How to Clean the Window Panes

Windows are one of the most pretentious and time-consuming home manipulations in terms of cleaning. They become dirty quite often, with every rain or a stronger wind, which sweeps the dust clouds at them, but this is not the reason making the cleaning so dislikeable – the real reason is, namely, that you have to be extremely diligent not to leave traces and spots from the cloth you scrub them with or form your fingertips.

And last but not least, you have to be careful about the pressure with which you press the fabric on the glass surface so not to cause eventual breakage.

There are some variants to make your work easier and smoother.

  • If you would like to prevent your windows from hoar-frosting, prepare a solution containing 30 grams pure spirit, 2,5 grams of glycerin and ten grams distilled water and just rub the windows with soft-fibered cloth dipped in the solution.
  • Every winter most certainly creates troubles due the forming of ice on the surface. How are you supposed to remove the ice rapidly and efficiently? Well, the answer is with the right agent.  And you will possess the right agent if you mingle 20 grams of salt and dissolve them in some water. Spread this liquid on the ice surface with a brush with long handle or a soft sponge. You will be astonished how promptly the ice will start to melt.
  • In order to avert your windows from sweating, you can mix 20 grams soft potassium soap, 10 grams of glycerin and two grams of turpentine. Apply the substance on the windows panes and polish with soft lint-free cloth.
  • Another recipe for efficacious windows home cleaning includes the dissolving 25 milliliters iodine. It is namely the iodine that eliminates the blotches; sometimes, its cleansing power is even better than the chemical one of other detergents. The simplest cleaning variant is a water solution with some drops of vinegar, and you can use it to achieve flawless results if your windows aren’t too dirty.
  • Before starting the actual window cleaning process, make sure you will remove the cobweb, if there is any. If it is possible, you can wash away the rough dirt with a garden hose. If there is a chance to remove the sliding window, you can wash it the bathroom, but better be careful when you lift it, especially if it’s a heavy or big one, and secure yourself with an additional helper.
  • The common rule when cleaning the inner side of the windows is to start form the upper left or right corner and make twists in the shape of ‘S’ until you reach the down corners.
  • The wiping of the detergent has to be made in a vertical direction with the help of a squeegee form the top to the bottom. Make sure you regularly dry the rubber edge of the squeegee to avoid the watery lines between the overlapping movements.

If you follow these beneficial steps, you will know how to make your window panes the most shining ones in the whole neighbourhood.

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