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8 Ways to Get the Best Small Living Room Interior Designs

Designing your home’s interior takes time. It also needs careful planning and consideration. Among the parts of a home that is often redecorated by homeowners is the living room. As the space that often holds people, ensuring its great looks is important.

If you are occupying a Townhouse Manila in the Philippines, then redesigning your living room that fits the modern way of living is important. But since the space is limited compared to bigger houses outside the main city, your options on what to place and not are also limited.

Below is a short list of those things you could do to get yourself started.

Small Living Room Interior Designs

1. Be specific on the look you wish to see.

In any type of design, identifying a general theme is important. Living rooms are areas where you usually hang out with your family when you have nothing to do and just want to spend some relaxing time together. As such, it must provide the appropriate ambiance that would give you comfort.

By personalizing the looks of the place, you’re adding personality to the place, making it more personally relevant.

2. Brainstorm different ideas that could work well with your available space.

As soon as you have the general theme, your next task should be to work on getting the specific decoration and items on your living room while considering the available space.

Remember that there’s a limit to how much you can put in the vacant room. Flooding it with so much furniture will only look distracting in the end. Striking a balance is more important. Make a list of those things you wish to include and see if they could be placed well enough in your living room space.

3. Look for inspiration online.

If you’re not familiar with home decoration, there’s a good chance that you won’t know where to begin. Don’t fret.

Now that you can freely access information online, there’s a good deal of reference you can use from online interior designing websites. In fact, by simply searching to Google images, there should already be photos that would look promising to you. Take some time to check those images and see if there’s anything you want to use as guide.

4. Experiment on combination.

Just because you have decided to use one theme doesn’t mean that you can no longer explore other variation. You’re free to experiment on combination and see what works. For instance, you may decide to go minimal for your wall designs and carpeting but go floral-inspired for your couch.

See what combination works and give it a go.

5. Be practical on your choice of furniture.

While you may have tons of furniture you want to place in your living room, you need to trim them down to those that you will likely use or enjoy while staying in the place. Remember that the space is limited. You don’t have the luxury to just put everything in one place. Limit your items to the most practical and applicable ones.

The rest could be situated somewhere else just near your living room.

6. Ditch off the unnecessary stuff.

The fact that you’re even considering a redecoration of your space would mean that you are not necessarily impressed by the things you see.

In this case, you must take off those that won’t prove necessary within the area.

7. Consider hanging shelves over cabinets.

Living rooms are prominent for housing recreational items such as books and CDs. After all, this one place in your house that will most likely give you the most convenience. Instead of placing those collections of books and CDs on huge cabinets, why not try using hanging shelves that are attached on walls.

Aside from they can save you space, they will also be good alternatives for paintings hanged on walls. Plus, they can be customized based on shapes. You can go for the typical rectangular shape or the square and circular ones.

8. Consider relocating your sound system.

This suggestion may sound weird to some, but it’s actually a good way to reduce clutter in your living room. If you want to primary make the place your relaxation nook, then transferring your huge sound system to a separate room, perhaps a music room or even your guest room will do the trick.

If you really want to listen to music while staying in your living room, you can do so with your mobile device.

Regardless of the size of your condo unit, designing it according to your preference and convenience is important.

Experiment on a variety of design options and see what works best in your place. Should you need any help in redecorating, feel free to call in some of your closest family members or friends to help you out. Brainstorming could open to more ideas that may actually work in your condo.

Make the best out of your stay by making the place highly convenient!

9 Easy to Change Home Decorating Mistakes

Small changes that you can make in your home decorating can lead to a much more satisfying home environment. Almost everyone has been guilty of one or more of these at some point in their home decorating.

However, learning to recognize these “big” mistakes can lead to a much more put-together look.

1. Too Many Photos

You don’t need to display every family picture that you’ve taken for the world to see. Most people aren’t even interested in your pictures of the bird that visits your patio or every smile your baby makes. Consider framing just a few of your best and favorites for sitting or hanging and put the rest in a digital picture frame or photo albums that are organized and easy to access for those who love to show off their pictures.

Home Decorating Mistakes

2. The Infamous Toilet Rug

Even if you don’t own one now, the likelihood is that you did at one point or know someone who does. The cutout rug fits around the base of the toilet and is the harbinger of germs and yucky stuff. Get rid of it. Don’t give it away, throw it out. Instead, use a normal rectangular rug placed away from the base of the toilet.

3. Leaving Exposed Wires and Cables

It’s such an easy fix but so many of us leave the wires and cables to electronics, lamps and other devices laying out to be seen. Try tucking them behind the furniture or along the baseboards. If you can, lift the edge of the carpet or a rug and hide them under. Bunch wires neatly together and use electrical tap or small zip ties to hold them together in a bundle. Cord covers the same color as the wall or flooring is also another great way to cover up wires and cables.

4. Wrong Themes

Walking into a room that looks like it’s a scene from a beach home when you’re in the mountains or vise versus, just makes most of us cringe. It’s like instant shock to the senses because it’s so out of place. If you like a location but live in a different environment, don’t use the theme in your home. You can display a few items from the location on a shelf or bookcase, but don’t do the whole room or home.

5. Too Much Clutter

Clutter is a fault of almost everyone and it leads to stress because you feel pressured to get organized and to clean up. The best way to get rid of clutter is to find better ways to organize. Find tubs, baskets, chests and armoires to give you extra space to hold those items that seem to pile up. Learn to get rid of items that you don’t use or wear, including that jacket hanging in the back of your closet that you’ve been waiting to come back into style.

6. Large Collections

Collectibles can begin to look like clutter when not displayed correctly or they’ve taken over your home (this includes clothes and shoes). Go through the collection and get rid of ones you don’t really want or appreciate. If sizing down is not an option, then consider dividing the collection into smaller groupings and rotating the groups in and out of storage to make the collection more manageable.

7. Wrong Size Furniture

Buying furniture too large or small for the space is also a big decorating mistake. Measure your room and space before purchasing, including checking the doorframe sizes, to make sure the piece is the right size for the area. You also don’t want to overstuff or leave the room to sparse either.

8. Formal Rooms

No one uses formal rooms; they are too stiff and uncomfortable. Improve the comfort and relaxation of your home by getting rid of the formal dining or living room and creating a space where people want to live and enjoy.

9. Fake Flowers and Plants

Finally, get rid of the fake flowers and use real ones. If real flowers are not an option, consider bowls of fruit, veggies, branches from the garden or live plants instead. Fake flowers just collect dust and look crappy. Real stuff is better and you can change it out often to keep your home looking fresh.

All of these decorating mistakes work to create an awkward or less than easy to care for space. Improve your home by making these inexpensive and easy changes to your décor and enjoy your home that much more.