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Interior Decorating Secrets: How to Foolproof Your Home

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘home design?’ Perhaps, you would think of walls painted with your favorite color or installed with eclectically-designed wallpapers. Some of us would think about renovating the kitchen or other parts of their home to suit their liking.

But, do you know that home design can be overwhelming? It is not just about the decorations or renovations that your home needs. Instead, home design also involves making your home livable while matching your needs with your lifestyle.

Give your house and lot in Quezon City (or any other real estate property in the Philippines for that matter) a new look. Decorating your home should never be that hard and expensive. And, if you are looking for practical home design tips, below are some of them.

Interior Decorating Secrets

Set the tone at the front door

As we all know, front doors can make a great first impression. Let’s think about it this way. If your front door is appealing enough, then how much more when it comes to the interior design of your home?

In some cultures, they usually paint their front door with bright red, which symbolizes luck. While in some, they choose the colors orange and yellow since they are both associated with joy and warmth.

Further, you need to get rid or replace the old front door and replace it with a fun, glossy hue to give a better and fresh look.

Keep wall colors light and neutral

Just because you want your walls to be painted with your favorite colors, that doesn’t mean you’ll paint your walls with them. That’s not how it works. You also need to know if the colors you like fit into your home aesthetically (color coordination and flow).

If you want to minimize clashing of colors, you must stick to colors like more beige or gray especially on the first floor where the flow is essential. Paint your walls with neutral colors to give flexibility. It allows you to switch up your accessories quickly.

Additionally, if you want to give it a livelier look, you can look at a paint strip and move up or down a shade or two for a subtle variation in the room.

Make sure your sofa talks to chairs

One important factor that you should never miss is the arrangement of your living room. It gives impact to the overall home design. To achieve a better look, you need to play with the overall design, making sure that it matches perfectly with each other.

There are rules when it comes to living room arrangements. Think about where or what spot should the sofa be to have a sense of balance and intimacy.

While it is true that the couch should match with the chairs, that does not mean that its color, texture, size, and other features must be all the same.

Let the sun shine in

There is nothing more satisfying than a natural light coming through your windows. Ideally, curtains should be functional and elegant.

You can go with sheers paired with full-length panels. If your window got a lot of sunlight, then opt for light color curtains that won’t fade.

Curtains that are made from cotton, linen, and silk blends well with the window since they tend to hang well.

Scale artwork to your wall

Artworks play a significant role in the interior design of your home. It does not just give you an attractive-looking home, but also reduces anxiety and stress.

You can go for an oversized piece or smaller artworks for a gallery-style arrangement. Try not to space the pictures too far apart – 2 to 4 inches between the artworks are the best.

Artworks are usually hung at the eye level depending on the average height of the person. Never forget that.

While home design can be a real challenge, you definitely do not want to make your home look bad. As a homeowner, you need to know your home for you to determine what and what not to do when it comes to designing your home.

Quick Tips for Revamping your Home

It is rightly said- “Home is where the heart is”. A home is a place we come to after a long tiring day, it is our retreat, our solace, our companion. We all have a love hate relationship with our home- we love the cosy ambience, the sun filled balcony on a winter morning, the lawn in full bloom with birds chirping during spring but we hate the ugly wallpaper and we hate the bulky light fixtures that totally disrupts the scenic and sophisticated setting of the bedroom.

Here are some tips to revamp your house and let your home get the makeover you always wanted:


When it comes to furniture, it is essential to choose the right furniture for the right room. For the drawing room try placing sofas and tables aligned with the walls so as to create an impression of space and the there is a fluid eye movement across the room without distractions. Do not try and cramp the furniture as this will give a congested feeling.

If a room is small in height, buy vertical furniture to allow the eyes to move upwards creating a sense of more height in the room. The bedroom already encompasses the bed and should not be stuffed with chairs and excessive furniture.

You can find fabulous deals on furniture at Fabfurnish which includes a range of side tables, turntables, recliners, chairs and much more by availing Fabfurnish coupons.

Wallpaper and Wall Colours

Colours add personality to a room. A dull room can become lively with the splash of colour. Colours can be used in contrast or as a recurring theme- for example a room with white walls can have thematic furniture with blue cushions, curtains etc. It is very important to choose the right colour for each room of the house.

Rooms like the living room should have mild colours as a lot of entertaining is done here and one would like to display paintings, porcelain etc in the living room and a very bright wallpaper would be stressful on the eyes and it would take away from the other attractions in the room.

