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From Peepholes To Satellites: Making Your Home More Secure

Thieves and home safety providers are constantly running a photo finish race that seems to never end. No matter how proactive and modern the equipment for keeping homes impenetrable and thief-unfriendly might be, thieves manage to get even more proactive and figure out how to get into every security system.

So, today it seems that the combinations of some old-school and some cutting-edge methods are the most effective one.

Look Who’s There – And Drive Them Away

People behaving in a careless and naïve way are often more responsible for having their homes robbed than thieves. It goes beyond any reasonable thought to open the door when somebody rings the bell without having a look at that person.

Even if that somebody introduces themselves as someone you know, always have a look through a peephole or a door viewer. If you don’t have one on your door, it is high time you installed it.

Upgrade the Outside Door(s)

The issue of the outside doors is among the first ones to be handled in the home-security-raising process. Leaving your front and back door (if you have one) equipped only with ordinary deadbolts and lockset plates is almost like having no door at all.

Even if you go for quality and safe doors, they still might need lock reinforcement. It includes replacing the existing deadbolt with a sturdier one and bolstering the faceplate(s) with longer nails that will successfully resist the potential burglars.

 From Peepholes To Satellites: Making Your Home More Secure, garage door

Garage Is the Weakest Spot

According to a study conducted by the US Department of Justice, single-family houses are most exposed to being broken into in the US. While burglars really apply dozens of ways to enter a house, it turns out that the garage represents the weakest spot in many homes. You can eliminate its weakness in a few easy and affordable steps.

First of all, you have to install a light or two on the garage. Secondly, motion detectors accompanying those lights will signal if there are any night trespassers. Finally, don’t install the garage door remote control function; however, if you cannot live without it, integrate it with your car key chain.

Observing the Home Area

One of the key moments in preventing thieves from getting into your home is spotting them on time. In order to make them turn around and leave the property the moment they put their foot onto it, you should place a security camera or a few of them around your house.

The first benefit from them is that burglars usually get scared and give up their robbery plan as soon as they notice those devices. The second one is that you can see them on time and either call the police or try to handle them on your own (which is not recommendable).

 From Peepholes To Satellites: Making Your Home More Secure, security camera

Electronic lock

As technology is unstoppably galloping to useful innovations on a daily basis, we have more and more options at affordable prices. One of them is the electronic door lock. Since families usually have at least three members, the probability that someone will lose their key is pretty high.

What thieves like best is finding lost keys or actually stealing them. With a smart electronic door lock based on a four-digit entrance code, your home will be safer and your family members (especially children) devoid of the pressure that carrying house keys with them brings.

Relying completely on technology in the field of home security can be as dangerous as only applying traditional methods. With the engagement of common-sense reasoning and the new solutions described above, your home will be a safer place and your life much more relaxed. However, don’t ever think that it is 100% thief-proof and always remain cautious.

The Importance of Home Security

The Opportunity Cost of Home Security

Your home is your castle, your sanctuary. You wouldn’t leave your sanctuary vulnerable to attack, would you?

Of course not. That’s why it’s vital to look into measures that would uphold the safety of your home. There’s nothing worse than having your privacy or safety threatened.

Home Security

The options for protecting your home are quite simple. The standard home alarm system can be easily implemented by anyone. The first step requires contacting a licensed security specialist.

A security specialist can consult you on the proper system for your living quarters. Whether you live in a small flat or spacious villa, systems are completely adaptable to any living situation.

Once your home has been scouted out by a licensed professional, they will advise you on the right solution.

Types of Alarms

Not all alarms are created equal. As a result, some are better than others depending on the situation.

Some alarms operate on movement. If the alarm is activated and movement is detected, the alarm will sound. Typically these alarms can be set, and they will automatically alert users as well as constables when an intruder is detected.

Most alarms can be activated manually by a user. If a user is in his residence and a break-in occurs, they can hit the panic alarm.

A versatile alarm system allows anyone to adapt to whatever situation arises.

Preventing Break-Ins

The best way to avoid thieves is to avoid attracting them altogether. There are many low-cost strategies a homeowner can utilize to accomplish this. If you have a nice car, park it inside a garage rather than the lot.

Avoid advertising your valuables on social media, and try to keep your travel arrangements confidential.

With the advent of social media, many thieves have preyed on victims posting their whereabouts online. When users make their movements easily accessible, it greatly increases the risk of exposure.

