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10 Home Lighting Ideas to Boost Your Mood

Many experts have been dealing with the importance of lighting and its impact on our mood. Depending on the type of room, there are different types of lights that should be utilised to achieve the desired effect. The introduction of compact fluorescent or LED bulbs also brought about a much wider range of colour temperatures for home lighting, usually from 2,700 K (warm, candlelight-like light) to 5,000 K (cold).

Of course, it’s completely up to you to decide what kind of light you’re going to introduce to each room, but there are some tips that designers have come up with to help us choose the best possible lighting for each room at our homes. Bearing in mind the fact that we turn more than 80% of what we see into emotions or mood, we can safely assume that the importance of choosing the appropriate light.

Home Lighting Ideas


This part of your home is the last one you enter before leaving your home, or the first one you see once you come in, so it should be quite bright. Bright spaces usually make people feel more at ease.However, if you have some work of art that you’d like to emphasise, you might want to consider some focused lighting, which will not only make this feature prominent, but also set the tone for the rest of the house.

Living room

This room usually needs a lot of light, but choosing a cooler light will add a touch of calmness to the atmosphere.
On the other hand, if you opt for a darker light, you might fall into a trap of making the atmosphere too dramatic, but if you get it right, you’ll create a space that encourages relaxation and conversation.

Dining room

Dining room

If you choose bright lights, you’ll have a more cheerful and sociable atmosphere. Still, a less bright option will make the room more intimate.


Unlike most other rooms, the bedroom is most often the room where lights are not expected to be very bright. Namely, people like to choose soft lights to help them fall asleep or gradually wake up.

However, there are more and more people who like to have their bedrooms quite bright, especially in the morning, to help them get ready and alert as soon as possible.


If you use this room for something productive, you’d better install some mid-range ambient light, which resembles daylight, since it provides a sense of calmness.

An extremely bright colour would make you feel stressed and tense, which is why you should go for a soft light that gives enough illumination.


Those who have adequate lights outside are bound to spend more time in their garden. Since the purpose of spending time in the garden is to get as close as possible to nature, you should probably choose lights with a green or blue hue.

Reflect natural light

Reflect natural light

Introduction of mirrors always increases the amount of natural light in a room, which is something that might be more than welcome. For example, placing a mirror opposite a window in a dark room will have an amazing effect.

Recessed lighting

Whenever you need more light, you might go for recessed lighting, with halogen or LED lights, such as those provided by Industralight. If you’re concerned about the price of such an investment, think about the money you will save in the long run, as these lights last long.

Dimmers and zones

Dimmers and zones

Although not all bulbs can work with dimmers, they still might be a good option which is worth considering in rooms where the amount of light should vary in accordance with the purpose.

What might be even more useful is to have zones created, so that you can better regulate which area you want illuminated at a particular moment. This will allow you to both save energy and achieve the desired effect much easier.

Smart home, smart lights

If you can afford it, having your home automated will help you set various customised lighting scenes for every room in the house. Just by pressing a button you can change the atmosphere in any room instantly and without any fuss.

It’s true that this option requires substantial funds, but it greatly improves the living conditions and also increases the property value by much more than the investment. So, you can think about it as a shrewd business investment, as well.

How to Install New Bathroom Downlights

These days, you never have to worry about home improvements and decorations because all fixtures, even lighting equipment, are designed to offer the same effect to your home. More importantly, these items are all designed to improve the ambiance and good looks of the house.

Good examples to these home supplies are the bathroom downlights or led lights. These lights are fashioned with Euro effect and to consume electricity as efficiently as possible. Therefore, you are using not only practical but also aesthetically good looking lights for your home.

And for you to save even bigger from the bills, do the installation of these lights on your own. This task will only require the exact replacement for your part as well as some hand tools that will make the installation procedure a lot easier.

