How to Inspire Your Home for Autumn

Autumnal nights and darkness is creeping in and the weather is closing in and getting colder and snappier. To invite the inevitable Autumnal season in with open arms, why not make some changes in your home that will make you feel brighter, warmer and also cheerier.

Use Red and Orange Shades

Use red and burnt orange colours to inspire Autumn shades in and around your home. Use red or orange crockery, cups, vases or cushions to create a colour that will mirror the shades that you see when you leave your home. The red and orange colours will cheer you up and create an Autumnal ambience that will instantly warm your home.

Cosy-Up Your Home

Now is the time to start getting ready for colder and darker weather, when you just want to snuggle up and stay warm indoors. So invest in a few fleece, wool and warm throws and put them on your sofa and bed. Use the red and orange colours to create a warm feel. Change your summer duvet to a warm and thicker one so keep out the cold nights.

Home for Autumn

Light Candles Everywhere

Candles are a lovely, warm and romantic way to welcome in darker nights and create a soft glow in your home. Place a variety of candles around your home including tea-lights, pillar candles and candle sticks. Use a variety of candle holders to create different heights, sparkles and reflections that will add to the glowing warmth that you create.

Candles are really effective to light up gloomy and dark corners too. You can use candles with great effect, for instance in front of mirrors or crystal ornaments to refract the candlelight, and also by using candle lanterns filled with coloured glass.

If you have young children and pets, make sure your candles are kept out of reach and are encased in high candle holders that protect children and pets from the naked candle flame.

Use Autumn Scents

Scents and smells are just as important as visual decor. Add an instant Autumnal atmosphere with scented candles and baskets and bowls filled with potpourri. Use strong scents such as dried rose petals, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and orange peel to create deep scents.

Collect pine cones, branches and autumn colour leaves on Autumn walks to add to your potpourri collection. Use natural rather than artificial scents to create a natural and pleasant ambience round the home.

Light Fires

If you are lucky enough to have an open fire or wood burner, then stock up on logs for the forthcoming cold months and clean your fireplace and chimneys out to make sure they’re working properly ready for use.

Hang Autumn Decorations

Christmas isn’t the only time when you can put up decorations to brighten up your home and reflect the season. Hang an Autumn wreath up on your mantle piece or front door, or use a wreath as a table centre and put pillar candles in the middle.

You can use Autumn fall findings such as orange, red and yellow leaves, acorns, pine cones and chestnuts. You can also use apples, small squashes, barley heads, oranges and orange ribbon to create a wonderful wreath.

Another idea is to use acorns, pine cones, chestnuts and leaves and spray them with glitter or gold to create a wreath tied with bright orange ribbon, or put in a bowl or basket and use as a table centrepiece or placed around pillar candles.

Of course, when Halloween arrives carve out pumpkins and put candles inside them, or even hang fairy lights in and around them. Gather a few of different sizes and place them grouped together for a fabulous effect.

Fill large vases with seasonal flowers and shrubs that turn a wonderful colour in Autumn such as Acers, Cotinus Flame and Hebe Autumn Glory with strong purple flowers.

Create Table Settings

If you are having a family dinner or guests round to dinner why not theme you table in a wonderful Autumn theme. Use orange or red table cloths and napkins. You can create a shallow bowl of apples, acorns, chestnuts, pears and cut dark, rust and peach chrysanthemums to create a lovely Autumn table centre. Put tealights on the table co-ordinated with red candle holders.

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