Tips To Organize Your Workspace

A neat and tidy office not only looks nice but also increases the work space as well as the overall productivity. Here are some of the handy tips to de-clutter and organize your office.

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Remove all the unnecessary items from your work space. Sort out the papers and files and divide them into two categories:

  • items which are important and
  • items which are not so important

Arrange for a trash bag and throw away all the items that you do not require any more. This will help you store your necessary papers and files. This will also make your office look organized and de-cluttered.

2. File the Papers

Once you sort out the papers, start organizing and filing them. Put the papers into colored files and label them so as to be easily identified during emergency. However, make sure that the labeling is bold, clear and readable. Then put the files in the cabinet. Be sure that you do not put any paper in the cabinet which is not so necessary or important.

Organize Your Workspace

3. Look over the Bookshelves

Take a look at the bookshelves in your office. You may find a number of books which are not important or which you do not require any more. Discard the unnecessary ones and make more space for the ones that are important. You can give the books to a charity or local library, or sell them online.

4. Manage the Wires and Cables

There are many wires that run through your office space. One connect monitor with the CPU, one connect CPU with the printer, and the other connect monitor with the projector. Given below are some of the important tips to organize and de-clutter these wires.

  • Unplug the cables – Unplug all the wires and cables that run across your office space or floor. Clean the wires with a duster. Also vacuum the dust under the office desk. When disconnecting the wires, make sure that you observe which cable connects to which electrical appliance.
  • Bind the cables – Divide the wires into two or three bundles and tie them with a cable tie. You will notice that a chunk of the computer and telecom wires in the office are insulated with heat shrink tubing to provide extra strain relief. Heat shrink tubing is strong, reliable, and flexible and therefore can easily be installed. It is available in different forms and colors and hence, can also be used for color coding, wire marking, and identification.

5. De-clutter the Office Desk

Remove all the unnecessary items from your office desk. Keep the desk clean and organized in order to increase the workspace. Use plastic caddies to store pen, pencil, stapler and other official supplies. Use closet organizers or shelf to store important papers and files. Also, use paper trays to store the papers within easy reach. This will not only make your office look clean and tidy but also increase the overall workspace in your office.

6. Label the Wires

Labeling the wires in a clean and bold manner is important so that they can be identified during emergency. To label the wires, you may use wire markers or label makers. They are available in different forms and colors, thus helping you identify the wires fast.

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wholesale office supplies - February 18, 2013

It is also good to return supplies and items right after its use. This will ensure that clutter is avoided and the work area clean. Also get some orgnasing tips for your home work space.


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