Bathroom Downlights

Here is how:

  • Choose the bathroom downlights you want to install in your bathroom from a reputed dealer. Doing so will help you find the best replacement gadget for your bathroom and not just any light emitting diode (LED) lights or downlights. As you know, substandard lighting fixture will only cost you high amounts of hard-earned money but may pose severe safety problems in the future.
  • Unpack the downlights or led lights that you have choose for your bathroom. Make sure that you have everything that you need for the installation and check the pieces that are included in the pack against the instruction on the back of the package. If it is complete as enumerated on the pack, prepare to start the installation.
  • Start the installation by removing your old lighting fixture. Check if the hardware and connections of the old part is still good to use. But all the parts that are included in the pack of the new part should be used, so discard all those parts that have replacements in the new lights’ pack. Doing so will ensure the total performance of the new part with the old mount and connections.
  • Clean the area where the old part was mounted. Doing so will remove any unwanted elements that will keep the old part from working at its best. You can use clean cotton rag for this. If you need to use old in removing deep seated dirt but never water.

Install the new part in the place of the old part and check if the bathroom downlights are working just fine.

Decor for the Outdoor Spaces

Your backyard is a place where you should be able to relax, have fun, and entertain when you have family and guests come to visit. It is important that you take the time to decorate your outdoor space properly, which is something that too few people are doing today. It isn’t hard to do, though, and you can have some fun!

When you are creating your outdoor space, you have to consider quite a few things. One of the most important things that you need to think about when you are decorating is just how you are going to decorate.

For most people, the outdoor space is going to have some type of theme, at least in style, and it can be important for you to consider the theme when you are choosing all of your different decorative elements that you are going to be using. You have plenty of choices when it comes to the type of décor that you might want to have for your outdoor space.

Here are some of the most popular types of decorations that many people have in their backyards. These might be a great addition to your own space. Read on and see what might work for you!

decorating outdoor spaces

Balancing Sun and Shade

While you might want to get out and get some sun in the warm months of the year, that doesn’t mean that everyone that you have come to the house wants to do the same. You need to make sure that your outdoor space has a place where people can enjoy the sun, as well as a place where you can keep in the shade.

Large awnings are an option, but you have plenty of choices, including a professionally build roof for the deck or the patio.

Plants, Ponds, and Landscaping

Flowers are a great way to add a bit of personality to your outdoor space without spending a fortune, but they are not the only option that you have. You might also want to consider some other types of plants. Cacti, for example, can look great in many different outdoor spaces.

You will also find that there are some great ways to add some water features to your garden area. Manmade ponds are always a popular feature, and they can add a lot of personality to your backyard.

In addition, you really have to make sure that you keep up with your landscaping. Even though many would not consider landscaping part of the décor, it really is.

Décor for the Patio or Deck

You also want to make sure that you have the right décor for your patio or your deck area. Just as when you decorated the inside of the home, you want to make sure that the furniture and the accent pieces that you buy for the patio and deck are going to match and go well together.

You will want to choose great furniture, but the accents are where you can add personality. A fountain, a statue, hand painted tiles, and sculptures are just a couple of options that you might want to consider.

Lovely Lighting

Of course, one of the most important features of your outdoor space is going to be the outdoor lighting. Lighting fixtures and elements come in a host of different styles and shapes, and you should easily be able to find the ones that are going to work well for your outdoor space.

They can provide practical lighting, in some cases, but the elements that offer ambient lighting are the ones that are going to help you set the tone for your outside space once the sun goes down.

Go Green with Energy Efficient Lights

There is no doubt in the fact that saving energy resources has become one of the most crucial aspects in today’s world. Well, with the advancements made in the field of technology, various new methods have been introduced, which can play a substantial role in reducing energy consumption at each and every terrain.

One of the largest areas that need immediate attention is to find out an ultimate energy efficient lighting solution. Whether, it is about lighting up your homes or a street, it is very important to use electricity in an optimum manner. This is when eco-friendly lighting schemes come into play.

