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Things to Consider Before Having a Home Window Replacement

There are many things that you may need to do in order to prepare for having your home windows replaced. You may have to move furniture, check the weather to ensure that it will not rain, determine the specific windows you want to be installed, and select the company that will perform the installation.

But even behind those decisions, there are other things that must be considered before you have a home window replacements performed.

Window Replacement

Not only will this help so that the process is smooth, it will save you unnecessary wasted time and money that may be required to fix a mess that could have been avoided had you made the proper considerations first.

Consider The Type of Home Window Replacement You Need

First and foremost, you must consider the type of home replacements that you need before having the actual home window replacement. In some cases, you may only wish to replace a few windows here and there throughout the home. In other cases, you may need to replace all of the windows in your home, and they may even need to be upgraded.

Once you determine the scope of the replacements, you must also determine the type of Windows that you wish to have installed. If the new windows are going to be the same size, that is a different project from one that may require enlarging the window space to fit bigger windows or change the window style.

Considering all of these things is important before performing the replacement itself, in fact, it is vital since you can’t perform the replacement without the actual Windows selected first.

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5 Tips on Hiring Window Replacement Companies

While it may be easy to assume that window replacement companies are all the same, the truth is that they are not. Not only are the service providers individuals that very in their skill and training, but each company has the right to sell their own products which will vary in terms of quality, price, style and more. In order to save money, and to ensure that you are getting the best service possible, you want to make sure that you take great care during the hiring process.

When the time comes for you to interview window replacement companies in order to determine which one you want to hire, there are a few tips that you need to follow in order to ensure that not only you get the best deal, but that’s you get the best products.

Window Replacement Companies

Always Say No The First Time

one of the biggest mistakes that people often make when hiring window replacement companies is that they are too quick to make a deal. It is not all of the consumer’s law because the salespeople are very good at making you feel as if you are getting the best deal and that you should take advantage of it now and act impulsively. But if you can manage to resist temptation, it is always best to give the salesperson the impression that you are not desperate, impulsive or pressed for time even if you are.

No matter how good the deal is, always say no. Not only are salespersons trained to start high with their first price quote, they are very often awarded a lot of flexibility in order to effectively negotiate with consumers in order to close the deal. And many cases, the estimate could be hundreds, even thousands of dollars more than the amount they will actually settle for.

So it would be in your best interest to make the salesperson sweat a little bit so that they will use their flexibility in order to win your business and earn it’s by offering you great savings.

Get Multiple Written Estimates

another mistake that people often make is that they only get one or two estimates before they make a decision. This is a huge mistake. You will never know how low a contractor is willing to cut their price, and you cannot dictate which company will give you the best deal without talking to them first.

That’s why not only should you get multiple written estimates for your window replacement project, you should get as many as possible and exhausts all of your options before making a commitment. This will ensure that you get the best deal, know all of the options that are available, and do not miss out on the potential deal of the lifetime.

Ask For Referrals

when dealing with and replacement professionals, you have to go by what they say, the pictures they show you and a sense of trust. But you can rely less on trust and more on production if you asked for referrals of their previous clients.

Not only should you talk to their referrals and order to determine their experience, you should drive past their previous projects to see the end result. Not only will this help you to know what you should expect from each company, but it will also help you to identify the ones who may not be able to live up to their claims.

Ensure they are Licensed and Bonded As Class A Contractors

There are different grades of contractors, and class contractors are those who are licensed, bonded and have met the highest and strictest standard requirements. While they may charge higher fees, they also tend to sell superior products and offer a comparable service.

The risk you take when hiring a class B or C contractor is that they may be well trained and knowledgeable, but they may not be as professional or advanced as class a contractors.

Simply put, class contractors are considered to be superior grade professionals, so in order to ensure that you will always get the service and products that meet or exceed your expectations, always hire a class a contractor.

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Guide in Getting a Quality Custom-Made Blinds

Window blinds provide many benefits to your home and business establishments like restaurants and offices. They are used as window covering, in which they can control direct sunlight from entering your room. They can also protect your windows, help maintain privacy and provide aesthetic appeal to your interiors and even exteriors as well. But as compared to curtains, they can save you from laundry work. You also get to have more choices for designs, materials and patterns. But to experience the advantages of using window blinds, it is best to have them custom-made.

The Need for Quality Custom-Made Blinds

There are ready-made blinds available in the market. But sometimes it may take time for you to find the best kind, style and material that would match your taste, the design of your room or the size of your windows. You might also just waste your money in purchasing blinds that does not fit all your considerations. That is why custom-made blinds are better options for your home or business. You can get the value for your money at the same time save you time and energy.