The kitchen should have colours which increase the feeling of hunger and are appetizing which can include attractive colours like red, blue, yellow etc and should not be dull. The colours should be cool colours and should not be dark like black and brown as the kitchen emits heat and this would add an uncomfortable feeling to the kitchen.

The washroom too should similarly use cool colours and compliment the aqua vibes in the washroom. The colours can be tints and hues of blue and green and should again be cool colours.

The bedroom should be more majestic and can make use of warm colours like maroon walls and personal photographs can help add a friendly and loving touch to the bedroom. Additionally you can give your bedroom the latest furnishings accessorised with trendy lamps, showpieces etc which can be bought at great discounts and deals at Pepperfry by making use of Pepperfry Coupons.

Additional tips on decorations

These little tips can go a great way in adding a splash of life and vigour into your home:

When arranging photographs, try making a collage and use sets of collages across the rooms. Another tip can be using a centre master painting and surrounding it with similar paintings with a common theme.

When using flower decorations, one can use the Japanese flower arrangement which always uses the rule of odd numbers and has branches in the numbers of 3,5,7 etc. The flowers should be similar and not too contrasting in colour and should appear as a single unit.

Lastly while arranging decoration pieces, use them as little units or use an attractive centre piece and let it stand alone to attract maximum attention and eye contact without other distracting decorative pieces around it.

At the end of the day your home should reflect your personality- furnish it in the way you love and let it be an extension of who you are!

Designing and Decorating With Metallics

Sleek and chic metallic accents can instantly transform any drab room into a glamorous interior space. Impress guests with your risk-taking decor decisions and showcase a bold new look by integrating rich gold or sharp metal hues to create a warm and stylish interior-design theme.

Smoldering gold drapery or a bronze vintage table centerpiece have the aesthetic power to change the look and feel of any living space.

Is your home decor in need of an update or do you want to have a daring new look? Fuse metallics into your color scheme or interior-design theme. If you’re apprehensive about how to pull off a metallic-oriented space, the following design secrets can help you get started.

Subtle Accents

If your interior space is dominated by nude furniture and a simple color scheme, enhance the interior space with a few metallic pieces. Avoid donning your entire living room or master bedroom with an explosion of metallics. A lavish gold accessory or a touch of dazzling silver can still make a stunning transformation. features vintage bronze as an eye-catching design trend. The HGTV winter design trends suggest adding character to a neutral wall with a sunburst mirror and creating a glamorous focal point by setting a brass metal ball atop a sitting room’s coffee table.

Alfresco Contrasts

Design your metallic-inspired space with color confidence and contrasting hues. Create a chic look by hanging grommet drapes in opulent seoni or lavish sienna. Set off the vibrant golden and bronze shades with alfresco colors by adorning interior space with a plant or bamboo wall hanging. For a dining room, design experts suggest marrying “organic elements with a variety of metallic finishes.”

Adorn your dining table with nature-inspired decor such as faux flowers or seasonal accents (e.g. pumpkins or holly). Surround the table accents with a lustrous table setting. Your home will be fit to entertain with elegant gold chargers, shimmering napkin holders and antique sterling silver.

Silver & Gold

A silver and gold interior-design theme doesn’t have to be reserved just for the winter season and holidays. If you want to play up the look of exuberant glam and wealth, focus on a small space such as the bathroom or your dining area.

Accent your dining room table with shimmery gold-patterned chairs and set a sleek silver vase as the table centerpiece. The mix-and-match approach will create a contemporary and spirited ambience representative of a vivacious lifestyle and personality.

Copper Trend

The sharp look of copper has become one of the latest trends in metallic decor. An unlikely aesthetic for homes, copper is polished and glamorous. Dramatize a neutral and open space with unique copper light fixtures. Design a contemporary master bath by setting the tone with a standalone copper bathtub and sink.

If your kitchen bores you with its simple appearance, install a stunning copper range hood with copper pendant lighting and decorative accessories such as hanging copper pots and pans. To avoid overdoing the brassy color scheme, harmonize hues with turquoise or teal. Set a turquoise vase on a coffee table and pair it with matching-colored pillows.

Achieving A Coherent and Functional Room Design

If you’re in charge of furnishing a house, office space, salon, or any business at all, you probably have some idea of how to properly outfit rooms, meaning that you have a sense of the way an energy can flow in a room or be created using color, shape, texture, form, and other basic elements of design.

However, our knowledge on any one subject is never complete, so you might consider some of the following points for refining your taste and overall design sensibilities.