These go green lighting technologies don’t only help you to save your money by reducing the energy consumption, but more importantly it helps in protecting the environment. You can find various energy efficient light systems in the market, which use renewal resources of energy.

Though these resources have been available since a number of years, but most of the people were unaware of such advanced lighting methods.

Energy Efficient Lights

However, with time, more and more people are opting for such cost effective methodologies. You must always remember that lighting is a large sector, where you can actually make a huge difference for conserving the energy resources.

Well, you can find a lot of options available.

  • The LED lights are among the most popular ones.
  • LED or Light Emitting Diode has become quite popular all over the world, due to its low power consumption quality.
  • Starting from vehicle dashboards to traffic lights to home lighting, LEDs have been considered as one of the most common choices by people nowadays.
  • LED contains a special electronic component called diode, which allows the light to pass through it, thereby reflecting the light in all direction.
  • This technology gives the perfect scattered light at substantially low cost.

Apart from Led lighting technology, there are many other alternatives, which you can opt for.

  • Other energy efficient lighting solutions include solar lights, fluorescent bulbs and many more.
  • Solar energy is always been considered as one of the most popular natural energy sources for lighting up homes.
  • Not only lights, but also solar powered panels are used to operate various other electronic devices.
  • Well, you can easily find all the relevant details of such energy efficient light systems over the internet.
  • With an extensive online research, you can now install cost effective lighting schemes at your homes and offices.

Not only electronic lighting devices, but also you can go green with candles.

Yes, now with petroleum free candles, you can light up your homes in a safe and healthy manner. Such candlesticks are available in various fragrances. Various aromatherapy candles can also be used for lighting up homes.

Thus, with little knowledge about all the available energy efficient solutions, you can conserve valuable resources, while at the same time cutting your expenses to a significant extent. You must always keep in mind that a small change made at the right place can bring a great change to the environment.

How to Plan the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

Lighting is often an underestimated and overlooked part of a decoration or refurbishment project, but updating your lighting in your home can significantly change the appearance of your home.

Here are a few tips on how to plan the perfect lighting for your home.


Wiring must be carried out properly and legally within your home, and if you are having a major refurbishment of lighting it is advisable to get your wiring checked to ensure additional lights can be accommodated with your present electrical and wiring system.

Switches and Sockets

Consider where existing sockets and switches are. In older and period properties existing switches and sockets may not be adequate because of the increased importance of lighting and choice in light fittings available for the modern home today. If you need to add more switches and sockets in your home, call in an electrician who can advise you after you have decided what lighting you are going to install in your home.

There are also many modern light switches and dimmer switches that are available on the market to suit your home and that you can easily swap out with old switches to give your home an instant update.

Perfect Lighting for Your Home

Planning Your Lighting

Every light fitting should have a purpose in your home, whether it is functional and practical or to enhance a space in a room. The design and architecture of your home will also have an impact on the light fittings you can have and use. For instance if your home has high ceilings, this type of architecture will enable you to have a large, bold candelabra light fitting and larger lights as a whole because you have the space and height. In narrow and darker areas or alcoves, you will need lights that do not hang and are fitted and inset to brighten up narrow spaces adequately.

Look around your home during the day and evening and identify where lights will help to accentuate or brighten up a room, corner or passageway. Accent lighting is the type of lighting to do this and is used to enhance a particular area in a room or a feature such as a fireplace, display or painting. If you have an open-plan space, accent lighting is also ideal to create different lighted zones within one space. So for instance, you can create a bright dining area with halogen lighting and softer lighting for the lounge and seating area with lamps.

For offices and practical places where you need functional and targeted light, task lighting is used to create brighter light. Task lighting helps to give more light above and beyond your ordinary lighting that you already have. Desk lamps, reading lights, additional dressing table lighting in your bedroom and additional lighting in the bathroom around the mirror can all be fitted to give a brighter and functional light source.

