Tips 101: Seven Tips in Remodeling your Kitchen

Sometimes, the kitchen can be more than where preparation of meals take place. It could be where fun gatherings and talks can happen. The kitchen could be the center of connection between family members and home activities. It benefits not only the stomach but also the heart.

A comfortable and spacious kitchen encourages growth in the ties of each family member. In that thought, it is important to have a well equipped and pleasant kitchen. Family assemblies would be better when surrounded by food.

Spending time on planning the new look would take time. You will consume time going through magazines and fancy lifestyle websites, and then eventually, you will become confused with what you want. Well, that’s not how it should be for you!

These list of tips will bring your kitchen remodeling idea to life in the most convenient way. Read through and discover what you need and want for your kitchen style.

1. Simplicity is the key

Sometimes, being simple has its advantages. You have an additional open space to move around and less clutter for the eyes. Having a sufficient amount of breathing space invites solace and stability for the place. The vibe will be transferred to the people in the room, and the mood is turned light and friendly.

As persuaded by some decorators, less is actually more. Some designs and structures are beautiful when they’re simple.

2. Counter spaces

Keep ample amount of space on the counter near your stove. The primary goal of the kitchen is for the preparation of food. Make certain that there is a generous amount of room on the counter when it’s time to prepare the ingredients for the meal your cooking.

3. Cleaning out the area

When remodeling the kitchen, you really have to let go of stuff that first, you don’t need anymore and second, doesn’t work. Since you are changing how your kitchen operates and looks, you need to discard some old stuff. It’s a sad thing, but you have to do it.

Take out old drawers with broken edges and replace cabinet doors that no longer closes properly. Throw out your old grill and broken pots. Check your LPG cylinder if it needs repair or worn-out, and call for your LPG supplier to have it changed.

In lighter terms, you need to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore.

4. The right flooring

There are lots of options for the kitchen’s new floor. You have the wooden floor, stone-designed floor, and the tiled floor. Whatever floor design you pick would be okay as long as you can move without problems. But the best flooring to choose would be the tiled floor.

Why? While preferred for its tidy texture and longevity, tiled floors are easy to clean and elegant for the kitchen.

5. Recycling and garbage bins

Don’t forget these essential components in the kitchen. One of the best locations for your garbage and recycle bins are in a corner beside your counter. Or it could be hidden inside your lower cabinet, under the counter, not directly above the sink. Do this to prevent any discomfort in case the sink leaks.

Plan where you would place your bins in a way that’s accessible to you and out of reach for the young ones.

6. More storage areas

To avoid a common clutter-filled kitchen, you should have more storage areas. How to achieve that? Utilize the spaces on your wall and build up cabinets. Just don’t overdo it and cover the whole kitchen wall with different sizes of kitchen cabinets.

If you have four cabinets, you can add one more, depending on the size of your kitchen. You could also place in pocket organizers at the back of your cabinet door. Pocket organizers would be where you would settle your small kitchen items.

7. Lighting is everything

The kind of light you decorate in the rooms around your house has a unique distinction. The lights in the bedroom differ from the living room. In the kitchen, lighting matters a lot.

Firstly, you need the light when drawing up a meal and when eating together with the family. You need one over the sink and one over the island if your kitchen has one. Lights set the mood to the room, and the atmosphere develops as you dim the light or make it brighter.

Plan the kinds of light you are going to incorporate in your kitchen to retain or change the mood. Keep it simple but still meaningful.

And that’s some of the home improvement tips for remodeling your kitchen. These seven tips will help you organize the new look of your kitchen. Again, plan the refurbishing thoroughly and think of the best approach in doing these changes.

Krissy Henley writes different blogs, She’s best known for writing romance, home improvements and language. She also writes home remodeling in Ayala properties a real estate company in the Philippines. Krissy find writing and researching fun. She always dreaming to be a real estate agent. She look forward to work full time in real estate company.

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