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It wouldn’t be surprising if assembling flatpack furniture was up there on the list of reasons for divorce alongside infidelity or unreasonable behaviour. It’s something all of us have to do from time to time, but putting together a seemingly simple chest of drawers or wardrobe can take hours if the instructions are unclear or pieces get muddled up. The stress of assembling the furniture leads to shouting and swearing in most homes and is a task many of us prefer to avoid. So how can you get your flatpack assembled, and save your marriage at the same time?

Ask For Advice

None of us like admitting that we struggle to do something, so this step isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Staff in the stores who sell the products will know the pitfalls and tips and tricks which make putting the items together easier. When buying an item such as a large wardrobe from the Steens Furniture range, most of the assembly will be done for you. Store staff will be able to advise on what sort of tools you will need, and how long they estimate it will take you to put the items together.

Read the Instructions

The main problem most people encounter when assembling flatpack is with not reading the instructions fully before starting. Even if an item looks very easy to assemble, take a few minutes to look through the instructions and work out in what order to tackle the task. This will avoid common problems such as doors being put on back to front or upside down. If there are lots of different pieces of wood and smaller items like nails or screws, the instructions will carry a list of what should be in the box. Check this before you begin work so that you do not get three quarters of the way through the project and discover you’ve used the wrong screws.

Building Flat-Packs

Get Help

Most flatpack items, even the larger items from Steens Furniture, can be assembled by one person working alone. However, it is easier to have help, even if it is just someone to pass you the screws or hold a piece of wood upright while you get the fixings in position. To avoid arguments with a spouse over how best to tackle the project, ask an older child to help and bribe them with the promise of some extra pocket money or an ice cream.

Professional Help

The hatred of putting together flatpack is widespread and there are companies who take the stress away completely by coming to your home and doing it all for you. This service is the perfect solution for people who hate assembling furniture or just don’t have the time to do it, but it can also be costly and the assemblers may not be able to come to the house at a time which is convenient for you. If however you have just moved into a new home, or have invested in several new items at the same time, it can be the ideal solution.

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