Decorative lighting is additional lighting used primarily as decoration in the home. Decorative lighting can be all types of lights including lamps, light fittings and dining pendant lights that hang low over a dining table. You can use decorative lighting really cleverly and add an elegance and designer feel to your home in any room. Mix and match lamp bases and lamp shades for an eclectic and unusual look. Floor lamps are a great way to incorporate decorative lighting and these can be placed anywhere in a room.

Decorative lighting can also be inbuilt into your home’s structure to create special areas of lighting. LED lights in staircases and floors are becoming increasingly popular. Additional spot lights built into kitchen cabinets also add elegance and interest to a kitchen.

Consider the Type of Bulb

Perfect Lighting

There are many types of light bulbs available on the market now that will create different moods of light in your home.

LED lighting is energy efficient and some LED lights can emit over 100 lumens per watt and with 80% of electricity used in light rather than heat. However LED lighting does not shine light in all directions and is more a directional light. Halogen lights are used in recessed lighting and have become very popular because of their bright, radiant and warm light. However they are not as energy efficient as LED light bulbs and give off a lot of heat. To save money and be more energy-efficient you can use energy saving halogen bulbs that are now available.

Fluorescent lighting is also seeing a comeback. Fluorescent lighting has been dramatically improved over the years and compact fluorescent lamp lighting is easy to buy in a choice of modern designs. Fluorescent lights provide a high quality light as well as being extremely energy efficient.

Do You Want to Illuminate Your House? – Amazing Lighting Ideas

Lighting one’s home is like adding life to the surroundings. Choosing of the best lighting considers what the place needs, calls for a strong aesthetic sense. The living areas, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom lighting require different dimensions and settings.

The lighting of the house also depends on the temperament of the people living in it. They decide if they want their house lighting to be strong or dull. Different arrangements require different kind of setting on lighting.

Ideas to Place Your Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

The indoor lighting setting can be determined with the setting and the architectural layout of the house. The indoor lighting can be adjusted on the walls and the ceiling of the specific setting. The indoor lighting looks very vibrant and exclusive if placed aesthetically inside the false ceilings in different important locations to illuminate your indoors. The indoor lighting is quite distinctive from the outdoor lighting. The features of the outdoor lighting require altogether different dimensions. Outdoor lighting is only used in the night time. The placing of the outdoor lighting locations can be nicely done if planned properly.

Outdoor Lighting

Ideas to Arrange Outdoor Lighting

  • The garden area can be illuminated on the boundaries. Boundary lights can be placed on the fences or the side walls of a typical garden setting.
  • Flash lights can be placed beneath the plants to make them look beautiful. The colors of the plants and flowers are further enhanced in the night time.
  • Entrances can be illuminated with globe shaped lights. Entrances which are well lit enhance the exterior look of the house.
  • Outdoor corridors can be lighted with ceiling lights. Corridors lighting define the shape of the house in the night time and separates the boundaries.

Well Lit Kitchen Settings

The kitchen lighting is the most exciting part when making a meal for family. Kitchens lighting is specifically important when you have an American kitchen. For making the kitchen submerge with the living area setting is important. The kitchen lighting needs to be designed paying special attention on the stove area. Most of the light is needed above the stove to look at the food while it is cooked. Well lit kitchen areas enhance the beauty of the kitchen settings. The use of hanging light over the dining area for kitchen lighting sounds very romantic and enhances the dining experience. The dining room lighting should be on the lighter tone but should be artistically placed to enhance the beauty of the dining area. The dining room lighting can be done on the false ceiling. The dining room lighting can be placed in the middle of the room. The hanging hat styled dining room lighting is also a great idea to illuminate the area.

Lighting is a very significant part of decorating one’s home. Without proper lights a house looks unattended and improvised. The house builders and constructors must pay close attention on the lighting ideas of the house.

Pendant Lights Explained: Types and Functions

If you’re looking at a light fixture that is hanging from the ceiling of a modern home, that’s probably a pendant light. To get a good idea of what a pendant light is, picture an island light hanging over a billiard table. Better yet, picture a chandelier, which is the most popular kind.

