Tips for Selecting the Perfect Patio Door

Although the days may be getting shorter and colder, it is never too early in the year to begin thinking about ways you can improve your home. With all of the down time you will have during the cold weather months, the fall and winter seasons a perfect time to start thinking about spring time home improvement projects.

For example, one of the easiest and less expensive types of do it yourself projects, includes upgrading your patio area by installing patio doors. Patio doors are extremely easy for a professional to install, and offer a wonderful addition to your home.

When you are ready to purchase and have your patio door installed, you may find yourself unsure of where to begin. Home improvement stores offer a large selection of patio doors for installation from hinged patio doors to gliding patio doors, which can be overwhelming.

However, if you plan ahead and take the time to understand the differences between the various doors, it will help ensure that when it comes time to make your purchase, you will select the best door for your home.

Patio Door

Hinged Patio Doors

Hinged patio doors are a popular selection for your outdoor patio for many reasons.

One of their biggest appeals is the conventional way in which they open and close, just like your regular door. Having a door designed to out swing can save much needed interior space and offer ease of use. Another large benefit of the hinged patio doors is in the traditional design, which allows for the addition of decorative touches. The various types of hinged patio doors offer other feature selections since they come in single and multiple pane designs.

Gliding / Sliding Glass Doors

On the other end of the spectrum for choices in patio doors are gliding doors, which are also referred to as standard sliding glass doors. If you are thinking about installing patio doors that glide, one consideration to remember is whether the space you have, will allow for the wide track needed for the doors to glide open and shut.

Gliding glass doors offer the benefit of being highly customizable, offering potential buyers the choice of glass, patterned glass, art glass, decorative grilles, expanded hardware, and various size options. Some of the sliders available today even come with built in blinds, which are nice for areas that receive an overabundance of sunlight or that require privacy. If you are wondering about the built in blinds, I will explain.

Since sliders are double pane, manufacturers are able to place blinds (they look like mini-blinds) between the glass. The operating mechanism is externally located so you can open and close the blinds located within the interior and exterior glass. These types of sliding glass doors are perfect for backyard decks, beach houses, and even balconies.

Remember that…

Regardless of whether you decide to install sliding glass doors or hinged patio doors, it is important to remember that the doors need to be positioned in an area where there is a natural flow of traffic. Placing doors that are out of the way of natural traffic can disturb the natural flow and throw off the decorative balance of your home.

Installing patio doors are an easy way to spruce up your home while offering visitors an easy way to access your patio, balcony, deck, or outside area while spending time at your house. When you are ready to begin the process of installing patio doors, always remember to use a qualified professional that can seamlessly install your patio doors with ease.

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