Size of the Room

First you must consider the size of the room. The bigger the room, the more leeway you have in choosing visually “heavy” pieces. In other words, you are going to have more room to fill without having to worry about instantly overwhelming the space with too much.

Of course, a big room has the potential to look too busy just as much as a small room would, but you’re not going to notice that you’re going overboard right away, whereas a small room will reveal to you its limits right away.

Room Design

However, some people like stuffing a small room to achieve a cozy cave-like or cabin feeling. The most important thing to remember, as is the case with everything, is to strike a good balance. No matter the size of the room, too much figurative weight or shape has the potential to outfit a room in a way that makes it unappealing to be in or near.

The Intention of the Room

At the same time you’re considering the above, you’ll also need to be thinking about what the intention behind the room is, meaning to what end is the atmosphere being created? Is the room supposed to aid efficiency in work production?

If so, this will inform the choices you make as a designer in acquiring the furnishing that allows for the ease and safety of those who will be moving around a lot, visiting from desk to desk and so forth. This will also be informing those choices you make in terms of what type of furniture is appropriate for this office.

Furniture for a fast-paced office especially should be equipped with casters. This will allow for on-the-fly rearranging, increased mobility, and multifunction within the area. Anything outfitted with ball casters like chairs, filing cabinets, and desks automatically takes a room to a new level, giving it the potential of the modular interface.

The Overall Look of the Space

The last design component to consider, though you should be formulating it in your head from the beginning, is the overall theme or look of the space. This involves color and shape coordination and relies on the needs of the person who will be occupying the space. If colors are too bright and plentiful, for example, it may be hard for a person who uses the room as a meditation space to find focus.

Home Decor Advice for Building Flat-Packs

It wouldn’t be surprising if assembling flatpack furniture was up there on the list of reasons for divorce alongside infidelity or unreasonable behaviour. It’s something all of us have to do from time to time, but putting together a seemingly simple chest of drawers or wardrobe can take hours if the instructions are unclear or pieces get muddled up. The stress of assembling the furniture leads to shouting and swearing in most homes and is a task many of us prefer to avoid. So how can you get your flatpack assembled, and save your marriage at the same time?

Ask For Advice

None of us like admitting that we struggle to do something, so this step isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Staff in the stores who sell the products will know the pitfalls and tips and tricks which make putting the items together easier. When buying an item such as a large wardrobe from the Steens Furniture range, most of the assembly will be done for you. Store staff will be able to advise on what sort of tools you will need, and how long they estimate it will take you to put the items together.

Read the Instructions

The main problem most people encounter when assembling flatpack is with not reading the instructions fully before starting. Even if an item looks very easy to assemble, take a few minutes to look through the instructions and work out in what order to tackle the task. This will avoid common problems such as doors being put on back to front or upside down. If there are lots of different pieces of wood and smaller items like nails or screws, the instructions will carry a list of what should be in the box. Check this before you begin work so that you do not get three quarters of the way through the project and discover you’ve used the wrong screws.

Building Flat-Packs

Get Help

Most flatpack items, even the larger items from Steens Furniture, can be assembled by one person working alone. However, it is easier to have help, even if it is just someone to pass you the screws or hold a piece of wood upright while you get the fixings in position. To avoid arguments with a spouse over how best to tackle the project, ask an older child to help and bribe them with the promise of some extra pocket money or an ice cream.

Professional Help

The hatred of putting together flatpack is widespread and there are companies who take the stress away completely by coming to your home and doing it all for you. This service is the perfect solution for people who hate assembling furniture or just don’t have the time to do it, but it can also be costly and the assemblers may not be able to come to the house at a time which is convenient for you. If however you have just moved into a new home, or have invested in several new items at the same time, it can be the ideal solution.

Holiday Decorating Ideas For Your Fireplace Mantel

Nothing adds more warmth and ambience to your home than a fireplace; except, perhaps, a fireplace mantel that is all decked out for the holidays. While swags of evergreen garland complete with pinecones and red berries have traditionally been the decorations of choice, they aren’t the only choice. In fact, they often look out of place when used in different regions throughout the United States.

Here are a few other holiday decorating ideas for your fireplace mantel:

Coastal Living

To create this look, start by choosing an appropriate color scheme. Instead of choosing traditional reds and greens, you may want to bring some of the colors you see outside of your window inside your home for a cohesive yet festive look. One of the most stunning color combinations of the season is teal and copper.

