How to Choose Baby Carriers

When you first have your baby, you’re going to need all the help you can get. Sleeping is going to be a rare feat and you’ll be herding in the relatives you barely speak to as new babysitters.

Everyone needs a break, especially during those difficult first few weeks—sometimes even months depending on the fussiness of your child.

Not only are you going to rely on people to help meet your needs, you’re going to have to find devices that allow you more freedom and that provide general help in your day to day lives.

baby carriers

One of the most important items you can get that will aid you throughout that difficult time is a baby carrier. Hug a Bub sells well-made, quality baby carriers at an affordable price.

The Team at Hug a bub have provided some ways to figure out exactly what type of baby carrier will meet your needs.

  • Type

The first thing you have to consider when buying a baby carrier is what type you’d like. This involves what time of support for your baby you’ll need along with the hold it’ll provide you.

The most common kind of baby carrier is a pre-tied wrap that settles the baby directly on your chest. This is good for beginners because you don’t have to worrying about how tight to tie it or if it will come apart. It’s all ready as soon as you buy it, just slip it on and you can transport your baby with significantly less hassle.

Your next option is a wrap that you tie yourself. The baby remains on your chest, but you can shift him whichever way you’d like and tie accordingly. This is for anyone who needs a bit more versatility in their baby carrier. It also comes in handy for heavier children so you can tighten and retie as the day goes on.

Is your child a bit older and more active? Any child from four months to three years old would work well in a carrier, which frees their hands. It’s likely a child will get fussy as he gets older and is contained in a wrap. Instead, get the carrier that allows movement so he can still remain active and lively while still allowing you to carry him easily.

  • Weather

You’ll always want to consider the temperature before putting your baby into a carrier. If the weather is extremely hot, you’ll want to keep her in a thin wrap, which won’t cause her to overheat.

In the opposite situation when it’s cold and stormy, carriers can be perfect for keeping your body warmth on your baby. Other than this, you can get thicker wraps that act as makeshift blankets and you can even bring your own blankets with your carrier if that’s not enough warmth.

  • Baby Personality

The last thing you should consider is your baby’s personality. If your baby’s lively and active, you’ll want to be sure to get the carrier that will allow her to move her hands around. If she’s a sleepy infant, you’ll want to go with one of the wraps that allows her to get her much needed rest.

Despite all these different things to consider, buying a baby carrier is easy and the selection is wonderful over at Hug a Bub. Check it out today!

The Perks of Baby Carriers

Baby Carriers

Baby carriers allow parents to move around and have much more access to their arms while still providing the love and support newborns need almost constantly.

For example, have you ever been putting dishes into the dishwasher only to hear the all too familiar cry of your child? You have to stop everything you’re doing to pick her up and calm her back into a sleepy state. Even then, she’s likely to start crying the moment you set her down. You’re left with a pile of dirty dishes on the counter and no time to finish cleaning up.

With a baby carrier, the entire situation plays out differently. You can scoop up your infant and slide her right into the wrap as soon as she calms, giving her the comfort she needs while also being able to return right to your original task. No dirty kitchen for you!

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