Quick Tips for Revamping your Home

It is rightly said- “Home is where the heart is”. A home is a place we come to after a long tiring day, it is our retreat, our solace, our companion. We all have a love hate relationship with our home- we love the cosy ambience, the sun filled balcony on a winter morning, the lawn in full bloom with birds chirping during spring but we hate the ugly wallpaper and we hate the bulky light fixtures that totally disrupts the scenic and sophisticated setting of the bedroom.

Here are some tips to revamp your house and let your home get the makeover you always wanted:


When it comes to furniture, it is essential to choose the right furniture for the right room. For the drawing room try placing sofas and tables aligned with the walls so as to create an impression of space and the there is a fluid eye movement across the room without distractions. Do not try and cramp the furniture as this will give a congested feeling.

If a room is small in height, buy vertical furniture to allow the eyes to move upwards creating a sense of more height in the room. The bedroom already encompasses the bed and should not be stuffed with chairs and excessive furniture.

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Wallpaper and Wall Colours

Colours add personality to a room. A dull room can become lively with the splash of colour. Colours can be used in contrast or as a recurring theme- for example a room with white walls can have thematic furniture with blue cushions, curtains etc. It is very important to choose the right colour for each room of the house.

Rooms like the living room should have mild colours as a lot of entertaining is done here and one would like to display paintings, porcelain etc in the living room and a very bright wallpaper would be stressful on the eyes and it would take away from the other attractions in the room.

The kitchen should have colours which increase the feeling of hunger and are appetizing which can include attractive colours like red, blue, yellow etc and should not be dull. The colours should be cool colours and should not be dark like black and brown as the kitchen emits heat and this would add an uncomfortable feeling to the kitchen.

The washroom too should similarly use cool colours and compliment the aqua vibes in the washroom. The colours can be tints and hues of blue and green and should again be cool colours.

The bedroom should be more majestic and can make use of warm colours like maroon walls and personal photographs can help add a friendly and loving touch to the bedroom. Additionally you can give your bedroom the latest furnishings accessorised with trendy lamps, showpieces etc which can be bought at great discounts and deals at Pepperfry by making use of Pepperfry Coupons.

Additional tips on decorations

These little tips can go a great way in adding a splash of life and vigour into your home:

When arranging photographs, try making a collage and use sets of collages across the rooms. Another tip can be using a centre master painting and surrounding it with similar paintings with a common theme.

When using flower decorations, one can use the Japanese flower arrangement which always uses the rule of odd numbers and has branches in the numbers of 3,5,7 etc. The flowers should be similar and not too contrasting in colour and should appear as a single unit.

Lastly while arranging decoration pieces, use them as little units or use an attractive centre piece and let it stand alone to attract maximum attention and eye contact without other distracting decorative pieces around it.

At the end of the day your home should reflect your personality- furnish it in the way you love and let it be an extension of who you are!

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