5. Ensure to ask your contractor of any possibilities the project could go wrong or what would cause a price increase on the project.

Before starting on the project, it is essential to get a good picture of the possible risks involved with your project. The reason for this is; the flooring contractor is not aware of what they might find once they start the project; and there is nothing more annoying than have a change in price or completion date once you have begun on your project.

6. Ask the flooring contractor how long the project will take.

It is important to know how much time you will need to put aside for the project; not only will this help you in understanding the downtime for the particular project; but it is also likely to draw out some of the things that could go wrong in the project.

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Different Types of Rugs – Ravishing Rugs for This Year

We all are always somehow on the lookout for new ways to change the look and feel of our home; either through a complete modern makeover or by making a few minor changes here and there. People with an interest in interior designing and home décor always make efforts to transform the look of their little sanctuary. For people who are always making a list of things they can do to transform the look of their home in simple, cost effective and modern ways. There are several aesthetically perfect ways to get your desired outcome but if you are looking for something simple yet truly transitional then a rug is something that transforms an entire area by adding an oriental touch of class and elegance.

Rugs are back and are becoming the new black in décor trend, people who are into collecting all types of rugs and carpets are particularly happy with the new flooring trends. Here are some of the trendiest rugs to add an elegant panache to your home’s look.

Geometrically Rugged

Different Types of Rugs

Gone are the days of beige only rugs, we now have them in all colors, shapes, sizes, prints and patterns. There’s a treat for people who are more into geometrical patterns, for they know how geo patterned rugs add an illusional yet classy touch to any of your rooms. The best place to design a formal room with geometrical goodness would be your living or dining room. The placement of your rug depends on the size of your rug and the entire dimension of your room. Some areas are more accentuated with a slant placement, some look better with vertical, horizontal or center placement of your rug. Make sure you choose the colors which coordinate with the overall color pallet of your respective room.

Plush Perfection

Different Types of Rugs

Plush rugs, be it furry or knitted adds a more luxurious feel to your décor. Imagine stepping onto one of those extremely furry and fluffy little rugs, placed by your bedside; not just it will leave you with a luscious feeling but will reflect your fine taste in rugs and décor sense.

Runner Rugs

Different Types of Rugs
Runner rugs are an effortless way to turn a long boring hallway and stair case to brilliant. Runner rugs have always been a loved by interior designers as they not cover up a long area but are also a great way to add life to it. There is a growing interest for runner rugs among general homeowners with a desire to decorate their homes with the best they can. You can add color and vivacity by amalgamating it with a particular theme or just come up with something new and unique.

Animal Frenzy

Animal Frenzy Rugs

Who doesn’t love the splendor of animal prints mixed with any sort of interior. Ever fallen in love with a magnanimous animal rug placed in a room, it truly redefines the entire look and feel of any area they lay. A bit of animal print charm should be a part of every home’s interior.

Of Circles and Rugs

Different Types of RugsRound rugs are great ways to cover some area while keeping the proportion and your design in mind. Some themes don’t require a lot of covering up but they are somehow left incomplete with plain flooring. To help you in such cases are magnificent round rugs that will not just add more charm to your theme but will also look great if it has vibrant colors.

Rugs are a great way to redefine décor themes. Fortunately, they are trending again and we love their presence back in full swing. Have fun decorating your place!

Green Home Improvements: Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

As consumers are becoming more conscious of the environment and our role in its destruction, many have a serious interest in purchasing products that are more eco-friendly.

One of the areas we can make the biggest impact is in the home improvement arena; items such as conventional flooring and furniture are produced in ways that harm the environment on many levels; sustainable practices are also sorely lacking.

If you are interested in partaking in green remodeling efforts, a great place to start is flooring; here are some tips on choosing materials that allow you to be more eco-friendly without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

Suggestions for Hardwood

If you really want to buy hardwood but are concerned about the negative impact conventional production has on the environment (which is extensive), you do have some eco-conscious options. Look for products that carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

This organization has a rigorous certification process that carefully examines the forest management techniques in terms of how well it practices sustainability, limiting air and water pollution and reducing harm to wildlife and the local population. Products coming from FSC-certified forests were produced in a responsible manner and you can feel good knowing you made a ‘’green’’ purchase.

You might also consider buying reclaimed wood, which was once part of structures that have been renovated or demolished. It is in good condition and has been thoroughly cleaned. This type of wood often has a lot of ‘’character’’ and may be a good choice if you are looking for a unique look for your hardwood flooring.