This color combination is cozy, yet classy. Start by gathering a combination of clear glass containers in varying shapes and sizes and placing them on the mantel. You can then fill some of them with copper Christmas ornaments and place teal colored candles in others. Don’t forget to incorporate a few natural elements as well such as sand, starfish, feathers, cinnamon spice bundles or even driftwood to complete the look.

Above the mantel, you can hang a large wreath made from a non-traditional material such as eucalyptus or something a bit more traditional such as a light colored cedar pine. For a more informal look simply place the wreath behind the jars and lean it against the wall.

For something a bit more whimsical, you could instead hang a large chalkboard with chunky frame with a distressed finish above the mantel and write your own holiday message on it.

Fireplace Mantel Holiday Decorating Ideas

Simply Southern

You don’t have to live in the south to appreciate this simple yet sophisticated style. It can be used to turn any formal fireplace mantel into a festive focal point for the holidays. Raspberry, lime green and gold looks stunning against a white mantel, while white, silver and plum accents bring out the richness of a dark wood stain.

Whatever color combination you choose, start with a fresh greenery garland and drape it across the fireplace. Flowers or fruit are popular things to adorn the garland with in the south.  Flank the fireplace with oversized ribbon bows and group long tapered candles in candlestick holders on the mantle. A single object such as a mirror or wreath hung centered above the fireplace will complete the look.

Tips For Any Style

These are just a few of the many different ways that you can decorate your fireplace for the holidays. Whatever style of décor you prefer, there are a few common elements that will help you create a designer look.

  • Plan ahead. If you start gathering decorations early in the season, you will find a better selection and avoid the stress of last minute holiday decorating.
  • Size it up. Choose decorations and accessories that complement the style of the room and are sized appropriately for the mantel.
  • Repeat. For a more cohesive look, repeat the color combination used on your mantel on your Christmas tree as well as throughout the rest of the home.
  • Less is more. Holiday decorating is often synonymous with excess and indulgence. If you use too many decorations, however, they will compete with each other and look cluttered.

Tips for the Fastest, Cheapest and Easiest Inside Home Makeover

Transform your space into a place where you can relax and get away from the outside world with paint.  Painting is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to give a room or your entire home a complete makeover.  If you’re tired of living with walls that don’t inspire you, change them with a fresh coat of paint.

Using Your Imagination

Paint color options are offered in infinite numbers of shades, colors and tints.  Only your imagination can stop you from transforming your walls into a masterpiece.  Apply a single color and use your furniture and lifestyle to make a room fun or relaxing.  Alternatively, apply textures, patterns and multiple colors to make the walls the focal point.

Free iProducts Paint Apps

If you know you want a change and don’t know what it is exactly you want, download the free Sherwin-Williams paint app called ColorSnap.  ColorSnap allows you to take pictures of your home and then apply colors from the Sherwin-Williams palettes until you get exactly the look you want without ever having to apply paint.

The app also allows you to browse thousands of colors, capture a color that inspires you from other locations, share your ideas on Facebook to get opinions from friends on your choices and take the picked colors into the store to get your paint.

Another great app for home painting is the free PaintRemedy app which gives you tips and suggestions for identifying paint problems and issues both inside and out and tells you how to fix the problems.  Use this app once you’re ready to start prepping your home for painting, to fix any issues before you break out the paintbrush.

Inside Home Makeover

Prepping the Room

Once you’ve decided on a color, it’s now time to do the less fun stuff such as washing the walls and prepping the room for painting.  Don’t forget to pick up plenty of drop cloths and painter’s tape to protect anything you don’t want paint on.

Try to remove all the furniture from the room before getting started.  If that isn’t an option, move furniture to the middle of the room and cover with drop clothes.  Take down wall and switch plates, drapes and blinds and loosen any light fixtures, allow them to hang, covered with a plastic bag to protect.

Lightly sand any woodwork so the new paint will stick and scrap off any peeling paint.  If you have glossy walls, you will need to use a commercial deglosser or TSP (trisodium phosphate) to help the next layer of paint to stick.  After completing the prep, wash the walls with warm water and soap, and then allow walls to dry before applying paint.  A coat of primer will be necessary if you scraped down to the bare walls or this is the first coat of paint on a fresh wall.

It’s Time to Paint

Now you’re on to the fun stuff and seeing your space transformed by the color or colors you picked out.  During this exciting time, there are still a few rules to follow to get the best look out of your paint.  Paint ceilings before walls and walls before trim.

