How to Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive

Undoubtedly, the kitchen brings families together. It is where a meal is cooked and shared and where memories and family bonding results. In a sense, it can be thought of as the home’s heart and soul and as such, deserves just about the same renovation as the other areas of the home does. However, it is an unfortunate reality that out of all the renovations you can do to a home, redecorating or renovating the kitchen is the most exorbitant. Paying for new counters, switching to granite countertops, giving your backsplash an update and switching out some of your appliances would definitely cost you a lot.

So much so that updating and giving your kitchen a fresh new look is akin to a luxury. Straining your budget just to give your kitchen an expensive update when you are currently residing in an affordable house and lot in Angeles, for example, is not just illogical but impractical as well.

However, there are ways of giving your kitchen that lavish veneer without the steep price it comes with. With the ideas below, there is no absolute need to strain your budget just to give your kitchen that much-needed facelift with a hint of elegance—with a little creativity as well as ample time, you can achieve the look of expensive modern kitchens at less cost. With the techniques below, you are guaranteed results.

1. Update the hardware

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Just switching out your old cabinets with new ones can drastically improve how your kitchen looks. Just like how you replace your furniture to give your living room a much-needed update, replacing cabinet pulls and drawers would give your kitchen look that would dramatically improve the entire space of your kitchen. If your cabinets are falling into disrepair and if drawers no longer close the way they used to, then maybe it is high-time to have them replaced. Additionally, vary your hardware to bring details into your décor but have a theme for the finishes to prevent it from looking disorderly and achieve a sleeker finish.

2. Decorate with potted plants and herbs

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Plants would bring life anywhere and if they are potted they give any room that extra oomph and elegant factor—the same goes for your kitchen. Install some greenery to the space to give it that sophisticated and live-I feel. If you intend to use herbs as spices and condiments to your meals, opt for windowsill herbs. They are not only beautiful but functional as well and as a bonus, they would look great on your windowsill! Strategically place potted plants throughout the space or if you want a minimalist feel, go for single but larger plant which can function as the kitchen’s main centerpiece.

3. Invest in unusual light fixtures

Light has a dual function: It illuminates the room and serves as a décor as well. More often than not, light fixtures are akin to accessories to a room—they add not only light but would complement the overall design of the room. Change out those drab and boring light bulbs by investing in light fixtures with irregular shapes and unexpected designs. Do not be afraid to go bold as this well give your space a unique and personalized look and would make it look elegant as well.

4. Use artwork

Adding artwork is a great way to channel your creativity in adding aesthetics to a room, and it would do the same to your kitchen. If you have found a particular artwork that goes with the theme of your kitchen, do not be afraid to incorporate it no matter how big nor bold as this would achieve the illusion of a bigger space. Renters can also use this as a good alternative to decorating their kitchens as they do not have the liberty to redecorate their kitchens however they would want to.

5. Add a rug

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Contrary to popular belief, the rug does not only belong in bedrooms and living rooms; they look at home in the kitchen as well. A rug would instantly give the place a homier feel and would add warmth to the place and as a bonus; it keeps your feet comfortable as you cook as well. The simple addition of a rug would make the kitchen look decorate, just be extra careful not to spill anything on it to avoid permanent stains. Alternatively, you can choose an outdoor rug instead as it is easier to clean-up should any spills occur.

When it comes to giving your kitchens an extravagant update, there is no absolute need to spend so much. Just incorporate the five designing techniques above and you would get the look and feel of an expensive kitchen without the exorbitant price.


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