Bamboo flooring is an excellent eco-friendly choice; this highly sustainable grass can grow back to maturity in as little as three to six years; compare that to trees typically used for flooring purposes, which can be 20 years and often much longer. It is also highly durable and certain types, such as natural uncarbonized and woven strand can be just as hard or even harder than maple and oak.

It is also highly resistant to water damage, hypoallergenic and super-easy to clean. Certain bamboo products are produced with adhesives that can emit harmful substances into the air called volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—you want to inquire about this when shopping.


Cork flooring is another good choice; it is a soft wood that creates a very comfortable walking surface. Like bamboo, this material is highly sustainable; the cork can be harvested right from the outer bark of the tree, meaning it does not even need to be cut down. It takes only nine years to grow back fully. It can stand up well to furniture and markings but is vulnerable to puncture by sharp objects.

Cork naturally contains a substance called suberin, which provides natural resistance to mold, insects and rotting. It also absorbs sound well and provides insulation.

Carpet Considerations

If you are more of a carpet person, you also have a lot of options in the eco-friendly department. Conventional carpet is problematic for a numerous reasons; materials are frequently made of petroleum by-products and adhesives and other materials used in the manufacturing process can be harmful to the health of the environment and you personally.

Look for carpets made with natural materials such as wool, sea grass, sisals and jutes. You also want to make sure the carpet is made with natural fiber backing and either has been made with limited use of toxic adhesives or substances such as natural latex. Opt for carpets that do not require padding or choose padding made from recycled materials.

When it comes to installation, look for water-based adhesives with low amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or consider tacking.


Five Perfect Black Area Rugs for Your Home

With a lot of rug designs offered on the market these days, the area rug is among the most popular. Most probably, you already possess one or two rugs in your house. One color that never goes out of style is black. Black rugs can completely transform any room in your house from boring to beautiful, and dull to divine. If you want to try these black rugs for your house, below are five tips that you can begin with.

1. Black Wool Rugs

For high traffic areas such as the living room, the black wool area rug is recommended. Wool is a natural and a durable material that is tough and hard to wear out. It is also very comfortable and soft for the feet. Moreover, wool is an organic fiber which makes it safer as compared to artificial materials.

On top of that, wool is also flame resistant. This will make it an excellent rug to be used in living areas with hearths. A small spark that may land on your wool rug by accident will burn itself out.

Black Wool Rugs

When deciding on which black wool rug to buy, you’ll be able to choose from a lot of available sizes and shapes. A rectangular and a round black rug will look great on your living room area. Many people choose the 8×10 sized rugs but generally it would depend on the floor area that you want covered.

When it comes to design, you can choose between a modern design and a conventional design. You can select a solid black rug or a dominantly black one with other secondary colors. It is easy to find red and black colored rugs, white and black wool rugs, brown and black contemporary rugs, or even grey and black rugs.

2. Black Shag Rugs

The black shag area rugs can provide a fun and different texture to your home. Shag rugs are available in different styles, and you can choose one that is made from either synthetic materials or natural fibers. The priciest kind of shag rug that can be used in your home is the Flokati shag.
With black, these give a very comfortable and soft spot for you to walk on while adding a luxurious and classy look to your room that you’ll definitely love. Apart from the Flokati shag, you might also like to check out a cotton jersey shag rug, black leather shag rug, black synthetic acrylic shag rug, or even a black shaggy Aros rug.

3. Black Sheepskin Rugs

Black sheepskin area rugs create a nice accent for any area in your home. Sheepskin these days are available in many colors and black is one of them. Sheepskin rugs are produced from either artificial fibers or from real sheepskin so you can choose according to your personal taste.
You can make use of these rugs in the family area or in other rooms of your home. Many of these rugs are available in the normal shape of sheepskin rugs while others, like the artificial sheepskin rugs, are available in many shapes such as round and rectangular.

4. Black Silk Rugs

Black silk area rugs are among the high priced kinds of rugs on the market. They are expensive because silk is a high-class fabric which is more often than not pricey. However, you can also opt for synthetic silk rugs if you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative. Normally, black silk rugs can be obtained in Persian or Oriental designs.

These genuine silk area rugs are not ideal for high traffic areas, unless you decide on a synthetic silk rug. These types of black rug can easily make your home feel and look more opulent and luxurious.