Not all break-ins can be prevented, but preventing them is a big part of ensuring you don’t have to invest in security.

Cost of Loss

When weighing investments, you always have to consider opportunity cost. Look at home security as an investment, not a waste.

You’ve spent thousands upon thousands on your vehicle and amenities. Imagine if all of these valued treasures were snatched away in an instant. That’s how much effect a thief can have on you.

It is for that reason that home security should be the priority for any homeowner. For as a little as the cost of a night out on the town, you can purchase top-of-the-line security options.

Aside from the material possessions in your home, these alarms will protect you and your loved ones.

If you’re still worried about where you can purchase home security options, don’t worry. Licensed providers of security systems, as well as security personnel, are abundant.

One of the top security providers is HG Security, a provider of top-tier security measures. For more information, head to

5 Steps to Stay Safe and Secure in Your Home

It is estimated that nearly 3 million people will visit a hospital A&E department every year after being injured in the home, where under 16’s and pensioners are statistically at most risk. It is imperative that you safeguard your house and the possessions inside, not only from criminal activity but from internal accidents.

Here is a list of 5 simple steps you can use to stay safe and secure in your home:

1. Lock Doors

It may sound obvious but ensuring your front and back doors are secured at all times is crucial, along with any side gates and garage doors also. Treat unfamiliar visitors with caution, using a chain if you have one. Take extra care if on holiday for example also, inform trustworthy neighbours you will be away and invest in safety alarm systems.

2. Care with Electrical Products

Electrical accidents are potentially very dangerous and a major cause of accidents. Many house fires are sparked by unwatched, faulty or misused electric items. Be careful that you understand exactly how to operate items such as irons and microwaves and also not to overload plug sockets. Make sure electrical items are switched off before you go to bed or leave the house.

3. Test Household Items

Many accidents are caused from a simple lack of care with products, especially electrical appliances. The kitchen is the main centre of injury, where some people do not correctly know how to operate such items as their oven or dishwasher. You can hire PAT-testing equipment from companies such as MCS Test Equipment to do this; they’ll also give you guidance on how it all works. Understand exactly how to work every appliance in your home, reading manuals carefully or asking advice if unsure.

4. Safety for Children

As children are naturally more inclined to mess around with items in the home, appropriate safeguards must be in place to keep them protected. Keep dangerous items out of reach, such as bleach and kitchen knives, along with electrical sockets and wires. Maintain supervision at all times, especially for younger children.

5. Prepare for Accident

Accidents are sometimes bound to happen no matter how much planning has been committed beforehand. In this sense, make sure your house is equipped to deal with minor incidents and emergencies that do occur. Stock up on simple medical equipment, such as bandages, plasters and tablets, having a fully stocked first aid kit at all times in the house as well as your car. Make sure everyone in your home knows who to contact if something does go wrong, such as neighbours and the local doctor. In the event of a fire, ensure smoke alarms are working and also plan any viable escape routes.

The layout, security requirements and interior possessions of every home up and down the country will differ. Make sure that you and everyone in your house are well accustomed with how to stay safe in both protecting your property from outside intrusion or potentially dangerous accidents inside.

Security Camera System Installation Service – Surveillance Cameras CCTV Installers

Having a good security system is the first thing most people think about when considering the security of their business or commercial properties. This explains why Closed Circuit TVs are very common in offices and other commercial buildings. But people are slowly beginning to understand that most of their irreplaceable possessions can be found in their homes. And most important of all is the family.

Keeping your family safe should come before anything else. Other assets such as cars, gadgets, documents, and jewellery should not be neglected as well. CCTV installers can provide very circumspect protection for your home.

Your family’s safety should be your top priority. Every member of your family is important and irreplaceable. The value of a single human life cannot be calculated. Not every threat can be anticipated which makes it all the more important to keep an eye on every member of the family. ACC Security monitors the home and everything in it non-stop providing peace of mind to the client.

While the home is the center of the lives of most people, more time can be spent at work or at play than in the home. Keeping an eye on activities going on in the house while you are absent becomes increasingly necessary. Knowing that CCTV installers can set up watch and record everything serves as a very good deterrent to thieves.

Moreover, accident or theft can be happening every now and then. No one has got the ability to measure the actual time when an accident or theft can occur. While you are in the office and your kids are home, then ACC Security can act as the guardian instead of you. You can form your activities in the office without any tension because you know there is a guardian who is there to look at your kids.

