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Top 5 Must-Haves for the Perfect Garden Getaway

Although we’d like to, we can’t all jet off to a foreign land for a summer vacation, but don’t worry we’ve still got time to make this a summer to remember. The glorious British sun is shining and it’s time we got back in our gardens and make the most of it.

From the perfect garden furniture to lighting that creates an ambiance; we’ve devised a fool-proof list of the biggest summer must-haves to make sure you seize those scorching summer months.


We wish for sunny weather all year round, only to complain that it’s too hot when summer finally comes. Propping up a parasol on the patio or children’s play area can provide vital protection from the blazing heat. You’ll also be prepared for the inevitable washout which follows a few days of sun. No matter what the weather throws your way, a parasol will always come in handy.

Garden Getaway

Garden Lighting

Fairy lights and lanterns create a magical feel to any garden. A subtle low light still allows you to enjoy the evening long after the sun goes down and opens up your garden, creating the illusion that you have more space.

LED lights are extremely energy efficient and use much less power than your regular indoor bulbs. Don’t be afraid to adorn your patio or decking with these twinkling little lights.

Perfect for gatherings and BBQs, there’s no excuse for you to neglect your garden retreat day or night.

Outdoor Furniture

There are 3 key features you should look out for when purchasing your next outdoor furniture set;

  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Customisable

Whether it’s a rattan corner-piece or relaxing daybed, you’re inevitably going to need to move it around the garden to chase the sun rays or make way for guests. Make sure your furniture is easy to fold away or pick up and move.

Durability is a factor that will determine how long you’ll have your purchase for. If you invest in plastic or PVC furniture, you’ll be able to use it all year round and it will stay in great condition even when not in use. Metal garden furniture, on the other hand, is prone to rust. Even when stored in your shed, condensation will likely make its mark on your tables and chairs, leaving them to rust without you even knowing.

The third attribute to look out for is customisability. If you’re buying a larger piece, you may want to look out for one that will allow you to take each section apart and rearrange the shape of the furniture to accommodate guests or create a completely new feel to your garden.

Herb Garden

By growing herbs in your garden such as lavender, mint and rosemary, you’ll be able to cook up some delicious dishes to dine alfresco in the summer sun. Why not use these home-grown herbs to inspire your next meal to serve to your family and friends?

The subtle scent of the flora basking in the sun will help you drift off into another world, making you really feel as if you’ve escaped for a relaxing summer holiday.

Maybe you could even get the children involved by getting them to help you pot the plants and tend to your new garden. You could make a full afternoon activity out of it and get them to decorate labels for each plant, so that you know exactly which herb is which.

Patio Heater

Drawing towards the end of the summer or on those days when the clouds won’t seem to shit, a parasol makes a great addition to any garden. Let’s be honest, it’s not the warmest when the sun goes down, so we’ll need all the help we can get to continue lounging in the garden until the later hours. A patio heater is an investment that you’re sure to make use of at all times of the year.

Whether you’re suffering from the holiday blues, or you’re not going away at all; your garden can become your own private haven during the summer months. Many of these must-haves can be used all year round, year after year. Companies such as Rattan Direct cater for all of your garden needs this summer, so come on, let’s make it the best yet!


Animal Sheds – The Perfect Place for Animals

A shed is a simple structure with a roof which is used as a parking space, workshop, a storage space or home for pets. Sheds can be made from variety of materials, and they are available in variety of sizes. Sheds are a cheaper alternative to barns, and are easy to construct.

These sheds are simple in structure, so the process of dismantling and assembling is easy. You can easily install them in case of any requirement in your garden or back yard, and keep them closed when not in use.

Types of Sheds

Sheds are used as pet/animal sheds, garden sheds, agricultural sheds, bike sheds, boat sheds, and railway sheds and hay sheds. Hay sheds are popularly used in rural areas; you will definitely see them on farm lands, and in milk dairies. The various types of sheds are vinyl sided, asbestos, plastic, wooden, and metal sheds.

You can select the type of shed based on your requirements and the purpose that you are going to use it for. There are several companies which offer various types of sheds, you can visit their websites and select the type and material that suits your requirements.

Animal Sheds

Pets are a part of our life. Some people love dogs, some people love cats, birds, and so on. According to a survey conducted in the United States, people prefer to keep their pets out of their house during night times. It is our responsibility to make sure that they stay in a safe and clean environment while they are out of the house.

Animal sheds are the perfect and affordable option to help your pets. Animal sheds are widely used by farmers to keep their farm animals. These sheds are also used by pet lovers to keep their pets; these sheds can be easily constructed in the back yard. Dog kennels, bird avaries, and fowl houses are the most widely used animal sheds.

Animal Sheds

Design and Size of the Shed

There are plenty of options as far as the size and design of sheds are concerned. You can even select the design of windows and doors for your shed. Attractive pet sheds will change the look of your house; and attract eye balls. It might also increase your property’s market value.

There are various designs and sizes of sheds, some companies allow their prospect customers to design their sheds on the website, you can visit their websites and build a virtual shed, before buying the actual one.

Some companies even offer free home delivery of sheds and special financing for sheds. They also offer guarantee and full refund to their customers, if customers are not satisfied with the product.

So, there is no need to clean those unwanted hairs on the carpet, sneeze cause of allergy and face pet problems like destructiveness, dangerous aggression, and submissive urination. There is no need to spend a fortune and construct pet house for your pets, all that you need is a simple pet shed.