5. Black Outdoor Rugs

Black outdoor area rugs are designed exclusively for outdoor use. With the aid of these black outdoor rugs, you can make one of your outdoor living room areas look more stylish and more comfortable. Try to find rugs that are simple and easy to maintain and clean as this will aid in extending the usability of your rugs and will give you more years of service. You can opt for geometrical shapes and design, zigzags and wavy lines, plant and flower motifs, and solid black colored area rugs.

Mentioned above are five forms of black area rugs that will help make your home comfortable and cozier. Not only that, these types of rugs will also add an aura of stylish luxury to your space. When you are searching for a simple rug to match any design and style in your home, then it is recommended for you to consider a black area rug.

These types of area rugs can be very stylish and beautiful. The best thing about these rugs is that they can be purchased everywhere from the Internet to your favorite local retail outlets. You can find many great discounts and deals on black area rugs on the retail and online world.


A Complete Guide In Making Your Kitchen Floor Stand Out

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. The kitchen breaks or makes your house. A properly designed kitchen plays an important role in adding value to the home. Given its importance, it is not surprising that the majority of homeowners will seek to improve the kitchen in such a way that it can fetch a higher return on investment.

A minor renovation can demand $21,000. In return, this is likely to add $15,800 to the value of the house, which accounts for a ROI (return on investment) of about 73%. However, it is advisable to spend wisely and to avoid spending 10% of the property value on kitchen improvements.

Types of Flooring

Some of the common types of kitchen flooring include concrete, cork, linoleum and limestone. Therefore, there is a wide range of flooring materials that can be used to improve the appearance of the kitchen. However, the flooring should complement the kitchen as opposed to offering a focal point.

The right flooring should help to create a sense of light and space. The most important point to take into consideration is to balance between durability and beauty.

Kitchen Floor

Different kitchen floorings fit different lifestyles. Some of the popular industrial style flooring includes:

1. Concrete

Concrete seeks to add a modern edge to kitchens. The colors range from antique white to charcoal. Concrete is relatively low maintenance. One of the benefits of concrete is that it can be poured onto existing floors directly without the need of having anything beneath the surface to level it. Furthermore, there are lightweight versions utilized on upper floors. However, in this case it is important to seek the advice of a structural engineer.

2. Resin

Resin is a popular flooring utilized in residential projects. It features a flexible and soft finish that is comfortable for walking on and deadens sound. You can choose gloss that offers an appealing factor. However, it does not feature the hardness of concrete or polished marble.

3. Porcelain

Porcelain is versatile and it can be designed to appear like anything ranging from concrete to limestone or modern metallic. The flooring is maintenance free and bombproof. Therefore, it is recommended in homes with active kids and dogs.

4. Stone

The stone for flooring features a wide range of colors, sizes and textures. Therefore, the stone floor can complement different styles of kitchen. You can choose muted to brown tones in yellows, greens and grey. To achieve a modern look, it is important to choose matte finish and extra large tiles. On the other hand, distressed surfaces featuring random sizes suit traditional kitchens.

5. Ceramic Tiles

These are made primarily out of clay and other materials. Ceramic tiles are available in different textures, colors and shapes. There are however, less expensive when compared with porcelain. They are manufactured with square corners and straight edges. Therefore, the grout lines should be thicker, which offers a grid-like finish.

The Use of Professional Help

Concrete and stone retain heat well. Wooden floors such as extra wide boards and certain veneers can also be heat sensitive. Some flooring is best fitted at the beginning of designing the kitchen, whereas other are installed afterwards.

Therefore, it is important to seek the advice of manufacturers. Furthermore, it is advisable to utilize products that have been recommended by manufacturers to ensure that you do not strip oil, sealants or lacquers.

It is advisable to speak with reputable kitchen designers or remodelers before taking the initiative to renovate the bathroom. The right professional understands and knows the trends to guide you appropriately in making a smart choice that has the capacity of generating a high return on investment.


Tips for Cleaning Grout on Tile Floors

Durability and attractiveness make tiles a popular flooring choice. However, keeping the tiles sparkling is tricky. This is because the grouts between the tiles are porous and tend to soak dust, spills and become discolored overtime, giving an unclean appearance to your floor.

If you too are pestered with the ubiquitous un-clean grout problems, below is the step-by-step method of tile grout cleaning.