For any kind of mishap or theft, the CCTV helps to provide the actual information which is the most needed element for investigation. If your car or any other motor vehicle is stolen, then the CCTV footage can play a significant role to assist the cops to perform their investigation procedure.

Besides, you need to take care of the goods of your shop, if you are the owner of one. A ACC Security can act as the ideal security for your shop. You can be relaxed about your shop while you are home because you know that the best security is there to keep your shop and the goods fully protected and safe.

While security is important, the feeling of privacy is also important too. No one wants to feel imprisoned by their own security systems. CCTV fades into the background and is very unobtrusive. With internet access, the controls and information of CCTV installers is easily viewed from anywhere in the world.

This feature makes accessing a CCTV installers system as easy as checking your email on any internet enabled device. What are you waiting for? Head on over to any ACC Security office and let their technicians assist you.

Check out the CCTV with Internet and 3G Phone Viewable 4-Channel DVR with 4 Night Vision Cameras H.264 Compression Technology 500 GB HD Installed. (Click on the below image)

Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB

Easy Upgrades That Will Secure Your Home Against Intruders

At the comfort of your own home, it is sometimes easy to disregard the possibility of an intruder breaking in to take some of your costly items. However, it is important to take note that burglars, nowadays, see regular homes as an opportunity to cash in. And it will only take a few minutes for a determined burglar to gain entry to your house, even if it is in broad daylight.

Of course, you do not want to put yourself and your family’s life at risk nor would you want your hard-earned belongings to be taken away. As such, it is well worth doing some upgrades to your home to deter opportunist intruders. The cost and effort may be pricey upfront, but it is relatively small compared with the expense of losing valuable items or having your family harmed.

Light it up

A home that is well lit is less likely to be the target of a break-in. Hence, make sure that the exterior of your home is illuminated properly with motion-detector light fixtures. It will also be wise to outfit your interior lights with timers, so that if you have to go out at night, the lights will leave an impression that somebody is at home.

Avoid leaving your landscape unkempt

Tall trees and dense bushes serve as perfect hiding places for intruders. To avoid the burglars out, always keep the trees and bushes on your lawn trimmed. It would also be wise to keep potted plants off your windows’ view so that you will be able to see if there are people approaching your property.

Secure all possible entry points

Keep in mind that there are numerous points in and around your house where intruders can gain entry. These include but are not limited to front, back and side doors, skylights, and downstairs and upstairs windows. Beef up the security of these entry points by installing new hardware on them such as a high quality entry lockset and deadbolt locks for doors as well as sash locks and security bars on all windows.

For skylights, which are at roof level, make sure that they are properly locked and avoid placing ladders on the outside of your house or garage as these can be used by burglars to access the roof and skylights of your home.

Invest on home security systems

There are numerous inexpensive yet premium quality home security systems available in the market today including motion detectors and easy-to-install break-in sensors, driveway alarms and wireless network cameras just to name a few. Invest on these items to protect your home. If you have pets that could set off false alarms, go for systems that are “pet-immune.”

Keep your keys secured

If you have spare keys, it will be preferable if you carry them with you at all times instead of hiding them in some “covert” areas outside of your home. Likewise, be mindful about issuing keys because you will never know what paths or situations they may encounter, risking the possibility of duplication.

How to Make Your Home More Secure

Home security is of paramount importance to all house holders and here are some great tips as to what to look out for and ensure you have covered to make your home as secure as possible.

1. Exterior

Take a good look at your home on the outside as if you are a burglar wanting to break in. What would help you as a burglar break into your property or aid them making an entry into your home?

Do you have large bins or crates that will help you get over a fence or gate? Do you have a fence that can be easily scaled? Do you have a gate with locks that are easy to open from the other side? Do you have a tree or dark area at the front or back of your house that can provide cover for an intruder? All of these things will make your home more attractive to a burglar.

Install high fences that make it difficult for intruders to climb over. Ensure you use anti-climb paint on your fences and gates and also use bolts on the top, bottom and middle of your gates and openings so that it makes it difficult for an intruder to break in. For sheds, fit padlocks so it makes it difficult for a burglar to get in. Don’t leave ladders, crates or large bins out in the garden or in an unlocked shed.