Factors to Consider When Getting Quality Custom-Made Blinds

When getting your blinds customized, it is important to consider a number of factors. These factors will help you in deciding what to choose that would perfectly fit what you need for your window blinds, whether at home or in your business. The key is quality, and every related aspect that go with it. So before going somewhere to get your custom-made blinds, try to take into consideration the following:

  • Measurements. You should have the actual measurements of your windows where you would place your blinds. Incorrect measurements would result to difficulty and delay in the installation process. It is best for you to seek the help of experts in blinds for them to be able to get proper and accurate measurements.
  • Material. Picking the right material for your blinds could give you the assurance of its durability. Check if the material to be used for your blinds could stand possible causes of damages like strong winds, heat and moisture, improper methods of cleaning, among others. Available materials for blinds are fabric, wood, vinyl, faux wood, aluminum, polyester, plastic or PVC.
  • Design. You can choose from different colors, textures, patterns and finishes. These will vary depending on the design of the interiors or exteriors of your home or business. You may add personal touch to your blinds to add to the overall aesthetic value of your design.
  • Price. There are cheaper blinds and the more expensive ones, which vary based on the materials, design, manufacturer and installer. Just take note that it does not always mean that the more expensive ones are those that are better in terms of their quality. It is better that you still choose custom blinds that will give the best value to your money – something good to look at, and something that lasts long. Also, make sure that the price comes with a warranty and a 100% money back guarantee if you do not get full satisfactions on their products and services.
  • Maker. You may have a wide variety of options to which or where to get quality custom blinds. They may all claim that they are the best, so try to check first the authenticity of their claim. A word of mouth recommendation or testimonial from previous clients can be helpful in helping you choose which maker you should get to purchase your custom-made blinds.

    Where to Get Quality Custom Blinds

    Now you got your guide on the various factors to consider when getting your blinds custom-made. You can get them in department stores, home improvement stores, window treatment shops, or in specialty stores which specifically manufacture, supply, design and install blinds. It is even easier now, for there are available custom blinds makers online, which you can easily and conveniently contact them through their website or directly dial-up the numbers posted. You can even consult them for a free assessment or get a friendly advice to better suit your needs on your custom-made blinds.

    So if you are already decided on where to go to get your custom-made blinds, it is still best to know and take into account their business’ length of existence in the industry. The longer they are in the business, the more experienced they can be, and that many clients had already trusted their work and services. It also means that they have more knowledge in creating better innovations for your custom-made blinds. Also, choose a maker who has a friendlier and a more personalized approach in dealing with its clients. This way they can better understand your needs and will be able to recommend to you what’s best.

How to Clean the Window Panes

Windows are one of the most pretentious and time-consuming home manipulations in terms of cleaning. They become dirty quite often, with every rain or a stronger wind, which sweeps the dust clouds at them, but this is not the reason making the cleaning so dislikeable – the real reason is, namely, that you have to be extremely diligent not to leave traces and spots from the cloth you scrub them with or form your fingertips.

And last but not least, you have to be careful about the pressure with which you press the fabric on the glass surface so not to cause eventual breakage.

There are some variants to make your work easier and smoother.

  • If you would like to prevent your windows from hoar-frosting, prepare a solution containing 30 grams pure spirit, 2,5 grams of glycerin and ten grams distilled water and just rub the windows with soft-fibered cloth dipped in the solution.
  • Every winter most certainly creates troubles due the forming of ice on the surface. How are you supposed to remove the ice rapidly and efficiently? Well, the answer is with the right agent.  And you will possess the right agent if you mingle 20 grams of salt and dissolve them in some water. Spread this liquid on the ice surface with a brush with long handle or a soft sponge. You will be astonished how promptly the ice will start to melt.
  • In order to avert your windows from sweating, you can mix 20 grams soft potassium soap, 10 grams of glycerin and two grams of turpentine. Apply the substance on the windows panes and polish with soft lint-free cloth.
  • Another recipe for efficacious windows home cleaning includes the dissolving 25 milliliters iodine. It is namely the iodine that eliminates the blotches; sometimes, its cleansing power is even better than the chemical one of other detergents. The simplest cleaning variant is a water solution with some drops of vinegar, and you can use it to achieve flawless results if your windows aren’t too dirty.
  • Before starting the actual window cleaning process, make sure you will remove the cobweb, if there is any. If it is possible, you can wash away the rough dirt with a garden hose. If there is a chance to remove the sliding window, you can wash it the bathroom, but better be careful when you lift it, especially if it’s a heavy or big one, and secure yourself with an additional helper.
  • The common rule when cleaning the inner side of the windows is to start form the upper left or right corner and make twists in the shape of ‘S’ until you reach the down corners.
  • The wiping of the detergent has to be made in a vertical direction with the help of a squeegee form the top to the bottom. Make sure you regularly dry the rubber edge of the squeegee to avoid the watery lines between the overlapping movements.

