How to Create Your Own Moss Garden

Is there a place in your garden that no matter what you plant there it simply won’t grow? Is it too dark or too damp for anything to thrive there? If you do it could be that you have the ideal place to create a moss garden. If you are thinking; ‘Moss? Ugh!’ you are probably one of those people that are always trying to get their lawn moss free, in the endless struggle for garden perfection, stop it now before the stress kills you!

Moss is soft and spongy and turns your garden into a green deep pile carpet. You never have to take a lawnmower to your moss mats, it never needs fertilising or tending, it just grows in its own contented little way. Of course there are those who no matter what I say will continue to see this furry green wonder as a weed, but honestly, in the right circumstances moss can be beautiful, if not stunning.

What is a Moss Garden?

The idea behind having a moss garden is that it offers you an area of the garden that is quiet and serene; there are no vibrant colours to catch the eye, no plants of different shapes and sizes to distract you and let your thoughts wander. A moss garden is a part of the garden that offers a soft, tranquil place for you to calm your mind and focus your thoughts. There is hardly any maintenance work involved in a moss garden and it will exist happily all year round.

For examples of established moss gardens search online for a garden in Japan called Kokedera. This ancient Japanese moss garden was constructed in the 1300’s and is it a landscape where the only vegetation is the different species of moss, interspersed with trees; it is a homage to eternal life and an area for meditation and relaxation. Your own moss garden should look totally natural, as though you never had a hand in its design.

Moss Garden

Placing Your Moss Garden

It is important that you develop your moss garden in the right place, you need to place it in an area where it would otherwise grow naturally. Moss likes dampness and some natural light; it will not grow in darkness. Look for a position in your garden that is slightly shaded, either by trees or by a wall. To achieve the best results you should opt for growing a moss that is native to the area in which you live.

When your moss is happy it will spread itself around naturally on many surfaces such as stone, wood and soil, creating a green and fuzzy carpet.  If you feel that your moss needs a helping hand to get going and start growing, start brushing over the area with either low fat milk or buttermilk to stimulate growth. When it is established and the sun hits it just right, it will make your garden look as though it has been draped in a rich green blanket of velvet.

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