  • Vacuum or brush off the tiles to remove debris and clean it with damp mop.
  • Then apply cleaning solution on the grout. In certain instances, you may be necessitated to let the solution set in the grout lines for long hours of time.
  • Gently scrub the area with a toothbrush or grout brush.
  • Wipe it with water and dry the area.
  • You may have to take up scrubbing again so as to extricate tough stains that are settled on tile floors.
  • Once you complete doing all these steps then apply a solution of baking soda along with water on the floor. Doing so will take off the chlorine smell on the tile floor.
  • The final procedure is to completely mop the ground with clean water, rinsing the mop sporadically to ensure that all bleach is eliminated from the surface.
  • Seal the grout after cleaning. Ensure not to reuse the toothbrush.

Cleaning Grout on Tile Floors

For Persistent Stains

Try one of the following methods for stubborn grout.

  • Rub the grout line with a piece of sandpaper. Then apply a thick paste of baking soda and follow the procedure mentioned above.
  • Instead of baking soda, you can use multi-purpose home cleaning solution – to a generous amount of abrasive cleaner add a little water and make a paste with a toothbrush. Apply this paste on the grout using a toothbrush and rinse the grout with a warm rag.
  • You can also prepare a solution by mixing 1 cup of oxygen bleach and 1 gallon of hot water and spray this solution on the grout.
  • You can also use a commercial grout cleaning solution. Pour little solution and wait for 5 minutes. Scrub and wash it with water and pat to dry. It is important to select an appropriate commercial grout cleaner.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing an equal amount of hot water and vinegar. Spray the solution after pouring baking soda on the grout.


While cleaning grout, you need to be cautious. Here are some important tips:

  • Wear old clothes as the bleach tends to spatter and spoil your dress.
  • Open your windows and ensure the surrounding areas are properly ventilated.
  • When using commercial cleaners, wear latex or rubber gloves.
  • Do not use steel brushes as it can crumple the grout.
  • Ensure not to use chlorine bleach on colored grout. It will discolor the area.
  • Use clean water to mop.
  • Do not mix chemicals or solutions as they can evolve hazardous fumes.

Hire Services of Professional Goodyear Tile Cleaner

If you are sick of cleaning your tile with a mop, toothbrush and bucket, then it is time to rely on professional tile grout cleaning services. If you are you looking for tile & grout cleaning services in Goodyear area, lacks cleaning services is an ideal choice. It has a good reputation of offering service with efficiency.

It reaches out where household mops and bottled cleaners find impossible to reach. Technology-enabled new tools facilitate removal of grease, oil, grime and soil from your tile and grout thereby restoring your tiles to a new like condition. Hiring services of professional cleaners at least once a year is advisable if you wish to make your tile flooring look sparkling clean.

Ideas to Lavish up Your Floorings with Great Flooring Ideas

People have literally thrown away their wall to wall carpets, as they are always looking for great ideas of flooring. They have concluded on furnishing the floors with exuberant and breathtaking tiles and wood pieces. There are wide range of tiles and flooring ideas available in the market to opt from. The local vendors have brought forth a wide variety of flooring ideas to the business of flooring.

Once you go to choose from the flooring ideas and choices you are mind boggled to see such a wide range of tiles and floorings to choose from. Tiles are also made with faux printing on them of different textures and surfaces. Now walking on a glass floor is not a big deal with the advent of technologically advanced flooring business outbreak.

Flooring Ideas

The Whole World of Flooring

There are tremendous array of flooring ideas, but it depends mostly on the needs of the user. The materials available in the market are of every type and genre but the consumer has a lot of choices to choose from. One can manage to make almost anything out of the tiles. Different floral and bordered designs in flooring are common flooring options nowadays. Even different shades of tiles are used to make patterns on the floor. Yet the plain tiles are also very inn to make the environment neat and simple.

Tiles for baby nursery, girl’s room and boy’s room are also available. The shades of pinks and blues are dominated by floral and other designs which are available for the consumers. The wood look alike tiles are exuberant flooring options. You can now have wooden floors with zero maintenance cost and yet the look like wood and give a natural feel.

Unlimited Choices in Flooring Options

Consumers have the total liberty in choosing from the flooring options, which best suits their needs and desires. The trend for different natural textured tiles is very much in these days as unique flooring options. As people want to still stay closer to nature while availing the comforts and convenience in the concrete man made world.