If you follow these beneficial steps, you will know how to make your window panes the most shining ones in the whole neighbourhood.


The Safety Benefits of Sound Proof Windows

Responsible homeowners know that they need to do everything to increase the safety, protection, and security levels of their properties. After all, such move will not only improve quality family time, it will also make sure that the welfare of loved ones will not be compromised.

Those who are looking for ways to achieve the aforementioned aspects do not need to worry because sound proof windows that are installed by reputable companies are worthwhile investments.

It should be remembered that the mentioned windows are not only essential is achieving restful sleeps, they are also ideal in improving home safety.

Below are some of the benefits that can be obtained from sound proof windows.

Burglar Resistance

The window is one of the most common entries for burglars and other intruders because even if they are locked, the said individuals can break them with the use of heavy tools. Sound proof windows can actually help in this aspect because they come in the form of 3-ply laminated glass panels. When the first layer is broken, the succeeding ones will halt anyone who tries to get in.

Sound Proof Windows

Shatter Proof

Sound proof windows are generally shatter proof. For this reason, it can effectively as well as efficiently protect against burglars and at the same time add a sense preventive of measure against untoward accidents.

Families, most especially those who live with young children can feel a lot safer because they know that their home has sturdy glass windows that will not easily break even if intense pressure is applied to them.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, sound proof treatments are designed to hold the glass in place just in case the materials shatter. It is common knowledge that broken glass is very difficult to clean and are dangerous to little children as well as toddlers. With sound proof windows, parents do not have to worry about a thing since their kids can be safe and freely play inside their homes.


Installing sound proof windows is a sound investment since it can add a sense of safety that no other equipment can bring. Those who do not know their benefits would be amazed after reading this article. The best thing about these innovations is they are easy to install and does not cost a lot.

On the other hand, potential users need to purchase from trusted companies to make sure that they will get their money’s worth.


How to Choose and Buy DIY Shutters

Windows are an important component of a house’s structure and add another dimension to its architectural beauty. Moreover, their key purpose is to let fresh air and light into the house. If you are thinking of using heavy wood for window coverings, then the purpose is completely defeated. This is where the lightweight DIY (Do It Yourself) shutters come in handy. The DIY shutters are common referred to as “,” as they have an interesting history behind the name.

These shutters were widely used in huge plantation homes in the South and were introduced by the Spanish people to the Americans, thus deriving their name as “Plantation Shutters”. They are also available in several sizes and can be customized to suit individual needs. With such an extensive range to choose from, it can be quite confusing for a layman to make an appropriate choice.

Here are a few pointers that will enable everyone to make an informed decision!

DIY Shutters

Different DIY Plantation Shutters Styles

The DIY shutters are available both for external and internal use. These are offered in various styles depending on the type of materials used and cost involved. There are three major classifications:

1. Wood Shutters

Wood shutters are an expensive option as they are made using hard wood such as cedar, poplar or alder. They offer great style and add flair to the windows.

2. Faux Wood Shutters

As the name implies, they are made from cheaper alternative sources and thus require routine maintenance as they have a tendency to fade out easily in case of constant exposure to sunlight.

3. MDF Shutters

These shutters can easily mimic the appearance of wood, but only offer a narrow range of colors and collection. With respect to costs, they fall in an average category between wood and polyvinyl.

Points To Consider Before Purchasing DIY Shutters

Deciding to install the plantation shutters by your-self is a great way to not only save some money, but also learn a few aspects of the home improvement process. Before buying the shutters, it is important to bear in mind the following aspects, as it will determine how successful you are in installing the shutter system by yourself.

  • The plantation shutters usually have a movable louver that allows the shutters to be opened and closed easily. This is a crucial factor and hence it is beneficial to buy shutters that have the largest louver. This in turn results in reducing the number of panels used which leads to more light and visibility.
  • It is essential to accurately measure the length, height, depth and width of the windows before buying the shutters. While measuring for plantation shutters, it is thus important to bear in mind that the louvers will be spaced half an inch narrower.
  • The louvers are usually available in two types: flat and elliptical. The elliptical ones are a better option as they offer more strength in handling the louver. While choosing shutters for a window that is likely to be opened and closed frequently, it is advisable to go in for the elliptical option.
  • It is also important to choose a design and style that requires the least number of panels, so as to ensure that it is pleasing to the eye and not overwhelming. You can also decide to use these shutters only for the windows that are on the exterior walls of the building.
  • Make sure to go through brochures and samples of all manufacturers and suppliers before deciding on the final choice.
  • It is also important to look into online providers as well as retailers. This will enable you to locate the best deal. Online providers can sometimes provide a discounted rate as they supply directly from manufacturers.

