5 Post-Holiday Cleaning Tips

The holidays are gone, the presents are open, the noisy parties are over, and the brilliance of Christmas has faded away. And the only thing you want now is to have a tidy home where you feel cozy and peaceful after you come back from work.

Post-holiday cleaning can be tedious but yet inevitable duty, for sure. It is best to do it a couple of days after New Year’s Eve. This way, you not only bring back the desired comfort but also attract positive energy and prosperity to your home, and, hopefully, they will accompany you for the next 365 days.

First of all, you need to approach seriously the idea for a clean home and not to ignore even a single corner. Otherwise, the Feng Shui principles won’t function properly, the air won’t be fresh and you will continue to wear the unpleasant burdens form the previous year. The beginning of the New Year requires from you to start it properly, namely, to eliminate the dirt in your thoughts and home, to start it all over again. Every new beginning is like a blank white sheet of paper; it has to be purely white, with nobody else’s doodles and stains from wine.

Post Holiday Cleaning

  • Turning the other page is a special moment and to make it such create that special atmosphere which will make you welcome the new gifts of the destiny. If you are afraid that you can’t handle it on your own, seek for the assistance of your closest friends and family or if you doubt in your own responsibility toward the task, then motivate yourself with some reward. And earn it.
  • The home cleaning has to begin with the removal of the Christmas tree and decorations – you have maintained the spirit of the holiday long enough. Plus, your beloved pets are hypnotized by the curious temptations which cannot usually be found there and frequently organize kidnapping of the decorative toys or eat the branches (natural or artificial).
  • Take away the lights and place them carefully in the box avoiding too much twisting, which may cause unpleasant surprises next year when it turns out that they don’t work anymore. Store the decorative items in boxes and wrap up the fragile toys in tissue paper. It is better to supply yourself with а box with various compartments where to arrange the bows, the garlands and the toys separately.
  • Don’t worry about the falling spines; you will hoover them later. If you prefer a natural tree to adorn your home for the holiday, you better wrap it up in a big bag and even a sheet so it wouldn’t make a carpet of pines on its way to reach the trash bin. If the tree is in a pot, you can plant it at some convenient place – in the garden, for instance.
  • Sort out all the decoration items in the succession through which you will use them the next year. You can iron the wrapping paper and keep it for the next occasion for making gifts, and put it in a convenient place where it will be noticeable by every family member.

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