Always maintain a wet edge to avoid creating lines and ridges in your paint.  Keep your rollers and brushes loaded with enough paint so the splattering is less but not so much that they drip.  Use a zigzag pattern to paint walls and paint the entire wall before stopping to eliminate lap marks (no one wants to get done and see the roller strokes on the wall).

Remember to tape any areas where two colors of paint come together and remove the tape before the paint coat dries to avoid the paint peeling off.  If you need a perfectly straight line, use a level and a straight line and pencil to draw the line on the wall and then tape along the line.

Open a Window

Also an often forgotten rule for inside painting: always have some ventilation even with the newer less fumy paints.  All paints have some smells and you shouldn’t be breathing them in (unless you love the “high” lightheaded feeling brought on by painting in a closed up room; it’s still not healthy).  Eye protection and old clothing is also recommended.

Finish up, clean up, put the furniture back and it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor in your freshly painted abode.

Inspiring Tips to Creative the Perfect Conservatory

You don’t need a fancy designer to create the perfect conservatory. All you need is a plan and a few tips to create the ideal space for dinner parties, gardening, and relaxation. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune either!

A conservatory really is a unique space, and with a little inspiration, it’s going to become your favourite room in the whole house.

Juxtapose Interior with Exterior

The exciting thing about a conservatory that makes it extra special is the meeting between two worlds: inside and outdoors. Take this as a fantastic opportunity to play with these two different zones by bringing the outside into your conservatory.

You can achieve this limbo by introducing potted plants or garden ornaments. Some people use garden furniture to great effect in their conservatory. If you are choosing artwork, pick paintings or photographs with a natural theme.

Choose Your Theme And Stick To It 

By no means do you have to overdo the nature theme, unless you are turning your conservatory into a garden room. There are many themes you can pursue – conservatories are versatile! Extra light will enhance any minimalist, modern look, whereas lamps and candles can lead to a more rustic style.

Go to a shop and raid their interior design catalogues – there is a lot of inspiration to be had by looking at what others have done with their conservatories. If you don’t want to fork out that much money, you can always explore themes online. Jot down any ideas on a large piece of paper.

Perfect Conservatory

Remember to Remain Practical 

Always keep in mind that the items in your conservatory will be heavily exposed to bright light. This can damage and fade certain furniture or artwork. Choose durable substances when selecting your furniture – spend some time absorbing some inspiration and ideas! Rattan and cane are traditional choices for conservatories, but if you dislike this basket look, wood and metal can fare pretty well too.

Make Good Use of Space 

Especially if you are planning to entertain guests in this area, make sure you utilise your space well. You want your conservatory to be light and airy, and you can’t achieve that if you have used your conservatory as a storage area. Check out some existing conservatory designs online to get an idea of how you can optimise your use of space.

Invest in Blinds 

Not only can a conservatory superheat in the summer, but it can freeze up in the winter, due to the glass walls! Shade yourself in August and stay toasty in December by installing blinds. They also have the added benefit of hiding any expensive items when you aren’t at home.

If your conservatory is still turning into an ice rink, buy a little heater. It should work well with the blinds, especially if you choose an energy efficient radiator. The last thing you want is a conservatory that doesn’t get used when the weather turns cold – make the most of it all year round.

Turn The Kids Room Into A Paradise With These Simple Design Ideas

The children’s bedroom is invariably the hardest room to design in a house, simply because of the fickle tastes of children. Adults can give clear, precise advice on what works and what doesn’t in their rooms (at least most of the times!), but children are prone to swing between love and dislike for things.

So the question is, how do you design a room for your child that will captivate his/her imagination (and allow plenty of room for it to grow)?

Here are some design ideas that can help you get started.

Get Inspired

Kids RoomThe internet is a treasure trove of inspiration on design projects. Remember: you’re not the only person in the world fretting over your child’s bedroom. People, many experienced interior designers, have been there, done that. Some even post their results online for everyone to see. The easiest way to find inspiration for your child’s bedroom project is to head online and borrow from others ideas.

Here’s an example: The “Go to Your Room!” group on Flickr regularly collects inspirational pictures and design ideas from around the web. The group has over 6,381 hand curated pictures, which can be an excellent starting point for any design project for children.

It’s All About the Kids

As an adult, it’s very easy to get carried away and design rooms as per your own specifications. But it’s important to step away from time to time and remember to arrange things for your children.

For example: make sure that all cupboards, drawers, and storage closets in your child’s bedroom are designed for their height. Children won’t stay organized for long if they can’t reach their storage spaces easily.