Security Lighting

2. Security Lighting

Sensory flood lighting that is triggered by movement is very cheap and effective to install at the back, side and front of your home. This type of lighting is likely to deter a thief walking onto your property and will stay on for some time, alerting you and your neighbours.

Another effective deterrent is to keep an exterior light on at the front and back of your home which has a sensor that turns off when it becomes daylight.

3. Locks and Doors

Most burglars will gain access to your property through doors, so ensure you have watertight, solid doors fitted that are certified to a high security standard. Fit your doors with a highly secure five-lever mortice lock and also get it fitted with an additional deadlock for added security. Also fit a chain to the door so that when visitors call you can open the door a small way securely to see who it is. If you have an open letter box opening, fit a letter box guard to stop intruders reaching to your inside door latch.

Some sliding doors can also be lifted up out of their frame for entry. Make sure that your patio sliding doors are fitted with anti-lift blocks to prevent this. You should also ensure that when your doors are closed, the sliding panel of the door interlocks with the fixed panel to prevent them being levered apart by an intruder trying to gain access.

Any external doors that have single glazing that can be easily smashed and should be swapped out with UPVC doors that are double-glazed or solid wood doors with no windows at all.

4. Windows

Your windows are another access point for intruders to easily get into your home, so ensure that all of your windows on all floors have window locks fitted.

Use laminated glass at key entry points to your property. Laminated glass offers exceptional security and protection for your home as it cannot be broken and remains intact when smashed. An intruder trying to break through laminated glass will make a lot of noise and will have to keep smashing for a period of time, so it’s an effective deterrent.

Make sure there are no walls or railings near to your windows that will help a burglar step through your window or onto your window ledge. It’s also a good idea to plant prickly plants and bushes such as holly bushes, Pyracantha, blackthorn or roses in front of your lower ground windows so that this is an additional and challenging barrier for an intruder to get through.

Most windows will also have an opening distance maximum so that they cannot be fully opened to allow intruders in.

5. Alarm System

There are many alarm systems and home security services on the market ranging from simple home alarms with self-setting alarm features to fully monitored and managed alarm systems connected to centralised monitoring centres. Some services also connect to your local police station which is available for an additional fee payable to the police. You can also get a speech dialler service which calls pre-set numbers when the alarm goes off and leaves an automated alert that the alarm has been activated.

However, you will need to be careful about defective alarm systems and alarm systems that go off at the slightest movement. If the police are called too often to a false alarm, you will be struck off their register.

6. Home Safe

For valuable items, it makes sense to buy a fireproof safe for your home to lock all important documents and high value items in. Even if your home is broken into, the safe will provide additional security to keep precious belongings safe.

Top 4 Home Security Tips to Make Your Home Secure

According to a piece of information, single family homes are twice likely to be the victims of theft than apartments. Cash, jewelry, electrical equipments, tools and cameras are the most common items for a robber.

People start paying attention to their own home security only when they hear something worst happened to their relatives or their neighbors. Lack of security is the best weapon of burglars. There are many things which a person can do to make his home secure.

Here are the Top 4 Home Security Tips

home security

1. When Leaving Home

When thinking to counter the enemy, you have to think like them. A robber will intrude into an empty house so anything that makes your house doesn’t make your house seem empty; will lead the intruder to move to another target.

So leaving some lights on will work as a security. Do not change the look of your home, for example do not close up all the long curtains or send the dog to someone’s house but instead pay a kid to visit your house and feed the dog, take him to walk etc.

Put a timer on the main lights of your lounge as well as on your TV so that they come on and off at usual timings of your leisure time. Ask one of your trusted neighbors to put a trash bag out of your house if they don’t mind doing so.

You can do a lot more things to make your place look lively. Putting yourself in place of the robber and think where would you break into your house first, you can take some extra precautions there. For further assistance in making your home secure, talk to your local policemen and their recommendations.

2. Some Changes you should Make

Neatly cut the overhanging branches so that the robber cannot get to upper floors. Look for other easy ways through which a robber can go up on the roof. For example, ladders laying around in your yard, lattices against the wall, roof drains etc. Also, you can plant thorny bushes outside low windows of your house.

Trim any shrub borders or bushes in which a person can hide against your house. If you have any skylights which can be removed from outside then get it secured! Look over your roof area and see if there are any sort of possible ways from which a person can enter into your house, even a loose roof vent can provide a way in for a child robber.

