The Top Home Renovations You Should Never DIY

“Renovating not only restores the house, but restores the house, but restores the story of the home and the neighborhood.” -Author Unknown

Renovations are necessary home projects our flats must undergo in order to restore, upgrade or renew it. In one way or another, renovations would serve as that breath of fresh air to our old homes that would give them that essential facelift which it so needs after withstanding years of being lived in and undergoing various stages of ordinary wear and tear. Unfortunately, while a home renovation may seem like a sound home project, it does not often come cheap—especially when it comes to major repairs and renovations.

Considering the exorbitant servicing and professional fees required in extensive renovation work, some homeowners would be constrained and prompted to do their home projects by themselves—DIY style. While this is a worthy alternative, it is not always the best tack as you may end up doing more damage than good to your homes leading to more expensive repairs. So, whether you are billeted somewhere in avida towers riala or elsewhere, here are some renovation projects you should never attempt to do by yourself:

1. Demolition

It seems rather easy—all you would have to do is destroy some stuff, and you are ready to go, right? How hard can it actually be? Well, it may not seem like it to you, but a demolition job is actually difficult—especially if you plan on doing it without a professional. Not only would it be complicated, but it can be potentially dangerous as well. When it comes to a demolition, you have a lot of things to take into account such as wirings, gas pipes, plumbing, etc. that could be hiding behind your walls. Destroying walls without any definite plans could be unsafe for you and your family.

2. Installing Windows

You might want to give your windows a swanky new update, but installing new ones is not exactly as straightforward as it used to be. Modern windows nowadays would require specialty tools for their installation which would mean that it is not something you can easily fix on your own as these tools are not the ones you would ordinarily find in your toolshed. Hiring a professional would make sure that your windows are not only installed correctly but that they are secure and snug as well.

3. Electrical Rewiring

This should go without saying, but if you do not have any prior experience to electrical rewiring, it would be best if you left this job to the professionals. It is not only one of the rather complicated things you can do, but it is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly as well. Furthermore, depending on your homeowner’s insurance policy, doing some electrical work, on your own might even be illegal. In most cases, policies would require you to at least have a permit or avail of the services of a licensed professional.

4. Repairing Pipes and Plumbing

Unless you want an inundated living room or a bedroom that constantly rains, plumbing is a renovation or repair work best left to the professionals. Leakages and drips might be annoying, but if you took matters into your own hands and end up bungling a plumbing job, you might end up with an even worse problem—and an even higher water bill. Take note, when it comes to plumbing projects such as the installation of a new tub, even the smallest mistakes could lead to costly water damage later on.

5. Removing Trees

While simple gardening and weeding out lawns might be something you can do on your own, removing trees is an entirely different matter. If you are not a professional, wielding a high-powered saw or sharp blade can be incredibly dangerous. Apart from that, the tree may even fall on your house, car, telephone or electrical wire or even a bystander—leading to even more damage than necessary. If you want some trees removed, do not take the project upon yourself and call an arborist to take on the job.

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