Kids room

Arrange everything in the room around your child’s interests. If he/she likes art, why not make a central ‘art area’ in the room with easy access to crayons, colouring sheets, pencils, etc.? Similarly, children interested in sports should have easy access to their favourite sports equipment.

Help Them With Their Hobbies

Kids RoomAdults have passions. Children have hobbies and pursuits. Hobbies are essential to developing a child’s intellectual, emotional and artistic abilities. Good thing is, children are naturally curious and will try out many things.

A parent’s responsibility is to ensure that your child’s room provides enough room and opportunities to practice his/her favourite hobbies. Does your child like collecting coins? Then make sure he has enough storage space to keep his entire collection. Does he like dabbling with craft? Then the room should have plenty of space to store his craft supplies.

Build the room around the child’s hobbies, and you’ll never be out of ideas.

Don’t be Afraid of Colour

As adults, we tend to limit our palette to a handful of colour selections. Children are not so picky. Children like playing with colours. Don’t stop at pastel shades for your child’s bedroom. Go crazy – include bright shades of pink and blue, blossoming orange and garden greens, royal purple and turquoise blue. The one thing that can make a room come alive is colour. Make sure your children’s room has plenty of it.

9 Easy to Change Home Decorating Mistakes

Small changes that you can make in your home decorating can lead to a much more satisfying home environment. Almost everyone has been guilty of one or more of these at some point in their home decorating.

However, learning to recognize these “big” mistakes can lead to a much more put-together look.

1. Too Many Photos

You don’t need to display every family picture that you’ve taken for the world to see. Most people aren’t even interested in your pictures of the bird that visits your patio or every smile your baby makes. Consider framing just a few of your best and favorites for sitting or hanging and put the rest in a digital picture frame or photo albums that are organized and easy to access for those who love to show off their pictures.

Home Decorating Mistakes

2. The Infamous Toilet Rug

Even if you don’t own one now, the likelihood is that you did at one point or know someone who does. The cutout rug fits around the base of the toilet and is the harbinger of germs and yucky stuff. Get rid of it. Don’t give it away, throw it out. Instead, use a normal rectangular rug placed away from the base of the toilet.

3. Leaving Exposed Wires and Cables

It’s such an easy fix but so many of us leave the wires and cables to electronics, lamps and other devices laying out to be seen. Try tucking them behind the furniture or along the baseboards. If you can, lift the edge of the carpet or a rug and hide them under. Bunch wires neatly together and use electrical tap or small zip ties to hold them together in a bundle. Cord covers the same color as the wall or flooring is also another great way to cover up wires and cables.

4. Wrong Themes

Walking into a room that looks like it’s a scene from a beach home when you’re in the mountains or vise versus, just makes most of us cringe. It’s like instant shock to the senses because it’s so out of place. If you like a location but live in a different environment, don’t use the theme in your home. You can display a few items from the location on a shelf or bookcase, but don’t do the whole room or home.

5. Too Much Clutter

Clutter is a fault of almost everyone and it leads to stress because you feel pressured to get organized and to clean up. The best way to get rid of clutter is to find better ways to organize. Find tubs, baskets, chests and armoires to give you extra space to hold those items that seem to pile up. Learn to get rid of items that you don’t use or wear, including that jacket hanging in the back of your closet that you’ve been waiting to come back into style.

6. Large Collections

Collectibles can begin to look like clutter when not displayed correctly or they’ve taken over your home (this includes clothes and shoes). Go through the collection and get rid of ones you don’t really want or appreciate. If sizing down is not an option, then consider dividing the collection into smaller groupings and rotating the groups in and out of storage to make the collection more manageable.

7. Wrong Size Furniture

Buying furniture too large or small for the space is also a big decorating mistake. Measure your room and space before purchasing, including checking the doorframe sizes, to make sure the piece is the right size for the area. You also don’t want to overstuff or leave the room to sparse either.

8. Formal Rooms

No one uses formal rooms; they are too stiff and uncomfortable. Improve the comfort and relaxation of your home by getting rid of the formal dining or living room and creating a space where people want to live and enjoy.

9. Fake Flowers and Plants

Finally, get rid of the fake flowers and use real ones. If real flowers are not an option, consider bowls of fruit, veggies, branches from the garden or live plants instead. Fake flowers just collect dust and look crappy. Real stuff is better and you can change it out often to keep your home looking fresh.

All of these decorating mistakes work to create an awkward or less than easy to care for space. Improve your home by making these inexpensive and easy changes to your décor and enjoy your home that much more.

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