How to Clean Salt Off Leather Shoes

Winter is here again, white and cold as ever. Slippery roads, ice dams on the roofs, puddles of snowmelt everywhere, heavy snow that blocks the streets – and the unpleasant surprises just keep on coming. First, it’s your front door that doesn’t open, then it’s your car that won’t start. On top of it, your leather shoes look unrecognisable because of all the dirt and salt stains.

That’s right, it’s winter and it’s going to stay here for a while. So keep your cool and take it easy because it’s not going away. Not yet. In the meantime, why don’t you find a way to take those nasty salt stains out? There are a few very effective tricks to combat salt stains. Have a look and find out what they are.

Method 1: Salt-Stain Remover

You need: a salt-stain remover, clean rag or cloth.

Many stores offer salt-stain removers. They can save the day when you are in a rush and want to have clean, presentable shoes. These removers are chemically-based, so perhaps it’s wise to opt for other alternatives if you don’t fancy the idea of using dangerous substances. Every bottle comes with instructions, so make sure you read the label for more information on how to use the product.

Lots of people opt for salt-stain removers because this is the easiest and fastest option. But it certainly isn’t the best. Have a look at other suggestions to find out the rest.

Method 2: Saddle Soap

Saddle Soap

You need: saddle soap, sponge, clean rag.

TenancyCleaners Willesden says that one of the most effective ways to clean leather shoes is to use saddle soap. The first step is to moisten a clean sponge. Apply a small amount of the soap to it and start rubbing the shoes. Move in circles to get the salt out. Then remove the excess soap with a dry, clean rag or cloth. Let the shoes air dry. Repeat the procedure as many times as necessary to get all the salt out of your leather shoes.

The benefits of using this method are that this product is made from natural ingredients, so it won’t damage your shoes. It contains no dangerous chemicals or VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Method 3: Vinegar


You need: a jar, clean rag or cotton ball, vinegar and water

Take a jar and pour one part vinegar and two parts water. Shake gently. Soak a cotton ball or a clean rag into the mixture and rub the shoes gently to remove any salt deposits from the surface. This solution works great on any type of shoes, such as faux leather, fabric, suede and leather shoes. Just remember to let the shoes dry after you finish cleaning. You can also use a clean towel to do the trick. Note: you may need to repeat the procedure until you remove all the salt.

There are two primary advantages of this method. Firstly, vinegar is an inexpensive ingredient that comes in handy for many situations in the household, from cooking to cleaning. Every housewife needs vinegar in her pantry. Secondly, it is non-hazardous. Cleaning your shoes, other objects or surfaces doesn’t harm them and it’s safe for you as well.

Remember that to prevent your shoes from damaging, you should take care of them. When they are soaked, make sure you place them in a warm place where they can air dry. Don’t leave them near fireplaces or radiators because this may cause more damage. A great way to speed up the drying process is to place newspaper inside the shoes. It will absorb part of the water.

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