Ironically, though, it is also the most different kind of pendant light fixtures. Pendants are both functional and greatly increase the aesthetic value of the room. They provide any room with elegance while still retaining its fundamental purpose.

In terms of functionality, there are those that can light up large areas and there are some that are made to light only a specific area. Versatility is one of the great qualities of pendant lights.

For example, you can align several units of the same kind of pendant in a specific area to produce a certain effect whenever the whole set is turned on.

pendant lights

Purposes of pendant lights

1. Functionality

Now, just because pendant lights seem to be more decorative in nature, it doesn’t mean that they run totally low on performance. As a matter of fact, pendant lights are among the most versatile lighting types. They are highly useful in task-oriented areas like home and restaurant kitchens. Furthermore, pendant lights come with adjusters which provide more control of the illumination level. For more details on the different lights to choose from, go to

2. Decorative

The oldest kind of pendant light that definitely serves this purpose is the chandelier. When installed in a modern home or any establishment, it almost always automatically becomes the centerpiece of the room. The beauty of pendant lights does not only come from the architecture of the pendant itself, but also from how the emitted light impacts the overall look of the room. With the various shapes, colors, and forms to choose from, any home owner can give their home that much needed oomph and uniqueness.

Different designs of pendant lights

A. Bowl-shaped

For large rooms that need visibility in the entire area and subtleness in the lighting level, bowl-shaped pendants are the perfect choice.

B. Bell shaped

If the room requires a more rustic feel to it, then look into bell-shaped pendants. The structure of this fixture emits a conservative lighting that will not outshine the other objects in the room.

C. Drum-shaped

In terms of design, drum-shaped pendants are probably the most popular of the modern pendant lights. These are those lamp shades that hang from the ceiling. It has a high degree of versatility because they can come with an assortment of housings. This way, if ever you’re getting bored of it, you can always change its look from time to time.

In general, pendant lights are a worthy investment mainly because they strike a wonderful balance between function and ornamentation. They are the perfect choice for people who are looking for light fixtures that don’t just provide adequate illumination to a specific area regardless of size, but as well serve as a focal point to an otherwise bland room or area.

How Lighting Affects Your Dining Experience

Lighting is often underrated. More often than not, spectators would credit the decors, accessories, furniture, and colour schemes for a beautifully put-together interior. Rarely do people realize at once how lighting can impact the overall look of any room or space and many times, it’s only when lighting is too bad that it can’t be overlooked.

Bad lighting can make the prettiest interiors become unappreciated, inasmuch as good lighting can further enhance an already gorgeously designed room or area. Whether it is for your home or for your business, lighting plays an indispensable role not only in improving aesthetic value, but more importantly in upholding functionality, comfort, and safety.


The dining room or area is one of the key venues in a home or in a dining establishment. At home, it serves as a communal point where the household members partake of their daily victuals together. In businesses, it becomes a basis of critique depending on the diners’ overall experience.

From that, it’s safe to say that lighting plays quite a role particularly in the dining area. The following are some of the ways in which it impacts an individual’s dining experience:

  1. Soft, warm dining lighting can uplift the mood of diners.

According to research, people who eat in an area where the lighting is soft and warm tend to eat less yet feel happier. This type of lighting is also said to enhance an individual’s satisfaction in terms of food quality.

  1. Lighting that is used correctly can give an illusion of space in small dining areas.

Worried that your dining area or restaurant might look and feel cramped? Lighting that is reflected or used to create a sense of expanse or depth will make your room look and feel roomier. Combine lights with mirrors and pieces of artwork to create your desired effect.

  1. High end dining lighting will give the area a touch of elegance and style.

Elegance is timeless; a reason why many people aim for an elegant look in their homes or business establishments. Adding a statement chandelier to your area will give it a classy and elegant finish. You should also make sure that the distance between the base and the surface of the table is properly calculated based on the height of the ceiling. This will prevent glare or too much brightness which can cause strain to the eyes.

