Inspiring Tips to Creative the Perfect Conservatory

You don’t need a fancy designer to create the perfect conservatory. All you need is a plan and a few tips to create the ideal space for dinner parties, gardening, and relaxation. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune either!

A conservatory really is a unique space, and with a little inspiration, it’s going to become your favourite room in the whole house.

Juxtapose Interior with Exterior

The exciting thing about a conservatory that makes it extra special is the meeting between two worlds: inside and outdoors. Take this as a fantastic opportunity to play with these two different zones by bringing the outside into your conservatory.

You can achieve this limbo by introducing potted plants or garden ornaments. Some people use garden furniture to great effect in their conservatory. If you are choosing artwork, pick paintings or photographs with a natural theme.

Choose Your Theme And Stick To It 

By no means do you have to overdo the nature theme, unless you are turning your conservatory into a garden room. There are many themes you can pursue – conservatories are versatile! Extra light will enhance any minimalist, modern look, whereas lamps and candles can lead to a more rustic style.

Go to a shop and raid their interior design catalogues – there is a lot of inspiration to be had by looking at what others have done with their conservatories. If you don’t want to fork out that much money, you can always explore themes online. Jot down any ideas on a large piece of paper.

Perfect Conservatory

Remember to Remain Practical 

Always keep in mind that the items in your conservatory will be heavily exposed to bright light. This can damage and fade certain furniture or artwork. Choose durable substances when selecting your furniture – spend some time absorbing some inspiration and ideas! Rattan and cane are traditional choices for conservatories, but if you dislike this basket look, wood and metal can fare pretty well too.

Make Good Use of Space 

Especially if you are planning to entertain guests in this area, make sure you utilise your space well. You want your conservatory to be light and airy, and you can’t achieve that if you have used your conservatory as a storage area. Check out some existing conservatory designs online to get an idea of how you can optimise your use of space.

Invest in Blinds 

Not only can a conservatory superheat in the summer, but it can freeze up in the winter, due to the glass walls! Shade yourself in August and stay toasty in December by installing blinds. They also have the added benefit of hiding any expensive items when you aren’t at home.

If your conservatory is still turning into an ice rink, buy a little heater. It should work well with the blinds, especially if you choose an energy efficient radiator. The last thing you want is a conservatory that doesn’t get used when the weather turns cold – make the most of it all year round.

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