Wood also comes in tiles now and its good in a way as one doesn’t have to cut down trees to lavish up ones floors. Apart from that, one also doesn’t have to worry about spilling stuff on the floor. Some of the famous options of flooring are:

  • Wood Flooring
  • Bamboo Flooring
  • Tiles Flooring
  • Cork Flooring

Woody Wood Flooring

The wood flooring is a luxury, not everyone can afford. It costs a lot and then there is maintenance and repairs cost involved. Wood flooring gives an exclusive feel to one’s house and looks classy and extravagant. Wood flooring come in per foot or per yard piece to get stuck to your floor.

There are also synthetic wood options in the market which give you the feel of wood but are not actually wood. The floors made out of wood also cause dangers in case of fire. Wood flooring catches fire and so does the synthetic wood and one has to be very careful in that regard. Synthetic and plastic wood flooring finish tiles are a cheap flooring solution for the wood lovers.

5 Common DIY Problems with Installed Tiles

Everyone loves to save money and go head strong into a project for the home. Many Do It Yourself (DIY) tilers move forward with a job without giving full review to what is about to be taken on. Even from purchasing the tile, often buying the wrong ones is the first mistake.

Everyone should take the time to investigate what is about to become a permanent fixture in the home or exterior. The cost of tearing up and starting over is one reason to get it right the first time.

Here are 5 things which can go wrong and helpful hints which will keep the job moving in the right direction.

DIY Tile Installation

1. Why Are My Tiles Darker in the Shower Then the Rest of the Room?

No matter what type is being used every kind has an absorption rate. It’s simplistic to think that unglazed terracotta has the most water intake (about 15% or more). Even with glazed porcelain tiles they still have some form of consumption as well (usually .01%). Glazed tiles can seem impervious to liquids unless there is an issue from behind the surface or the grout; this is where the problems start.

If a moisture barrier which should have been installed is skipped over then this is definitely something which should have been looked at closer. Some other problems associated with this issue is a broken water line leading to the shower head or faucet. To find out more on this and other problems associated with moisture under tiles take a look in for a Denver Tile Outlet or any other outlet in the local area.

2. The Tiles Are cracking At the Corners

This is a case which so many run into with the incorrect installation. It’s often associated with the wrong bonding agent or how the mortar is applied. This is why it’s important to have the correct trowel. Be sure to receive professional help and be positive the right one is chosen. If a tile sounds hollow when stepped on it’s due to the very same reason.

Those who put a dot of extra bonding at the corners also create this identical issue. There can be smaller misgivings which total up to an equal effect but often spotty application of the mortar is the number one reason.

3. The Frieze Tiles Do Not Match The Main Tiles

Tiles which have an applied decoration which are fired numerous times are referred to a “second firing”. Sometimes tiles are kilned multiple times, even as many as four or five. This is due to the process of bonding multiple décor to the surface. When this is done several times the glaze or the material of the tile can and will change color.

Often the glazed surface is what changes most. So when looking at this applied decoration be sure to examine them in full daylight to be positive they match before installation occurs.

4. Some of The Tiles Are Thicker Then Others

This falls true with natural stone tiles. Hard tiles such as quartz or granite are always machined and like marble they will be the same thickness regardless. With other options like limestone and slate these often come in different width because they are cut from a single larger slab. A professional will know the difference and check them first but many DIY tilers overlook this and then the troubles begin.

If this happens with a porcelain or ceramic tile it’s usually because they are either a tile which looks the same but is not the same (meaning from a different company) or by chance they are made by the same establishment at a different plant. Anyone can mix multiple thickness tiles but the person installing them must be aware so that the bonding agent can be adjusted.

5. The Wall & Floor Tiles Have Hairline Cracks To Them

From time to time, even after installation of years gone by, the surface glaze of tiles start to crack. These flaws are slight and do not permeate into the earthenware. This is known as “crazing”. Often this is mistaken for cracks but under normal condition this problem can be seen but won’t cause any noticeable issues in the long run.

This process is from the surface expanding and contracting during installation or from hot and cold temperatures to the surface. Sometimes a high bonding adhesive is used to mount a tile. If it is used in a thick application under a porous tile then it’s easily possible it can literally twist the tile. This twisting motion will make the glaze craze, often in a short amount of time. Crazing does not affect the performance of a tile and should not be changed for any other reason other than for appearance factors.