Turning Your Bachelor Pad Into A Family Home

There is nothing quite like a bachelor pad. A representation of a man’s single self and home to some of the most adventurous years in a man’s life, a bachelor pad holds a dear place in the hearts of many. However, for all its virtues it’s fair to say that bachelor pads aren’t very family-friendly – and they often aren’t very female -friendly either.

Here are a few tips on turning your bachelor pad into a family home.


Men aren’t too fussy about space and those with a bachelor pad have no reason to be since the home is their own. However, when looking to accommodate a family within this home, more space needs to be made throughout. This means that anything that has little purpose must be ridded of.

This usually means gadgets – since men tend to store a fair share. Now, no-one’s asking you to get rid of your PS3 or Xbox 360, however what you should do is find a suitable place to store your gadgets, that’s not in front of the tele on the floor of the living room.

Furthermore, furniture must be arranged in a way that creates as much space as possible. A family requires space, not least since children will need to roam around freely without bumping into anything.


On the topic of children, it is essential that you make your home child friendly and this will require a number of changes.

Doors that lead to potentially dangerous places for children need locking, medicine and drugs need to be stored in places well out of a child’s reach, stairs should be protected with a child gate, cupboards should be sealed with safety latches, corner protectors should be put on corners and stove guards should be placed on your cooker, to stop pots and pans from falling off the stove.


A family home tends to have different types of lighting in comparison to a bachelor pad. If yours is a bit boyish, it might be best to pop along to IKEA.

Adding a Feminine Touch

You’ll probably have a fair amount of things that you feel emotionally connected to throughout your pad, as well as a few other things you just like having around. After all, it is essentially your place. However, your misses will probably want to add a few things of her own into the home in order to add her touch to the place.

After all it will also be her pad if she’s living there. You must therefore sacrifice a few of your things and ornaments in order for her to have the space needed to mark her territory on the home. Furthermore, electrical cables should be stowed away so that children cannot drag whatever the wires are connected to, down off tabletops or desktops.

Keep It Clean

Perhaps the most important part of turning your place into a bachelor pad is simply keeping it clean. If you’ve become accustomed to living in squalor, this might be rather difficult. However, no family home can be untidy or covered in filth.

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