How To Store Your Stuff In A House Without Closet?

Generally, when you are moving to a smaller apartment you face storage problems. Chances are high that you might like the apartment except for one thing a 2×4 closet that can’t even fit all your clothes or no closet at all. Unlike a house, small apartments do not have a basement, garage or any other storage solution. No matter how many clothes you donate and sell on eBay or in a car boot sale, you are still left with the stack of clothes which have no place to go.

A household storage solution is really required if you know you are not going to stop buying clothes every month. Here are some handyman and DIY solutions for storing your clothes.


Store Behind The Bed

You can consider storing your clothes in the space behind your bed. You can arrange your clothes beautifully over rods studded in to the walls. You can even install hanging closet organizer, which are really good for stacking clothes or even shoes. You can even hide it using colorful curtains.

Store Over The Chain

Get thick chain with slightly bigger holes to hold the weight of your clothes. Simply find studs on the ceiling and fix hooks which can support the chain to hang on them. Now just slide your hangers through the holes of chains and find your clothes hanging there. You can twist and turn this idea and alter it as per your creativity. To increase the capacity you can give a ladder type look to the chains. This will make it look more natural, suspended look that is chain free.

Plumb It Up

For this you need couple of plumbing pipes, elbows to hold them and flanges. Get all these things together. Find studs on the wall and screw the flanges. Fix elbows and tighten pipes on them. Cut the length of the pipes as per your need. Let the pipes protrude out of the wall and then connect it with the other protruding pipe with the third pipe in between them using elbows. Make sure you use good number of screws to anchor the pipes so that you get a sturdy storage option. Hurray! Now hang your clothes using hangers.

Store on the Ladder

You can use old foldable ladders for stacking your clothes. Open the ladder and place boards over the steps, and cheers! You have a new storing rack ready. Paint it with your favorite colors and place it at a secluded corner.


The easiest and most sorted option is to have a rolling storage at your new apartment. You can even try making them on your own, for instance you can make a rolling storage bench. For this you need to:

  1. Buy some wooden crates, generally used for moving chocolates, beverages from any thrift shops or flea market.
  2. You’ll need four rolling casters, some screws, scissors, ruler, ply board for lid, fabric and foam for upholstery and cotton batting.
  3. Fix the rollers casters with mounting screws.
  4. Measure the top of the box to make lid out of the board.
  5. Spread batting on the floor, place the lid and then foam on top of it. Cut the batting 3 inches more than the lid and foam from all sides.
  6. Now spread the fabric face down on the floor, place the combo of foam batting .lid and foam on the center of fabric. Staple the fabric to it and cut excess of fabric. Fit the lid in top of the crate.
  7. You have a rolling storage ready along with a sitting option.

Now store your winter clothes or something which you do not need in coming time. Make as many as you want and keep storing.


It is accepted that you are not in a mood to buy a new piece of furniture. But Armories can be saviors if you do not have the closets. You may even consider cabinets and consoles. You must try to make maximum out of the storage options in these assets.

Readymade Closet

You can always get readymade storage components in the market. Get them for half the price and install them as per the instructions. They are reasonable, functional and equivalent to high end closet.


Built A Closet Of Your Own

Test your carpentry skill! First you need to consider things you’ll store in the closet. Also there are few more things that you need to consider like:

  • Number of shelves and hanging space you need.
  • Size of the clothes available with you.
  • To whom the closet will belong to?
  • Height of the people using the closet.

Then choose a relevant or a standard design for a closet. Keep the points mentioned above in mind and make all measurements. Draw it down, break down the closets into zones and then add measurements for it. You would need to buy fiberboard shelving with finished edge, 12”to 16” in width, MDF boards in 16 foot length,1*2 and1*4.

You would need wood glue, 1.75” to 1” brad nails, Spackle sand paper, caulk, primer and paint. Not to forget adjustable closet rods and metal hooks as per your needs. Get ready with your basic carpentry tools, measuring tools, brad nailer, chop saw, 4’ and 12” levels, skill saw and start with step one:

  1. Draw your design on the wall and refine your design practically.
  2. Attach the1x2 and 1×4 boards to the wall. Cut the length of these as per the required length. Glue the backside and then nail them to the wall and make sure the nails reached the studs. Before that identify studs on the wall and mark them on the board.
  3. Now place the vertical fiberboard pieces. They are place to have shelves in the center of the closet. Now fasten them to long 1×4 or1x2 verticals. You got to glue the inside edge of the vertical pieces, and then nail from the outside of the fiberboard into the 1×4 or1x2. Please see that the vertical boards you just fixed do not reach the floor, some space is left for easy vacuuming.
  4. Fix 1×2 supports for inside shelves. Cut them into the desired length and glue and nail them as you did in step 1. Use the levels to make sure proper installing of shelves. Put supports on the fiberboard, use 1” brad nails.
  5. Now cut board to make horizontal shelving. Again glue them and nail them. Please make sure you do it in a way that shelves remain parallel, square and true.
  6. You need to add extra blocks for the closet rods and hooks. You can use 3×3” blocks where you have to place the closet rods.
  7. In the end to give finishing touch use spackles to fill the edges and the nail holes. Then sand flush the wood. You can use the sanding machine to reduce efforts. And now the closet is ready for primer and paint.

So you have it all, try these storage ideas. Other than the storage of your clothes these tips can be tried for other household storage solutions, for example rolling storage can be used for many other household things like DVD, magazines, toys, shoes and other obsoletes.

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