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Hey Guys & Gals, Welcome to Homeib.com. HOMEiB began it’s journey in 2016 & ever since it’s first day, It has been helping people to make the perfect buying decisions around the world. We are a team of 7 like minded people from the USA offering various guides & tips in this website.

Initially we started this website to offer help for people searching for vacuum cleaners, pet vacuums etc. But after the overwhelming support of visitors like you, we decided to touch all topics in the home improvement niche.

We write about everything from Carpets to Mattress. From your porch to your bathroom, we have got everything covered. Below are some of our most popular guides,

1. Top Home Design Techniques in 2017

2. 5 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Letters And Numbers

3. Making Your House A Safe Place for Your Kids

4. Top 10 Outstanding Upright Vacuums

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