Do not keep your spare keys somewhere predictable. What you think is a good place for hiding your keys; it would be obvious to any experienced burglar to predict. Generally people leave their keys under a pot plant or over a shelf. The best thing to do is leave the keys to one of your trusted friends or neighbors so they can only get into your house legally.

Install some extra lights as well as some motion detectors alongside of doors. Set them in such a way that only a person can switch them off, not a pet. They can be raised in sensitivity or aimed higher.

3. Things You Need to Ensure

Make sure that your exterior doors are at least ¾ inch thick (they probably are) and are they made from solid wood or with unbreakable metal. Any good quality door will surely provide decent protection. Make sure that all of your exterior doors should have a dead lock besides a regular lock.

Also, make sure that this lock is installed with heavy plate with long and strong screws. A weak strike plate and screws will give up to a good shoulder or a kick. Do not have a mail slot from which a person can get their hands through and unlock the door lock.

Glass panels in a door can actually provide an invitation to a burglar to break in. It ruins all of your door security. This is because they are very easy to break and then locks can be accomplished. Similarly, pet doors and upstairs windows are often easy way in for child robbers.

4. Garage

You have to be very careful about garage. Most of the times the side door which leads into a garage is overestimated. It is usually made of low quality material. Make sure there is a lock installed in this door which can be locked from inside at night.

Another thing to make sure if you do not have an electrical garage door opener is to bolt the garage door from inside as well. This is to stop force opening. Lock your and the alarm system of it.

Check your windows because they are very easy to open from outside, place some bolts on them as well. For a simple exercise to make sure your house is safe or not, you can ask a friend to break in, and if he is able to do so ask him to further guide you on home security tips.

5 Ways To Protect Your Family and Give Burglars The Middle Finger

Your family is the most precious thing in the world to you. It’s your responsibility to keep them safe. You teach your kids not to talk to strangers and you teach them how to cross the street without getting run over, but what about the things you have less control over?

One of those things is your home and you don’t have total control over who can come in and out. If someone wanted to break into your home they could find a way. Are you making it as difficult for them as possible? If not you should start thinking about what you can do.

It’s one of those things we don’t pay attention to. As long as you have the door locked you assume nobody is going to break in. But that’s unfortunately not how it works. A silly little bolt on your door isn’t going to stop everyone. There are certain things you can do that will reduce your chances of being broken into, which in turn will keep your family safe.

You’ll need to make some changes to your home if you aren’t already using them. These simple changes will make your home much less attractive to would-be thieves.

home security

1. Keep everything locked up

If you have a garage, that means putting the car away. If you have expensive things in the garden it means locking them in a garden hut, or at least hiding them so they won’t be seen when someone is walking past.

It only takes a few minutes to jump over a fence and grab something. Some people aren’t afraid of the police and they wouldn’t be frightened to steal something and get themselves a new toy.

2. Let people know you’re home

People will take an opportunity when presented with one and if they think there’s no-one home they could strike. It’s bad enough that they could break-in when nobody is home, but when you have children and a partner in bed it becomes a whole different ball game.

Let people know you are in by having lights switched on when you’re at home. Even if the kids are in bed and you’re working in the office you should only switch lights off before you go to sleep.

3. Use an alarm

When everyone is sleeping at night you might not hear anyone come in. They could easily get into your home without waking you and you’d be none the wiser. If you have an alarm system it means you don’t need to sleep with one ear listening to what’s happening downstairs.

As soon as the alarm went off you could get everyone into a safe place until the police arrive. What’s more likely to happen is that the thief would get out of there as quickly as possible without looking back.

4. Install a video camera

Having a video camera outside acts as a great deterrent and people are going to think twice about being caught on video trying to break into a property. It’s an easy way to get caught and anyone with half a brain wouldn’t be so stupid.

Some people unfortunately don’t even have half a brain, but luckily you might notice them attempting to break in and you can call the police. Even if they run away the police will have a nice photo to go on and they’ll be caught.

5. Beef up doors and windows

Unless someone turns into a ghost and walks through your wall they will more than likely need to come in through a door or window. Instead of just having deterrents like a security system and video cameras, you can actually make the doors and windows a lot harder to get through.

This means you’ll have to fit them with much stronger bolts and use windows that are thicker than a single pane of glass. If you can’t scare them away, you can stop them right in their tracks.