Philippine Interior Design Ideas this Coming New Year Celebration

The year 2016 is coming to an end but it’s never too late to spice up your home interior by crafting personalized accessories and dazzling decorations!

If you’re planning to invite some of your friends and relatives, then might as well start redecorating your place to exude a homely atmosphere while at the same time evoking a brand new feel as you altogether welcome 2017!

Today, we’ve listed some of the easiest, most affordable design ideas you can make to achieve the best look for your interior.

Interior Design Ideas

Glittering champagne or wine bottles!

Why throw away the empty wine bottles you’ve had last Christmas when you can use them for a better, more creative purpose! They can serve as a durable stand for your personalized 2-0-1-7 welcome display. For this idea, you’ll need to secure the following:

  • 4 empty wine bottles to serve as a stand for each year digit (2-0-1-7)
  • 4 barbecue sticks longer by about 4 inches than the wine bottles
  • printed 2017 (preferably in huge text fit in one bond paper)
  • Cardboard (where you can attach the printed number for a sturdier feel)
  • Gold spray paint (for the empty bottles)
  • Silver glittered paper (to cover the black, printed text)

Glittering New Year candles!

new year bedroom

New Year celebration wouldn’t be complete in the absence of colorful lights to adorn your windows, doors and any other furniture around your home. But why not try a candle-lit atmosphere plus the colored glitters? You can place this item on your dining table, on top of coffee tables and more. You will need the following:

  • 4 glass-shaped, same-colored candles (scented or not is fine)
  • 4 colors of glitters
  • High-quality glue (capable of holding the glitters as you sprinkle them around the candles)

After sprinkling and drying up the glitters on the candles, you can then draw and cut the 2017 digits on them (one digit per candle).

Personalized New Year’s party cap!

You can never be too childish when celebrating New Year! If you’re planning to hold a party for your guests, it will add a spark to your overall interior when all of you wear unique caps complete with various greetings for 2017. Of course, you can design the caps in varying sizes and colors. You may also display them on a certain place in your home. For this craft, you will need:

  • Plain-colored cardboards (medium-sturdy to allow you mobility for folding)
  • Colored papers (for added accessories like stars, circles, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Printed messages (can be colored or not depending on the color of your cap)

Memory balloons!

How nice could it be to celebrate the year end by compiling some of the best memories you’ve had for your loved ones? This memory balloons will be an excellent accessory to do just that. All you need is the following:

  • Same-colored balloons (preferably gold or silver for a glittery apppeal)
  • Printed photos (moments with your loved ones)

After securing the materials, all you need to do is to tie the photos at the end of the balloon string – one photo for each balloon.

You can then just allow those balloons to hover above the ceiling as the photos of your most memorable moments dangle from its strings.

Light up the wine bottles!

This is an alternative you can go to in case you don’t like to go for the greeting stand we suggested above. It’s very simple to! You just need:

  • Empty wine bottles (cleaned)
  • Christmas lights

Just place the Christmas lights inside the wine bottles and turn it on. This will emit a nice tint of lighting shade relevant to the natural color of your wine bottles.

Achieving a dazzling interior doesn’t have to be expensive. By using simple tools at home and your creativity, you can craft stunning home designs your guests will surely love.

If you’re celebrating an event outside your home such as those hotels in Taguig, recommending these creative ideas as part of your party decor might be a great way to add personality on your party!

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