Top Reasons to Buy DIY Plantation Shutters

There are several reasons as to why the DIY plantation shutters are widely popular amongst people. Some of the striking causes are:

  1. They provide a way to make some savings as you install them yourself.
  2. The wide louvers make it possible to easily regulate the amount of air and light that enters the room.
  3. They are more durable than curtains and draperies as they do not go out of fashion or trend. They are always in vogue.
  4. They add an extra dimension, more flair and aesthetic appeal to the house. They give a contemporary façade to the house.
  5. They are a cost effective option when compared with luxurious draperies, but still give the rich and savvy look.
  6. Since the amount of light and air entering can be regulated, it is possible to protect the wooden flooring, furniture and carpets from exposure to direct sunlight. This will help to safeguard them from getting faded or discolored.
  7. They offer great functionality as they are easy to operate, do not collect too much dust and thus easy to maintain.

When making a decision about how to dress your windows stylishly, choose the simple and appealing DIY Plantation Shutters as they provide privacy as well as an enticing ambience!

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Window Shutters

Many people will have seen window shutters, even just in pictures. They are extremely popular in Europe, parts of America and the UK. Shutters are growing even more popular with those looking for an alternative to curtains or blinds, as they look 10 times better.

Talking of tens, here are 10 things you didn’t know about wonderful window shutters!

1. They can save you money

Window shutters don’t just look good; they can save you money too. These clever window coverings can trap the heat in your home when you need it the most, by stopping drafts. They can also keep your property cool in the summer by being able to block out the burning sun. This means you can save vital pennies on your energy bills for both heating and cooling!

2. They deter thieves

It’s a fact that by having window shutters you have an extra piece of security in your home. They are completely lockable which means that no one is going to try and get their hand in there. If they do, then by the time they have got through the shutters somebody would have heard the noise by then!

3. They can raise your home valuation

Due to their energy saving ways, plus the fact they look great, window shutters can actually raise the value of your home. Many people will find them aesthetically pleasing and will love the added security and privacy that you get from them

4. Window shutters are also called plantation shutters

If, when searching for window shutters, you find a load of results for plantation shutters then never fear; they are the same thing! It can cause a lot of confusion as some people aren’t sure whether there is a difference between the two. They are actually the same, just with two different names.

5. There are nearly 20 different shapes and styles of shutter

Those with oddly shaped windows might think that getting window shutters is completely out of the picture for them. This isn’t the case at all! There are so many different shapes and styles of shutter that you’ll be able to find something for that annoyingly arc shaped window in the bathroom. Not only that, but some companies will even custom-make a window shutter for your particular window.

Window Shutters

6. They are good for the environment

It has already been noted what a positive impact they will have on your bank balance, but window shutters are good for the environment too. Because you are using less energy in your home (to heat or to cool. you’ll be doing your bit in the fight against carbon footprints. Less fossil fuels being consumed means a smaller carbon footprint and a ‘greener’ way of living.

7. Window shutters are easy to install

Believe it or not, window shutters are actually really easy to install! Some people run a mile from shutters and opt for curtains instead, as all they need to do is put up a curtain pole. Actually, most window shutters will come the holes you need pre-drilled and so it is a case of just fixing them to your wall. Just like you would a curtain pole!

8. Shutters can protect your home from hurricanes

Not just hurricanes, but all sorts of adverse weather conditions. When debris is flying in the air, there is a chance of it hitting and cracking a window. You can find a whole range of window shutters that are specially designed for hurricanes and made from strong wood or even metal!

9. Some window shutters are just for display

Have you ever walked past a house in Europe and thought their window shutters look very pretty? In a lot of cases, they are just for display! You’ll find that they do not open or close at all and are just fixed to the wall to make the home look pretty. That’s very good and all but surely they’re missing out on all of the actual benefits of a shutter?

10. They can make your neighbour very jealous!

There’s nothing better than making that annoying next door neighbour jealous, especially if they have a nicer garden/car/front door than you. Stylish shutters will ensure that your house looks the nicest on the road.


Who knew there was so much to learn about window shutters? Of course, the benefits to installing these window coverings are great, especially if you want to make the neighbour jealous! Just make sure you invest in some that are actually functional and not just decorative!