  1. Sufficient illumination is essential for a person to clearly see what he is about to eat.

Can you imagine eating in a place where lighting is too low or dim? Nobody wants to choke on their food just because there wasn’t enough lighting for them to see the parts that are non-edible (tiny fish bones, for instance). If you think the overhead task light in your dining area does not diffuse enough light, then adding pendant lights at a safe distance over the table are likely your best bet.

While lighting is a major factor in the quality of a person’s dining experience, it is not the only matter you should give attention to. Moreover, it should harmonize with other design elements like decor, themes, and colour schemes.

6 Tips To Help You Choose High Bay Lighting Well

High bay lighting fixtures are used in buildings that have high ceilings. They are used for lighting locations like warehouses, storage buildings, factories, garages, sports arenas, gyms and other facilities.

There are different types of high bay lights available and choosing specific types will have a big impact on the function and the appearance of the building. It is therefore important to consider the lighting needs of the facility when choosing the fixtures.

1. Design

When choosing high bay lighting, you need to consider the design. The two main types of designs available are the linear and the pendant fixtures. When choosing the design you should consider the roof type. Linear fixtures that are only a few inches thick can be installed where the ceiling is not too high.

The pendants, on the other hand, require more space and they are installed where there are high ceilings. You also need to decide whether you need lights that are protected or unprotected. This will depend on the use for the building. The protected lights have a wire cage or lens over them to keep them safe from damage.

high bay lighting fixtures

2. Building’s function

You need to consider the function of the building when choosing the bay lights. You need to ensure that the activities taking place in the room do not interfere with the light fixtures. You also need to make sure that the lights are easy to operate and maintain.

Depending on the use or function of the room, you might need more regular cleaning or maintenance and you should consider this factor when choosing the fixtures. Make sure that the equipment in the room does not affect the lighting fixtures.

3. Installation

Make sure that you understand the installation process when choosing high bay lights. Most of the fixtures are large and heavy and there is need to create sufficient support from the ceiling. Make sure that you choose fixtures that can be supported adequately by the ceiling or roof surface. How different types of high bay light fixtures are installed will affect the appearance and use or function of the area.

Also make sure that you get experienced professionals to install the light fixtures to ensure safety. The professionals will give you advice on the most efficient and effective way to install the lights. They also offer advice on the ideal positioning for the best lighting effect.

4. Technology

You need to find out about the technology available so that you can get the best lighting for your premises. Most traditional high bay lights use HID or High Intensity Discharge technology while the modern fixtures use fluorescence bulbs. The fluorescence technology is much cheaper than the HID, and the fixtures are more energy efficient. If you are looking to save on energy costs, you should replace your old fixtures with new modern ones that are more environmentally friendly.

HID lighting will also usually require a warm-up time to light up after being switched on, while fluorescent bulbs come on immediately. Another option that is growing in popularity is the use of LED lights. They are more efficient than other alternatives and reduce energy costs by up to 80%.

5. Illumination needs

The amount of illumination you require will determine the best lighting fixtures. Some functions like factory operations may require a lot of illumination and for this; you need fixtures that offer adequate lighting over a great distance. If you need a lot of power, HID lights may be better suited for your facilities.

If, on the other hand, all you need is general lighting, the fluorescents are perfect. The fluorescent lights may not be ideal for ceilings that are above 15 feet high. The height of your ceiling will determine the best systems to choose.

6. Your budget

Your budget will determine the fixtures that you can install. There are many products in the market made by different manufacturers. The fixtures come in a wide price range and you can look for those that are within your budget.

Even while you consider the price, you should make sure that you get good quality and durable fixtures. Protected lights tend to be more costly than unprotected ones and if no person or object is likely to come close to the fixtures, you can choose the more affordable unprotected fixtures.